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How To Reach Out To Hiring Manager On Linkedin

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It Shows Youre Willing To Go Beyond

How to Reach Out To Hiring Managers on LinkedIn

Connecting with a hiring manager on Linkedin shows that you are willing to go beyond the normal bounds of the hiring process. Requesting a connection shows that you took the time to research them and are highly interested in their company and them as a professional. Connecting with them right after you apply its a great way to elevate your application status and make your name stand out.

Ryan Nouis, TruPath

Talk With Recruiters On Linkedin

LinkedIn has made it easy to for its users to connect with recruiters. When you scroll through your search results, youll be able to talk to recruiters using LinkedIns tools. Approach the conversation with recruiters as you would a potential employer.

Send the recruiter a brief, 2-3 sentence message. Introduce yourself, express your interest, and any other relevant information. Even if you feel that its not a 100% match, reach out anyway. You never know what can come from it!

Recruiters commonly have client requests that are a bit outside of their scope, but they are extremely well connected. They might be able to put you in touch with a recruiter that is a better fit for you.

Tips To Remember When Connecting With Recruiters On Linkedin

Once you’ve identified who you want to contact, you should send them a LinkedIn connection request. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1) Avoid using the default message – “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn”! Recruiters get a lot of requests and using the default message is a sure-fire way to get it missed.2) Say why youre reaching out. Recruiters are busy, so get straight to the point and explain why youre reaching out. Do you want to get on a call? Or just add them to your network so they can let you know about future opportunities?3) Personalize your connection request. If its a job youre interested in applying for, mention that youre interested in learning more about the opening. If you know someone in common, mention that person.4) Use the right tone. Dont be overly formal. Recruiters are used to receiving messages from job seekers, but they appreciate a personal touch.

Finally, remember that your message needs to be less than 300 characters long. That’s LinkedIn’s hard limit for the length of your message requests. Now, let’s move on to the templates you can copy-and-paste into your own connection requests.

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How To Email The Hiring Manager

Have you applied to dozens of job openings on job boards, only to hear nothing back?

Its a common problem many of our clients face!

The issue is this:

HR or Hiring Managers receive a massive number of job applications through these job boards.

Too many of these applicants are unqualified candidates who are just trying their luck. And often, due to the complexity of the role, HR isnt able to accurately identify who the highest quality candidates are.

So in this sea of countless job applications and CV submissions, how can you get yours to stand out?

Here’s our quick tip:

Connect As Part Of Your Wider Application Strategy

Writing InMails: 4 Common Mistakes and How You Can Avoid ...

You can connect, but dont be pushy on LinkedIn. Connect as part of your wider application strategy. This will make it easier for them to look you up on LinkedIn after reading your CV. Indicated to the hiring manager that you are targeting their company personally.

Justin Barlow, Nigel Wright

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Networking helps, especially when you do not directly know anyone at a target company. I have attended 4 of your meetings and at one of them a company representative and recruiter presented. I was already familiar with this company, but she also said some other things in the presentation that made me take notice and created more interest on my part. I spoke with the recruiter at your event and she followed up the next week and from there I went on several phone interviews and on site interview tRead more

After a company layoff thrust me into the job market, Career Connectors was exactly what I needed to develop my networking skills. Networking is a job in itself, and the skills I learned helped me to land a temporary position just three months later that is now permanent. I believe in the Career Connectors mission and continue to volunteer as a way of expressing my appreciation for their support during a very tough timethank you Career Connectors!

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Pick Up The Phone And Call

It mystifies me how shy weve all become about picking up the gosh-darned phone and, gasp, communicating directly with people. You want a true shot at this job? Quit hiding behind the online application process and start dialing. Just be sure and do so carefully and strategically.

To determine who the hiring manager is, Id suggest simply calling the companys main number and asking the person who answers the phone for their help, especially if its a smaller organization where theyre likely to know whats going on and whos hiring.

Try something like:

I’m applying for the role and want to make sure I’m accurate in the note I’m sending to the . Is this specific title accurate?

From there, you can either ask for that person’s name, or head right over to LinkedIn or Google. You’ll find the name that goes with that title pretty quickly.

Keep in mind though that this tactic might not work as well in a larger organization, where the person answering the phone may have no idea whats happening on the team youre applying to join or where a machine is picking up incoming calls rather than a human. In that case, see if you can find a number for the specific department or for an assistant on the team. Otherwise go back to technique number two and try to find someone close to the source.

