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How To Promote Redbubble On Pinterest

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Make Sure Your Design Looks Great On All Enabled Products

How to Promote Your Redbubble Shop with Pinterest

One of the great things about the Redbubble uploader, is how easy it is to add new works to every product. However if youre not going to add a separate design for each product , its a good idea to see how the new file fits on each of the products. There are a few questions you can ask yourself to help.

  • Are there any products not fully covered by the artwork?
  • Are there any products in which the art is too small and would need to be tiled in order to cover the product?
  • If the art is tiled, does it aid the overall design? Certain products, such as the duvet covers, look amazing with big images on them, and large tiled artworks can also look great.

Aside from uploading new altered files for each product, here are a few things you can do to edit the products depending on the issue:

Tag Products In Shop The Look Pins

Shop the Look Pins are a great way to link to several products at once in a single Pin. Whether its an outfit or home decor post, each product available for purchase in the photo is shown via a white dot that users can click on to see more.

You can share photos of your models wearing an outfit of your latest collection or a room filled with your furniture or similar products to promote more products on the platform.

The process for Shop the Look Pins is manual, and once your Pin is linked to your claimed website, you can tag as many products as youd like.

How Do You Find Group Boards To Join

  • You will see pins that come up in your search results
  • Go back up to the Search Bar and next to it, itll say All Pins in the Dropdown Menu. Select Boards instead of All Pins
  • You should now see a list of Boards in your search results
  • PinGroupie:
  • Search for Top Group Boards on PinGroupie based on category. Its a free site and they are so simple and extremely helpful just for finding the most popular Group Boards on Pinterest in your specific niche!
  • Art Group Board
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    Google & Traffic Benefits

    The other advantage of being strategic about naming your boards is they can rank on Google.

    I repeat everything I do is data driven.

    I created the board about 8 months ago, and Ive been consistently adding new content to the board every week.

    The more people share your art, the better your images will rank, and the more popular your account will become over time.

    Title Tags And Descriptions

    How To Promote Redbubble On Pinterest

    This is one of the most important things to put time and effort into when starting your print on demand business. You could have the best design ever, but without keyword-rich titles and tags, nobody will ever see it. The times of being found just by sheer luck and being good at your craft are over. You need to work on your keywords in order to be found on RedBubble.

    Titles and tags are what make you discoverable on the RedBubble marketplace. However, the description makes you discoverable on Google.

    If you followed the advice above, you have niched down and your titles and tags will have less competition and will give you the biggest chance of getting noticed on RedBubble.

    For keyword ideas, you can look at the top sellers on RedBubble and see what their tags and descriptions are. This is just to get ideas and NOT to copy!

    Please be aware that using spammy keywords that are not relevant to your product or designs will not help you to get sales, and it will only hurt your store in the long run.

    Lets look at the space fox example again. Youll notice that each of the keywords is relevant to the design. The artist has also added their own name for people searching for his work specifically.

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    Keep Up With The Community

    Need a few ideas? Besides pinning articles from your own artist blog, make an Art Marketing board and save blogs from art business experts like Felicity OConnor or tips youve found useful on Artwork Archives blog. Make an inspirational board dedicated to art quotes and new piece ideas or your favorite Edgar Degas paintingsanything that illustrates who you are as an artist will bolster your brand.

    Artwork Archive artist Kelly OBrien has featuring not only her own art, but inspiration.

    Dont forget this last rule about pinning! It is always good manners when someone pins your art to leave a comment saying thank you and maybe even give them more information about the piece. Follow anyone in the artist communitylike interior designers and collectorsor any art-related board you find inspiring, because you never know what will lead someone to you or what will give you the next burst of inspiration.

    Can I Promote My Licensed Fan Art

    Once youve received an email to say your design has been licensed, wed love you to share it with the world. This means you can promote your design on social, or share it on your website or blog. Your work has been licensed to sell on Redbubble, so the only thing you cant do is offer it for sale elsewhere.

    We have partnered with TeePublic to share many of the same licensing agreements, so you can submit your design for licensing on their site too. You can check TeePublics current brand partnerships to make sure the brand is listed.

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    How To Promote Your Redbubble Design

    In order for your products to be advertised by other artists, you need to have at least one point. Select the section “Advertising Order”, wait until your work on products is loaded, which you can filter into different sections and products, click on Your product, and it will automatically select it. You can increase and decrease the number of times a particular product will be advertised.

