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How To Post Two Pictures On Instagram

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Can I Prevent Stalkers From Embedding My Own Instagram Photos In Their Blog Or Article Post

How to post MULTIPLE photos on Instagram NEW UPDATE

If you are super worried right now about the Internet strangers embedding your post on Instagram, heres the best solution for you. You can restrict Instagram embeds by following the steps below!

  • Go to the Insta Profile and tap the three lines in the upper right corner.
  • Now Tap on the Settings.
  • Next, choose Account, and then choose Embed.
  • Turn off Allow people to embed your posts or profile on other websites.
  • Thats it. Thats all you have to do to restrict your photos from embedding.

    Did Instagram Remove Multiple Photos

    No, you can easily add multiple photos to your Instagram post or story. But yes, the button to select multiple photos is undergoing some change like it or not.

    On iPhone, the multiple button is now gone but as of now , on Android, its ever-present. But dont worry, you can simply tap and hold on any image of yours to get the multiple selection back. We have got it all covered below, so jump to the first guide below to learn about adding multiple photos on your Instagram post.

    Why Cant I Post Multiple Photos On Instagram

    If you have ever faced Instagram not letting me post multiple pics errors, here is how to fix it. We provide you with four solutions to fix these glitched but you can try the Instagram desktop anytime you want. One of the most common errors users face while uploading content is Not Posted Yet, Try Again error. Lets see how to fix it.

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    Why Cant I Add Several Photos To My Story

    The multiple photos feature in Stories is still being introduced throughout the world, so it may not be available where you live. If you dont see the multiple photo icon when uploading your Stories, try updating the Instagram app to the latest version. If the feature still doesnt appear, hang tight. Its only a matter of time before Instagram rolls out this new feature in your area.

    How To Share Multiple Photos On Instagram

    Can You Add Two Photos To One Instagram Story

    Now that weve gone through the basics of Instagram carousels, its time to get into the more practical side of things.

    To post multiple images on Instagram you have to:

  • Click the Plus sign found in the upper right corner of your Instagram app.
  • Click on the Gallery icon to select and upload all the photos you want from your camera roll . Keep in mind that the first photo you select will be the one shown to Instagram users.
  • Click on the Next button and your carousel post is ready to be edited.
  • You can apply a filter to each individual picture and adjust your carousels to fit your own . Then, like in the case of any Instagram post, you can add your, tag Instagram users, or add a location.

    Carousel posts are available in SocialBee tooyou can post up to 10 images, upload multiple videos, or a mix of both.

    Create Instagram carousels from SocialBee and take advantage of the benefits of simple scheduling for your Instagram feed.

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    How To Post An Instagram Story

    If you have never used Instagram Stories before, you should know that its the section that you see at the very top of the Instagram app.

    This is where Stories posted by everyone else you follow get shown.

    There are three ways to open the New Post window to post your own Instagram Story.

    Option 1: Tap on the + sign at the top left of the Instagram app.

    When you do this, you will launch the New Post window from where you may pick Story from among the different posting options you see at the bottom of the screen.

    Other posting options you will see here include Post, Reels, and Live.

    Option 2: I showed you where the Stories from all the other people you follow get posted. Here, the first icon you see will be your own profile pic with the text Your Story below it.

    Tap on this image and you will end up on the same New Post window as earlier.

    Option 3: This is the easiest alternative. While on the homescreen of Instagram, swipe left to reach the New Post window.

    How To Upload Multiple Photos To Instagram From Pc Or Mac

    As of Jul. 8, 2021, the total number of daily active Instagram users reaches over 500 million, with more than 50 billion photos uploaded, reported by the Omnicore Agency . Sharing photos and discovering eye-candies from other users are enjoyable, but doing that only from a mobile phone has some limitations.

    Can you upload multiple photos to Instagram from PC and Mac?

    The short answer is Yes, and it is quite easy now. Previously, you can only post one photo, and now you can add multiple photos to create the carousel, and even the videos too.

    If you have a bulk of nice photos stored on a computer, transferring them back to a phone is troublesome. For content creators, posting from PC can be very convenient to use the designs from Photoshop, schedule posting time, and try caption layout ideas more flexibly. You can follow the methods below to bulk post Instagram Photos from PC.

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    How To Post On Instagram In 202: The Ultimate Guide

    Instagram is the third most popular social media platform with over 1 billion monthly active users. If your business hasnt added Instagram to your social media strategy yet, were not surprised youre now considering it.

    But its one thing to create a random Instagram post. Its another to fully flesh out your post and create a multi-faceted Instagram content strategy.

    To help out, we created a step-by-step guide for how to post on Instagram: How to create your caption, how to post each different type of content that Instagram supports, and more.

