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How To Recover My Old Gmail Account Password

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Can I Turn Off Two

how to recover gmail account with old password

Yes. While not recommended, it is possible to turn off two-factor authentication on your Gmail account. Heres how:

1. Visit the and click on Security on the menu to the left.

2. Scroll down the page and click on 2-Step Verification.

3. Sign into your account.

4. Click Turn Off.

Now, you can log into your account without the secondary verification steps.

How To Recover Your Lost Gmail Account

Google is a true giant that provide you with the best free email service, Gmail along with a plethora of many other services and features. Interestingly, you need just one Google account to utilise all these free services including Gmail.

Well, let me help you. If you have lost your Gmail account, there are several ways to get it back. In this post, we will tell you how to recover your Google account in different cases.

What To Do If You Have Forgotten Gmail Password

If you’ve forgotten the password to your Gmail account, you may recover your account by going to Gmail’s web password recovery site and filling in its form.

The first window will resemble the following:

Enter your email address, and click next. Then, this window will appear:

Since you do not know your password, click Try a different question. In the process, you may be asked for either the answer to your secret question or your alternate email or phone number.

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If You Forgot Your Gmail Email Address:

  • Select ‘Forgot email’ in the bottom left corner.

  • You will be asked to enter your phone number or recovery email.

  • Select ‘Next.’

  • You will be asked to enter the first and last name on your Gmail account.

  • Select ‘Next.’

  • Google will offer to send a verification code to your phone or your recovery email address. Select ‘Send.’

  • You will be asked to provide the information that was sent to you via text or email. Enter the code into the box, and select ‘Next.’

  • Your account will appear on the screen, select it.

  • You will be asked to provide your password. Enter your password. If you don’t know your password, follow the instructions above now that you know your email address.

  • Select ‘Next.’

  • How To Change Your Existing Gmail Password When You Know It

    How to Recover Your Gmail Login Password

    If you already know your current password and can access your account, resetting it is as easy as clicking a link.

  • Sign in to .
  • Click on Security in the left menu, scroll down to the Signing in to Google section.
  • Click Password, then enter your current password if prompted.
  • Enter your new password and confirm it, then click on CHANGE PASSWORD.
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    How To Reset The Forgotten Gmail Password

    Step 1: When you go to the Gmail login interface, enter your Gmail account name in the box and then click Next button, you will get the Forgot password option here.

    Step 2: After clicking Forgot password option, for the reliable users, Google will offer several ways for them to prove that they are the Gmail account owners and send them the verification code. If you fail in one way, you can change another way by clicking Try another way.

    Way 1: Use the last password to prove you are the account owner. It needs you to enter the last password you remmber using with this Google account. Please pay attention that the last password should be the right one.

    After that, you will be asked to enter the email address or phone number you added to the account to get a verification code.

    Way 2: If you do not remember the last password, you can directly click Try another way and use the related phone number or email address to verify the account is yours.

    Way 3: If you did not connect the phone number or annother email address with this account, you can get the verification code by answering the security question. As the screenshot shows, you need to provide the month and year when you created the Google account.

    Then you will enter the account recovery interface by sending the verification code to your connected account. As you can not access the related account to read the verification code, you can click Try another way to enter a new email address to receive the code.

    How To Recover A Gmail Account Using A Familar Device

    Sometimes, even if you get the password question wrong , youll still be allowed to reset your password:

    The reason for this leniency from Google is that youre attempting an account recovery on a computer that Google recognizes another sign that they can trust you.

    Google knows all the devices that youre signed in on, and can distinguish a familiar device from an unfamiliar one. If youre trying to log in on a computer or phone youve used for Gmail in the past, Google will recognize this as being your device.

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    Recover Your Instagram Account From The Mobile App

    Step 1

    In the Login screen, press the Forgot password? text.

    Step 2

    The next screens offer you a set of options to access your account, depending on how you created it. Choosing the email or phone number options will send you a password reset link either on your phone or email.

    Step 3

    Change your password using the reset link Instagram sent you

    or enter the 6-digit code received via SMS.

    I Dont Have My Password Phone Number Or Backup Email Is There Anything Else I Can Do

    How to Recover Gmail Account – How to Recover Gmail Password – Forgot Gmail Password

    This question is a widespread one that requires some out-of-the-box thinking. The first step is to check your devices unless you can navigate Googles security questions, including the exact date you created your account. Is the account still active on an old smartphone, laptop, or tablet? If logged in on another device, you cant use the option, but you can update the security settings.

