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How To Recover Snapchat Photos

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How To Recover Deleted Snapchat Messages On Android Phone

How To RECOVER Snapchat Photos / Video’s / Chats! (2020)

How to recover deleted Snapchat messages on Android smart phone? Android Data Recovery will be your best choice, which is also a professional but easy-to-use Snapchat Messages Recovery. This program enables you to handily restore deleted or lost messages on Android Snapchat. Besides that, you can use this powerful Android Data Recovering tool to recover and get Android deleted data back including photos, videos, music, contacts, call logs and more. Download and install Android Snapchat Recovery first.

Step 1Run the software and scan all messages from Android phone

Plug your Android phone to PC or Mac with USB cable. After the software automatically recognize your device, you are required to allow enable USB debugging on android. Then select “Messages” from the tab of “Contact & Messages”.

Step 2Select Messages and Root your Android phone to be succeed

When the selection is done, the program will automatically root your Android device. If it fails to do that, you need to manually root your Android phone. Follow the guide it prompt and grant the privilege to let the program scan the deleted files.

Step 3Recover deleted Android Snapchat messages

After the selecting and rooting, you can easily access and view the vanishing Snapchat messages. Choose and tick what you want to recover and tab the button of “Recover” to get back the deleted and lost Snapchat messages.

How To Recover Deleted Snapchat Photos On Android


This tutorial article tells 3 effective methods to help recover Snapchat photos, videos or messages on Android phones with ease. If you happen to delete important Snapchat photos and need easy but effective methods to peroform Android Snapchat recovery, just follow this article and get your Snapchat data restored with ease now.

Losing important photos or videos in Snapchat on your Android devices? Don’t bother anymore when fancy photos or videos got deleted or removed from your phones. Here in this article, you’ll find effective methods to effortlessly restore/recover deleted Snapchat photos on Android devices. Follow the below-offered solutions to recover lost photos now.

Tip : Select The Path To Save Snapchat Snaps And Story On Android

You can select the path to save Snapchat snaps such as photos and videos on your phone internal or external storage.

Here how to do it:

  • Open Snapchat, swipe down anywhere on the screen.
  • In the next screen tap the Gear icon located at upper right corner.
  • Again swipe down and tap on Memories.
  • Select Save To
  • Now select the path to save Snap and Story to Memories , Memories & Camera Roll or Camera Roll .

Once done, now next time when you tap on the Save icon, snap and stories will get saved to the location you have set.

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To Get Snapchat Photos From Google Drive:

  • Sign in to your Google account using valid credentials.
  • Tap on the recent backup folder, or open photos from the drive. It will display all your photos that were present during the last backup and the photos that you uploaded on your Snapchat.
  • Select the photos you want to recover > Choose the restore option to recover the photos from your Android device.
  • How To Recover Snapchat Photos And Videos On Android

    How to Recover Snapchat Messages on Android

    Download and install the Snapchat photo recovery tool for free on your computer, and then restore Snapchat data from Android as below.Step 1. Run the Snapchat recovery app, and choose Multimedia for Snapchat photo/video recovery.Step 2. Select possible formats of the old or deleted Snapchat photos, and click Next.Step 3. Connect your Android device to PC via a USB cable, and follow on-screen instruction.Step 4. Click Scan to find lost Snapchat photos and stories in your mobile phone.Step 5. Preview and Recover Snapchat photos from Android.

    Once Android Snapchat recovery is finished, you will be able to view the recovered Snapchat photos and videos. In order to use Snapchat safely, please also check the following two tips about Snapchat data.

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    Snapchat Photo Recovery Tool

    iReparo Android Data Recovery can recover photos and videos deleted within apps, like Snapchat and WhatsApp, on Android device, including Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nexus, etc. It is the best tool for Snapchat and WhatsApp recovery. With it, you could get back deleted Snapchat photo, video and album files without backup.

    Apart from the best Snapchat photo recovery tool, it is also very important that you should not add new data to your phone to prevent data overwriting.

    Here Is How To Recover Snapchat Photos On Android With Snapchat Photos Recovery For Android:

    • Launch the installed software and connect your Android phone to the computer.
    • Follow the prompts pop up on the screen to make the connected Android phone recognized.
    • Once the mobile phone is recognized by the program, all the recoverable file types on your device will be displayed on the interface.
    • Check the option “Gallery” and “Picture Library” under the “Media” section and click on “Next”.
    • Then the tool will start scanning all the existing and deleted pictures on your Android phone and display them.
    • Tick off the images that you want to restore and hit the “Recover” button to recover your Snapchat photos from Android.

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    Restore Lost Or Missing Snapchat Photos From Cloud Backup

    It is always recommended that you must always back and restore Android data. For backing up Android files you have so many options such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. And I am sure that you have enabled the Auto-sync feature of your Android phone to backup data to your Google account such as Google Drive.

    So, if you have backed up your Android data to your Google account, then below find out the steps to restore lost or missing Snapchat photos from Google Cloud backup:

    • Step 1. Sign-in to your Cloud account.
    • Step 2. Click on the recent backups: the one that contains your Snapchat data.
    • Step 3. Click Restore to your Android device.

