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How To Post Videos On Instagram From Macbook

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Why Would You Want To Post On Instagram From A Pc Or Mac

How to post pictures on Instagram from Mac | Macbook Pro, iMac, Macbook Air, Mac mini, Mac Pro

While most people dont find the fact that you cant post from a PC or Mac problematic, there are many different reasons why some do.

  • For instance, you might want to use Instagram from your PC because youre running a professional account. Uploading edited photos directly to the platform would be much easier than having to first transfer them to your device.
  • Or maybe you just prefer a bigger screen
  • or perhaps you like to write long captions and find the on-screen keyboard cumbersome.

Upload Photos To Instagram From Your Mac

Now, to use your Mac to upload your photos:

  • Tap the + icon on the toolbar at the bottom of your Instagram feed.
  • Browse for the image you’d like to post, select it and click Choose.
  • You can expand the cropped square image by tapping the arrow icon on the bottom-left of the image preview, and tapping the right icon allows you to rotate the photo.
  • You can also click the Filter tab to browse for, and apply, a filter to your image.
  • Once you’ve edited your photo and are ready to post, click Next.
  • Add a caption, location and/or tags and you’re ready to post to your feed.
  • Hit Share to upload the image.
  • How To Post On Instagram From Pc Or Mac

    Whether youre a casual photographer or a pro, Instagram is undeniably one of the most important social channels around.

    Not only does it have the highest average engagement rate of all the main social channels its a goldmine of opportunity.

    For pros, Instagram is one of the best places online to grow your brand. Even hobbyist photographers, with enough dedication, can get their work in front of a lot more people with a percentage of them converting to sales.

    That being said, the fact that Instagram is designed to be a mobile-only app can be a true headache for serious photographers

    Even if you won the , you still need to send your photos from the camera to your computer, then on to your phone this can be super tedious, especially if you shoot a lot.

    Luckily there are some effective work-arounds. Some are easier than others, and the one you choose will really depend on your workflow, but all of them beat having to upload to Instagram via your phone.

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    How To Edit Your Photos Before Posting To Instagram

    Instagram is extremely limited in terms of image editing, so you might want to refer to better software. Well-edited images are the deal breakers on IG after all. Since you already have a Setapp account , you have access to many photo and video editors.

    Here are the top three we recommend to try in Setapp:

    • If you already have some experience editing photos, try CameraBag Pro. Its an app that combines ready-to-use filters and ultra-detailed editing, including nuanced skin tone correction and eye-sparking tools.
    • For quick results, try Luminar. An AI-powered photo editor that turns your images into magic with its smart noise reduction, image enhancement, sky adjustment, and a plethora of other tools for better images.
    • TouchRetouch will help you get rid of unwanted objects in the photo. Its a great solution if you need to cover up a logo or a company name, remove a person in the background, or…well, pimples.

    Try all these apps for free

    Get a huge set of top apps for keeping your Mac in shape. Best utilities in one pack, give it a go!

    Bonus: How To Create Thumb

    How To Post On Instagram Using A Mac

    InVideo has over 5000 templates that can help you create an eye-catching video in less than 5 minutes. Follow this step-by-step guide to create professional-quality videos even if youve never edited a video before. Or head over to this tutorial if youd prefer a demonstration.

    Step 1: Sign in to your Invideo account. If you dont have one, you can easily create your free Invidee account. You can select from different categories of pre-made templates.

    Step 2: Once you select a template, youll be taken to the Invideos editing page where you can make creative videos.

    Step 3: You can try out different options from the panel located on the left-hand side such as adding music, image, uploading video, adding text, etc.

    Step 4: The center of the screen is the preview of the edits made to the video.

    Below the preview screen is the video timeline. You can edit, add multiple videos, images, etc.

    Step 5: Once youve finished editing, you can save and export the video. After rendering, you can download it and share across social media channels.

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    How To Post A Video To Instagram Using A Desktop Computer

    You can upload videos to Instagram from your desktop which makes it easy to share professionally-shot videos that may not be readily available on your phone. That means you can share marketing videos and shoots you received from a freelancer or your in-house videographer.

    Heres how to post a video to Instagram on any web browser.

    How To Post To Instagram From Your Computer

    Posting to Instagram from your computer is a great choice if you dont have your phone on hand or need to access company assets on your laptop. Or you might simply prefer to use a wider screen.

    For these reasons and others, you might be wondering, “Can I post to Instagram from my computer?” We have some good news.

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    Ways To Post On Instagram From A Mac Or Windows Pc

    Besides the mobile app, can also be used on a desktop browser which, until now, allowed users only to browse and check messages. However, the Facebook-owned giant has now added the option to upload images and videos via the desktop version. In this article, lets look at three easy ways to post on Instagram from a Mac or Windows PC.