    Next, are you unable to access your backup email? Whether youre using a Gmail account or another email client, complete the password reset process on that account and try to reaccess your Gmail.

    Indeed, there are other ways to get back into your account, but it may take some creativity on your part. Otherwise, youll need to create a new Gmail account.

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    How To Recover A Lost Gmail Account On Android

    Practically every feature on the Android smartphone is tied to your Gmail account. Using the google play store, Youtube, Google search page, Google Drive, Google maps, and several others are tied to registered Gmail account. That being the case, the feeling is close to frustrating if you lose access to your Gmail account. So, how do you recover a lost Gmail account?

    Before showing you how to recover a lost Gmail account, it is important that you still have the email address. Maybe you have several email addresses with similar usernames. If it has been a while you logged into the account, you may have forgotten the exact address. In this case, you can ask any of your contacts whom you have exchanged emails with, to send you your correct Gmail address.

    Note that you will find the recovery process much easier if you are using a device and a browser that you have used to sign in to the Gmail account in the past. If you are connecting to a Wi-Fi network, also use a familiar connection that you have used in the past, if you want to recover a lost Gmail account.

    Also, you cannot carry out these recovery steps on a phone. You should do it on a desktop or laptop.

    How Can I Recover Google Account Without Password/username


    If you forget Google account password or username to miss many features on your phone, then you come to the right place here to recover your Google account.

    Forget your Gmail account password or your username? Can’t find your contacts in your Google account? This article is here to help you deal with all situations you may run into on Google account and guide you to recover Google account.

    Google Account Recovery

    Whether you forget the Google password or username, even you delete the Google account here you could refer to this article to get back the Google account with email or phone number.

    To begin with, click “Sign in” on the front page of Google, when comes to the Sign in page, click “Need help?” and you’ll be asked about your problems.

    In the following, we will gudie you through these three situations and complete the Google account recovery process.

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    How To Recover A Lost Gmail Account With A Recovery Email Address

    If you did not set up any mobile phone recovery number in your Gmail account before you lost it, you can use the recovery email address to reset the password and gain access to the account.

    • Open the Gmail login page on your browser.
    • Enter your Gmail address and click Next.
    • Now, you have to click on Forgot Password located right under the password field.
    • Click on the “Try Another Way”
    • Now, you will be taken to the “Get a Verification Code” link if you have added your recovery email ID to the account. Google typically does not show you the full email address of the recovery email ID so you have to fill out the field. Ensure that you have immediate access to the recovery email.
    • After you enter the email address in full, click on Send to receive the verification code.
    • Once you have received the verification code, type it into the verification box and click Verify.
    • You will be prompted to reset your password. Choose a strong password that you haven’t already used with this account in the past.

    Set Up A Recovery Email Account

    How to Reset Google Gmail Password through An Android Phone

    Your recovery email account can be another Gmail account, another email account from a different service, or even a relatives or friends account.

    • Go to the Ways we can verify its you section and click on Recovery email.
    • Type in your chosen recovery email address and click on Verify.
    • Google will send a six-digit verification code to the email address you entered. Go to your email, copy the code, and go back to the recovery page to enter the code.
    • You should get a small pop-up indicating that your recovery email has been verified.

    You can include a verified recovery email to help in the recovery of your account.

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    Can You Recover A Gmail Account On Mobile

    No long explanations are needed here: the answer is yes. All of the same account recovery methods available on a desktop are available to mobile users.

    Whether youre on a Galaxy phone, an iPhone, or an iPad/Galaxy tablet, you can get your account back.

    It does help if youre recovering your account with a device that has been previously used with that account, though.

    So, if you have the choice, its better to recover your old Gmail account on an old laptop that you used with that account than it is to try it with your new iPhone.

    How To Recover Your Instagram Account

    Instagram has advanced account recovery options available only from its mobile app. The desktop one only offers password reset settings.

    Before you start, however, its worth noting Instagrams policy regarding hacked and deleted accounts:

    If your account was deleted by you, or someone with your password, theres no way to restore it.

    In other words, once you lose your Instagram account, its permanent.

    Still, here are the ways you can recover your account as long as it hasnt yet been deleted:

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    How To Recover A Gmail Account: The Basics

    If youre unable to log into your Google Account, the first thing you need to do is try to reset your password by heading to .

    Google will ask you a series of different questions, starting with, obviously, what your email address is:

    Then, depending on what information Google has available, youll be able to verify your identity in one of the ways described above. The faster they verify it, the faster your account back:

    If Google cannot verify your identity, you are going to have a very hard time getting back into your Google Account.