Someone in this competition is going to get directly to a decision maker. Shouldnt that someone be you?

To Ask About Internship Opportunities

Dear Yasmin Smith,

I am currently in my second year of a Security Risk Management degree at Copenhagen University, and am seeking opportunities to develop my research skills in a professional context. Do you have any vacancies for interns this summer?

I have been following EggLimited on LinkedIn for some time, and have a deep respect for the company as a leading voice in the Professional Services industry. I would be particularly keen to learn from departments that deal with financial risk management. I know that you must receive many such inquiries, but if you would be prepared to discuss this with me further, I would be delighted to send over my CV and some letters of recommendation from my professors.

Thank you for your consideration, I hope very much to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Penelope Tulipface

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Do It For The Long Run And Future Opportunities

I am a fan of the long game. Some of the best hires weve had have come from a conversation that spans several months. If there is a company you like and would consider working for, connect with your possible future hiring manager. Now focus on content. What are you generating on your LinkedIn page? This is a great way of communicating what you are about. LinkedIn is powerful as it is a one-stop shop in which to establish your professional brand.

Steven Brown, DP Electric Inc

Finding Recruiters On Linkedin

How to Contact Hiring Managers on LinkedIn

If you know the name of the recruiter, look them up on LinkedIn. In fact, it’s not actually uncommon for job postings to mention the recruiter’s name at the bottom.

If you dont know their name, search for people at the companies you want to work for who have titles like “Recruiter,” “Human Resources”, “Staffing Manager,” or “Sr. Staffing Specialist.”

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Technique : Ask The Hiring Manager For A Small Favour

Now, here’s a different approach, but one that’s equally effective.

When we first thought to do this, our team tried out a more direct cold email strategy.

Together with a client, Sarah, we found the Hiring Manager’s email on LinkedIn, crafted a beautifully worded email complete with deadlines, bold headers, and a clear CTA requesting a coffee meeting with the Hiring Manager.

And the result was…

0 RESPONSES from 8 emails to 8 different Hiring Managers.

And mind you, these were positions our client was highly qualified for.

When 1 person doesnt respond, we can assume theyre busy or are having a bad day. When all 8 dont respond, we know our strategy was wrong.

So we went back to the drawing board, and a week later, we used a simpler approach with a simple, clear email, and sent it to another 8 executives:

Dear Hiring Manager,

My name is Sarah, formerly an Investment Associate at XXXXX in London. I’m interested in the XXXX position open at your firm. Could we have a quick call to discuss 3 questions I have?

If you’re not available for a phone call, I can send over my questions via email.

A day later, my jaw dropped when Sarah updated me on the results.

RESPONSE RATE: 87.5%. Thats 7/8 people!

After they responded to our one-liner email, we then sent that same long email detailing Sarahs accomplishments and background and all 7 Hiring Managers agreed to grab coffee with our client.

That was a BIG deal.

And it all starts with that one-line email to the Hiring Manager.

Is There A Character Limit To Linkedin Messages In 2021

LinkedIn Inmail used to be extremely short and sweet, with every message capped at 300 characters. Now, however, you are allowed 200 characters in the subject line and 1900 characters in the body.

This said, just because you can write a long message to a hiring manager doesnt mean you should.

A good message is short and to the point. There is no need to introduce yourself at length. If the recruiter is interested in hiring you, they can easily click through to your profile for a clear list of your achievements.

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It Gives You An Opportunity To Stand Out

In most instances, connecting with a hiring manager on LinkedIn may give you an opportunity to stand out among other candidates. The best way to manage this connection without overstepping boundaries is simply to introduce yourself. Think of a message to the hiring manager as a preview to your cover letter and resume. Give them a reason to keep an eye out for your name.

Megan Chiamos, 365 Cannabis

Reach Your Hiring Manager Directly And Avoid The Black Hole

Contacting a Hiring Manager on LinkedIn

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Don’t Start With Linkedin

Although this may seem counterintuitive, you should make your initial point of contact on a platform other than LinkedIn, such as following a recruiter on Twitter, where he or she will receive a notification with your name. That way, when you do connect with that person on LinkedIn, they will recognize your name and face.

After connecting with a recruiter outside of LinkedIn, view his or her LinkedIn profile and make sure to tweak your privacy settings to allow others to see your name and headline after you’ve viewed their profile. This will allow the recruiter to view your full profile in return and sometimes the recruiter might even ask to connect with you before you can request to connect with him or her.