    Post To Instagram From Creator Studio

    How to Post to Instagram from a Mac (from Safari)

    Creator Studio allows you to manage your Facebook and/or Instagram accounts from a unified dashboard. With Creator Studio you can:

    • manage all your comments and messages from one inbox,
    • track engagement metrics,
    • and much more.

    In addition to that, you can also post using Creator Studio. Heres how:

  • Go to the Creator Studio homepage and sign in using your Facebook or Instagram username and password.
  • Click the Instagram icon in the top middle of the page, then click Connect Your Account. This step will only work if you already have an Instagram Business or Creator account.
  • If you dont have an account, heres what you have to do. Go to Settings in the Instagram app and tap Account. Next, tap Create Professional Account at the bottom of the menu and follow the on-screen instructions.

    Youll also need to be connected to your Facebook account, or youll need to create a new page. Tap the profile icon at the bottom right in the app, then tap Edit Profile. Scroll down, tap Page and choose your existing Facebook account or create a new page.

  • Now, in Creator Studio, click Create Post, then select Instagram Feed.
  • If you have several accounts, youll be prompted to choose the one youd like to post to. Click the appropriate account.
  • If you want, you can write a caption and add your location .
  • Click Add Content. Here you have two options upload content From File or From Facebook Page.
  • Click Publish and celebrate!
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    Use Google Chrome Firefox And Edge To Publish Instagram Pictures

    These steps can be used to post to Insta from Chrome, Firefox and the new Microsoft Edge browser. I’m using Chrome as the example below, but the process is nearly identical for all three browsers.

    Open Chrome, visit and sign in to your account. Right-click anywhere on the page and then select Inspect from the list of options.

    Uploading photos to Instagram from Chrome only takes a few clicks of the mouse.

    A window with a random text will show up at the bottom of the page. The only thing we care about is the small tablet icon in the top-left corner of the Inspector tool. In Firefox, that icon is on the top-right of the inspector tool.

    Click on the icon that looks like an iPad with an iPhone next to it. The Instagram interface should refresh, giving you the mobile website, complete with the + button to create a post. If you don’t have the post button, refresh the page until it shows up. It may take more than one refresh.

    When you’re done posting your photo, click on the tablet icon again and close the Inspector tool.

    Find the option to enable Develop options in Preferences under the Advanced tab.

    How To Post Pictures On Instagram From Pc On Google Chrome

    To post pictures on Instagram from PC, you need to access the mobile version on the desktop. Lets see how to do that on Google Chrome.

    Step 1: Open Google Chrome, go to and sign into your account.

    Step 2: On the top right-hand side of the PC screen, click on the 3 dots to open the settings of your browser. From the drop-down menu, click More Tools and then select the option of Developer Tools.

    Step 3: A new panel opens up on the right-hand side of your window. This panel is for advanced settings for developers in Chrome.

    PRO-TIP: You can directly open the Developer Tools by pressing Ctrl + Shift + I on Windows or Cmd + Opt + I.

    Step 4: Now within that panel, click on the icon of 2 squares on the upper left-hand side. This icon lets you switch between desktop and mobile version.

    Step 5: After clicking, you will see a new toolbar on the top center with options of Responsive, Mobile, etc.

    Step 6: Click on Responsive and from the drop-down menu that says mobile choose the mobile device of your preference, leaving other options untouched and refresh the page.

    Step 7: Once the page is refreshed, you will be able to see the Plus icon below just like you would on your phone. You can now post on Instagram from PC just like you would post from your phone. Click on the Plus icon and select the photo from the computer you wish to post.

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    How To Bulk Post To Instagram From Mac

    Most of the steps are the same as bulk posting Instagram pictures from Windows PC. You need to find the developer tool, followed by changing the viewer console from computer to mobile phone. You can also use scheduling tools, plug-ins, and simulating tools introduced in the above tutorials. Let’s see how to upload pictures to Instagram through Chrome on macOS.

  • At the tool bar: View > Developer > Developer Tools.
  • Move to the Responsive part and choose a phone mode in the dropdown list.
  • Now you can add photo to Instagram from Mac in mobile console by: + > select photo > Edit > Share.
  • Post To Instagram From Mac Using Third

    How To Post On Instagram From PC or Mac (Desktop or Laptop ...

    Using Developer Tools in Chrome and the Develop menu in Safari is relatively straightforward, but it does require a few extra steps. If you want to set something up that you can use over and over again without any hassle, consider using a .

    Two Instagram posting apps stand out for their ease of use and beautiful interface Flume and PhotoDesk. Heres how to post to Instagram using both of them.

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    How To Post On Instagram From Your Computer Using Creator Studio

    If Instagram is your social network of choice and you dont mind not having all your social networks in one dashboard, Creator Studio could be a good option for you.

    Note that when using Creator Studio, you can post and schedule all types of posts other than Instagram Stories.