    To make it easier for you, we have made the “MAX” and “MIN” buttons: the “MAX” button will automatically select the maximum number of products, taking into account the number of your points and the filter’s quantity. If you need to deselect all products just click on “MIN”.

    What Should You Be Marketing Your Merch

    How to Promote Redbubble Products on Pinterest for FREE!

    To put it simply, there is free marketing and paid marketing. Paid advertising can be daunting for many and will take up front funds to learn the entire process. Free marketing is actually a lot more accessible than you might think and can bring some really great results. When we talk about free marketing on the internet, you should be thinking about different social media outlets. So which one should you pick to learn or to get your stuff out there?Ask yourself one fundamental question: Where does my target audience hang out?This question will give you the answer of where you should be focusing your time to get the best results.In this guide I will be going over one of the biggest powerhouses in free marketing: Pinterest.

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    Include A Link To Your Design On Redbubble

    Theres a list of things you should include in a great social post, but if youre hoping to drive traffic to your shop and sell your licensed work, a link to the design on Redbubble is the most important thing. It sounds obvious, but when we were looking for examples to feature in this blog, we spotted a lot of posts that didnt include the artwork or a link to the design.

    Tweets by FinchFish and SoroTrax

    Determine Your Target Audience

    Its always important to have a good understanding of a social media platforms demographics before starting a new campaign.

    Putting together a customer persona will help you make sure you know exactly who you need to be targeting on the platform. This will consist of your target audiences optimal income, job criteria, lifestyle and more.

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    Tips For Getting More Exposure On Redbubble

    Getting your work featured on the Found Feed , or on the blog, is a great way to increase your visibility, gain more fans, and potentially make some sales. Its also our way of giving you a virtual high-five. Which is always nice.

    We wrote a great post on being featured on Redbubble, but did you know that aside from these features, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of being noticed by fans on other pages as well? There are some minor tweaks you can make all over your profile that can help your work stand out. So whether fans are looking for framed prints, graphic tee dresses, duvet covers, or more, here are some inside tips on how to make your designs scream out click all the things!!

    “Pandas Paint Colorful Pictures” by laurxy

    How To Earn Points For Redbubble Promoter

    How to promote your Redbubble designs on Pinterest FAST ...

    To get more points, you need to advertise products of other artists on social networks such as , Instagram or Facebook. Do not forget to write the title of the work and the Link to the product as well as the nickname of the author. We recommend using Pinterest because using its browser extension you can advertise in a few clicks, or you can simply copy the link and add a product using the link.

    For each advertised product, you will receive 2 points, do not forget to enter a Link to the board where you advertised these products. For the removal of advertised products, you can get points minus and even account blocking!

    Another of the easiest ways to get points is to carry out missions such as following us on redbubble, and for each task you will receive 10 points

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    Setting Up Product Rich Pins For Shopify

    Your shop is already configured properly for Product Rich Pins, all you need to do is apply for them!

  • Copy the URL for one of your available products
  • Paste the product URL into the and add .oembed to the end of your URL
  • Click the Validate button
  • Once validated make sure Shopify is selected and then click Apply now
  • Your Pins will start showing up as Product Rich Pins
  • Tag Creators Actors And Brand Channels

    If you have a piece of fan art youre incredibly proud of, you may want to consider tagging people who are associated with the fandom. We recommend only doing this in cases where actors, creators and brands are actively and enthusiastically engaging with fans. Do some research first. Check how active they are on social and whether they share fan art.

    Being genuine and respectful will always help. Dont tag everyone who has ever worked on the show, asking for a retweet. Think about how your post is presented. Only share your best work and make sure you include a link so people can find your work on Redbubble. And package your post up nicely so its easy to re-share.

    Instagram post by Toast Monsters

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    By Using Facebook Page Platform

    You can also set up a Facebook Page to share your designs or you can join groups that allow posting of your designs think outside the box maybe join a home decor group and post a few designs such as the pillowcases or shower curtains.

    Dont spam groups be part of the community and become a trusted member add value with your posts and people will discover you and will interact with your content on the RedBubble and perhaps purchase something from you so you just want to get out there and be seen by as many people as you can to be able to market your designs on RedBubble.

