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How To Put Gmail On Desktop

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Create A Gmail Desktop App Shortcut

How to Create a Gmail Desktop App in Windows 10

Seasoned Windows users will appreciate Chrome’s ability to create application shortcuts. Open Gmail in your Chrome browser, open the Chrome menu and go to More tools > Add to desktop…

This will create a Gmail desktop shortcut, which you can now pin to the Taskbar or the Windows 10 Start Menu. Just right-click the shortcut and choose the respective option from the menu. If you checked Open as window, the Gmail browser window opened through this shortcut will look a bit like a Windows app because it won’t show browser toolbars.

How To Create A Gmail App For Windows

To create your own Gmail desktop app for a PC using Windows, simply follow these steps.

Step 1: Open Gmail on your Chrome browser. Click on the three vertical dots in the right-hand corner. This allows you to customize and control Google Chrome.

Step 2: Go to More tools and then click on Create shortcut.

Step 3: Name your Gmail desktop app shortcut and make sure the Open as window option is checked. Click Create.

Step 4: Youll now see a new Gmail icon on your taskbar. Right-click it and select Pin to taskbar.

Thats it! You have your own Gmail desktop app for PC.

This trick can be used with most browsers and recent versions of Windows. Chrome, Edge, or Firefox, doesnt matter. Just follow the steps and you too will have your own desktop email client version of Gmail!

Quick Answer: How Do I Put A Gmail Icon On My Desktop In Windows 10

  • How do I get my Gmail icon back on my iPhone?
  • Go to the Gmail home page, Choose More tools from Chromes drop-down menu. In the tools menu youll see either Add to desktop or Create shortcut. Click on that option and follow the quick instructions in there the icon should appear on your desktop automatically.

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    Access Your Gmail Inbox With One Click

    To access your Gmail inbox right from your computers desktop, right-click anywhere with an empty space. When the new window appears, move the cursor to the New option and click on the Shortcut option.

    In the Create Shortcut window, youll need to type the location for Gmail. In the text box that says Type the location of the item, type the following: HTTP:// and click on the Next box at the bottom right.

    Gove your shortcut a name such as Gmail or something else and click on the Finish box. If you ever want to change the name, just right-click on the icon and choose the Rename option. You can also move the icon by clicking on it and dragging it to its new location.

    Why Did My Google Icon Disappeared


    As Android Authority reports, you can try restarting your home screen launcher by visiting Settings > Apps & notifications > App info, loading up the Pixel Launcher, tapping Storage, and then tapping Clear Data. Even then, you might still have vanishing icons, but its a potential solution worth exploring while you

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    How Do I Put Google Icon On Screen

    Customize your Search widget

  • Add the Search widget to your homepage. Learn how to add a widget.
  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google app .
  • At the bottom right, tap More. Customize widget.
  • At the bottom, tap the icons to customize the color, shape, transparency and Google logo.
  • When youre finished, tap Done.
  • How To Create A Gmail Desktop App For Pc Or Mac In 5 Steps

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    Are you looking for a Gmail desktop app for your PC or Mac? Well sadly, Google made Gmail web-only which means an official Gmail app for desktop doesnt exist. Thats not a problem though because creating your own is easy, I promise!

    Lets do it together.


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    Can You Download Gmail On Mac

    There is no official Gmail account you can download to your Mac PC. What you can do is create a shortcut from your browser and have quick access to Gmail when you need it.

    The quickest way to creating a shortcut to Gmail using any browser, including Safari, is to highlight the URL in your browser and drag it to your desktop. Make sure to decrease the size of the browser window first to make this process easier.

    Once you have the shortcut on your Mac desktop, you can rename it if you want. However, keep in mind that if you want your Gmail shortcut to open the inbox in a separate window and not in the browser, you must enable Gmail offline mode first. To do that, go to your Gmail inbox and then:

    1. Click on the Settings cog icon and select See all settings.

    2. Then, switch to the Offline tab and select Enable offline mail.

    3. Check the Keep offline data on my computer box and select Save Changes.

    How To Create A Gmail Desktop App

    How to Create a Gmail Shortcut on Desktop

    Gmail is the foremost email provider on the planet. Its feature-packed, ubiquitous across smartphones, and very well presented. For those reasons, you may just want to be able to access your Gmail directly from your desktop, without having to open a browser window first.

    Thankfully, both Chrome and now Microsoft Edge let you turn webpages into discrete desktop apps, complete with their own icons, which let you access sites as if they were their own programs. This method lets you create a desktop version of Gmail that you can access right away. You can use the one app for multiple email accounts, too!


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    Check Multiple Email Accounts In Gmail

    If your main reason to use a desktop email client is that it lets you manage multiple email accounts and inboxes, then you’re in for a treat. Gmail has built-in support to access external email accounts. This is especially useful in situations where you would like to access your work email or other accounts inside Gmail.

