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How To Remove Active Status On Instagram

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How To Hide Your Instagram Online Status

How to Turn Off Active Status on Instagram to Appear Offline (SIMPLE)

Most social media networks and chat platforms these days include a feature that shows when a user was last online or last active on the service, which can be either helpful or a hindrance, depending on your personal or business situation.

WhatsApp includes an optional “Last Seen” status for the person you’re chatting with in a conversation thread, while Instagram tells you how long it was since a user was active when you’re viewing messages from them in your Direct inbox. Instagram also shows a green dot next to their profile picture and name if the person is currently interacting with the app.

Sometimes though, for whatever reason, you might not want someone or indeed anyone to know when you were last active on social media. Fortunately, WhatsApp and Instagram both allow you to hide your activity status in the app. Here our focus is on how to hide your Instagram status, but you can find how to do the same thing in WhatsApp in our dedicated how-to article.

So Why Would You Want To Turn Off Your Activity Status On Instagram Well There Are Several Reasons

Maybe you want to be able to browse freely without having to worry about feeling the need to respond to some people in your DMs.

Or maybe you’re like this one Twitter user who doesn’t want their mom to know when they’re staying up late past their bedtime.

my mom tracks my sleeping schedule based on my activity status on instagram aaaaahhhh

A Few Notes To Keep In Mind

  • Even when not disabled, Instagram already limits showing your activity status to the first 25 users on your direct message list. Nonetheless, you may still need to turn off your activity status to avoid getting seen by people that you frequently message or get in touch with.
  • It is also important to note that the changes youve made to your active status may revert to default when you update or reinstall your Instagram app. When this happens, you can simply hide your active status again by repeating the steps above.
  • Keep in mind that while you may have turned off your active status on the app, you may still appear active in other places where you have your Instagram on. For example, if you are logged in to Instagram on both phone and desktop, then you need to turn your active status off in both places.

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What It Means By Removing Someone As A Follower

Unlike Facebook, where adding a friend is a two-way street, following someone on Instagram is a one-way path. Meaning, when you follow someone, it doesnt create a mutual connection. Only you can see their posts. They need to follow you back to see your posts.

Similarly, if someone follows you, its not necessary for you to follow them back so that they can view your posts. If you dont want someone to view your posts, you can remove them as your follower by the native feature provided by Instagram. And when you do so, that person will have to follow you back to view your posts.


How To See Someone’s Activity On Instagram Without Following

What is Instagramâs Restrict Feature and How to Use It ...

The need to see someone’s activity on instagram is increasing. If you are not in the following list, the only solution is to make use of KidsGuard Pro for Android. Things like Instagram activities, messages, posts, app notifications, screen time and so on can be easily tracked using this app. Also, it can run secretly in the background of smartphones without any suspicions and giving unprecedented access to the target device. The easy operations and powerful features of KidsGuard Pro make it an ideal choice for people to track Instagram user activity.

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Turning Off Your Instagram Activity Status On Mobile Or Computer

To turn off this feature on mobile devices, follow these instructions:

  • Go to the Instagram app and log in to your account.
  • Go to your profile on Instagram and tap on Settings.
  • Then, choose the privacy page.
  • Go to the activity status section and turn off the switch that says Show Activity Status.

To turn off this feature on the computer, you need to follow similar steps like on the phone:

  • Go to the Instagram home page and log in to your account.
  • Then, go to settings from the profile section.
  • Choose privacy and then change activity status on Instagram.

You can change your Instagram activity status whenever you want. Be aware of when you turned off your last activity on Instagram you cannot see other peoples status as well.

Why Turn Off Your Active Status On Instagram

Just like Facebook, Instagram also gives users the option to turn off or hide their active status. Instagram has a feature that lets other people know whenever you are active or recently active. While not visible for everyone, this feature is visible to people you follow as well as those with whom youve chatted via direct message.

The activity status is enabled by default, but you can turn it off whenever you want. When enabled, its easier to know whenever a user is active or last active.

Nonetheless, not everyone is comfortable with sharing their online status. There are users who would pretty much prefer to hide it.

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How Does The Instagram Activity Status Feature Work

The activity status feature shows other users your last online time on Instagram on your direct message.

Only the people that have followed you, and you have followed them back, can see your status on this platform. So if someone is following you, and you dont follow them, you wont be able to see your activity.

The same rule is for those who have turned off their status. If you deactivate your status on Instagram, you wont see anyones status and vice versa.

