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How To Recover Gmail Account

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Recover Deleted Email Through Mail & Spam & Trash

How To Recover a Deleted Gmail Account

Gmail service “Mail & Spam & Trash” can be very helpful in finding emails among the spam. It’s better to search for emails on a computer rather than via a mobile app since some of the features aren’t available in the latter.

Step 1. On your computer, open Gmail. In the search box, click the Down arrow.

Step 2. Click the “All Mail” drop-down, then select “Mail & Spam & Trash”.

Step 3. Enter some information that’s in the missing email, for example, “From who”, or “To who”. If you’re not sure about exact words or details, leave the fields blank.

Step 4. At the bottom of the box, click “Search”. Then, all of your deleted emails will be revealed. You can get them back easily.

Get A Verification Code

If you have other email accounts, you can use them for Gmail recovery. The system will send you a verification code, which you can then use to open your account.

Enter the email address you chose for Gmail recovery. To help you remember, the page will also give you part of the complete address. If you cant remember, click Try Another Way or Next.

Note: If you get the email address wrong, the system will tell you something is wrong with the address. You will then have to repeat the entire Gmail recovery option process.

Secure A Hacked Or Compromised Google Account

If you notice unfamiliar activity on your Google Account, Gmail, or other Google products, someone else might be using it without your permission. If you think your Google Account or Gmail have been hacked, follow the steps below to help spot suspicious activity, get back into your account, and make it more secure.

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Use The Apple Support App

To reset your password using the Apple Support app on a friend or family member’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 12 or later, the device owner will need to download the Apple Support app.

Ask the device owner to open the App Store on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, then search for Apple Support and . Then open the Apple Support app and follow these steps:

  • Under Topics, tap Passwords & Security.
  • Tap Reset Apple ID password.
  • Tap Get Started, then tap “A different Apple ID.”
  • Enter the Apple ID that you need to reset the password for.
  • Tap Next, then follow the steps on your screen until you receive confirmation that your Apple ID password is changed.
  • Any information that you enter will not be stored on the device.

    How To Recover Gmail Password Without A Recovery Email

    Recover Gmail password in 3 Steps (Updated)

    You might already know that Gmail lets us connect our account with a secondary email ID. If you want, you can use the recovery email ID to reset the password of your primary Gmail account. Though, even if you canât access the recovery email, you can still reset your account via the linked phone number.

    Therefore, to recover your Gmail password without a secondary email, you need to have access to the linked phone in advance. Afterward, just go through these steps to learn how to recover my Gmail account password without a recovery email.

    Step 1: Start the account recovery process

    At first, just go to the Gmail log-in page and simply enter your email ID . When it would ask you to enter your password instead, then click on the âForgot password?â button to launch the Google account recovery wizard.

    Step 2: Verify the connected phone number

    At first, Google will ask you to enter the recovery email ID where a dedicated email would be sent. Instead of that, you can click on the âTry another wayâ button at the bottom. Here, you can just enter the phone number that you have earlier linked to your Google account.

    Step 3: Recover your Gmail emailâs password

    Once you verify your phone number, Google will automatically send a one-time generated code. You can now enter the code on the recovery wizard to recover your email password without a secondary email.

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    How To Recover Email With Recoverit Data Recovery

    Do remember that once you hit that Delete button, all of your data will be deleted as well. With the right tools, you will be able to retrieve all your emails back. Take note that if you receive an email saying your “account was deleted and is no longer recoverable”, you will not get anything back.

    Deleted emails are not really erased forever – it is still in the email service provider, marked as deleted and waiting to be overwritten. As long as they are not overwritten, you will be able to recover this email with a reliable data recovery program. Here are some of three favorites:

    Recoverit Data Recovery is versatile and is able to retrieve a large range of file formats and types – including local Outlook emails. It provides a variety of email recovery options and is able to quickly retrieve lost data. The software is powerful in the sense that you are able to preview the files before you restore them – this improves the performance of the software as you are able to optimize its capabilities.

    • Recover lost or deleted files, photos, audio, music, local Outlook emails from any storage device effectively, safely, and completely.
    • Supports data recovery from recycle bin, hard drive, memory card, flash drive, digital camera, and camcorders.
    • Supports to recover data for sudden deletion, formatting, hard drive corruption, virus attack, system crash under different situations.

    Steps to recover deleted email with Recoverit data recovery

    Click On Try Another Way

    After youve clicked on Try another way to sign in, youll land on the phone verification method.

    If you have access to your phone, click on Yes for Google to send you a verification code as a notification.

    Then, you need to enter the verification code to verify your identity.

    If you didnt link your phone or you dont have access to it, you wont be able to use this method.

