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How To Put Password On Whatsapp

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Your Whatsapp Chats Can Now Be Password Protected

how to put password on whatsapp in iPhone | how to put a lock on whatsapp in iPhone

If you’re concerned about prying eyes, you can now add an extra level of security

  • 13:05, 11 FEB 2019

It’s the feature you’ve been waiting for – you can finally password protect your Whatsapp messages.

WhatsApp messages are already end-to-end encrypted, meaning only those people in conversations can see the content.

However this security becomes redundant if someone managed to unlock your phone, as theyd be able to read your WhatsApp messages with ease.

But in the latest update, which was released on Sunday adds an extra level of security to your private conversations.

The popular instant messaging app is used regularly by around 1.5 billion people worldwide, and previously required a third party application to authenticate identity in order to open Whatsapp.

Included in the upgrade is a new feature which allows users to add either a pin, fingerprint or face ID lock to protect the app.

Available on both iOS and Android devices, the new screen lock feature needs to be activated in the application’s settings before being able to keep the application closed away from prying eyes.

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How To Put Password On Whatsapp Iphone

Be your intention è put password on WhatsApp iPhone, also in this case you can activate access to the app in question via facial recognition or fingerprint .

First of all, if you haven’t already done so, you need to configure Face ID : to do this, access the Settings of iOS, by pressing the icon of rotella d’ingranaggio, select the option Face ID and passcode / Touch ID and passcode and, if you have not yet set an unlock code for your iPhone, press on the item Activate code, to create one.

Adesso, select the option Configure Face ID / Configure Touch ID and follow the instructions shown on the screen to configure and activate facial or fingerprint recognition. Finally, in the section Use Face ID for / Use Touch ID for, choose when to use this unlocking method by moving the lever relative to the options of your interest from OFF a ON.

At this point you are ready to set up access to WhatsApp via facial recognition or fingerprint. After starting the famous messaging app, tap on the option Settings located in the bottom menu, select the item Account, fai tap sull’opzione Privacy and press on the item Screen lock.

On the screen Face ID / Touch ID, move the lever next to the item Richiedi il Face ID / Richiedi il Touch ID da OFF a ON and select one of the available options from Immediately, Dopo 1 minute, After 15 minutes e Dopo 1 hour, to indicate the length of time after which the app should automatically block.

How To Put Password On Whatsapp For Iphone

As I told you at the beginning of the guide, there are different systems for put password on WhatsApp for iPhone: you can intervene directly on application settings, taking advantage of the special option that allows you to enable the screen lock, or you can consider using one iOS default feature, which allows you to prevent access to specific apps installed on the “iPhone by”. Another solution is then to set a locking system valid for the entire device. For all the details of the case, read on, find the explanations you need in the next steps.

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Way 1 Reset Pin With An Email Address

When you set up two-step verification on WhatsApp, and provide an email address, then you can perform WhatsApp reset by a reset link.

  • Go to WhatsApp > tap Forgot PIN? > Send Email.

  • A reset link will be sent to the email address immediately you once provided before.
  • Now, open your email and click the reset link.
  • Tap CONFIRM. Open WhatsApp > tap Forgot PIN? > Reset.

Note: Keep in mind, you cannot reset or disable the PIN for two-step verification by the way of you deleting or reinstalling WhatsApp.

How To Put Password And Lock Whatsapp On Android

WhatsApp password on iPhone: how to set

Step #1: Download and install AppLock Fingerprint from Google Play Store on your Android phone.

Step #2: Once the app is installed on the screen, open it.

Step #3: Now enter the passcode with which you can unlock the app.

Point to Ponder

This app may ask you to enable your Fingerprint if your Android phone features fingerprint sensor and if you have registered your fingerprint impression. You may tap either Yes or No.

Step #4: Now you can add apps one by one since WhatsApp is on your priority list, add this app first. Simply tap on + icon seen at the bottom of your phone screen.

A list of apps will appear on the phone screen.

Step #5: Next, you need to toggle the switch next to WhatsApp ON, and tap on + icon again from the bottom of phone screen.

Point to Ponder

Users with Android 5.0 Lollipop or later version of Android will receive a Notification asking them to grant authorization to make the app functional. Tap on OK.

Step #6: Head to the app and choose Permit usage access and enable access to the app.

Step #7: Now launch WhatsApp on your Android phone and you need to enter PIN you entered in the step #3 above.

Your WhatsApp is now secured with a passcode that is known only to you. If any intruder wants to tamper with your WhatsApp passcode, the app will capture a photo and send it to your email. You can easily catch the culprit!

If you are using any other app for locking your WhatsApp on Android, share your feedback with us on , and .

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How To Hide Whatsapp On Your Smartphone

There is another way to put a password in WhatsApp and hide your chats so that no one reads them. For this you must use the function that your integrated phone has, which is to hide applications. Depending on the operating system the path is different:

Hide WhatsApp on Android

  • Select WhatsApp so that no one enters without your permission
  • Hide WhatsApp on iOS

  • Abre the App Store app

  • Tap Today at the bottom of the screen

  • Go to Purchased.

