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How To Reduce Gmail Storage

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Reduce Gmail Inbox Size: Three Simple Ways To Manage Email

Gmail Tips: How to Clear Gmail Space for More Google Drive Storage

You may wonder how to reduce Gmail inbox size even if they are offering a huge 15GB storage. Almost every netizen today has a Gmail account and at some point in time, the predicament of cleaning up the inbox comes up as a challenge. The inbox gets filled up so soon, we dont even realize.

But one thing one does realize it is time to reduce the size of your Gmail inbox by weeding out the unnecessary emails that are sitting in the inbox for no reason at all. It is time to take a look at how you can do away with mails that you do not need and free up Gmail inbox space.

Google’s Gmail Service Doesn’t Offer Unlimited Storage Running Out Of Storage Well Here Are Some Handy Solutions For You To Manage Your Emails Better

As we wrote earlier, the greatest trick that Google pulled on the world was to convince it that Gmail had unlimited storage. “You will never have to delete your emails,” the company claimed. But almost a decade after we started using Gmail, we now know it is not true. Comfortable in the fact that the Gmail will never be full, we stopped deleting apps.

The results aren’t pretty. Now we have our inboxes full and there is no space for the new mails. Solutions? There are some and depending on what you choose can be either free or may cost you some money.

Clean your Google Drive and Photos

Find and delete big emails

In most cases, your emails are likely to be small. Like 50kb small. But over the period of time, you also accumulate big emails. Like that time when your uncle in the Us sent you summer vacation pictures in three emails, each laden with images and with size of 25MB. The trick to reclaim space in the Gmail is to delete these emails. How do you do that?

There is an easy way: in the email search bar write “larger:20m”. With this you are telling the Gmail to find emails that are larger than 20MB in size. You can pick any size that you want — 5MB, 1MB, 10MB etc. This will give you all the large emails that you have in your inbox. You can then delete all or some of them to free up significant space in the inbox.

Empty Updates and Promotions

Find old emails

Buy some space

How To Free Up Space In Gmail: 5 Ways To Reclaim Space

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Gmail provides a high storage limit 10 GB and counting but it doesnt help you much if youre close to reaching it. Youll need to know some tricks to free up space in your Gmail account.

Once youre at the limit, mail will start to bounce instead of being received. Youll also see a message saying that You have run out of space for your Gmail account.

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How To Free Up Storage Space In Gmail Account

Since all storage space is shared, the primary step is to analyse the Google storage distribution. For an instance, if you use Google Drive frequently, you may have hosted large documents on that site that can occupy space. Then, you may land up troubles like Google storage full not receiving emails!

Check Google storage summary

For this, go to the Drive Storage Space and view the Storage details. Here, you can see the total storage and the occupied storage space in your Gmail account.

What users generally ask?Ques 1: My Gmail storage full how to delete emails to receive incoming messages?Ques2: What to do to free up space in Gmail account when Gmail showing storage full ?Ques 3: How to increase Gmail storage space free?

Before we jump over to give you tips and tricks to free up Gmail storage space, check out this instant solution-

Expert Solution to Free Up Space in Google AccountDownload BitRecover Gmail backup wizard to save Gmail emails offline on computer to clear up storage space in Gmail account. You can also transfer emails from Gmail account to another with labels so as to get rid of this issue Gmail running out of space. ; ;

Check & Delete Attachments Of Big Size:

Three Simple Ways to Reduce Gmail Inbox Size

The files and attachments come along with the email give headaches for the normal users. Whether you need them or not, they directly occupy your email space. And, when you choose to save them, the Google Drive saves them as files.

If you want to find every email containing attachments, type has: attachment in the search bar and hit enter. You can add the file extension as the tail to the keyword to get the list of emails with certain types of files. Also, you can specify the attachment size criteria with a search query like has: attachment larger:10M.

If you get this right, you might not have to go ahead at all. It should be enough to free up storage space from Gmail Account.

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Add Or Reduce Storage Space

If you only have a few megabytes of storage left, you can do one of two things: acquire more space or reduce the amount of data in your account.

To increase your storage space, you can purchase up to 30 TB more;from Google to share between Gmail and Google Drive.

