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How To Reach Out On Linkedin

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Tip #: Do Your Research

Reach out to Recruiters on LinkedIn (the right way!)

Before approaching anyone with a cold message or email you should learn as much as you can about them.

LinkedIn is a great place to learn about someones professional interests and background.

Search through LinkedIn members profiles and youll learn:

  • Where they went to school
  • What they studied
  • Their employment history
  • People and companies theyre interested in

You can use this information to find common ground and then insert that into your cold message on LinkedIns InMail or add it to your connection request making a personalized contact that will be much more valued.

Messaging An Employee To Get Referred For A Job:

Hi Danny,

I saw you joined Apple two years ago. How have you enjoyed the work environment in the engineering department since moving over? Im beginning a job search myself, and Apple is one of the top companies on my list. But I always like to ask first-hand about the work environment at a company.

Then, if the person responds, you can thank them for the information they shared, exchange one or two more messages, and then ask a question like this:

After this, they may offer to introduce you or pass along your resume/CV. If not, you can send one final message

Asking directly for the introduction:

Great. Would you be willing to float my resume over to them? Im very interested in learning more about the role.

Note: These are just samples and you should adjust the wording and formality for your industry and specific situation.

Another important note: Many companies offer employees a cash bonus for referring a new person who they hire. So while you shouldnt immediately ask for a referral in your first message, its okay to do so after youve established some rapport. You might even be helping that person earn some money!

Here are some additional topics that you could ask about to start a conversation if you like this general type of approach:

Making That First Connection

When you send an invitation to connect to someone you dont know, make sure you personalize it with a note. Use their first name in the greeting, explain how you came to know of them . If its a completely cold contact, mention something on their profile that you either have in common or would like to learn more about.

Make your subject line specific and keep your message very short. At the end, add a postscript question that can be answered with a yes or a no, like, P.S. Did your company have success with Agile in the first year?

Your profile comes into play here. The recipient of your message can easily see who you are and what you do, so make sure youve got a and builds trust.

Sarah Moore, CEO of Eleven Lights Media, says using voice message on LinkedIn is a great alternative to text message. Hearing your voice makes a much more immediate and personal connection than text. Use the same format as you would in a cold text message: Make it personal, keep it brief, genuinely compliment them, and connect on something you have in common.

And when someone accepts your invitation, be responsive. Thank them and offer something of value . Dont ask for a job or other favor yet, unless its something they can benefit from, like a quote for an article, for which theyll receive a link.

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But First A Refresher On Degrees Of Connection And Members

You need to understand how to use LinkedIn before you start firing off cold invitations, messages and job applications.

Your LinkedIn network is made up of connections and fellow members of LinkedIn groups. People youve accepted invitations from are first-degree connections. People connected to them are second-degree, and those connected to second-degree connections are third-degree.

You can contact any of the people in your network by sending a message. If youre not connected to a person you wish to contact, you can send an InMail by upgrading to a premium account.

Linkedin Premium has four price tiers, with premium career best for those looking for jobs. Along with applicant and profile insights, online video courses, and interview preparation, you get three InMail credits so you can reach out to a non-connected recruiter or job poster directly. This is important because you may be accessing the person who is the hiring decision maker.

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If You Are Inquiring About A Job Posting And/or Hiring Process

I posted a job on LinkedIn and Indeed but Im not reading ...

We all have demanding schedules and are a little burned out, explained Amber Naslund, principal content consultant at LinkedIn a role she landed after building a consistent presence on the platform. Open-ended messages like I just wondered if you had any openings arent useful, because all of those details are on a companys career page and that puts the work on the person youre asking.

According to Naslund, its better to ask about a specific role and see if someone is willing to introduce you to a recruiter, make an internal referral, or answer questions you have about that role, or the company. Being respectful of peoples time, expertise, and relationships can go a long way when youre trying to land your next job, she told me. The professional you reach out to could, for example, be a teammate who works closely with the role in question, or the person who would be the immediate supervisor.

You could try a message like this:

Hi Cameron, I saw that your company is recruiting a marketing assistant. Since it seems youd work directly with this person, it would be wonderful to hear your thoughts on the role. Im looking to get some clarity on the role and responsibilities before I apply. Do you have a few minutes to speak with me about it in the next week or two?

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How To Ask Someone For A Job On Linkedin: Cold Messaging Samples

We just looked at steps to follow for successful cold messaging above, so now lets look at samples and messaging templates for various situations.

The first scenario we will cover is how to ask someone for a job at their company when theyre not the hiring manager. .