    Try Different Themes And Test Which Ones Do Better

    Promote Redbubble Using Pinterest! POD marketing strategy to increase views and sales shop update

    Designs with transparent backgrounds are perfect for products like t-shirts and stickers, but for other products like prints and cases, a background color will be added. This could be a plain white background, or you can choose a specific color. The color you choose is based on what you feel is best for that design, but sometimes a few different colors could work. This is a good opportunity to maybe try a few color variations, and see which one does better with fans. Maybe your actual design might look good in a few color variants, or maybe even a clean or worn version with some texture on it. The three pieces below, by Medusa Dollmaker, show this idea. Her Rain, Tea, and Books design, not only looks great in color, but monochromatic, and a minimal version with some texture on it. Do some tests like this and see which works better for each design. Maybe each variant works, and in this way you have created some new unique products like we touched on in #2 above.

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    Build Your Business Page

    Lets start with the basics!

    Setting up your page as a business account will be best for your art business for many reasons, a big one being you can keep track of how your account and audience are doing with Pinterests insights. Learn everything from what potential buyers are loving most about your page to what kind of fans are engaging with your art business, so then you can strategize and help your art business flourish even more.

    If you have a personal account, dont worry! You can convert it to a business account here.

    Once your Pinterest account is all set up with the name you consistently use for your brand and your art businesss website or Artwork Archive Public Page, add in the intriguing details about yourself and what you do as an artist. Remember to use keywords so other pinners can find you in their search. And, if you are drawing a blank writing your artist About section, follow our how-to guide!

    Tangerine Meg, an Artwork Archive artist, includes a fun artist description and links to her website and Twitter account on her .

    The easy, final step is to add in the links to the rest of your artist social media accounts so fans can easily peruse all the happenings of your art business while you can hook them into buying your latest piece.

    Sharing On Social Media

    Some artists have success using various social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. If you have discovered some inspiring artists on the Redbubble marketplace, check out what theyve done with external marketing. They can be a great resource to tap into and learn from.

    You can also add links to your profile page for various other websites – Flickr, Behance, Instagram, Dribbble, etc. Just enter these URLs in your Link to Other Sites page.

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    What About Tv Shows

    You might have to worry about making TV shows if you sell something other than gadgets.

    Fortunately, it is easier than you think.

    Many shows such as Suits, Pawn Stars, Hoarders, or Dr. Phil are made by an independent company and sold in syndication. Sometimes they are done by the same company that is doing your show as well.

    So, if your show is on the same network as theirs, you will be in luck and get a few extra viewers and sales.

    There are a lot of ways to make money with a TV show.

    Product Rich Pins Encourage Higher Click

    How to Promote Redbubble Using Pinterest! POD marketing ...

    As I mentioned above, Product Pins imply that there is more to the Pin image than inspiration. By displaying the sales tag alongside the Pin, Pinners are encouraged to do more than save the Pin to one of their boards. They are more likely to click through and look at the product.

    Heres , Rich Pins provide more context about an idea because they show extra information directly on a Pin Product Pins make shopping easier. They include real-time pricing, availability and where to buy your product.

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    Pin Some Pieces With Panache

    There are a few ways to do this. It sounds daunting, but one of the easiest ways is to follow these directions to install a Pin It button to the top of your internet browser. So, whenever you are looking at your artwork on your website, you can click Pin It and a pop-up window will appear where you can select the image of the artwork and the board you want to save the piece to on Pinterest.

    What Can You Do

    Take advantage of those advertising and sponsorship opportunities that you see on the show. Make it clear that if the product fits your product, you will sponsor it.

    The producers often call me to appear on the show. For example, I was on an episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive for November.

    It is usually the first week of December when I am waiting to be called.

    Go viral.

    Make a viral video that goes around the internet. Find the most popular YouTube videos, and you can use their scripts.

    Get on the homepage of the websites.

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    Tagging Your Work + Collections

    Ive found that tagging your work is SO important! Once you upload and format your work, there is a section near the publish button that includes tags. Here is where you should add words that customers may search for to find the design. I think of this like a hashtag on Instagram. Think about it like this, what would your ideal customer be searching for?

    Ive also found that sorting your work into collections can be helpful when people find your shop. If you have a lot of designs like I do, this can help customers find similar stickers. For example, one of my collections is named Ohio and one is named Baseball. Any stickers that have to do with baseball are found in that collection so if someone is interested in baseball stickers and they like my style, they could find other designs!

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