Turn Off Your Active Status In The Instagram App

How to Turn Off/Hide Instagram Activity Status – New Feature
  • Open your Instagram app.
  • Once you are on your profile, click the menu icon on the top-right.
  • Go to Settings, then select Privacy.
  • Under Interactions, select Activity Status.
  • Tap the toggle switch next to Show Activity Status. By default, the activity status should be switched on, and the icon color should be blue. If the icon color is gray, then it is already switched off and theres no need for you to change it.
  • Thats it!

    The changes that youve made will be automatically applied and people will no longer be able to see your activity status.

    To hide your Instagram activity status, follow the steps shown in the image above.

    Don’t forget to turn the toggle switch off!

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    The Person Blocked You

    If someone blocked you on Instagram, their activity status wont be visible to you.

    You wont be able to see the activity status of a user that blocked you.

    If someone blocked you on Instagram, the User not found error will be shown when you visit their profile.

    If you were to visit their profile, therell be a User not found error.

    However, you shouldnt jump to the conclusion that the person has blocked you because its most likely not the case.

    In order to know whether someone blocked you on Instagram, search for their username on Instagram.

    If you cant find their profile by searching for their exact username, then theyve blocked you.

    You can confirm this by searching for their username using another account.

    If you can find them using another account by searching for their username, then theyve blocked your main account.

    In a nutshell, if youre still able to visit the persons profile, youre not blocked.

    Dont Want People To See Your Online Activity On Instagram Find Out How To Turn Off Your Active Status On Instagram On Iphone

    * This post is part of iPhone Life‘s Tip of the Day newsletter. . *

    You know that green dot on your Instagram profile picture? It lets other users see whether you’re active and online. If you don’t want people to know every time you’re online, this can be annoying or even an invasion of privacy. Fortunately, theres a way to hide your Instagram active status. Heres how to hide your online status on Instagram.

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    How Accurate Is Instagrams Activity Status

    Instagrams activity status is similar to GPS and other online features that help you track other peoples activity. Meaning, it is flawed in a sense. For example, some users receive Snapchats u0022someone is typingu0022 notification when their friend has only opened the message. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThe reason for these irregularities on Snapchat is because the app is designed to pick up on certain characteristics and behaviors that assume youre online. So, a friend may have opened Instagram, then switched to another app or locked their phone and put it in their pocket which means they arent technically active on the app. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eOverall, the activity status on Instagram appears to be relatively accurate, but there is always room for error.

    The Benefits Of Kidsguard Pro For Android On Instagram

    How To Hide Active Status On Facebook And Messenger ...
    • As an advanced monitoring tool, it has many functions. You don’t need to provide the Ins account or password to track the information. Now, check the main features below:

    • View Instagram conversations,stories, photos and videos someone liked or posted on Instagram, Instagram usage time, the content someone is browsing, etc, which is also supported to download these data.

    • Unrestricted access even if you are not in the friend list or the Instagram account was set to private. Moreover, you can capture the real-time screen of the target device, at the same time, the data is automatically synchronized to online dashboard for you to view.

    • Invisible Instagram trackingThe app works in stealth mode and uploads the information to your online account. You donât need to be worried about caught by the target phone user.

    • Other powerful features include WhatsApp/Facebook/Snapchat monitoring, location tracking, calls tracking and more.

    • A free demo is here to help you understand the features better.

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    Turn Off Active Status On Mobile

    The Instagram app uses the same term to describe this settingShow Activity Statusbut getting to it is slightly different from how it works on the website.

  • Open your page by selecting your profile picture from the bottom menu.

  • From the three-lined menu at the top, choose Settings.

  • Tap Privacy and then Activity Status on the following screen.

  • Tap Show Activity Status, or its toggle to the right, to instantly disable it.

  • The app has another setting that might interest you. From the same screen as step 4, disable Show when you’re active together to turn off the ability for someone you’re chatting with to see if you’re both active in the same chat. This setting is independent of Show Activity Status.

    Is It Better To Keep Your Activity Status On Or Off

    There are some benefits to turning off the activity status and also to keeping it on! It is different for some people, and it depends on their situation.

    The first situation is you can send anything you want, from memes to important messages to your friends, and you dont want them to feel: hey, I see you are online! To respond faster.

    And the benefit for you to turn off your status on Instagram is no one can track you whether you are online or not.

    The only thing about it is you cant see others status too, which is acceptable! You cant turn off your appearance on Instagram and still want to see what other users do.