    How To Recover A Gmail Password With A Recovery Email

    How to Recover Gmail Password – Recover Gmail Account

    Apart from a linked phone number, you can also recover your Gmail password with its recovery email. While creating your Gmail account, you must have entered a recovery email ID. If you can still access it, then the secondary email can be used to reset your account. To learn how to recover a Gmail password using a recovery email, follow these steps:

    Step 1: Start the Gmail account recovery process

    Just like the above process, you can first go to the log-in page of Gmail and enter your email ID. Since you donât remember the password of your account, click on the âForgot passwordâ button instead.

    Step 2: Submit the recovery email ID

    Now, Google will simply ask you to submit the recovery email ID that would be used to reset your account. Simply enter the complete email address and log-in to your recovery account after that.

    Step 3: Recover your Gmail email password

    Afterward, Google will automatically send a verification email to your secondary account. You can just click on the verification link to reset your password or enter the authentication code on the setup wizard. This will let you recover your Gmail email password easily.

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    How To Reset Your Gmail Password

    As you can see, it is pretty easy to learn how to recover a Gmail account password with a recovery email . Though, you donât have to go through so much hassle if you can already access your Gmail account. In case you can already sign-in to your Google account, then you can reset its password in the following way.

    Step 1: Go to your Google account settings

    To start with, you can just go to your Google account . Now, click on your avatar from the top-right corner and choose to manage your Google account.

    Step 2: Choose to reset the password

    Once you launch your Google account settings, just visit the âSecurityâ panel from the sidebar. Here, look for the sign-in options and click on the feature to change your accountâs password.

    Step 3: Reset your Google password

    Thatâs it! You can now just verify the old password and reset it by entering the new one. After confirming the new password, you can save the changes to your Google account.

    Recover A Forgotten Gmail Password

    Follow these steps to reset your forgotten Gmail password and recover access to your account.

  • First, make sure you either have a secondary email address specified for your Gmail account or haven’t logged into your Gmail account for five days.

  • Open Gmail and enter your email address in the space provided. Press Next.

  • On the Gmail login screen select Forgot password?.

  • Gmail will now ask a number of questions to try to establish you as the owner of the account.

    For each question, enter your answerand select Next. Or, if you don’t know the answer to a question, select Try another way.

    See below for a list of the questions Google may ask.

  • Once you’ve established yourself as your account’s owner using the steps above, Gmail will log you into the account. If, for security reasons, you want to change your password, follow the Change password link.

  • To avoid having to remember passwords at all, try a password manager like Dashlane, which is free for a basic account.

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    How To Prevent Your Accounts From Getting Hacked

    The best way to keep yourself safe is to prevent a hack from taking place in the first place. To help you with this, heres a short checklist you can follow to keep your accounts safe:

    • Use only strong passwords to secure your accounts and prevent brute force or dictionary attacks.
    • Learn how to recognize phishing emails and avoid to click any links included in them or download their malicious attachments.
    • Use an up to date antivirus solution and frequently scan your computer for any malicious malware that might steal your information, such as keyloggers and spyware.
    • Dont visit strange and fishy websites. You should especially be on the lookout for websites that dont have https at the beginning.
    • Dont click on online ads. JavaScript is the technology behind most online ads, but it comes with numerous vulnerabilities that allow malicious hackers to turn it into a malware-spreading tool.
    • Always use two-factor authentication for every account that supports it.
    • Heres where you can report cybercrimes such as these in the USA or EU.
    • Learn how to properly secure your , , or email accounts in general.

    Click On Try Another Way

    How to get access to old gmail account

    After youve clicked on Try another way to sign in, youll land on the phone verification method.

    If you have access to your phone, click on Yes for Google to send you a verification code as a notification.

    Then, you need to enter the verification code to verify your identity.

    If you didnt link your phone or you dont have access to it, you wont be able to use this method.

    If thats the case,to proceed to the next method,

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    How To Recover Gmail Password With Mobile Number

    The first method is the simplest. You only need to prepare the cellphone number that you have registered with your Gmail account. This cellphone number can be used to reset the Gmail password in just a few steps.

    How to reset Gmail password with cellphone number:

    • Type your email and then click the Next button.
    • You will be directed to the last password page.
    • Enter your cellphone number then click the Send message button.
    • Check incoming messages on your cellphone number.
    • Enter the appropriate verification code in the message.
    • Then click the Next button.
    • Finally, enter the new password you want.

    Congratulations you have changed the password using the cellphone number. By using this method, you can easily deal with a forgotten Gmail account password.

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