    If thats the case,to proceed to the next method,

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    Recover Permanently Deleted Emails In Gmail From Gmail Support Team

    Another way to recover permanently deleted emails in Gmail is by sending a request to the Gmail Support Team to ask it to recover your deleted emails. This method is not 100% effective. It works better for Gmail account being attacked.

    Step 1. Sign in to your Gmail account. Open the following form.

    Step 2. Fill in the form with all the necessary information, such as describe the problem you have.

    Step 3. Click “Submit” after all the information is filled in.

    Restore Deleted Emails From Gmail Trash Folder

    How to Recover Gmail Account without Verification Code? – 2021 | 100% Working

    Some users may have hidden the Gmail trashes, and this method will help you to unhide them and help you restore deleted emails in Gmail from Trash.

    Step 1. Open your Gmail account and sign in > click on “Settings” > “Labels” > “Show”. This will show your Trash folder on the left pane of the Gmail window.

    Step 2. Now you can see all deleted email files in the “Trash” folder. Select or check the wanted email and files, click on the mail icon at the top of the window with “Move To” words so to move your deleted emails to the Inbox.

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    Solutions On How To Recover Deleted Emails From Gmail

    Many people undoubtedly have experienced the same problem of mistakenly deleting emails or messages from your Gmail to free up space or declutter. Then, you don’t know how to recover deleted emails from your Gmail account. Don’t worry. On this page, we will talk about how to recover deleted emails in Gmail with details, even the permanently deleted ones.

    Workable Solutions
    Fix 1. Recover from Gmail Service On your computer, open Gmail. In the search box, click the “Down arrow”…Full steps
    Fix 2. Use Editing/Deleting Filter Open Gmail from a browser. In the top right, click the Settings icon and then select “Settings”…Full steps
    Fix 3. Check Gmail Trash Folder Open Gmail account and sign in > click on “Settings” > “Labels” > “Show”…Full steps
    Fix 4. Check Gmail Server Open your Gmail. Click the drop-down arrow on the left of your search box at the top of the screen…Full steps
    Fix 5. Turn to Support Team Sign in to your Gmail account. Fill in the form with all the necessary information…Full steps

    How Can I Recover Google Account Without Password/username


    If you forget Google account password or username to miss many features on your phone, then you come to the right place here to recover your Google account.

    Forget your Gmail account password or your username? Can’t find your contacts in your Google account? This article is here to help you deal with all situations you may run into on Google account and guide you to recover Google account.

    Google Account Recovery

    Whether you forget the Google password or username, even you delete the Google account here you could refer to this article to get back the Google account with email or phone number.

    To begin with, click “Sign in” on the front page of Google, when comes to the Sign in page, click “Need help?” and you’ll be asked about your problems.

    In the following, we will gudie you through these three situations and complete the Google account recovery process.

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    Give Your Phone Number

    If you get any of the passwords wrong, the page will ask you to input your phone number. This is the mobile number linked to your account.

    Enter the number. If you dont have your phone number , click I Dont Have My Phone. Otherwise, click Next. The system will send you a verification code. Wait for it. It usually takes a minute or two. Enter the six-digit verification code. Click Next.

    Note: The page will give you only the last two digits of the phone number. Your provider will also charge you for the text message.

    Recover Google Email Account With Recovery Email

    Methods to Restore Deleted Gmail Account

    Google allows you to add recovery email while signing up for a new Gmail account. It ensures that you can get your account back in case you forget to sign in credentials or delete account. The best part is that the recovery email can be any not necessarily be Gmail only.

    Are you wondering about how to recover a Google account with a recovery email? If yes, then follow the following steps to recover the Google email account with recovery mail.

      • First, you will need to go to the Google sign-in page.
      • Now, you will need to enter your recovery email address.
      • Now, Google will send you a code to your recovery email.
    • Using this option, you can click on the link at your secondary or recovery email account , with a 6-digit code to set up a new password.

    Finally, you can reset your password and can log in to your Gmail email account again. All in all, it is very simple to recover a Gmail account with a recovery email.

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    Check Your Email For The Recovery Link

    Navigate to the device that youre logged in to on Gmail and check your inbox.

    After 48 hours, you need to check your email for the password reset link.

    The password reset link will be sent to the email address that youre trying to recover.

    Hence, you need to be logged in to your Gmail account somewhere.

    For example, if youre logged in to your Gmail account in the Gmail mobile app, you need to open it.

    Next, check your inbox for the password reset link and open it.

    If you dont see the email in your inbox, you need to check your junk and spam mail.

    Use A Password Manager

    An ounce of prevention being worth well, you know the rest the best way to prevent yourself from losing access to a Google account because of a lost password is to use a password manager to keep your password safe. Password managers like Bitwarden, 1Password, and Zoho Vault can make sure that sudden brain freezes wont keep you out of your email.

