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How To Print Whatsapp Messages

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Launch The Software And Connect Your Iphone To Computer

WhatsApp | The Easy Way To Print Text Messages

Download, install and launch iPhone Data Recovery program and connect your iPhone to your computer. There will be a little difference between iPhone 7/7 Plus/SE/6S/6S Plus/6/6 Plus/5S/5C/5, 4S and iPhone 4/3GS.

For iPhone 7/7 Plus/SE/6S/6S Plus/6/6 Plus/5S/5C/5/4S users, the window will like this:

If you are using iPhone 4/3GS, you will get the window below:

Print Whatsapp Android Chat

When the messages become so many, it could become very difficult to go and find what you want. If you want to “archive”, in the true sense of the word, the whatsapp chats you had with a particular person , the best thing to do would be to print them black on white!

As print Whatsapp chat which are stored on Android? In this article we will tell you how.

We have already seen how to print whatsapp messages from iPhone, below instead we focus on those who own a smartphone Android, come HTC, Galaxy S6/S7/S8/S9/S10/S20/S21, LG G2/G3, Motorola, Sony Xperia ecc

The program that you need to download and install on your computer is WhatsApp Transfer. It is a tool designed to manage and transfer whatsapp chats between Android and / or iPhone devices, but inside it also has the “Print Whatsapp Messages” function.

Here are the links to download the program on your computer, depending on the operating system .

Install and launch Whatsapp Transfer on your PC / Mac.

Before connecting your Android phone to the computer, do two things:

1. Enable USB debugging on it

2. Go to Settings -> Security and enable the “Unknown Sources” option

Now connect your Android phone to your computer and Whatsapp Transfer should automatically recognize it. A warning like this should appear on your mobile phone screen:

In a few seconds all the conversations will magically appear in the main program window:

Before printing, a preview will appear, so that you can decide whether to continue or not:

That’s it!

How To Print Your Whatsapp Messages

Do you want to print your WhatsApp conversations? Or even print your already deleted texts? There is a simple trick to do this.

In this case, WhatsApp’s email conversation feature come in handy. As we all aware that this feature enables users to keep a document on all your WhatsApp conversations. It also allows you to send an entire conversation to someone in one shot.

Therefore, to print your regular WhatsApp conversations all you have to do is-

Step 1: Go to your friend’s profile and click on the menu.

Step 2: You’ll find email chat history. Click on it and email them.

Step 3: Now Simply open the file on PC and click Ctrl+P or File> Print.

What if you want to print the deleted WhatsApp messages?

Step 1. You have to recover your deleted chat history from WhatsApp backup.

Step 2. Once it is recovered, follow the same process mentioned above and get it printed.

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Checking Your Monlivresms Book With Your Whatsapp Chat

A last point, in less than an hour you will receive by email your ebook which corresponds to the digital version of your sms book. If you have chosen the option “paper printing” this pdf file will allow you to check that everything corresponds to your expectations before printing your beautiful book.

We invite you to check if the photos are well present, if the layout suits you and if the dates correspond to the one of your choice. If you have the slightest doubt, write to us so that we can find a solution for you , we always have some .

How To Print Whatsapp Messages And Photos From Iphone/android

How to Print WhatsApp Messages from Android on Computer

With more than 3 billion of downloads, WhatsApp Messenger is presently the most downloaded instant messaging app. The reason is mainly because WhatsApp lets you send and receive messages, images, videos and other multimedia files freely.

In reality, there are lots of cases for which you need to have some important WhatsApp messages exported and written in black and white on the paper. However, neither mobile phones nor WhatsApp has a built-in option to print WhatsApp chats or photos. Anyway, there are other workarounds available for you to print WhatsApp conversation on iPhone and Android. To know how it is implemented, please make sure to check out the following two methods.

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How To Export Whatsapp Chat For Android

If you want to export the WhatsApp files on Android, we recommend you our “Recover” feature within the dr.fone. With this method, you can export both existing and deleted WhatsApp messages on Android.

Step 1 . Open the dr.fone and connect your device to the PC. To start with, please choose the “Data Recovery” option below.

Step 2 . To export WhatsApp data, you can tap on ” Recover Phone Data” and continue to click on “Next” button in the interface.

Step 3 . The dr.fone will scan all of WhatsApp messages on your Android phone and show you the following page after the scan process is over. On the screen below, you can download and export WhatsApp messages you need and restore them to PC. After that, you will be able to read and print the WhatsApp messages and documents.

Can I Save Whatsapp Messages As Pdf

We have already known how to export WhatsApp messages as a text file, and now we start telling you how to convert WhatsApp chat to PDF.

Before you navigate the way to save WhatsApp messages as PDF, make sure you have WS Word or WPS, you can download from the Play Store.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp chat conversation that you wish to export.