An easy way to reduce your storage is to use or built into the Google One app. This tool easily guides you through deleting emails that have been moved to the Trash but haven’t been permanently deleted, deleting spam emails, permanently deleting trashed files, removing large attachments and files, and removing files Google can’t open.

With the Storage Manager, you don’t have to hunt down large files to delete or try to figure out where email attachments are. Select a category, choose files to delete, and free up space.

Search For And Delete Large Messages

Chances are that a handful of large messages are responsible for taking the most space in your Gmail account. Every time someone emails you a short video, a set of pictures, a PowerPoint presentation, or similar, those files sit in your inbox and continue to take up space.

Thus, the low-hanging fruit when clearing up space in Gmail is definitely removing large file attachments. To search for large messages in Gmail, do the following:

  • In the search bar at the top of the Gmail window, click the small arrow on the right side to show search options.
  • Next to the Size section, pick greater than and MB. You’ll also need to specify a threshold for the size you want to search for. To get rid of the worst offenders, you can start with a high number, like 25MB, then go down to 10MB or similar later on.
  • Click Search when done.
  • This will filter your Gmail inbox to only show messages that are larger than the size you set. Use the checkboxes that appear along the left side of the messages to check anything that you don’t want to keep. If you want to get rid of them all, check the box that appears at the top-left, above the list of messages, to check them all at once.

    When you’ve checked everything you want to erase, click the Trash icon along the top to delete those messages.

    Because email attachments are often used to spread malware, you should only do this with attachments from senders you trust, however!

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    How To Sort Your Gmail Messages By Size

    If you want even more control, we recommend using an IMAP client like Mozilla Thunderbird. Thunderbird will show you exactly how large each email thread is in your Gmail account. You can even sort by size.

    Work your way down in the list by size, deleting each email you dont need, and you can free up a lot of space in no time.

    How To Find And Delete The Largest Email Messages

    Easy way to Clean up Gmail Inbox and free up gmail storage

    Gmail doesnt actually show how much storage space each email thread uses. However, Gmail does let you search for threads by size.

    To do this, search using the size: operator in Gmail. For example, to search for emails over 20MB in size, type the following text into the search bar and press Enter:


    If you delete five of the email threads that appear, youll have freed up at least 100MB. Now you know which emails to delete to free up space as quickly as possible.

    To delete an email thread, open it and click the Delete icon that looks like a trash icon on the toolbar. To delete multiple threads, select them using the checkboxes and click the trash icon to delete them all at once.

    Work your way down the list in sizefor example, size:10mb will show all email threads 10MB or larger in size. Be sure to empty Gmails trash to permanently delete the emails and free up space.

    These emails will be using a lot of space because of their file attachments. Unfortunately, theres no easy way to delete a file attachment while keeping the email. If the email is important to you, you can forward it to yourself , and then delete the original. You can also print the email to PDF and then delete it. Or, if the attachments are important, you can download them and store them elsewhere before deleting the email.

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    Gmail Storage Full Not Receiving Emails Download Emails Using Google Takeout

    Go to this URL and login to your Google account so as to free up storage space in Gmail account.

    Click on and Deselect All. Choose the Gmail emails and press on the Next button.

    Choose the Send download link via email from the delivery method option.

    Pick the .zip option from the various file types option.

    Choose 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 10GB, 50GB archive size as per your need. Then, click on the Create Archive tab.

    At this stage, all your emails will start getting downloaded in .zip format locally.

    Once this download process ends, you will get this message to .

    Extract Gmail downloaded files at any location on your computer.


    A Note to Remember!

    This method can take couple of hours to free up storage space in Gmail account.

    Erase Unwanted Email Messages To Resolve Gmail Out Of Space Issue

    These are simple tricks you can follow to delete unnecessary emails from your Gmail account so as to free up Gmail storage space.

    These tips can be utilized to discover messages that coordinate certain parameters on Gmail. Simply type or paste the filter in the search form on the Gmail page.