    Ready to dig in?

    Is It Possible To Post Multiple Photos On Instagram

    How To Upload Multiple Photos To Instagram – Instagram Tutorial

    Lets hit the bulls eye first. Is It Possible To Post Multiple Photos Instagram? Its time to break the fog of confusion now and give you the most straightforward answer.

    Yes, its possible to post multiple photos Instagram, if you follow the right procedure. What are the steps? We will be explaining that in the section below.

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    How To Post Multiple Pictures Without Cropping

    Once upon a time, you could only add multiple photos if they fit the square format that Instagram is famous for. Instagram no longer requires you to use square photos for multiple photos. The caveat is that all the photos will be created in the same aspect ratio as the first photo that you choose:

  • Open Instagram and tap on the + at the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose your first photo horizontal, square, or vertical.
  • Choose all the consecutive photos that you want to post. .
  • Use your finger to drag the cropped photo around until you are happy with the positioning.
  • Tap Next to add filters and make edits to each photo.
  • Then tap Next again to add a caption, hashtags, location, etc.
  • Finally, tap Share to create your post with multiple photos.
  • From Your Profile Page

    The other way to post multiple pictures is available on your Profile page. Tap on your profile icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

    Here, tap on the + icon next to your username at the top.

    Tap on Feed Post.

    Now, you will get the same screen that lets you pick multiple pictures at once. From here on out, the steps to post multiple pictures are the same as in the previous step.

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    How To Post Multiple Instagram Photos To Stories And Timeline

    You may have come across an Instagram story or post that included multiple photos, but couldnt figure out how to do it yourself. Heres everything we know about how to post multiple photos in your story, as well as for regular posts.

    Sharing multiple images on Instagram within one post is a great way to save time, as well as save yourself from flooding your followers timelines with posts. The process will also increase engagement, as its not spread across several different images.

    In this article, well give you step-by-step instructions on how to post multiple images in your Instagram Story, as well as a regular post on the timeline.

    How To Upload Multiple Photos To A Single Instagram Story

    How to post multiple photos on Instagram

    In addition to creating Stories with multiple images, you can also add several photos to a single Story using stickers. Heres how it works:

  • Open Instagram and go to Stories.
  • Tap on the photo icon to open your photo library.
  • Choose the first photo you want to upload by tapping on it.
  • Use your thumb and forefinger to pinch your photo down to the size you want and move it into a different position on your screen.
  • Tap on the sticker icon at the top of your screen and scroll down until you find the photo sticker. It is a circle with a photo in it, and there is a photo icon in the middle.
  • Choose another photo from your photo gallery. Pinch your thumb and forefinger on the photo to change the size and position.
  • Continue choosing photo stickers until you have all the photos you want on the screen. Use your thumb and forefinger to adjust the size and position of your photos until youre happy with the result.
  • Add other embellishments of your choosing, such as text, drawings, or music.
  • Post your finished Story by tapping Send To at the bottom of the screen, and then tapping Share.
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    How To Post Multiple Photos On Instagram For More Engagement


    Do you want to learn how to post multiple photos on Instagram? So do most content creators that want to improve their content performance.

    Throughout the years, it has been proven that Instagram carousels can generate more engagement than posts containing only one image or video. So, if you still havent used carousels as part of your Instagram content strategy, weve got you covered.

    In this article, we are going to answer the following questions:

    • What are carousel posts?
    • How can you post multiple photos on Instagram in a single Instagram post?
    • Why do carousels generate more engagement than other types of posts?
    • What Instagram ideas you should try for your brand for better results?

    Schedule and Post Instagram Carousels with SocialBee!

    How To Post Pictures On Instagram: Step #5

    Once youve got your photo or video looking fresh to death, tap Next in the upper righthand corner.

    Its almost time to post your picture on Instagram, but theres a few very important finishing touched you need to put on first.

    At the top of the screen, youll see a place to write a caption. Not sure what to say? Weve got you covered in this .

    Next, youll see an option to Tag People. If there are people you want to associate with your photo, select the arrow and search their username to tag them.

    Never forget to add your location! If you dont see your location as an option, just tap the arrow to search for it. Adding your location is a great way to connect with new followers and get your post noticed.

    Finally, there are options to share your Instagram post on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. As long as you have those accounts linked, you can just flip the toggle to blue, and your post will automatically show up on those social media sites as soon as you hit Share.

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    How To Add Multiple Photos To Instagram Story With Aigrow

    You can also share your stories with AiGrow and schedule them in advance for weeks and months ahead. Heres how to post multiple pictures on Instagram Story with AiGrow in a few seconds:

    • Log into your AiGrow account and select Manage.
    • Open the Posts& Scheduling tab and click Schedule.
    • Choose Story.
    • Now you can upload up to 25 photos and short videos together and share them at once.
    • Scroll down to the Schedule Dates box and set your publishing dates.