    To configure multiple accounts, go to Gmail Settings > See all settings > Accounts and Import. Here you can configure Send mail as and Check mail from other accounts, which allows you to add multiple accounts.

    The setup of additional accounts is almost identical to a desktop email client. And with almost no effort at all, you can check different accounts for new mail using any configured email address from within Gmail.

    Customise Your New Shortcut

    But theres more! Still want more? OK, heres the second part, if you need it. You may notice that the icon is not the nice Gmail icon that you usually see. So if that applies to you, youll want to change that. Heres a file to download: Gmail icon file. Its called gmail-new-icon.ico. If you know how to do that, go ahead. If not, follow these instructions . To download the file right-click on the icon file. In Edge or Internet Explorer, chose Save target as or in Chrome or Firefox Save link as. Other browsers have similar options.

    Once youve downloaded the file, this is how to use it.

  • Save the gmail-icon.ico file on your computer. Anywhere is fine but a good place is C:/windows/system32 on many Windows systems, as thats where a lot of other icon files live. You probably shouldnt save it to the desktop as although it will work, you might mistake the icon file for your new shortcut, because they will look the same. The icon files got a version of the icon for Gmail in it.
  • Right-click on the new shortcut you made earlier and choose Properties> Change icon
  • Choose Browse and navigate to where you saved the gmail-new-icon.ico file
  • Select the file and you should see the icon. Choose it! Click OK and then OK again.
  • Your icon now has an authentic Gmail look.

    Oh, and did you prefer the old red and white icon for Gmail? We have that too, right here. Use this link to download as above, then follow the same instructions.

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    Does Gmail Have A Dark Mode

    Lets first discuss the difference between night mode and dark mode. A true night mode turns your display dark when its dark outside. During the day, youll see a light mode at night, its dark. The Macs macOS system has this feature for apps and the systems appearance, but it doesnt apply to Gmail, which is a browser based application.

    Google doesnt have a true Gmail night mode option, but does have a Gmail dark mode. The dark mode is a theme you can use, and it leaves your Gmail dark all the time. There are actually a few different dark modes, but some are themed the terminal theme, for instance, is dark mode with a cute terminal prompt at the top left corner.

    Is there a dark mode for Gmail? Yes. Night mode? Sorry, no.

    How To Create A Shortcut To Gmail Windows 10

    How to Create a Gmail Desktop App

    Posted on by Judy Sanhz

    Google has many useful services and Gmail is definitely one of them. Checking your Gmail email is probably one of the things you do first thing in the morning.

    Since you probably check quite a few things before you start working, the faster you can get things done the better, right? By creating a shortcut to your Gmail inbox, you can help speed things up in your morning routine.

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    Create A Gmail Shortcut Insert The Gmail Icon Into The Taskbar

    Step 1: Open your Chrome browser . Then enter the following into the address bar:chrome://apps/

    Step 2: Right- on the Gmail icon and select Create shortcut – Create Shortcuts …

    Step 3: A window appears, select the location you want to create the Gmail icon:

    • Screen.
    • Pin to taskbar .

    Select the location and then click Create

    Step 4: Go back to the main screen of the computer, you’ll see the Gmail shortcut has been added.

    To use, just double click the left mouse button as if using other software.

    This could be considered a faster way to access Gmail from a user’s computer . This method can also be applied to other Google applications if you want.

    Is There A Desktop App For Gmail

    No, Google does not make an official desktop email client for Gmail. That means many people are stuck using internet browser windows as the only way to access their Gmail account. Fortunately, theres a better way you can use Shift to manage Gmail on your desktop, whether you use a PC, Mac or use Linux.

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    Why To Get Gmail Notification On Desktop

    It is important for everyone to make our daily basis more fast & competent and the time-variant plays much important to spend frames of time for each category. So the notifications play a key role here as when we receive notification for the email received, then based on its importance and the subject you can go and check and provide your immediate attention. If the notifications make you feel that it is not important then you can check later by spending the time on other tasks.

    Get Started With Shift

    How to create Gmail Shortcut on desktop | NETVN

    There are quite a few different ways to get Gmail on your desktop. From downloading Shift, to creating a desktop shortcut, to using the Mac mail app, to downloading a separate desktop email client, theres a method that will work for everyone. There are even multiple different desktop email clients to choose from, including Outlook and the integrated Windows 10 mail app.

    One of the easiest options to get Gmail on desktop, though, is to . Try using Shift as a desktop app for Gmail today!

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    Is There A Gmail App For Windows

    Shift is a great option to use as a desktop email app for Gmail in Windows 10. makes Gmail easily accessible on your Windows 10 desktop without having to open an internet browser tab.

