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How To Record Whatsapp Call

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What Should You Keep In Mind Before Using A Third

How to record Whatsapp call on your smartphone

While using a third party may offer some relief, users are advised to be careful. Before downloading any app, double-check the name of the developer, reviews, privacy policy and other details. Once you are satisfied, install the app, and make sure that you give access to only those features that are required to run the app.

How To Record Whatsapp Audio Calls Using Another Device

There is a simple way to do that. You can put your phone on speaker and record the WhatsApp call using another device. If the second handset doesnt have a recorder, then you will have to download a third-party app from Play Store. You can download the Voice Recorder app.

If you dont want to miss out on something and even want to take notes, then you can download the app on your laptop or any secondary device. This app offers automatic transcription on a real-time basis. So, after receiving a call, you just need to press the record button and the app will start recording the voice conversation. The best part is you can play a recording and the audio is synced up with the transcribed text. In simpler terms, you are getting both voice call recording as well as the text version of it. Do note that the app only supports the English language. Also, every month, you get free 600 minutes to record voice conversations.

Why You Choose Fonelab As Your Best Whatsapp Call Recorder

Here are some reasons explaining why FoneLab Screen Recorder does a better job than QuickTime Player and other screen recording software.

  • 1. High-quality video, audio and screenshot

The WhatsApp call recorder can export the recorded WhatsApp video as MP4 and other formats in high quality.

  • 2. Powerful call recording features for WhatsApp

You can use shortcuts to start, pause, resume and stop recording based on your preferences. Moreover, you can record screen videos with webcam and audio simultaneously or individually. So you can use it to record gameplay screen, online meetings and more according to your needs.

Even beginners can record a WhatsApp call with this lightweight and intuitive program quickly.

In a word, you can free download FoneLab for recording video and voice calls from WhatsApp, Skype and other Internet calls on desktop with ease. You can get more benefits to record WhatsApp calls with this program.

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While It Is Great To Have The Calling Feature In Whatsapp The Only Issue Is That You Cannot Record Any Of Those Calls

WhatsApp is one of the most preferred apps in India when it comes to messaging. But the app is not just about texting as you can also make audio calls using the popular messaging app. While it is great to have the calling feature in WhatsApp, the only issue is that you cannot record any of those calls.

Dont worry, we will tell you how to record calls on WhatsApp.

How To Record A Whatsapp Video Call Online

How to record WhatsApp call on Android Phone and iPhone?

Best for: free online screen recording

OS: online is a free online screen recorder that requires no download. It creates HD video with the option to include audio. The program includes options to include video from the webcam, to select the current browser or entire screen as the capture area, and to record audio from the computer system or microphone.

Screencapture.coms features and ease of use make it an excellent WhatsApp call recorder.


  • Set the audio input and webcam parameters.
  • Set the capture area you wish to use.
  • Click the Start Recording button. When youve finished the call, stop recording and save the file to your computer.
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    How To Record Whatsapp Video Or Audio On Iphone/ipad

    The last on the WhatsApp call recorder is the new and default screen recording feature for iOS devices. This new feature is available for iOS devices with a software version of iOS11 and later. Additionally, this feature does not need any jailbreaking, and it is for free. The best thing the feature since it is already installed on the phone, users don’t need to update or download anything to use it. Aside from that, it lets users record any part of your screen activity along with its audio. Here are the steps on how to activate this new screen recording feature for capturing WhatsApp calls.

    User Guide:

    • First, open the “Settings” of your phone. From here, tap and access these options: Control Center > Customize, then tap the “Plus” icon beside “Screen Recording.”
    • Next, from the bottom part of your screen, swipe up to access the Control Center. Then, tap the “Record” icon followed by the “Microphone” to record the WhatsApp video call.
    • Once you’re done with the conversation, swipe your finger up again from the bottom part of the screen to access “Control Center.” Tap the “Stop” button to save the recording.

    How To Record Whatsapp Calls On Android Phone

    Android users have a third option: root your device. We don’t recommend this as it comprises your phone’s security and might push you off the manufacturer’s update track, but if you must, then go ahead root your phone and use the SCR Screen Recorder app, available via XDA.

    As we said before, recording WhatsApp calls is fairly complicated. If neither of those methods work for you, you can always keep your phone on speaker and record the call via a second phone or any device which has a voice recorder placed nearby, all while you sit in a quiet room. That’s a crude hack and the only reason we have to mention it here is that it’s the only reliable method of recording WhatsApp calls at a really low cost.

    For more tutorials, visit our How To section.

    We discussed what WhatsApp absolutely needs to do in 2019, on Orbital, our weekly technology podcast, which you can subscribe to via Apple Podcasts or RSS, , or just hit the play button below.