  • Snap on spam or find for in:spam erase all messages here. This might not have a major effect as spam is erased consequently following 30 days. All things considered, you may see many messages in there and can let loose some space doing as such. Additionally check in:trash just to ensure it is vacant.
  • Find for has:attachment It will show all messages that have more than one attachments.
  • Type larger:1M in serach box- It will discover all messages with attachments that have a size of at any least 1 MB. You can change the 1M to another value also, eg- 100K.
  • Use older_than:1y to search all messages which are older than one year and erase those that you may not require any longer.
  • Note:-

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    Is Gmail Storage Full Heres How To Make Space For Other Emails

    If you want to be free of the notifications or updates sent by these apps and others, you need to unsubscribe to those notifications in their setting section. The second way is to manually delete those emails if you dont feel lazy. But, if you dont delete emails from time to time, it will pile up and will become difficult for you to delete all of them at once. If your Gmail storage is about to get full, Google will start warning you and ask you to delete older emails to get new ones. Also Read –

    Remove Emails From Trash Folder

    How To Reduce Gmail Size

    These are not permanently deleted if you remove any file, images, or text. These deleted files moved to the trash folder automatically, which takes up a lot of space in Gmail. So you need to remove trash folder items to free up Gmail storage. Tap on Trash, here youll find all the things that have been removed recently or previously.

    If you want Gmail archive free up space, use the Gmail Backup utility to take a back up of your Gmail profile and then use its Delete After Download feature. It will remove all the backed up data from the Google server and solve how to free up space in Gmail account.

    Final Summary

    We have discussed various methods to free up space in Gmail manually that can help you to fix Gmail Storage Full issue. If users face some difficulties with manual tricks then there is another option also explained i.e Gmail Backup utility. It can easily backup all the data to the local system and later users can clear Gmail storage space.

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    If you dont want to delete the unnecessary emails on Gmail, then you can buy extra storage from Google. The search giant offers;15GB of free storage to every user. This 15GB storage is for the Google Drive files, emails, Google Photos, and more. But, people are obsessed with smartphones and its usage has increased by a very high percentage. Hence, filling up 15GB storage space is not hard. Also Read –

    For those who need additional storage space, they can pay to start from Rs 130 per month in the country to get an additional 100GB space on;;Drive. But, if you dont want to buy storage space, then you will have to do some hard work to free up space. First of all, open Gmail and;type has:attachment larger:10M;in the search bar. You will witness;emails with over 10MB attachments or files, which you can then delete.

    After that, you also need to empty your trash. If you get a lot of unnecessary emails from apps like Twitter, YouTube, and others, you;just need to type that app name in the search bar and delete all the emails all at once. This will save a lot of time and you dont even have to check every email;carefully. Apart from this in Gmail, you need to delete files by size in Google Drive and Photos to free up some storage space.

    What Happens With Gmail If The Storage Limit Is Reached

    As soon as the amount of data you’re using reaches a certain threshold, Gmail displays a warning in your inbox. After three months of being over quota, Gmail displays the message, “You can’t send or receive emails because you’re out of storage space.”

    At this point, you’re able to access all messages in your account, but you can’t send or receive new emails. To resume normal service, reduce the amount of data in your account to below the storage quota.

    When accessing the account through IMAP, you might not receive an error message and you may be able to send messages via SMTP . That’s because using email this way stores the messages locally , rather than exclusively on Google servers.

    While the account is over quota, anyone who sends an email to your Gmail address will receive an error message that says something like, “The email account you are trying to reach has exceeded its quota.”

    The sender’s email service will usually keep trying to deliver the message every few hours for a specified amount of time. If during that time, you reduce the amount of storage you’re consuming so that it’s again within Google;quota limits, the message will eventually be delivered. If not, however, the mail server will give up and bounce the email. The sender will receive the message, “The message could not be delivered because the account you are trying to reach has exceeded its storage quota.”

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    Find Large Attachments In Gmail

    Go to Gmail on your computer. In the search box, type the following to search for large attachments: size:15mb

    Change the number, depending on the number of emails you see . Delete emails with large attachments that you no longer need. Empty the trash in Gmail to remove these items permanently.

    Find emails with large attachments with a search.

    Tips To Help Free Up Storage Space On Your Google Account

    How to increase gmail storage free | Gmail not sending emails

    When you hit your storage limit, follow these best practices to figure out which files, and settings, to change to save space on your G Suite account.

    “Google says she’s out of storage,” read the email. “How do we figure out what’s taking up the space?”

    A client had somehow filled all 30GB of her G Suite Basic storage space. A standard free Google account user would have hit the limit after storing 15GB of data. When you reach the limit, you won’t be able to store items that take up space on Google Drive, Gmail, or Google Photos.

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