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How To Post Twitter Video On Instagram

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How to post twitter video on Instagram

As we mentioned above, IGTV is different with Instagram story. And here are the video spec supported by IGTV you should know before create and upload a video.

Support Video Format: MP4

Default IGTV Settings: 1080×1350

Orientation: Vertical

Typical accounts: 15 seconds to 10 minutes

Larger and Verified accounts: 15 seconds to 60 minutes

Aspect Ratio:

Twitter Or Instagram Why Not Both

So why should you link those two platforms? Well, to get the answer, we first have to look at both Twitter and Instagram and how theyve affected the industry theyve helped create and shape:

By the end of the 2010s, Twitter boasted a monthly average user number of 330 million unique Ts, with 77% of that demographic tweeting outside the United States. On average, Twitter was host to roughly 500 million tweets per day, with most of those users accessing the app via their smartphone.

But as impressive as that is, Instagram does have Twitter beat: by 2019, Instagram reported a whopping 400 million monthly average user number, with 80 million photos being posted on the platform per day, generating almost 4 billion likes daily, with the platform boasting 40 billion photos posted on Instagram since day 1.

On the surface, it does sound like brands should focus all of their social media presence on IG, and why not: it has a bigger audience and a wider reach. But lets look even closer at those numbers.

Combined, the demographics of IG and Twitter are fairly split down the middle, from age and gender to social income and education level. So why is it that a huge number of brands still launch massive social media campaigns on Twitter, arguably the smaller of the two platforms?

Simple: engagement.

How To Schedule And Auto Publish Posts With Later

Step #1: Start by dragging and dropping your media into Laters Media Library.

Step #2: Next, choose the photo you want to schedule and edit your post.

Here you can:

  • Write a caption or add a saved caption.

  • Edit the photo by cropping it, adding text, or adding filters.

  • Tag people and a location

  • Add up to 5 links

Step #3: Set the date and time you want your post to go live.

Step #4: Set the post to Auto Publish or Notification.

Step #5: Tap Save and youre done!

For more details and info on scheduling to Later, check out ourultimate guideto scheduling Instagram posts in 2020.

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Cmo Compartir Tweets En Instagram Fcilmente Sin Hacer Una Captura De Pantalla

Algunos tweets son para enmarcarlos o, al menos, para republicarlos ya sea o en otras redes sociales, como Instagram. Compartir tweets en Instagram normalmente implicaba hacer una captura de pantalla para compartirlos como imagen, pero eso cambia con la última versión para iPhone.

Twitter acaba de anunciar la posibilidad de compartir tweets directamente a las historias de Instagram, sin pasos intermedios y directamente desde el menú compartir del sistema. Te contamos cómo se hace.

How To Share Tweet To Instagram Stories On Ios And Android

Pin by NuNu T on Words for thoughts..

If you enjoy using both Twitter and Instagram, chances are youve been in a situation where you want to share a Tweet to , which until recently wasnt possible natively.

In fact, you can only do this if you use iPhone, as the tool has not yet been implemented on Android. Still, you can share on Android using an external app. So if youre interested in learning how to do this, check out our guide below!

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Instagram Video: Best Practices And Tools For Creating Engaging Content

Instagram video is an absolute must-have in your brands social media strategy.

Video content is available in 4 formats on Instagram: Reels, Live, Stories, and Instagram Video.

The explosion of video across the platform is a lot to juggle. But its also created new ways for marketers to tell stories and reach their audience.

Which Instagram video format is right for your brand? There may be a place in your social media strategy for all of them. Or maybe youll decide just to focus on a couple. Read our guide to learn about the features, specifications, and best practices for every type.

Plus, weve rounded up tools that make juggling Instagram video a little bit easier.

Bonus:Unlock our free, customizable Instagram storyboard template to save time and plan all your Stories content in advance.

How To Repost From The Grid

Follow these steps for when you want to repost from your own grid and from someone elses.

Note: If the account you want to share a post from is private, you arent able to repost on your stories.

Step #1: Find the post you want to share and tap the share button beside the comment and like icons.

Step #2: Tap Add Post to Your Story

Step #3: Now its time to edit your post! If you tap the repost sticker, you can decide if you want it to be just the image or a snippet of the caption.

You can scale the sticker, change the background color, play around with fonts and stickers totally up to you!

Repost Tip: If the repost sticker is crisp quality, try filling the whole screen with the repost sticker removing the background element entirely.

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# Step 7 Upload Your Video To Instagram

Now Instagram only allows users to upload pictures and videos from phone or tablet. So If you don’t get help from some third-party tools, you have to transfer the converted video to your smart phone or tablet before uploading to Instagram.