    If you have not created any backup, then try above recommended Android Data Recovery software.

    Recover From Icloud Synced File If You Have Icloud Backup

    How To Recover Deleted Snapchat Photos

    You can also recover deleted Snapchat Photos with iCloud if you have iCloud backup.

    Step 1. Choose Recover from iCloud Synced Files on the below screen of Dr.Fone.

    Here you need to sign in to your iCloud according to the instructions on the screen.

    Step 2. Select and download target iCloud backup files.

    After signing into iCloud, all of your iCloud backup files will be detected, from here you need to choose the desired files that you want to recover and click Download.

    Step 3. Select the type of the target file to download, then click Next.
    Step 4. Start downloading iCloud backup files.
    Step 5. Select and recover photos after the download process finishes.

    You will see the iCloud backup data appear on the below screen after Dr.Fone downloads it, you can preview and select the wanted photos or other data to recover!

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    How Can I Recover Permanently Deleted Photos From My Iphone

    Heres how to recover deleted photos from iPhone camera roll via the Photos app:

  • On your iPhone, open the Photos app.
  • Scroll down until you see the Recently Deleted album (its listed under Other Albums
  • Select Recently Deleted
  • Select Select from the top right of the screen.
  • Tap on the images youd like to restore.
  • Is It Possible To Learn How To Retrieve Snapchat Pictures

    Itâs not exactly easy, but itâs not impossible either. Anyhow, the answer to this question is a big YES, you can learn how to retrieve Snapchat pictures. In fact, we have five ways to do that and weâre going to discuss them all in this article.

    As luck would have it, when a Snapchat is deemed to be deleted by your device, in reality, it is actually just hidden. This is so that you are given time to learn how to retrieve Snapchat pictures.

    A few years ago, it might have been hard to discover where they are hidden. Lucky for you, it is already revealed by many people, most experts in this field.

    Additionally, you have to remember that Snapchat was built to delete the messages, be it a picture or just text. So itâs only natural to assume that it is completely possible to learn how do you retrieve old Snapchat pictures. With that said, letâs begin with our first entry.

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    How Do You Recover Deleted Pictures On Snapchat From Your Phone

    Open the recent backup folder or the drive you saved your photos from. It will display all your photos that were saved during the last backup and the ones you uploaded to Snapchat. You can restore your Android devices photos by selecting the photos you want to recover and choosing the restore option.

    Is There A Possibility To Recover Deleted Snapchat Photos At All

    How to Recover Snapchat Photos by Snapchat Recovery Tool

    As you all know, once you view a shared Snapchat image for a few seconds it disappears or gets deleted automatically and is probably lost forever. However, the truth is those images are no longer visible but do exist in the cache of your phone or computer. Here are some methods of saving Snapchat chat images:

    Take a screenshot: It is easy to take a screenshot while viewing a Snapchat image sent to you but always remember that the person who sent you the image will also be notified.

    Check Snapchat Stories: All images uploaded to Snapchat are only visible for 24 hours and then are automatically deleted. However, there are other options like Local story or Live Story that allow you to view your images even after 24 hours.

    Memories: The Memories section also known as The Archives retains all your images and never deletes them.

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    Ques: How Can I Recover Permanently Deleted Snapchat Photos On Android

    Ans: You can recover Snapchat images on Android using Google Photos. Here are the steps to follow:

    • First, open Google Photos on your Android phone.
    • Then click the folder with the latest backups.
    • Here you have to check the photos from Snapchat and select the images you want to recover.
    • Finally, select the Recover option to recover Snapchat photos from Android.

    Read more articles:

    S To Restore Android Snapchat Photos From Cache Files:

    • Link your Android phone to computer.
    • Double click “This PC” and tap on your phone’s name to open it.
    • Choose “Internal Storage”> “Android”> “Data”.
    • Go on to click on the folder named “”> “cache”> “received_image_snaps”.

    As for iPhone users, you can click to learn:

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    How To Recover Deleted Photos From Snapchat On Iphone

    Accidentally Deleting Snapchat picture? Don’t worry, here we’ll tell you how to recover Snapchat picture and tips to backup Snapchat data from losing.


    ⢠Filed to: iPhone Recovery ⢠Proven solutions

    Snapchat is an interesting application that allows users to send photos and videos using the self-deleting feature. When you share photos or videos with others on Snapchat, you can set the last time and it will be permanently deleted after that time. If unfortunately, it is deleted after saving, how to recover deleted Snapchat pictures? There are many ways to recover deleted pictures from Snapchat. In this article, we will let you know some common ways to recover Snapchat photos after deleting them.

    Way : Best Snapchat Data Recovery Tool

    How to Recover Snapchat Photos& Videos on Android/iPhone/Computer?

    Now, all the three solutions we have discussed so far have unexpected hurdles of their own. For instance, if you try to recover data from iCloud/iTunes backup, theres a huge probability youll end up losing the recent files on your device. So, if you want to avoid this scenario and recover files without having to deal with new data loss, we recommend using UltFone iOS Data Recovery.