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    Have No Access To My Recovery Email Phone Or Any Other Option:

    Chances are you may still be able to regain access to your account by manually verifying and confirming your identity. Follow these steps to do that

    Step 1. Click the page

    Step 2. Input your email address and click Next

    Step 3. Should you be requested to enter the last password you remember, click the I don’t know option.

    Step 4. Click on “Verify your identity” which is found beneath all of the other options.

    You will be asked a series of questions which you must provide answers to as the recovery of your account depends solely on the accuracy of your answers.

    While setting up your Google account, Google avails you several ways to secure your account. They include

    1. Two-Factor Authentication: Also known as 2FA, this account recovery feature affords you the option to create backup codes to be used in case you ever get locked out of the device you use the 2FA.

    To set up your 2FA, you need to sign in to your account and click Sign-in & security > Password & sign-in method > 2-Step Verification in that particular order and choose the device you want to get your codes on.

    2. Include a Recovery Email Address: You must always add an alternative email address to your Google account. Google will use it to communicate a series of emails with you if you ever get locked out of your Gmail account.

    Including a secondary email address is simple. Locate Sign-in & security > Account recovery options > Recovery email on your device.

    To initiate the process, visit .

    How To Restore Your Gmail Account If You Lose Access

    Recover Your Google and Gmail Password

    Losing access to your Google / Gmail account can be an incredibly frustrating and unhappy experience. When researching this article, I came across several accounts of people who had been locked out of their accounts after forgetting their passwords and a few who had still not been able to get back in, even after several weeks.

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    Recover Gmail Account Without Phone Or Email

    Do you know that you can also recover Gmail account without a phone number and email? For this, you will need to answer the few security questions of Google or fill DOB to recover Gmail email account with ease.

    Here are the steps that you need to follow to recover your Google account without email and phone number.

      • Go to the Google sign-in page
      • Now, navigate to the section of account recovery
      • From the options, select âI donât have recovery email or I donât have my phone.â
    • After that, click on âTry another way.â
    • In the new option, you can enter your date of birth
    • After entering the DOB, create a strong password for your account
    • Finally, enter the new password two times
    • In the end, save the changes

    Congratulations, you have successfully recover deleted Gmail email account.

    Note: In case you also want to recover the deleted emails, you need to use a reliable email recovery tool like Wondershare Recoverit.

    This amazing data recovery tool can restore emails, photos, videos, audio files, and more in a single click. The best part is that you can use this tool on desktop computers, laptops, and Mac systems. It is one of the most reliable software for the retrieval of deleted emails easily, quickly, and effectively. Try it now!

    Click On Get Started To Rest Your Password

    After youve clicked on the email, youll see a button to reset your Gmail password.

    and follow the on-screen instructions to reset your Gmail password.

    Youll be required to choose a new password and re-enter it.

    Keep in mind that the link is only valid for 7 days.

    If you visit the link after 7 days, youll no longer be able to reset your password.

    Youve successfully learned how to recover your Gmail password without a phone number and recovery email!

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    Set Up A Recovery Email Account

    Your recovery email account can be another Gmail account, another email account from a different service, or even a relatives or friends account.

    • Go to the Ways we can verify its you section and click on Recovery email.
    • Type in your chosen recovery email address and click on Verify.
    • Google will send a six-digit verification code to the email address you entered. Go to your email, copy the code, and go back to the recovery page to enter the code.
    • You should get a small pop-up indicating that your recovery email has been verified.

    How To Know Gmail Account Is Hacked

    How To Recover Gmail Account
    • You will get a notification that there’s an unusual activity in your Gmail ID.
    • You will get a notification that there’s an attempt to change your username or password.
    • No new emails for a long time.
    • Your account shows “We’ve detected suspicious activity on your account.”

    There are more signs that you’re account is hacked. If you noticed one or more symptoms from above, it’s time to recover your account.

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    Take More Security Steps

    2-Step Verification helps keep hackers out of your account. With 2-Step Verification, you sign in with:

    • Something you know
    • Something you have

    That way, if your password is stolen, your account is still secure.

    Make sure someone else didnt give your bank or government instructions, like to open an account or transfer money. This is important if you:

    • Have banking info saved in your account, like credit cards saved in or Chrome.
    • Have personal info like tax or passport info saved in your account. For example, you might have personal info saved in Google Photos, Google Drive, or Gmail.
    • Think someone is using your identity or impersonating you.

    If you think your account has suspicious activity, you might need to remove harmful software. To improve your accounts security, install and run trusted anti-virus software.

    You can also reset your computer to its factory settings and reinstall the operating system.


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