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    Can Whatsapp Call Be Recorded Answer Is Yes And Here Are The Steps

    None of the phones have any feature to record WhatsApp voice calls, however, the same can be done if you download some third party app.

    New Delhi: With growing popularity & penetration of WhatsApp among smartphone users, the application is increasingly being used for office projects. Lot many users are banking upon its conference calling & video calling feature for better co-ordination within team and connectivity with friends & relatives.

    Today, it is the worlds most downloaded applications for sharing messages, files and also video chats. Amid its growing usage, one question that crosses everyones mind is whether these calls can be recorded.

    None of the phones have any feature to record WhatsApp voice calls, however, the same can be done if you download some third party app.

    Whatsapp Users Often Make Calls Through The App And Sometimes Need To Record Calls We’re Telling You A Special Trick That Will Allow You To Record Calls On Whatsapp As Well

    How to Record WhatsApp Video Call On Your Phone

    By: ABP News Bureau|Updated at : 10 Aug 2021 12:46 PM

    WhatsApp Logo

    People nowadays often make calls through the instant messaging app WhatsApp. But WhatsApp does not offer the option of call recording in the app because of the privacy policy. Is it possible to record a call on WhatsApp? The answer is Yes. Calls can be recorded on WhatsApp.

    Record Calls On WhatsApp

    Even though WhatsApp doesn’t give its users the option to record calls, there’s a trick through which users can record any calls. For recording your WhatsApp calls, you have to use a third-party app. This trick allows both Android and iOS users to record calls.

    Record Calls On WhatsApp – Android

    – If you use an Android phone, you need to take the help of a third-party app to record calls.

    – You can download the cube call recorder or any other app on your phone.

    – Now open the app and go to WhatsApp.

    – Dial the call you want to record.

    – If you see cube call widgets in the app, know that your call is being recorded.

    – If you see an error on the phone, you need to reopen the app.

    -Go to the settings of the app and click force voice in the voice call.

    Record Calls On WhatsApp – iPhone

    – If you’re an iPhone user, you can record calls with the help of a Mac.

    – For this, you need to connect your iPhone to Mac via lightning cable.

    – Now click on trust this computer.

    – If you’re connecting the phone to Mac for the first time, you’ll need to go to the quick time option.

    – Click the Record button here.

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    Best 5 Whatsapp Video Call Recorders For Windows/mac

    Recently, WhatsApp has offered dedicated applications for Windows and Mac desktops. The software has the exact same features available with the smartphone apps. Similar to the Android/iOS application, WhatsApp for desktop does not permit users to record voice or video calls.

    However, you can use any of the 5 WhatsApp video recorders mentioned below to monitor every call occurring on Windows and Mac systems.

    How To Record Whatsapp Voice Calls On Android

    • Open Google Play Store and search the Cube Call application or click here.
    • Once installed open the Cube Call application and then switch to WhatsApp.
    • On WhatsApp, you will see the Cube Call widget when you are answering or making a WhatsApp call.
    • If you are not able to see the widget, then open Cube Call and choose Force VoIP call as a voice call.
    • Now, the app will automatically record WhatsApp voice calls and it will save the files to the internal memory of your device.

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    How To Record A Video Call On Whatsapp With Screen

    Best for: Android users with computers

    OS: Android

    Price: depends on the app you choose

    Screen mirroring is a technology that allows your phone, tablet, or another device to display its screen on another devices screen wirelessly. For example, you could project your Android phone screen onto your desktop computer.

    From there, you can then record your mobile screen on your computer while youre having your WhatsApp call. You can record audio-only if youd like as well.

    Now, the exact process will differ depending on which mirroring software you use. Still, the general steps are the same, as outlined below.


    • Allows for easy file sharing between phone and computer/another device

    • The computer gives you a wider screen to work with


    • Requires computer or another device to work

    • Audio feedback from standing too close to mirroring device possible

    Step 1. Download and install your apps of choice

    Step 2. Turn off Power Save mode

    The Power Save mode can limit your phones processing power, so turn it off for the best quality and performance.

    Step 3. Cast your screen

    Make sure your mobile device and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network, then open the Google Home app and select the device youd like to cast your screen to. Make sure to do it via Wi-Fi.

    Step 4. Turn on the speakerphone

    Activate speakerphone on your mobile device, and turn off your computers mic.

    Step 5. Begin recording

    Step 6. Stop recording

    How To Record Whatsapp With An Ios Built

    How To Record WhatsApp Calls In Android And iPhone

    Best for: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users

    OS: iOS

    Price: free

    iPhone and iPad users can record WhatsApp video calls on their devices without downloading any external apps or using online tools because these devices have a built-in screen recorder. Read on to learn how to record WhatsApp video calls with audio on your iPhone.