Besides, if you find the raw video footage is too crude, you can adjust settings such as “Contrast” and “Brightness”. Also, take advantage of video collage feature so as to combine multiple videos and make your Instagram video more attractive and charmful before uploading and sharing.

But please note that the “convert then upload” method can’t applied to Instagram TV. Why? Move to Part.3 and you’ll know it.

How To Share A Twitter Video On Instagram

How to Share Tweets to Your Instagram Story

Although Twitter now has a feature allowing you to share Tweets as stickers on Instagram Stories , this facility is not available for videos specifically. For that reason, you’ll need to use a workaround. Of course, you can paste a link to the Twitter video in your IG Stories but it’s not really the same thing – that will take them to Twitter instead. What you want is the actual video from Twitter to be playable on your Stories channel on Instagram. The steps for this are shown below:

Step 1. Go to Twitter and copy the URL of the video by right-clicking the video and selecting Copy Video Address.

Step 2. Download the Twitter video using an online Twitter video downloading service like Visit the downloader site and paste this URL there. Click Download.

Step 3. Choose your format as MP4. Click Download to save the video to your device.

Step 4. Once you have downloaded the video, you can immediately upload it to Instagram Stories.

Step 1. Go to the website and create a free account.

Step 2. Create an RSS feed for the Twitter handle in question.

Step 3. Create an account in OneUpApp and input the URL of the Twitter RSS feed.

Step 4. Go to the Dashboard of OneUpApp and click the button called Schedule Post. Then select the option called “Auto-post from RSS feeds.”

Step 5. Assign a category to the task and link your Instagram account. Choose the posting schedule and hit the Add button.

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How To Post A Video On Instagram Feed

Posting videos on Instagram feed is similar to how we upload photos. You can upload a video on Instagram from your gallery or camera roll or record a video within the app and post it immediately.

Heres how to post a video on Instagram feed from your gallery or camera roll

Step 1: Launch the Instagram app on your phone. Go to your profile page and click on the Plus sign on the upper right side of the profile.

Step 2: From the drop-down list of options, choose Post.

Step 3: Youll find an option Recents that shows all recent images and videos. Tap the drop-down menu, and youll see different media albums such as favorites, WhatsApp, and much more.

Step 4: Go to the videos folder and choose the video you wish to upload.

Here, many users wonder why the video is getting cropped. This is because the video is not in square format. To avoid your video from getting cut, you can tap on the arrow icon to adjust the video frame. Then click on the Next option.

Step 5: Just like you get different filter options when posting a photo, you get to apply filters to your videos as well.

Instagram offers options such as Trim and Cover. Trim allows you to trim the video, whereas, the Cover option enables you to choose the cover picture for your video, which appears on the feed.

Step 6: Write a compelling caption. You can also tag people and add a location. Also, dont forget to add hashtags for better reach.

Step 4: Once youre done recording, post your video.

How To Post An Instagram Video From A Pc

Dave JohnsonRead more October 12, 2021

Unlike many other social media apps, Instagram doesnt have a desktop version. This can often be a problem since the web version doesnt have the same features as the mobile app. And one of those features is the ability to post videos from your PC.

Instagram recently announced they would make the ability to post videos to their site from a computer possible. In fact, some users reported having this option already. But, this feature is only for posting on your News Feed, not on Instagram Story.

If youre among those that dont have this option yet but still want to know how to post a video on Instagram Story from your computer, youve come to the right place. This article will provide several methods you can use to upload videos from your computer to Instagram.

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How To Post Videos On Instagram As A Post

1. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android phone.

2. Tap the “+” icon at the bottom center of your screen.

3. You can either select a pre-recorded video from your library or take a video in the moment to post. For the former, tap on “Library” at the bottom of your screen and then tap on the video you’d like to post. For the latter, tap on “Video” then press down on the circle toward the bottom of your screen to record.

4. Tap “Next” at the top right corner of your screen.

5. You’ll be brought to a screen where you can edit your video. Once you’ve made any desired changes, tap “Next” again.

6. Now you’ll be brought to a screen where you can add a caption, select a location, tag people, and simultaneously post the video to another social media network. Once you’ve completed the desired fields, tap “Share” to post your video to your feed.

How To Link Instagram To Twitter And Automatically Tweet Links To Photos


If you want to tweet links to your Instagram photos, so that Twitter followers have to click through to Instagram in order to see your photos, you can do that from inside the Instagram app. To get started head to your profile, then tap the menu button in the top-right corner. Open Settings> Account.

Head to Linked Accounts> and you can log into your Twitter account.