    Its a professional data recovery solution thats designed to recover deleted files on any iOS device. The tool supports 35+ different file formats, which means you can use it to recover almost everything including deleted Snapchat photos. Here are some of the key features of UltFone iOS Data Recovery that make it the most suitable recovery option for recovering old Snapchats on iPhone.

    • Recover data from any iPad/iPhone with or without backup.
    • Support 35+ different file formats.
    • Recover data from any iPhone/iPad, even if its unresponsive.
    • Compatible with the latest iOS 15 and the iPhone 13 lineup.
    • Support different messengers data recovery such as Whatsapp, Kik, Line, etc.

    Now, lets move on how to recover permanently deleted photos from Snapchat using UltFone iOS Data recovery.

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    How To Take Snapchat Screenshots Without Notification

    Snapchat has introduced its screenshot notification feature since landing in the market. You can’t secretly screenshot a friend’s Snap. Though, there are no particular reasons for taking Snapchat screenshot without notification, you sometimes love a Snap and don’t want the sender get notified about it. If you want to recover Snapchat photos on iPhone, or want to take fresh screen shots, we have a great option for you. Follow this post Take Snapchat Screenshot without Notification and explore!

    Way : Recover Snapchat Photos On Iphone From Temp Folder

    Another way to see deleted snaps is to use the Temp Folder. In this situation, all youll need is a third-party file manager such as iExplorer or iManager. So, install either one of these tools on your system and follow these steps to recover the Snapchat photos on your iPhone.

    • Step 1: Connect your iDevice to the computer and launch the file manager youve just downloaded.
    • Step 2: Youll see a list of different Snapchat folders on your screen. Click on the Snapchat folder and then tap Temp.
    • Step 3: Here youll see a list of all the photos shared within Snapchat. Simply click the pictures that you want to restore and then, restore them on your computer instantly.

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    How To Recover Deleted Snapchat Memories Without Computer

    Connect android phone to computer.Download and install the snapchat photo recovery tool for free on your computer, and then restore snapchat data from android as below.Easy steps to recover snapchat media from android phone.Efficiently restore lost, deleted, destroyed or expired snapchat photos and videos from android phones or tablets!

    First of all, do not use android phone when snapchat photos video media are deleted from the phone.Get deleted photos/videos/messages from snapchat on android.How to recover deleted and lost snapchat messages on iphone or android phone.How to recover deleted snapchat pictures on your android phone.

    However, you can find your deleted snapchat messages by clicking on each file with the .nomedi extension and renaming the files.If you accidentally delete photos on iphone, then there is a chance to recover them from recently delted folder.In order to recover snapchats photos and videos, please select photos videos app.In this article i am going to share few several solutions that will help you to recover lost or destroyed photos and videos of snapchat app from android devices.

    In this tutorial, we will use to recover snapchat data from iphones.Just follow the solutions mentioned in this article and get back your snapchat data restored with ease.Just tap on the deleted snapchat photo you want to recover back and confirm the restoration process by clicking on the recover button.Launch snapchat on your phone and tap on login.

    Recover From Snapchat Data Folder

    How To Recover Snapchat Photos on Phone

    As weâve said before, it is fairly easy to learn how to retrieve Snapchat pictures as long as you remember that it is not actually deleted, but simply hidden. Thus, it is crucial to find out where the hidden files are located, and youâll need different steps to access them on different devices.

    In Computer

    Many people wonder why they should use a computer on how to retrieve Snapchat pictures if they can use their phones directly. This is because in some cases, phones do not work properly, so a computer is instead utilized.

    If you are a computer user, whether itâs Mac or Windows PC, there is only one method to locate where the hidden files are. Hereâs how to access those files:

  • Using a USB cable, connect the phone where your Snapchat is into your computer.
  • Once the phone is recognized on your computer, go to File Explorer in Windows, or Finder in Mac.
  • There, head to the storage folder representing the phone, which should be under Removable drives.
  • Inside this folder, go to the Data folder and there, locate the folder with a file that contains Snapchat. For Android, it would be âSnapchat.androidâ
  • Now once youâre in the same folder, locate the file with a .nomedia file extension. These are files that were deleted by Snapchat but are still recoverable.
  • Your final task is to rename the said files in any way you want, as long as you remove the .nomedia extension part.
  • In Android Phone

  • Now on the file manager, locate the folder named âAndroidâ and enter it.
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    How To Recover Snapchat Photos/videos From Android Phones

    Losing important pictures and videos from Snapchat is not a new thing for users. The most irritating part is that unlike other apps, Snapchat does not store every and video you share with your friends or others. Once, your photos or videos are opened by the receiver, they are automatically deleted after some time.

    But what when you want to access those pictures or videos again? What to do when those memories are deleted? How to recover Snapchat photos on Android?

    These are a few questions that come in mind. But now you dont have to bother anymore for the lost photos/videos. Just read this blog and will find some of the best and effective ways to recover Snapchat photos/videos on Android.

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