Step 2: Click “Export Chat” in the menu and select “Gmail”.

Step 3: In the Gmail, download the text chat history and open it in Word or WPS.

Step 4: Word or WPS Office has an option called “Export to PDF” you can export it as a PDF file on your desired location.

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How To Print Documents From Whatsapp

If you have been using WhatsApp to send and receive documents, you would probably be wondering how you can print out that document from WhatsApp. There several ways how you can print the document. Either direct from the WhatsApp in your mobile phone or save the document to your computer desktop or PC for you to print it later. Here we are going to show you how you can do this by following some simple steps.


Here are some top reasons why you should print from WhatsApp.

  • EASIER TO SHARE DOCUMENTS People now do not use computer desktop as often as before. Therefore, it is easier for them to share documents using WhatsApp. If you want to have the hardcopy version of the documents, you need to learn how to print it out from WhatsApp
  • TO REDUCE STORAGE Some of the documents sent to you in WhatsApp will take up a large portion of your WhatsApp storage or your phones storage data. Therefore, you should delete the documents in your WhatsApp to save up some space. You could opt to print out the documents if you feel that the document is important.
  • So, if you are interested to learn how to print from WhatsApp, here are the steps.


    Step 1

    In your WhatsApp, go to the Chats screen.

    Tap at the chat window where you received the documents

    Step 2

    At the chat menu, tap at the document

    Step 3

    A new window will open showing the document. Tap at the Share button here

    Step 4

    Step 5

    Step 6

    Step 1

    Step 2

    Step 3

    Export Whatsapp Messages Via Email And Print Then Out

    How to Print, Transfer, Save & Backup WhatsApp Messages!

    Since there is no âPrintâ button within WhatsApp, you need a way to export the chats you want to print and then print them out. One of the best ways to do that on Android is via email. Follow these simple steps to do it:

  • Open WhatsApp on your device and then go to âContactsâ. Tap on the Menu button and then select âSettingsâ. Tap on âChats and Calls > Chat Historyâ.
  • Select âEmail Chatâ and then select the chats that you would like to print from the list. As soon as you select the chats, you will see a popup asking you if you would like to âAttach Mediaâ or print âWithout Media.
  • Enter the email account that you want to export the chats to.
  • Now sign in to that email account and open the email to download the attached messages .You can then easily just print them out using any printer attached to your device.
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    How To Export Whatsapp Messages For Iphone

    Step 1 . Launch dr.fone on your computer and connect your iPhone to the computer. Next, please tsp on “WhatsApp Transfer” below.

    Step 2 . Select “WhatsApp” on the left side of the page below and then hit the button “Transfer WhatsApp Messages”.

    Step 3 . Now you can choose to export WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android or iPhone. Here we show you how to export WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android. Connect both of your iPhone and Android phones to the computer with USB cables, and then after they are detected, please move ahead to click on “Transfer”.

    Step 4 . The program will then export WhatsApp chats, images, videos, files and more from your iPhone to Android.

    Why Print Whatsapp Messages

    At the beginning of this article we mentioned the reasons that have a lot to do and that WhatsApp has become a courier and calls that replaces much of the way we communicate, but still there are crimes and even made agreements that are then not met by the parties, so it is necessary to print messages.

    As we have seen there are several ways to print text messages or messages from WhatsApp, are very practical, easy, easy to do what we need is to use them.

    The reasons for print these messages are many depending on your circumstances or needs, what we do know is that we what to do with some of these methods we might like.

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    In another vein, if you have problems and want to know why can not send videos in WhatsApp in this article we have the solution.

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    How To Print Whatsapp Messages On The Iphone

    Dr.fone Restore Social App is the software to restructure WhatsApp messages. Worlds #1 data recovery tool for iPhone, iPad, and iPod is the iOS. It can answer you for deleted or missing data. So, you can transfer your WhatsApp messages to your computer. Now you can take print Messages easily.

    Methods of how to print messages apropos the iPhone???

    You can use the following methods to print chat history.

    Print Deleted Whatsapp Conversation From Iphone With Iphone Data Recovery

    Easy Ways to Copy a WhatsApp Message: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

    Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery is a powerful tool that works as an excellent iPhone WhatsApp Extractor. It can recover the deleted WhatsApp messages and export them for printing. Moreover, the information on the date, time, and contact is included in the printed WhatsApp messages. Just give it a try.

    • Step 1: Run the Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery and connect your iPhone to the computer.
    • Step 2: Once your phone is detected, simply click on the Start Scan button to proceed.
    • Step 3: After that, your WhatsApp messages will be listed in the scan result with both existing and deleted ones included.
    • Step 4: Click WhatsApp & Attachments to preview WhatsApp messages and attachments in detail. Check the small box next to WhatsApp & Attachments, then click the Recover button to export them to your computer.
    • Step 5: Open the index.html file and tick the messages you need to print, then click the Print button and choose the Save as PDF option to print out the WhatsApp messages as PDF.