Reaching Out To New Contacts On Linkedin

A cold email introduction or LinkedIn message is usually the best way to get the conversation rolling with people you don’t know yet. A good place to start is your alumni, including those you dont know well – a similarity . can significantly improve your response rates.

Your alumni network isn’t just for recent grads either – you can leverage your university and college connections at any career stage. LinkedIn is also your go-to search tool. Universities and colleges have an alumni page on LinkedIn where you can find out whos working in your industry.

While it might be tempting to ask for a job directly, you should build a relationship first.

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How To Email Hiring Managers:

  • Give smart suggestions on their business or
  • Ask for a small favour
  • Getting in touch with Hiring Managers directly and cultivating a relationship with them is your best way to get your foot in the door.

    Did you notice that you won’t have to go through HR at any point in this process?

    Nor do you send your CV and Cover Letter through right off the bat?

    That’s the trick.

    You’re bypassing all the gatekeepers to go straight to the final decision maker the Hiring Manager.

    And you’re doing it in a small, subtle way that makes it incredibly difficult for the Hiring Manager to say no.

    Attract Recruiters On Linkedin

    How Do I Reach A Companys Hiring Manager On LinkedIn?

    Your efforts should connect you with several recruiters, but new recruiters are joining LinkedIn all the time. Therefore, youll want to be easily found. There are a couple ways this can happen:

    • One way is raising your profile on LinkedIn. This can be done by connecting with as many people in your field as possible. If you find someone in your field who is interesting, dont hesitate to reach out and start a dialogue with them!
    • Another way is writing blog posts. Make sure these posts pertain to your job field, are relevant, and informative. This shows your interest and dedication to learning!
    • Finally, participate in discussions. When you post, be sure to include trending buzzwords and keywords. If recruiters are following these words, your discussion could pop up in their feed and get you noticed!

    If connecting with a recruiter online is not for you, know that you are not alone. Many people prefer face to face interaction. Rush recruiting specializes in career consulting services and helping individuals find the perfect job.

    If this sounds more up your alley, reach out and contact us today. We want to help you find what you are looking for!

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    Additional Job Hunting Tips:

    But First A Word Of Caution

    Reaching out to make a personal connection with somebody at the company can be a smart move.

    However, it should never serve as a replacement for going through the application process that the employer has outlined.

    For that reason, its wise not to reach out to the hiring manager about a specific role until after youve followed their instructions for officially tossing your hat into the ring.

    Ignoring the steps that theyve mapped out and instead opting to get in touch with a general, Im very interested in this positionplease consider me! message will only make you seem lazy and disrespectful.

    So, make sure to heed the directions for applying and then consider reaching out to the hiring manager as a secondary step to elevate your candidacy.

    Its great to be proactive about forging relationshipsbut, that doesnt mean you can skip important steps and make up your own rules.

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    What Does Cold Message Mean

    A cold message is a message sent to someone who doesnt know you and isnt expecting to receive communication from you. This type of outreach can be sent through a variety of channels such as email, LinkedIn, Facebook and more. Because cold outreach involves contacting someone who has never spoken with you, its relatively difficult to get responses and requires a certain type of strategy to succeed.

    The rest of this article will cover these strategies in depth. Well focus on LinkedIn, but these tactics and example outreach messages that youre going to see can be applied to email and more, too.

    Messaging An Employee To Get Referred For A Job:

    How To Reach Out To Recruiters On Linkedin

    Hi Danny,

    I saw you joined Apple two years ago. How have you enjoyed the work environment in the engineering department since moving over? Im beginning a job search myself, and Apple is one of the top companies on my list. But I always like to ask first-hand about the work environment at a company.

    Then, if the person responds, you can thank them for the information they shared, exchange one or two more messages, and then ask a question like this:

    After this, they may offer to introduce you or pass along your resume/CV. If not, you can send one final message

    Asking directly for the introduction:

    Great. Would you be willing to float my resume over to them? Im very interested in learning more about the role.

    Note: These are just samples and you should adjust the wording and formality for your industry and specific situation.

    Another important note: Many companies offer employees a cash bonus for referring a new person who they hire. So while you shouldnt immediately ask for a referral in your first message, its okay to do so after youve established some rapport. You might even be helping that person earn some money!

    Here are some additional topics that you could ask about to start a conversation if you like this general type of approach:

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