You can now tweet photos while uploading them to Instagram by turning on the Twitter switch before posting.

Like we said before, this will only tweet a link to your photo on Instagramthe photo itself will not show up. If you want people to click through to Instagram and potentially follow you there, this might be a good thing. The downside, of course, is people are less likely to notice your post in the first place.

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How To Upload A Video To Instagram From The App

In order to upload an edited video through the Instagram app, you will first need to transfer the video onto your mobile device. The Dropbox app is the easiest free method available for both PC and Mac users. Alternatively, Mac users can also use the AirDrop feature to transfer files between iOS devices.

First, create a free Dropbox account , then upload your edited video to your online Dropbox folder. You can do this by uploading the file directly to the website or by installing the Dropbox desktop app on your computer. The desktop app is simply a file folder that automatically uploads all content added to the Dropbox platform. Simply drag-and-drop the video file to start transferring. Dropbox will notify you when your file has uploaded , and you should see a small green check mark on the file.

Next, youll need to install the Dropbox app on your mobile device. Open the Dropbox app and navigate to the edited video file. Click the three vertical dots to the right of the file name. This will open up the options menu.

Scroll down the options and select Export.<

You will then be asked where to export the file. Select Save to device. Afterwards you might have the option to rename the file. From there the video file should save to the camera gallery or camera roll on your mobile device.

Depending on the aspect ratio of your video, select the crop button to ensure your video is displayed correctly before posting.

How To Post Videos On Instagram To Your Story

1. Open the Instagram app.

2. Swipe right from anywhere in the feed or tap on the camera icon at the top left corner of your screen.

3. Your screen will now show your camera’s view. Press down on the white circle at the bottom of your screen to begin recording a video. Alternatively, swipe up on the screen to pull up your library where you can select a pre-recorded video to post.

4. Once you’ve recorded a video directly from the app or selected one from your library, tap “Send To > ” at the bottom right corner of your screen.

5. On the “Share” screen you’ll have the option to post the video to your story for all of your followers to see and if you have a public profile, for anyone who comes across your account. You can also choose to share it with a specified list of “Close Friends.” Tap “Share” or “Send” to select where and who you’d like to send the video to.

6. Tap “Done” at the bottom of the screen.

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How To Post On Instagram: On The Feed

Most of your content will be discovered on the home feed its where your followers will find all your new content. Follow these 6 steps to start getting your content out there.

Step #1: First things first, open up Instagram.

Step #2: Tap the plus button on the bottom.

Step #3: Choose the image or video youd like to post: you can choose to add a from your camera roll or take a photo or video right in the app.

For adding a Boomerang or collage you can tap on the Boomerang and Layout icons in the bottom right corner.

Both icons direct you to the App Store where youll be able to download the apps to make those features possible.

Step #4: Once youve chosen the image or video youd like to post, press Next in the top right corner.

Tip: You can resize an image or video by pinching the screen to fit

Step #5: Now is where you can filter or edit your photo on Instagram there are a number of built-in Instagram filters to choose from. From pumped-up colors and deep saturation like Clarendon and Lark, or black and white Moon and Willow, you can use any of Instagram filters to edit your images.

However, Instagrams filters can be limiting, especially if youre working on building an Instagram aesthetic, so we recommend editing your !

Once youre happy with the way your post looks, press Next. Here youll be greeted by the final step.

Step #6: Its time to enter your caption, tag people, and add a location to your post.

Press Share and voilà!

How To Post On Instagram: Finding And Using Ar Filters

How To Post a Tweet on Instagram Like @GaryVee

If youre on Instagram at all, youve probably noticed AR filters rising to the forefront on Instagram Stories!

Thanks to , there are thousands of free filters of effects for you to choose from. There are a few ways to find and use Instagram Stories filters and effects.

If youre watching a story and you see a filter or effect you like, tap the filter name underneath the account name.

Once you tap it, a pop-up box will appear. Youll have the option to try it, save it, send it, or see more from the creator.

If you choose to try it, your camera will pop up and youll be able to try the filter out for yourself. And, if you choose to save the effect, it will be saved in your library.

Once you save it, youll find your saved filter right beside the camera button when you open up Instagram Stories. Now youre ready to use it!

You can browse all of Instagrams effects by swiping all the way to the right on Instagram Stories and pressing Browse Effects.

Here you can use the search bar to search specific filters or you can scroll through the categories provided by Instagram.

When you find the filter you like, you can choose to try it by pressing the try it button in the bottom left corner. And if you do like it, you can press the down arrow to save to camera.

Learn more about AR filtershere.

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