    This is how to add multiple photos to Instagram Story with AiGrow easily. By scheduling your stories, they will be published automatically.

    How To Post Multiple Photos On Instagram

    How To Post Multiple Photos To Instagram Story! (Android) (2021)

    One pic is never really enough

    As an , you already know the social media platform is a great place to post your photos. Youll see pets, people, places, and more from those you follow and you can post those pictures of your own.

    What if you want to post more than one photo at a time? Maybe you have two or more pictures that are related or would make more sense being posted together. Here, well show you how to add multiple photos to and in the mobile app.

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    How To Post Multiple Photos Or Videos With Different Sizes

    To post multiple different photos or videos with different sizes on Instagram, you need to use a tool to resize them first. To avoid cropping out content, add a white background to make each photo or video in to a square. Then, you can post the album without cropping out or changing the size of your image.

    Heres a step-by-step tutorial:

    How To Add Multiple Photos To An Instagram Story

    While you can share multiple photos to Instagram stories by adding them one by one, it can become tedious if you know youll be posting a handful. Luckily, Instagram makes it easy to add up to ten at once.

  • Either tap and hold on your story circle or click the plus in the top right corner and select Story.
  • Tap Select in the top right corner or tap and hold on any photo that you want to add to your story.
  • Circles will show up in the top right corner of each picture. Tap on the images you want to share, up to ten, and the circle will turn blue with a number indicating the order.
  • Select Next in the bottom right corner.
  • Choose Separate to make each photo its own story.
  • Add any text or stickers that you want to each individual story and select Next to choose who you share it with.
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    How To Post Multiple Pictures In A Reel

    are a new way of creating short-form entertaining and creative videos, similar to TikTok and YouTube Shorts. Reels allows you to post a single video, multiple videos, videos with a green screen, and more! Make sure to follow for regular tips & tricks that will help you create viral reels in minutes!

    With the new Instagram update, it is now possible to post multiple pictures in a reel. Heres a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

    Step 1: Update the Instagram app to the latest version, then launch it.

    Step 2: Tap on the tiny plus sign at the top corner of your feed page. When the options pop up, click on Reel

    Step 3: Click on the photo icon on the bottom left of the screen to select photos for your reel. You can even select pictures from different albums.

    Step 4: Once youve added an image, you can use the slider at the bottom to modify the timing .

    Step 5: Tap the Add button to add more pictures to your reel. Repeat steps #3 and #4 for each image, as you see fit.

    Step 6: After you add all the pictures, tap on Audio to add music to your reel. Select a song from the music library. Click on Preview. On the next screen, you can add text, stickers, or effects.

    Step 7: Add a caption and set a cover picture for your Reel.

    How to select your reel cover?

    Step 1: Pick any image from your reel to be the cover image. Click on the Cover image

    Step 2: Slide your cursor to select an image as your cover image. Then click on Done.

    And voila! Your photo reel is now ready to share!

    How To Post Pictures On Instagram: Step #4

    How to share multiple photos and videos in one Instagram post

    Now that youve selected the media you want to post, you can tap the blue Next in the upper righthand corner of the app.

    Instead of just posting whatever looking however, Instagram gives you the opportunity to edit your photo.

    The app provides a variety of filters to choose from as well as a way to increase or decrease the strength of the filters .

    You can also select Edit at the bottom of the screen to make a variety of adjustments including brightness, contrast and saturation.

    Want To Learn More About Instagram Filters? Our guide has everything you need to know about !

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    How To Post Multiple Photos Instagram The Step

    Instagram is a favorite place of Gen Z for chilling and spending time. Especially, when it comes to posting photos, and videos, all of us are super hyped about it. However, recently, how to post multiple photos on Instagram has been a crucial question to the users.

    Well, 2 years back also, people used to ask How Do I Post Multiple Pictures On Instagram? This was mainly because of . But with the 2019s update, thats not a problem anymore. You can now easily post multiple photos Instagram following the guide we will be given below.

    Stay tuned with us and keep reading till the end.


    How To Upload The Right

    After reading about all the different image sizes and Instagram image guidelines, you might be a little worried. Theres no need to worry though because uploading the right-sized images is not as big of a deal as it may look.

    No one really has the time to modify their pictures and change the size and aspect ratio every time they upload a picture to Instagram. There are several ways in which you can achieve this without making too much effort.

    You can either use a that allows you to edit a picture to make it Instagram-friendly or simply let Instagram do it for you.

    Heres how you can upload images to Instagram while meeting the size guidelines.

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