    However, there is also now an integrated app that comes with the operating system that you can use to get Gmail on your desktop. There are a few steps involved to set up your Gmail account in the Windows 10 desktop email app:

  • Select the Windows Start button and enter Mail into the search bar.
  • Choose Mail Trusted Microsoft Store app.
  • Choose Accounts, and then choose + Add account.
  • Choose Google from the new window that opens.
  • Type in your Gmail account address, choose Next then enter your password and choose Next. You will have to enter the code you receive if you use two-factor authentication for your Gmail account.
  • Choose Allow for the permissions.
  • Youll then be all set up to access Gmail directly from the Windows 10 desktop mail app. This is another good option for a desktop app for Gmail, although it isnt as easy to manage multiple email accounts with the Windows 10 email app as it is with Shift.

    How To Add Gmail To Your Pc Desktop

    Lee StantonRead more March 16, 2021

    Without a doubt, Gmail is the most popular free email client. You can access it using any web browser or via app across many mobile devices.

    But imagine how much more convenient it would be to have a Gmail desktop app on your PC.

    Unfortunately, an official Gmail desktop app doesnt exist yet. But that doesnt mean you cant find a workaround solution to add an easily accessible Gmail link to your PC desktop.

    In this article, well explain how you can beat the system and get easier access to Gmail from your PC desktop, and well also answer several related questions.

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    How To Get An Improved Dark Mode For Gmail

    Unfortunately, Gmails built-in dark themes have some problems. They look great when youre just staring at your inbox, but youll still see a white background when youre viewing an email thread, composing an email, or using the Google Calendar, Google Keep, or Tasks sidebar.

    If you want a more complete dark theme for Gmail, you can get it with a few useful user styles. User styles are custom style sheets that your browser can apply to websites you visit, giving them a different look. These are similar to user scripts, which are snippets of code you can run on websites you visit.

    Why Stop There Make A Shortcut To Outlook Instead

    3 Ways to Access Gmail on Desktop Email Software

    Ok, so if you got that working you can do some more. Why not make a shortcut to Facebook on your desktop? Or Twitter? Or your local newspaper? The first steps above will work for any website, so go ahead and try it.

    If you prefer to use Microsoft Outlook, this will work too if you are using the online version . Just follow the above instructions, using your Outlook email inbox page instead of Gmail. Weve even found you a .

    If you want to change the look of your new shortcuts, you will need to download icons that look good though, as otherwise all the shortcuts will look the same. Its not hard to find them though, !

    Good luck!

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    Get Email Desktop Notifications

    Almost every desktop email client offers notifications when a new mail arrives. So does Gmail.

    Head to Gmail Settings > See all settings > General > Desktop Notifications and enable your preferred setting. You can choose between receiving notifications for New mail or Important mail. The default is off.

    Create Gmail Desktop App

    Now that Microsoft has made the wise move to turn its Edge browser into a Chromium-based browser, its suddenly unlocked a lot of functionality that brings it more in line with Google Chrome. One example is the fact that you can now turn sites into desktop apps. If you dont have the new Microsoft Edge, you can .

    To create an Edge-based Gmail app, open Gmail in Microsoft Edge, click the three-dot menu icon at the top-right corner, then select Apps and Install this site as an app.

    In the text box you can leave the name as Gmail or enter another label, then click Install.

    Gmail will immediately open as an app, without the URL bar and other browser distractions. For us, the shortcut didnt appear on the desktop but in the Start menu under Recently added. From here you can drag it over to the desktop to create a shortcut, right-click it to pin it to the taskbar, and so on.

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    How To Enable Gmails Official Dark Mode

    To change your Gmail theme, click the gear menu button at the top right corner of the Gmail website and select the Themes option.

    This option is in the same place whether youre using the new Gmail or the classic Gmail.

    To use a basic dark theme with some dark grays, scroll down and click the black Dark tile to the right of the standard Gmail Light Theme.

    To use an even darker theme with more pure blacks than grays, scroll down even further and click the Terminal theme.

    You can also use any custom background image as the background for your dark theme. To select a photo, either click one of the suggested photos at the top of the themes pane or click the My Photos link.

    From here, you can either click the Featured tab to select from a number of Google-chosen backgrounds or click the My Photos tab and select any photo from your Google Photos account.

    To make any custom image available here, head to and upload it to your Google Photos storage.

    After selecting an image, click the A-shaped Text Background button at the bottom of the Pick Your Theme pane, and then select the Dark option. Click Save to save your changes.

    Gmail will use a dark theme with your selected image shown in the background.

    If youd like to use the default Gmail theme again, just go back into the Themes dialog and select the standard Light Theme.

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