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How To Remove Action Blocked On Instagram

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Why Is The Least Interacted With Feature Missing

How To Remove Action Blocked on Instagram (IG Fix in 2022)

Want to see which Instagram accounts show up in your feed the most and who you interact with the least? Now you can! Just tap Following and manage your list from there.


Unfortunately, not everyone has the Least Interacted With feature.

Instagrams CEO tweeted in early 2020 that they are still testing the feature, and its beingrolled out slowly to everyone else.

Since the feature is relatively new , only a small number of users have it.

Thus, some people do not have the feature yet as its only available to some people .

That being said, the Least Interacted With feature is still the best way to unfollow everyone on Instagram without getting action blocked.

Since the feature is in the testing phase, it has little to no restrictions.

This means that you can unfollow a large number of people without fear of getting action blocked or your following list disabled.

If you do have the Least Interacted With feature, you can make use of it now before its too late .

Report A Problem To Instagram

Whenever you get Action blocked, a popup window appears. You can click on the Tell us button to report a problem if you havent done anything wrong intentionally.

What if you are dealing with an Instagram action block that doesnt have the Tell us option. You can ask for help and manually report a problem. Heres how to solve Instagram Action blocked problem.

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Tap on the profile icon in the right-bottom corner.
  • Tap the hamburger icon in the top-right corner.
  • Next, tap the Settings option from the popup.
  • Look for the Help icon and tap it.
  • Now, tap on the Report a problem option.
  • iOS users have two options Shake phone to report problem, or have another option, Report problem without shaking.
  • Android users have three options Report spam or abuse, Send feedback, or Report a problem.
  • You can briefly explain what happened or whats not working. Also, you can upload a screenshot related to the Instagram Action Blocked problem.

Read Instagram Guidelines And Policies

Read through all of Instagram’s regulations and community rules! Because it prevents you from being banned or having your actions prohibited on Instagram. As a result, it’s critical to read Instagram’s community guidelines and always try to follow them.

Here’s one more suggestion: All photos and videos uploaded to your account must either be yours or have the owner’s permission. If you wish to share a user’s material, you must tag the individual and credit them in the description.

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How To View Ads Information On Instagram

Instagram keeps tabs on the ads you’ve interacted with under Ad Activity. To view this activity, follow the steps below:

  • Tap your profile picture in the bottom-right corner to go to your profile.
  • Select the three-bar menu in the top-right corner, then go to Settings.
  • Click Ads, then select Ad Activity.
  • Ad activity will show you your recent activity based on your engagements. You can select Ad topics to tell Instagram which topics you prefer not to see ads about, but this will not remove ads altogetherjust ads for certain things.

    How To Recover A Shadowbanned Account

    How To Remove Action Blocked On Instagram
    • Avoid using bots or telegram apps:

    Using third-party tools that use bots to perform actions or using telegrams to get more comments/views can also result in getting your account shadowbanned. The best idea to recover your account is to use the account normally away from these tools and apps.

    • Avoid using broken or similar hashtags:

    Check for hashtags that youre using and avoid using the same hashtags in every post. Keep changing the hashtags to not look spammy to Instagram.

    • Use your hashtags wisely:

    Make sure to include relevant hashtags in your content and avoid using spammy hashtags. Also, you dont have to add as much hashtags as possible in one single post. Quality over quantity. Dont overuse them, but aim for relevance and effectiveness.

    • Write authentic comments:

    Your comments on Instagram posts should be authentic and genuine. Dont write generic comments, otherwise, you might be mistaken for a bot.

    To make yourself safe from being blocked or shadowbanned, be sure to know and adhere to the Instagram community guidelines.

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    Instagram Comments Blocked How To Stop It

    Have you had your Instagram comments blocked in 2022?

    IG continues to battle spammers, and innocent users are caught in the aftermath.

    Duplicate comments, and comments with multiple users tagged, are likely to be blocked by Instagram.

    But, there are lots of possible reasons your comments are not showing!

    Read on, Ill cover them all.

    Stay Active On Instagram

    It is also important not to stop posting pictures either on your status or as a normal post. Posting at least twice weekly will inform the system that youre not a bot.

    Since Instagrams latest update they have been cracking down on third-party applications and botting on their platform. If youre suspected of doing either your account will be blocked on Instagram.

    One trigger for this block is inactive accounts that still engage heavily on the platform. For instance, if your account is used on a power like platform and you never post. Your account will constantly throw up red flags on Instagram.

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    How To Fix An Instagram Action Block And Get Unblocked

    Now that you know everything about why you cant like a photo and why you are Instagram action blocked, you are probably wondering how you can actually fix your action block? How can you unblock your Instagram account?

    There are several ways how to unblock Instagram. The type of fix highly depends on what type of Instagram action block you are experiencing, how “severe” your block is, your account age, and how many blocks your account has had in the past.