    How to post on Instagram using Creator Studio:

  • Navigate to the Instagram section.
  • Click Create Post.
  • Click Instagram Feed.
  • Choose the account you want to post to .
  • Add a caption and a location .
  • Click Add Content to add photos or videos.
  • Next, choose between these 2 options:
  • Click From File Upload to upload new content.
  • Click From Facebook Page to post content that youve already shared on your Facebook.
  • If you want to simultaneously post this content to the Facebook Page connected to your Instagram account, check the box next to your Page under Post to Facebook. You can add additional details to your Facebook post after you publish to Instagram.
  • Click Publish.
  • How To Post On Instagram From Pc

    To post from your PC, just follow these steps

  • Open Chrome or another browser of your choice and navigate to. You should see the familiar interface and all the usual buttons at the top.
  • Right-click anywhere on the page and choose the option at the very bottom that says Inspect. An alternative way to do the same is by clicking the three dots in the top right of the browser and navigating to More tools and then to Developer tools.
  • An even more straightforward method is to hit the keyboard combo Ctrl+Shift+I. If you plan to post on Instagram from a PC often, it might be useful to memorize this shortcut to save you some time in the future.

    If youre using Firefox, right-click anywhere on the page, select Inspect and click the smartphone/tablet icon at the far end of the toolbar. Next, select a device from the drop-down menu at the top left of the page.

    You should now see a pane on the right side of the screen or on the bottom showing the page code. This is pretty intimidating stuff for non-coders, to be sure, but dont worry we wont be writing any JavaScript.

    What you want to do now is find the icon that displays a smartphone and a tablet, located in the navigation toolbar at the top. The icons position should be second from the left.

    If youre unsure, just hover the cursor over it and a tooltip will appear saying something either Toggle device toolbar or Responsive design mode .

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    Upload To Instagram From A Mac Using A Third

    If using developer tools within your browser doesnt appeal to you, youve still got several options.

    One of them is Uplet, a bulk Instagram uploader Mac. No need to transfer content to your phone first. Uplet will take photos or videos from your Mac and post them directly to your Instagram profile, one by one. You can customize the appearance of your posts and add captions just as you do on mobile. Uplet and 180+ other Mac apps are available with Setapp membership, which is a very good deal.

    Heres how to use Uplet to post to Instagram from your Mac:

  • Install Uplet from Setapp
  • Log in using your Instagram credentials
  • Change image/video appearance by clicking on the resize button in the top left corner
  • Add a caption with or without hashtags to the text box below your photo
  • Another huge perk of Uplet is it allows you to manage several Instagram accounts very flexibly. Just click on the account picture to switch to your business/personal account. The app wont ask you to sign in and out again, so its really a one-click deal.

    About Posting To Instagram From A Pc Or Mac

    How to Upload Photos & Videos to Instagram from Mac or PC | 2020

    Publishing from your Sharelov dashboard is the simplest way to post on Instagram from a desktop or laptop computer.

    When you need to publish Instagram Stories, or multiple-image/video posts, access the developer tools within your browser and settings it to a mobile format so you can post from your computer as if you were using your mobile phone.

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    Using A Desktop Or Laptop Computer For Instagram

    Even though Instagram is technically a mobile-only platform, you can still use your PC or Mac to access and post to Instagram.

    Your Sharelov dashboard provides the easiest, simplest way to publish to Instagram from a Mac or PC.

    Sharelov also allows you to auto-publish your single-image and single-video Instagram posts, plus its best times to post tool recommends high-engagement times that are specific to your brand.

    You can also use simple workarounds to publish to Instagram directly from a Mac or PC, so youre not stuck using mobile devices to publish your brands content.

    Do you post to Instagram from your PC or Mac? Wed like to hear why! Tell us about it in the comments below!

    How Do I Upload Photos From My Pc Or Mac Via Browsers

    If you dont want to use third-party apps, how to post on Instagram from Mac? And if you dont have a Mac, how to post on Instagram from PC? The possible option is to do a few under-the-hood tweaks in the web version of Instagram. No worries, nothing too technical. Following are the instructions for uploading content to Instagram via Chrome and Safari.

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    How To Upload Video To Instagram From Windows And Mac

    If you have a Windows or Mac computer, and you want to use this machine to upload image or video to Instagram, you should follow this tutorial. This article will let you know about multiple methods to upload a video to Instagram from a personal computer. Although the default Instagram website doesnt allow you to upload anything from a computer, you can do that by tweaking a few things. Some of the best methods are mentioned here so that you can use Instagram on a computer as you use it on mobile.

    Instagram is a mobile-oriented platform where you can showcase your work related to photography and videography. However, the major problem with Instagram is that you cannot use it properly from a desktop or laptop computer. To get rid of that setback, you need to keep reading this article.

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