    • Requires some settings navigation to set up

    • Can be a bit unwieldy activating the recording on a call

    Step 1. Head to your control center to enable recording

    Head to the settings menu and find the Control Center. Scroll down to the Screen Recording line and click the green plus sign to enable screen recording.

    Step 2. Turn on Do Not Disturb

    Turn on Do Not Disturb to prevent notifications from popping up on your screen during recording.

    Step 3. Enable voice recording

    Hold the red recording button down first before recording to enable voice recording if youd like.

    Step 4. Begin recording

    Step 5. Stop recording

    Its nice to have screen recording built into your device, but external apps may offer more features. Check out Record It! and Go Record if youd like extra functionality.

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    Why Would We Want To Record Whatsapp Calls

    WhatsApp is one of the leading instant message communication apps in the world. It is used by both iPhone and Android users and even has desktop computer versions available. The app currently caters for over 1 billion users worldwide and is suitable for making phone calls, sending text messages and media files.

    You may be wondering why we would want to record calls on these devices. Well, there are many answers to these questions. Firstly, as a parent, you might want to record your childs phone conversations with their safety in mind, ensuring that they are talking with only their friends about safe conversations while not in danger.

    Perhaps you and your partner are on the rocks, and your other half seems glued to their WhatsApp calls, and you want to know the truth are they cheating?

    Maybe youre running a business and handing out business phones with WhatsApp for your employees to use. To make sure that your devices are being used in a professional way, as well for training purposes, you might want a WhatsApp call recorder to ensure quality and functionality.

    How To Record An Iphone Call Using The Rev Call Recorder App

    Alternatively, you can use the Rev Call Recorder app, which is also free to download in the App Store, to record conversations. Rev Call Recorder gets around the issue of recording by becoming the third member of a three-way call in other words, when you use Rev Call Recorder, you will be sharing a call between you, the other party, and Revs service.

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    How To Record Whatsapp Video Call Remotely

    Audio and video calls have become free over the years since the instant messengers such as WhatsApp has come into existence. The social messaging apps enable users to do audio and video calls their friends and family members by using the cell phone devices whether it is running with OS Android or iOS devices. Users just have to install the particular social messaging apps on the smartphones connected to the internet, then they can use video call feature of the instant messenger. Today we are going to discuss the WhatsApp instant messaging app and its state of the art video calls function and are it possible to record video calls remotely.

    How To Record A Whatsapp Call On Android

    How to Record WhatsApp Video Calls

    WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app among Android users. WhatsApp has literally replaced text messaging and its free audio call feature is widely used as an alternative to traditional call. At the same time, users prefer WhatsApp video call over audio call for personal communication with contacts. Due to its usage more for personal communication over professional communication, there is no WhatsApp record feature available for security and privacy reason.

    That is why you will need an external screen recorder app and we recommend AZ Screen Recorder. The app is free to use and very easy to operate. With a single tap, you can record anything on the screen including WhatsApp call. Here are the steps to follow to record WhatsApp call on Android.

    Step 1: Go to Play Store from your Android device and install AZ Screen Recorder app.

    Step 2: Launch AZ Screen Recorder and the app will provide you with a pop-up overlay bar on the screen.

    Step 3: Open WhatsApp and go to the conversation of the person whom you want to video call.

    Step 4: On AZ Screen Recorder bar, tap on Record icon. You will get 3 seconds of buffer time to start your WhatsApp video call. Thereafter, the app will start recording the screen which is your WhatsApp video call in this case.

    Step 5: When you have finished your video call, tap on Stop icon on AZ Screen Recorder bar. The recorded video file will be available in the phone gallery.

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    Record Whatsapp Video Calls With Built

    Apple added a built-in screen recorder feature with iOS 11, which is quite useful. You can easily record WhatsApp video calls on your iPhone using this feature. It also means recording WhatsApp video calls on an iPhone doesn’t require additional third-party apps. How to use this feature is as follows:

    Step 1. Open the Control Center from Settings. Then, include a Screen Recording option in the list of active controls by tapping “Customize Controls” on the menu.

    Step 2. To begin recording, open the Control Center on your iPhone and select the Screen recording option.

    Step 3. Call the person you want to record the call with using the WhatsApp app.

    Step 4. Confirm that the microphone is turned on and the call volume is up to record the audio.

    Step 5. halt the recording once the call is over and save the file to your device.

    How To Record Whatsapp Call Online

    Even if you do not like to install software on your hard disk, Apeaksoft Free Online Screen Recorder can help you record WhatsApp call easily.

    • Record WhatsApp call without installing any software.
    • Support both WhatsApp and webcam recording.
    • Save call recordings in MP4 or WMV.
    • Keep original video and audio quality.

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