Most people arent going to refer you to a hiring manager or recommend you for a position if they dont know you at all, though. So you need to get to know them a bit first. Heres how

Get To Why Youre Writingand Fast

When it comes to emails, the shorter the better. People are time-crunched, and you can lose their interest just as quickly as you got it if you segue from a pithy intro into a drawn-out monologue of why you should be connected or a lengthy recitation of your resume.

Keep this in mind as you craft your second paragraph, the meat of your message. Quickly dive in to why youre writingand just to be connected doesnt count. Why do you want to be connected? Do you love this persons updates or products? Do you want to book him to speak at an event or invite her to guest post on your site? Do you want to ask this person questions about her company or background?

Let that topic sentence guide a paragraph where you get into a few details: e.g., Im reaching out because I need advice. Im in the midst of _______ and have some questions about ______.

An important note, though: Make sure your ask is commensurate with your relationship. Theres a big difference between asking someone you dont know if shed be willing to spend 10 minutes on the phone with you talking about the interview process at her company and asking her to put in a good word for you with the CEO.

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Send An Inmail Messaage

If you upgrade your LinkedIn account to the premium tier, you can send anyone on Linkedin an InMail message – whether theyâve accepted your connection request or not. If you have the means, this can put your name in front of recruiters faster, without relying on them to accept a request from you.

Next, craft a well-written message. Your message should be 75 words or less that explains who you are, what your experience is, and what youâre looking for.

Your Messages Are Weak

How To Reach Out To Recruiters On Linkedin – #MPH

Being specific and sensitive is especially important in 2020, a year of upheaval and loss on many levels. Generic, non-personalized messages have a low probability of success. As entrepreneur Larry Kim has said: What are the 11 most boring words in the English language? Id like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

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Optimize Your Personal Profile

To successfully reach out to prospects on LinkedIn, youll need to optimize your personal and business profiles. If you are personally reaching out to your prospects, your profile must be complete and up to date. If you have missing information, gaps in your work experience, or no profile or cover image, your profile can seem illegitimate.

Stay In Touch With The Recruiter

Now you have an idea about how to reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn, but what happens after that? Reaching out to recruiters on just LinkedIn wont help you out much. But you do something to make a firm place in the recruiters mind.

Try to stay in touch with the recruiter but do not be obnoxious. Ask about their well-being once or twice a month. Dont keep on asking them every week if they have any job for you. They may find it annoying. Keeping a good and warm conversation going will make your image look good in their mind. They might think of you as a friendly persona and remember your name. This will make you look like the person they are looking to hire.

So approach them calmly and stay in their mind. Thats the trick. Doing things hastily wont help you out.

Through these ways, you learned how to reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn easily. Connecting with recruiters can be a little bit complicated, but with these steps, you can reach out to them easily and quickly. It takes a little bit of your patience and effort if you want the job of your dream.

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Consider Sales Navigator To Reach More Specific Leads

The more specific your outreach list is the better the results are.

And as a cherry on top, LinkedIn will be glad youre using Sales Navigator and in most cases, wont think youre sending spammy and low-quality messages.

If youre not aware by now, is the premium version of LinkedIn. It costs $64.99/month and allows you to find leads more efficiently.

If youve been using the regular version of LinkedIn for some time now and know youre way around its advanced search , then Sales Navigator might be worth it.

With it, you can start using some modern search tactics and target people by:

  • Using job change alerts.
  • Using advanced LinkedIn groups filtering.
  • Searching for prospects similar to your existing customers.
  • Saving your searches, looking for leads using the posted on LinkedIn filter, combining it with automation to reach your leads on autopilot, and more..

Though, probably one of the best things about LinkedIn Sales Navigator is that you can combine it with LinkedIn automation for some serious results.

Contacting An Employee To Get Referred For A Job

How to post on LinkedIn to reach 100K views in 2019

Almost all tech giants run employment referrals programs, where existing employees can refer you to recruiters for open positions at your dream company. And getting referred to a dream company is no less than hitting the jackpot . So, if you don’t want your resume to get lost in a pile of other thousand resumes, don’t hesitate to ask for a referral.

But how should you reach out to employees to get referred to your dream company?

Follow these five tips to increase the chances of getting a referral-

  • Read the job description thoroughly and make sure that you are eligible for the role and satisfy the job criteria you are seeking a referral for.
  • If possible, find a person who is working in the same domain as you.
  • Presume that they are busy and keep your message short and crisp. But avoid using sentences like “I am not worth your time, but still I am reaching out to you,” “Sorry to disturb you.” Be confident .
  • If you don’t know the employee personally, avoid asking for a referral in the first message itself. Build a strong connection first and then strategically ask for a referral.
  • While asking for a referral, make sure that you attach a resume and link to the job posting.
  • But how should you start the conversation?