    Note: If you have an available iTunes or iCloud backup file, the program can help you extract and print out WhatsApp messages from the backup. You even dont need to connect your iPhone to the computer.

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    Option : Print Screenshot Of Iphone Whatsapp Messages

    iPhone users are unable to export WhatsApp messages as a file to print, and what they usually think of is to print the screenshots of these messages: Open the WhatsApp message on your iPhone, hold down both the Home and Wake/Sleep buttons and then release. Youll hear a clicking sound indicating the phone saved the screenshot. Tap the screenshot image of the WhatsApp message and then tap the Share icon. Select the Print button and choose the AirPrint printer, then tap Print.

    However, if you have hundreds of WhatsApp messages to be printed, the arduous work could take you a long time. Let along to say youll have to reorganize the screenshots in the right order and include them in one document. Besides, it may be a bit troublesome to set up the AirPrint printer. If you are the first time to use it, for more info.

    Email Whatsapp Messages To Your Lawyer Or Legal Counsel

    After you save your WhatsApp messages as a PDF to your computer, the document will also contain any photo attachments that are part of the WhatsApp chats. To email the WhatsApp messages to your attorney or anyone related to your legal case, simply open your email client and attach the PDF file. You can now email your saved WhatsApp messages to anyone worldwide.

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    How To Export Your Imessages And Whatsapps

    Step one is to download and install iMazing. Theres a free trial to check it out. Follow the instructions to get set up. This involves connecting your iPhone or iPad once in order to pair it with the app. From then on, everything can be wireless. The app needs to run a backup before you can access your messages, so you should also let that run over USB, because its a lot faster.

    Step two is to click on your iPhone in the sidebar, and then click Messages. iMazing grabs the messages from the backup, then arranges them by conversation, just like in the regular Messages app.

    Choose what youd like to save you can select either a single message or a conversation. Then click the Export button, and choose how you want to export the messages. You have the following options:

    • A PDF that looks like an iMessage conversation.
    • A plain text file.
    • A CSV file that can be opened by Excel or Numbers.

    If you only selected a single message to export, iMazing will double check that you didnt mean to print/export the entire message thread. Then, choose a destination for the export, and youre done.

    How To Print Whatsapp Messages As Evidence For Legal Matters

    How to Export or Print Your iPhone Text Messages and WhatsApp Chats

    Nowadays, instant messages made conversations and deals manageable and efficient. The use of WhatsApp is safe from scrutiny as the primary communication tool. The issue of WhatsApp can be used as evidence in court has recently arisen, instigating businesses to consider archiving WhatsApp conversations of their employees in case they get involved in a workplace lawsuit. The general principle is that WhatsApp messages can be admissible as evidence. A record of these chats/messages is called in legal parlance an electronic record. This electronic record may be required to be used in legal cases as evidence. And you might have some WhatsApp chats to print out and keep on paper, and use this either as evidence in court, or simply in your personal archive.

    To help out, we detail below ways to print a record of WhatsApp messages into paper. And you can as well learn how to make a copy of the WhatsApp attachment like video, photos, voice memos in need.

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    Save Whatsapp Messages For A Specific Date Range

    If you have a large amount of WhatsApp messages and you or your lawyer only need a certain selection of the messages exported for court, you can choose the Save PDF option in Decipher Chat. This will enable you to narrow down the export to the specific week, day, or minute. This helpful feature gives you the ability print out only the messages that are relevant to your case.

    Print Whatsapp Messages From An Itunes Backup File

    Step 1 Scan and extract your iPhone backup

    If you choose this way, drfone-Recover is also a helpful tool to recover from iTunes Backup File after launching the program. Then the program will detect all your iTunes backup files on the computer and load them in front of you. Now choose the one for your iPhone with a recent date and click Start Scan to extract WhatsApp conversation in it.

    Step 2 Preview WhatsApp messages

    The scan of iTunes backup is very fast. After it, you can access all data in the backup file now. Clicking WhatsApp on the left side, you can read the whole content of your WhatsApp conversation just as shown on your iPhone. Tick them off and click Recover to save them on your computer as a HTML file.

    Step 3 Print WhatsApp conversations now

    Now, the last step is to print WhatsApp chat history. Turn on the printer and connect it to your computer. Then open the HTML file and press Ctrl + P to print it directly.

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    Print Whatsapp Photos Directly On Mac

    To print your WhatsApp photos directly on Mac,

    Step 1 Open the Photos app on Mac, choose one or more photos you would like to print. To choose multiple photos, you need to hold the command key and click on each of them.

    Step 2 Select Files > Print on the top menu.

    Step 3 From the window, you can start to set up the way you like to print these photos, either one, two or four photos for each page.

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