    What To Do After You Are Unblocked On Instagram

    How to Remove Action Blocked on Instagram 2022 UPDATE!

    Once you are unblocked, the most important thing is to take it slow! If you have been blocked for only a short amount of time, take it slow the first day and dont like too many posts.

    If you have been blocked for a very long time like I was, take it extremely slow with engaging and taking actions afterwards. Here is what I did day by day after I was unblocked:

  • Day 1 of being Unblocked: posted 1 photo and did not like anything at all. I also did not comment on any posts. Did not follow or unfollow anyone.
  • Day 2 of being Unblocked: Posted 1 photo and liked 3 other posts that day. I did not comment on any posts. Did not follow or unfollow anyone.
  • Day 3 of being Unblocked: Posted 1 photo and liked 10 other posts and commented on 2. Did not follow or unfollow anyone.
  • Day 4 of being Unblocked: Posted 1 photo and liked 10-20 posts and commented on 5. Did not follow or unfollow anyone.
  • As you see, the key is to ease back in when it comes to engaging. During the entire first week after being unblocked, I did not follow or unfollow anyone and was very careful to not like too many posts or comment too much. I was posting every day which is important to but also shows Instagram that you are not a robot.

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    Least Interacted With Feature Guide

    The Least Interacted With feature displays a list of users that you have interacted with the least in the last 90 days.

    This means that if you havent watched someones stories, liked or commented on their posts in a while, they have a high chance of appearing on the list.

    The list displays up to 50 users at once. So, you can unfollow up to 50 users on it.

    Once you unfollowed everyone on the list, simply exit and refresh your profile.

    By refreshing your profile, the Least Interacted With list will also be refreshed and you can follow another 50 users.

    Heres how you can access the feature.

    What Triggers Action Blocks On Instagram

    The action blocked message is typically triggered by the number of actions your account performs per hour and per day. Account limits vary and depend on many different factors. Here are some of the triggers:

    Trigger One: Account Age

    The older your account, the more actions youll be allowed to perform per hour and in a 24-hours period.

    Trigger Two: Account Influence

    Your total number of followers, posts, and the overall engagement your posts receive will play a part as well. The more followers and engagement, the more actions youll be able to perform.

    Trigger Three: Your IP Address

    Its been noted that when an account is accessed using mobile data as opposed to a home IP address, the user will have the option to complete more daily actions.

    Trigger Four: Previous Breaches

    Action limits are reduced when an account has had previous action blocks. This may also affect other Instagram accounts using the same device or IP address.

    Trigger Five: Action Type

    Different Instagram actions carry different impacts when it comes to blocks. For example, DMs, comments, and uploads impact the most, then follows/unfollows, then likes. You can perform more likes per day than more impactful actions like DMs and comments.

    Also, if youre performing the same actions all the time without mixing things up a little, Instagram may flag this as bot activity.

    Trigger Six: Account Health Score

    Trigger Seven: Using Third-Party Apps

    Trigger Eight: Your Bio

    Trigger Nine: Account Type

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    Remove All #hashtags From Your Recent Posts

    Instagram has some broken #hashtags that are restricted or blocked. Such hashtags are typically prohibited because they seem inappropriate or they are used as spam. so Instagram blocked or banned those #hashtags either permanently or temporarily. You can also Instantly check for banned or flagged Instagram hashtags using this tool.

    Remove all #hashtags from your recent 10 Instagram posts minimum. A lot of people including me have analyzed that trick. which worked for me and this seems to be the fastest way to fix Instagram Action Blocked.

    Dont Mention Other Users Too Many Times

    How To Remove Action Blocked On Instagram

    The other reason that can cause Instagram crash is mentioning other users too many times. Dont mention other users a lot in your posts and comments. Again, it is a matter of repetition and overuse. This is especially important when you mention people who are not on your Followers list. Refrain from doing this as much as possible if you want to keep your account safe.

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    Remove Your Account From Third

    Many people utilizethird-party applications to automate tasks or grow their following. People frequently have an ongoing action block since they are performing automated procedures such as sending messages automatically, auto follow-unfollow, and so on.

    However, this bot program does not appear to be genuine at all. Instagram can tell it’s bot software since it’s performing far too many activities. Instagram will continue to ban accounts that utilize these sorts of bots.

    If you’ve been utilizing third-party programs from the AppStore or Google Play, as well as bots you discovered online, make sure to uninstall them. Change your password as well, because third-party Apps have access to your email and password.

    So, if you’re using a third-party app to increase your followers, log out of that app’s account.

    Suspected Automation Of Your Account

    Creating an Instagram account through an unauthorized means such as bots, scripts, spiders, scrapers, or crawlers are highly prohibited by Instagram. Although, automation is safe when it is done in the right way. If you aggressively automate your Instagram actions, then Instagram can easily detect your actions, which will result in an action block.