    Here is an example-

    Every morning Puneet Kohli, computer vision engineer at Apple, wakes up to many random messages on LinkedIn asking for a referral. On asking his advice for job seekers, he said,

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    How To Get Positive Responses To Cold Outreach Messages On Linkedin

    Just popping into your inbox!

    Cold calling has a bad reputation. Everyones had at least one family dinner interrupted by telemarketers. So, it comes as no surprise that sending a cold message on LinkedIn, whether looking for a job or more clients, can be nerve wracking. You dont want to be reported, rejected, or ignored, but how can you sell yourself to a stranger without spamming?

    There are expert practices you can follow to warm up cold outreach messages, and increase the likelihood of getting the response youre looking for. Lets take a look.

    Be Clear About Your Intention To Connect

    Whether youre seeking professional advice, wanting to learn more about their work, or discover employment opportunities at their company, outlining your intentions in the connection request will help set expectations.


    • Being a newcomer in Canada, you can talk about your situation in your message, demonstrate the willingness to learn and ask them for a coffee chat or informational interview.
    • Do not ask for a job in your connection message. Learn .

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    Customize Your Message For Each Person

    You should always add some customization to show the reader that youre not just copying and pasting the same message to many people.

    Youll see this in all of the cold messaging examples/templates coming up. They all feature customization and personalization, because it helps you get more responses.

    If you only spend a few seconds pasting a generic message to somebody, theyre not going to take their time to reply in most cases.

    Send A Personalized Connection Request

    How To Reach Out To People On LinkedIn (LinkedIn Cold Messaging Tips)

    You’ve reached out to a recruiter on another platform, you’ve viewed their LinkedIn profile, and you’re finally ready to connect. But before you click that blue Connect button, wait! First, you have to figure out what to say.

    Adding a message to your connection requests is essential. If you get a connection request with no message from someone you’ve never met, do you accept it? Probably not. Including a message will give you a much better acceptance rate as you begin reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn.

    What’s the best way to start this message? When it comes to how to contact recruiters on LinkedIn, it’s essential for job seekers to start out with something personal to catch their attention. Maybe you and this recruiter went to the same college, or maybe you have a mutual connection . An example LinkedIn connection request to a recruiter:

    Hello, John. I noticed you live in Atlanta! I grew up there, and I miss it, but I am now a financial advisor based in New York and looking for new opportunities in the finance niche. I would appreciate any guidance you could give me. Would you like to connect and speak further?

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    Ways To Increase Your Reach On Linkedin Organically

    With over 690 million users around the globe, LinkedIn helps you or your business build networks and connections.

    The platform has morphed itself from being a small professional networking site to holding an enormous world force.

    With millions of professionals from every type of industry in one place, LinkedIn has also proven to be an important marketing tool for businesses.

    The platform has gained worldwide momentum in the last couple of years, especially for B2Bs.

    For most of us, the basic formula to get started on LinkedIn is to:

    • Join
    • Optimise our profile
    • And connect

    While this is the basic ideology everyone thinks LinkedIn works on, in reality, it does not.

    Just hitting the Connect button isnt enough. You have to work on other factors when expanding your reach.


    Make The Message Short And Concise

    The best cold messages on LinkedIn will be fewer than 100 words. 50-75 words is ideal.

    When somebody opens your outreach message, theyre much more likely to read it if it looks manageable and easy to read at first glance. You want it to be inviting to read!

    For email, you can go a bit longer, but Id still stick to four to six very brief paragraphs with two or three sentences per paragraph.

    Always remember to include good spacing. Try to send two or three small paragraphs instead of one large paragraph, for example. This is true for email, LinkedIn, and any other online platform.

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    Turn On Open To Opportunities

    If you want recruiters to find you, let recruiters know that you are available for a new job. LinkedIn allows you to turn on the settings so that you can appear in the searches of the recruiters who are looking for a candidate in the domain of your interests.

    All you need to do is locate the Jobs section in your LinkedIn profile . Click on career interests right under the search bar. Turn on the first option that appears to let recruiters know you are open to new jobs.


    When recruiters search for candidates on LinkedIn to fill a specific job position, they look for a particular set of skills or keywords. While you add professional experience to your LinkedIn profile, you should also add the skills you possess.

    Keywords play an instrumental role in LinkedIn search results. You can incorporate keywords in your profile heading, job title, job description, and profile summary.

    Optimize our LinkedIn profile for the job profile you are targeting. Focus more on the skill set and experience that match the profile you are targeting. Also, add the location where you are looking for a job. It can be different from the location you are residing currently.

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