  • Find the app you want to hide, swipe left on the app and press Hide.

  • Why Password Protect Whatsapp Account

    Protecting WhatsApp Account with a Password is a good option, in case you do not like using a Lock Screen Password on your Android Phone.

    Even if you have a Lock Screen Password on your Android phone, your WhatsApp conversations, and Videos can get exposed in case any of your friends or family members need to borrow your Android Phone and you hand your phone to them.

    Even if someone borrows your Android Phone for only a few minutes and the person is sitting right in front of you, it will still make you feel edgy while your Android Phone is in the hands of someone else.

    Luckily there are many Apps available on Google Play Store which allow you to Password Protect WhatsApp on your Android phone or Tablet.

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    How To Encrypt Your Whatsapp Chat Backups On Iphone

    WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps right now. While it is not unknown that the platform offers an encryption option in the chat, many dont know that it also allows you to encrypt your chat backups on iCloud. Thus, securing your messages.

    Further, the data will be secured under a password, and only you will be able to access it on iCloud once encrypted. Let me show you exactly what encrypting is and how you can enable it for WhatsApp chat backups on iCloud!

    How To Set Password In Gbwhatsapp & Protect Chats

    How to lock WhatsApp access with a password – Tutorial

    Hey Guys, In This tutorial Ill tell you about how can you set password in GBWhatsApp app. If you are already using GBWhatsApp on your Phone, then its very good thing. Its pro version of WhatsApp, which you can use on your Android phone. If you are using WhatsApp on regular basis, then you can simply use this app called GBWhatsApp. If you are reading this article, I suppose that you are already using GBWhatsApp on your Android device. If you havent already, then you can Download and install on your Phone. We Latestmodapks try to provide you Latest apk versions for free. So lets have a look at below about how to set password in GBWhatsApp.

    Protecting our privacy is very important these days. You can simply set a password in your phone, in which you are using GBWhatsApp. There are many apps available to lock your Android apps. But, GBWhatsApp have inbuilt feature to lock it. You should always protect your privacy from other people. You must hide your chats, personal images/videos. Sometimes, you may give your phone to someone & you seriously dont want them to see your private chats. So in this case, you will be able to lock your GBWhatsApp Chats. Lets have a look at tutorial from below.

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    How To Put Password To Whatsapp

    WhatsAppis the most used instant messaging application in the world. Much of our life is recorded in it, in our conversations and chat groups. Lots of private information that we certainly want to protect. Is there a way to do it? The answer is yes. We explain how to put password to WhatsApp.

    More than one billion monthly active users are the best proof of the incredible success of WhatsApp. This application improves day by day with new e interesting possibilities. Over time the classic options for chat, audio, voice and video calls have been added to share documents of all kinds, GIFs, location, etc.

    However, until relatively recently there was no way of safeguard all that information using password, PIN or similar. This posed an obvious risk to users, leaving them unprotected against intrusions by unauthorized users. By simply accessing our mobile phone, anyone with a vocation as a spy or gossip could read our chats, see our photos and videos, and even know our contacts.

    Fortunately, today we have good solutions to this problem. Not only from the application itself, but also through external resources that offer adequate alternatives to fill these gaps. Here are some answers to the question of how to set a password to WhatsApp:

  • 3 Advice if you use WhatsApp on your computer: close all sessions
  • How To Read Whatsapp Chat History Without Password

    Even if you don’t manage to retrieve WhatsApp password, you can still get back all the WhatsApp messages with a shareware called Tenorshare UltData. This tool works like a WhatsApp backup extractor and extract WhatsApp chat history on iPhone, iPad and iPod. No matter the WhatsApp chats are lost due to deletion, failed iOS update or jailbreak, etc., you can have them back in a few minutes.

    For WhastApp chat recovery, you need to download UltData according to your computer system and follow the guide which takes iPhone WhatsApp recovery for example.

    • To do a WhatApp password reset, Firstly run UltData on your computer. Chosse recover from iTunes backup.

    • It will automatically detect and list all iTunes backup files. Select your iPhone backup file in the Backup Options Section.

    • In a few minutes or so, all WhatsApp data will show up. You can scroll down and up to preview all the conversions in details.

    • If you want to recover or rescue them, select the ones you need and click “Export”. Then select a save path to save all the extracted chats.

    What if you don’t have iPhone backup? Can you directly extract the lost WhatsApp conversations from iPhone? Surely you can. UltData allows you to extract and recover chat log from iPhone WhatsApp without backup. Steps for operation are basically the same with the above , which I will not explain in details.

    Updated on 2021-01-07 / Update for iPhone Data

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    How To Put A Password Lock On Whatsapp

    WhatsApp is the most widely-used messaging platform in the Western world, providing support for end-to-end encryption.