    All is about keeping our privacy on the internet and apps like Instagram that we use the most. So if you want to hear my opinion, turn off your status on Instagram and enjoy exploring Instagram without anyone noticing you!

    As a conclusion

    Deciding about turning off or On the Instagram Active Status is up to you, and it is all about your privacy. You have so many options to keep your privacy on Instagram, which is one of them.

    You can hide individuals from seeing your content, you can make your account private, and you can delete someone from your following list and so many other options that are available for you on this platform.

    What is your opinion about this topic? Do you like to share your status on Instagram, or do you want to keep it more private? Please share your thoughts with us below.

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    Can I Tell If Someone Turned Off Their Activity Status

    Of course, it would be a privacy violation if Instagram told you someone turned off their activity status so the company has chosen not to notify other users when someone takes advantage of the option. If youre curious about whether someone youre following has theirs off all you need to do is send them a message.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eWhile it isnt foolproof, if your friends status isnt showing theyre online, go ahead and send them a message. If the Seen option appears, theyre online. This is about the only way to know for sure if someone is unwilling to disclose their online activities.

    How To Disable Active Status On Instagram

    How To Turn Off Show Activity Status in Instagram On iPhone?

    Curtis Joe / Android Authority

    Activity status, or active status, is a feature that is automatically enabled on Instagram. Your Instagram activity status indicates when you last visited the platform for other users. If you are currently online, this will be indicated. Knowing how to turn off the active status on Instagram can help you better protect your privacy and mask when youre online.

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    To disable your active status on Instagram, you need to hide your activity status. To do this, go to your Instagram profile. Press Institutions Privacy Activity status If it is blue, press the Show activity status slider to turn off your activity status.

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    Turn Off Active Status On Website

    Here’s how to do it from the desktop website:

  • Select your profile icon from the top-right of the page, and choose Settings in the drop-down menu.

  • Select Privacy and Security from the left panel.

  • Locate Show Activity Status from the right, and remove the check from the box by selecting it. The change will save automatically and go into effect immediately.

  • How To Know If Someone Turned Off Activity Status On Instagram

    Instagram allows people to organize their privacy, and thats why you can choose to turn your activity status on or off whenever you want. Once you turned it off, you are no longer seeing other peoples last activity status. It is good for privacy.

    If someone turned off their status, you cant see when was the last time they were online. But also, they cant see your last Instagram status either. That is how you can understand that they turned it off.

    To check if a person turned off their activity feed, you can try to send a direct message to that Instagram account. If you cant see the last login, you can learn that it is turned off.

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    Important: Instagram’s Following Activity Tab Is Gone Since 2019

    How to see what someone likes on Instagram?

    Back to 2019, you can see what friends liked on Instagram by tapping the Heart icon, and find Following tab. It will show you all friends’ activity, like who liked a post, who left a comment, etc. But now Instagram’s following activity tab has disappeared.

    Previously, the Following tab let you see the likes, follows and comments of your friends, but it’s true that Instagram has removed the “Following” tab in the Activity feed. According to the spokesperson of Instagram, Following activity wasn’t widely used and some users felt uncomfortable when they saw some vulgar content. As a result of it, Instagram following activity disappeared and the days you can easily see Instagram following activity are over.

    Why Choose Kidsguard Pro For Android

    Instagram Privacy Settings That You Should Adjust

    KidsGuard Pro is a beneficial monitoring application for Android users. You can have a keen focus on your loved ones. You can monitor more than 30 files Calls, WhatsApp, SMS, and Snapchat. It is not detectable and 100% secure, allowing you to track someone remotely even without knowing.

    • Social Media Monitoring – Not only for Instagram

      The KidsGuard Pro is quite helpful to monitor Instagram and all the social media applications like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. It enables you to do everything like view chat history, etc. Everything can be done without rooting.

    • Check the browser history of the target device

      KidsGuard Pro is a monitoring app allowing you to access the browser history of the target device. With this, you can see the recent searches and all the history of your target device.

    • View messages

      Your loved one spends a lot of time on mobile phone texting, and you want to know their activity on the mobile phone. Then, KidsGuard Pro is most useful for you. You can see all their messages and even the deleted messages.

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    What If You Dont See The Green Dot

    If you are positive that a mutual follower is active and you dont see the green dot its possible theres a slight glitch or delay. Technology isnt perfect.

    More than likely that the user has their activity status turned off in the settings as mentioned previously. Dont let the missing green dot deter you from sending a message though most users have notifications turned on. Instagram also offers read receipts so youll know as soon as your message is read.

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