    Luckily, are 100% human-based. So there is no risk of getting banned or blocked. Your Instagram account can reach organic followers on a daily basis.

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    Tips : Report A Problem

    And if that doesnt happen this is tip number four you just need to go into your settings. Go into help tap on a report a problem. And then select something that isnt working and just says that youve been action blocked. And you shouldnât have been.

    This has fixed the problem for me before Ive reported this a couple of times and then like a few hours later or the next day I donât seem to have been action blocked anymore.

    Following Too Many Accounts Leads To Being Blocked

    How To Remove Action Blocked On Instagram (2022 Fix!)

    Following too many accounts is also considered spam activity, and again Instagram would consider it a spammer. If you have followed too many people recently, this could be the reason. Dont follow more than 20 people in an hour from now. Also, keep in mind that you can follow the maximum of 7,500 people therefore, do not rush to follow other users.

    If you use repetitive posts, emoji and comments, Instagram blocks it as soon as it finds out and will not allow you to post or comment But for how long? Nobody knows!

    According to other users who have had similar experiences, if you have received the message Action blocked, Instagram may block it for a few hours or even a couple of weeks.

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    Is Follow Unfollow Dead Now In 2019

    Since these action blocks are really preventing users to spam with following, I think follow-unfollow method, if done right, will actually start bringing even better results than before. If you havent already make sure to check my video where Im explaining how to do follow unfollow method in depth, so far I havent received any action block on my new page which Im growing from 0 to 10k using follow-unfollow method, so it still works and as Ive mentioned it will probably going to work better than ever before.

    Why Does Instagram Block You From Unfollowing Multiple People

    Are you wondering why Instagram blocks you from unfollowing multiple people?

    Do note that if youve happened to be blocked from unfollowing, Instagram will block you from following as well.

    This is because follows and unfollows are in the same category.

    Here are the reasons for the action block and the disablement of your following list if you unfollow too many people.

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    Slow Down On Liking/commenting

    Lastly, you need to slow down on liking and commenting on posts.

    Like and comment on posts in intervals.

    Its very unlikely to get action blocked by liking or commenting on posts.

    However, it can happen and you have to make sure to slow down your actions to prevent getting the Try again later error.

    Instead of repetitively liking and commenting on posts, do them in intervals.

    A good interval is commenting on one post every 5 to 10 minutes.

    How To Unblock Someone On Instagram

    How To Remove Action Blocked On Instagram

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    When you block someone on Instagram, you no longer see that persons posts, nor will he or she be able to interact with your profile. If you ever want to reverse this decision, though, you can unblock someone on Instagram at any time.

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    Switch To Mobile Data 3g/4g/5g/starlink

    Switch your wifi to mobile data and it could any G like 3G, 4G, 5G, and Starlink and combine this method with the first method.

    Instagram recognize your IP address and what to know more?

    They recognize your device as well, when repetitively got blocked, all of the methods in this blog post wont be helped.

    Tip : Stay Away From Bots Paid Followers Or Any Kind Of Third

    Bots, buying followers, or faking your follower engagement it might have worked at one point in time, but in this day and age, Instagram are pretty damn good at detecting this malicious activity. The first time, youll probably be presented with a warning, but youll definitely be banned if you keep doing this. You can even get shadowbanned if youre not careful which is being banned without even knowing it. The Instagram algorithm is super smart and can detect a lot of things dont expect that youll be able to game it.

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    Clear Cache For Instagram App

    This can often help with errors like action block and alike, to clear your Instagram mobile apps cache, do the following:

    1. Go to your Android Settings menu

    2. Scroll down and tap on Apps

    3. Tap on Manage apps

    4. Find the Instagram app and tap on it

    5. Tap on Clear Data

    6. Tap on Clear Cache

    This might potentially help out with resolving the action blocked message and, if this doesnt work, proceed again to know more about how to remove action blocked on Instagram.

    How To Find And Remove Bots

    How to Remove Action Block on Instagram in 2020 – Fix Action Blocked

    Bots can be easily identifiable on Instagram.

    Heres what a bot account looks like:

    • No profile picture

    These are the number of factors you should take into consideration to identify a bot.

    However, you need to make sure to go through each person meticulously.

    This is because there could be real people that have all of these factors but bots that dont.

    So, you shouldnt jump to conclusions.

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    What Are The Different Types Of Action Blocks

    Theres the temporary action block, which cam usually lasts between 12 and 24 hours.

    Theres also action blocks that give you an expiration date. These can last between a day to a month depending on the severity of your situation.

    A permanent action block occurs when they dont give you an expiration date. This means that you or your IP address have been frequently blocked, and the block wont be lifted unless you try reporting it to Instagram.

    If you find yourself getting action blocked frequently, you may be working yourself towards a ban on Instagram, which you want to avoid at all costs.

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