    This added level of security may be great for protecting third parties from intercepting your messages, but it does nothing to prevent your conversations being accessed by someone with physical access to your smartphone.

    Many people do not bother with security locks on their smartphones, and this means that if the physical security of their device is compromised attackers will be able to access their private conversations with no restrictions.

    Even if you do have a password lock on your phone, however, you may not want everyone you hand your device to accessing your WhatsApp conversations.

    For this reason, WhatsApp lets you lock your chats behind its own security checks.

    Password In Whatsapp With Android

    How to put password for WhatsApp

    To set a password on WhatsApp Android, you can use the function fingerprint lock of the popular messaging application, which allows you to access the application using your fingerprint.

    Alternatively, you can also rely on the option Android App Locker, which allows you to access the application of your interest by entering a password .

    With fingerprint

    In the first case, take your smartphone and make sure you have configured your fingerprint as the unlock method. Next, go to the Android settings , click on Security and Privacy, select the Fingerprint ID option and, if you have not done so already, create an unlock code for your device.

    At this point, select the Fingerprint Manager and New options fingerprint and follow the on-screen instructions to put your fingerprint on Android. Please note that the procedure may vary depending on the Android device that you have.

    Once you have configured your fingerprint, start the WhatsApp app, touch the icon with the three dots in the upper right corner and select the option to Settings in the menu that opens. Next, go to Accounts, click on Privacy and click on the option Fingerprint lock, and turn it ON.

    In the fingerprint unlock settings screen, you can also set the amount of time after which WhatsApp should automatically lock itself and choose whether to show the content of notifications.

    With password

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    How To Set Password In Gbwhatsapp On Android

    Simply follow some of the below steps now for set password in GBWhatsapp on Android device. Setting up password is necessary for protect your private chats. So lets have a look at some of the below steps to know more about it.

    • Open GBWhatsApp from your Phone. Or Now if you havent installed it already on your Android phone.
    • Press Menu button from your device, Click on GB Settings.
    • Now scroll down a bit and click on Lock option.
    • Click on Enable passcode from there, Enter 4 digit password 2 times to set it.
    • When you launch GBWhatsApp, every-time it will ask you for password.

    You can also disable password from lock option. I recommend you to keep using this feature because this will protect your chats from your friends/family members. I respect everyones privacy and you must also use this feature.

    This is the best app alternate of WhatsApp. This app is pretty much same as WhatsApp, but have some more cool features. You can use this app on any of the Android device. I hope after reading this article, you have successfully setup the password in your GBWhatsApp and enjoy inbuilt feature of it.

    How To Lock Whatsapp On Android

    You can use your Android phone’s fingerprint reader to ensure only you can open the app.

    1. Start WhatsApp on your Android device.

    2. Tap the three-dot menu at the top right of the screen and then choose Settings.

    4. Tap Privacy.

    5. At the bottom of the screen, tap Fingerprint Lock.

    6. On the Fingerprint lock screen, turn on Unlock with fingerprint by swiping the button to the right. You’ll need to confirm your fingerprint by touching the sensor with one of the fingers you have registered with the phone.

    7. Choose how quickly the app requires Face ID to re-enter the app if you close it. You can choose Immediately, After 1 minute, or After 30 minutes.

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    How To Put A Password On Whatsapp

    WhatsApp is an application like any other that you can have on any device. Of course, your smartphone is the center of everything, but there are users who use the web version to check their messages. However, if they leave these devices at the mercy of other users, their messages can be revealed physically without there being any way to avoid it.

    Fortunately, there are tools to avoid these problems. And it is that you can put a password in WhatsApp and hide your chats so that nobody reads them. The procedure can be done with the applications own tools, specifically from the privacy settings available. We are going to tell you how to achieve this step by step and you will see how simple it is:

  • Go to the three points on the right and choose Settings
  • Select Account and then Privacy
  • Swipe to the bottom
  • Select Fingerprint Lock
  • Once you have reached this point, you just have to press the switch to activate this function. Then the time will come when the Facebook app receives permission to read your fingerprint in exchange for nobody being able to read your chats without your consent. We also recommend deactivating high priority notifications so that no one knows when you have a message to read in those chats that you prefer to keep secret from prying eyes.

    Password For Whatsapp Messages For Iphone

    How to Lock Whatsapp with Password – 2015

    Password for WhatsApp Messages for iPhone

    Password for WhatsApp Messages is the app for iPhone iPad that uses the password protection for your private WhatsApp messages.

    The app imports your chat histories via email and saves copies of all messages. “Password for WhatsApp Messages” is a vault for copies of your WhatsApp messages.

    Price: $0.99

    Password protects all your WhatsApp-messages.

    Protect photos, videos and audio files.

    Sync your messages across all devices.

    WhatsApp chats on iPod and iPad. Please note that you need at least one iPhone with WhatsApp installed.

    Custom-colored chat bubbles.

    Endless scrolling without pressing “Load the next messages” button.

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