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How To Post Stuff On Pinterest

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A Brief Intro To The Visual Social Network That Everyone Loves

How to Post on Pinterest: How to Create Pins that Go Viral (2022)
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Pinterest is a social site where you can collect and share images of anything you find interesting. You can also visually discover new interests by browsing the collections of other . Here’s how to get started using this uniquely creative social sharing tool.

Use using the site’s recommended browsers Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, or download the Pinterest mobile app for iOS or Android.

Check Your Meta Description: Is It Stuffed With Keywords

That means your pins appearance matters and its what will ultimately convince someone to click through from Pinterest to your site.

It serves up your front page. It serves up your search results. It serves up your suggested boards & accounts to follow. It serves up related content.

Its really, really important that the algorithm can tell what your post is about!

So aside from a gorgeous pin and a good title, you need to make sure the alt text, aka meta description of your Pin image is STUFFED with keywords.

Like, were talking Oreo double-stuffed levels of stuffed. Like that pizza fad in middle school where the crusts were filled with gooey cheese so it was like getting free cheesy breadsticks along with your pizza. Like when you bite into a donut and even the first bite has cream filling, unlike the cheap grocery store donuts where theres like, ONE bite of cream filling in the very center and the rest is just sad fried disappointment.

OK, Im hungry and getting slightly off topic. But my point is that you need mega keywords in your meta description! I like to write a couple of sentences that sound like SEO robot speak, and then list out a bunch more keywords just to be safe.

For example, heres how I might describe this post :

Check that beast out. Weve got sentences that are basically just keywords loosely strung together with words. Weve got a list of keywords. AND weve got hashtags, which as we know, that you should be experimenting with.

When You Are Repinning Someone Else’s Pin

  • If the link is good, go to step 4. If the link is bad, and it is a picture you really want to pin or check out, you can do a search on Google Images to find the original source of the image. First, save the photo to your computer. Then, in the Google search box , you will see a camera icon to the right. Click on it. Above the search bar, you will see “Upload an image.” You can upload the picture, and Google will search the web for the image. You’ll be able to see all the sites that have the same picture.
  • Check the site for a “Pin it” button. It is usually near the other social media sharing buttons. If there is one, then you can repin the image. If there’s not a button or other indication that it is okay to pin, then don’t repin the image.
  • If it is safe to repin, it is polite to give credit to the photographer or the site in the description. It’s polite, but not mandatory.
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    How To Create Pins That Are Not Only Going Viral On The Platform Itself But Also Can Generate A Ton Of Organic Traffic To Your Website

    In other words, how should you design your pins to increase the click-through rate to your site?

    But how can you convince and intrigue users to click-through?

    1. The first thing you need to know is that text overlays significantly increase click-through rates. Even if you are posting a recipe pin, you still should add a text overlay to make it clear what kind of food is on the image is it a healthy meal? Is it suitable for any popular diet? Does it have a short preparation time? The text overlay can explain better what is on your image and can promise users solutions to their problems.

    2. But text overlay can be done completely wrong and decrease the click-through. This happens when you are trying to give it all away in the pin image. Infographics often get a lot of shares and saves but not click-throughs specifically for this reason. If people get all they needed on the pin image, why would they click to your website? You have to give them a reason for this click give them 5 out of 10 tips and make it clear that theyll find the rest on your site.

    3. Now, if you are driving traffic to a product, I recommend creating pins which show your products in a lifestyle image, not just a product on a white background. People will engage better with lifestyle pins, they will share them and click through better as well. On a product pin with a white background, the commercial side of the pin is too obvious and this may decrease your click-through rates.

    Number 1 Pin From Your Website An Image Or Video Stored On Your Computer

    Pin by ADRIANNA  on Things (With images)

    Go to your Pinterest Dashboard

    Click on Create Pin. And the Create Pin popup appears

    Add an image or video from your computer. Earlier, in the Prepare a Pin section, you would have prepared this photo or video on your computer. Click the arrow up icon to find the image or video on your computer and add to this Pin.

    You can also drag and drop an photo or video into this grey box area to add it to this Pin.

    Remember the Title, Description and URL that you prepared in the above Prepare a Pin section? Here is what you do with the prepared information:

    From the above Title that you prepared, add the text into the Add your title field .

    From the above Description you prepared, add the text to the Tell everyone what your Pin is about field

    From the Destination Linkprepared above, add the URL into the Add a destination link field

    Next, you have to select a board that you would like to add this pin on. At the top right corner of the Create Pin popup window, Click Select

    A drop down of all the Boards you have created will appear

    Choose the Board you wish to pin this image or video . And click Save.

    At this time, if you would like to create a new board for this pin, you can choose the Create board button instead. Then follow the prompts to create your new board.

    You will get to see your pin and details that you have added. See the screen shot below to get an idea how your pin will look like.

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    Colors And Types Of Images That Get More Engagement On Pins

    Now lets have a look at the best color schemes and understand which are the types of Images that Get More Engagement

    These tips are based on the research made by Curalate. They made a research based on the analysis of 30 different visual characteristics with an impressive sample of 500k images on Pinterest!

    • Images that are too dark receive 20 times less repins than images with medium brightness.
    • The next tip is about colors. Your image should include at least a few vibrant colors. We are talking here about yellow, pink, red, etc. Based on their study, images with red and pink tones get on average twice more repins than images with blue tones.
    • The next thing is the quality of your image. Images of low resolution not only look bad on a users screen, but Pinterest can also recognize the quality of the image and reduce the distribution of low-quality images. That was based on the research. But Id like to add a few tips based on my experience on Pinterest.
    • Dont use script fonts in your text overlay for the pins. Actually, any font that is hard to read shouldnt be used for pin images. Because you have less than a second to grab the users attention while they are scrolling down the feed. Users will not bother to read and understand what your pin is about when there are so many other pins next to yours which were better designed.

    And now I want to answer the most important question of this article.

    What Is Manual Pinning

    You will manually SEO optimize your profile, boards and search for the best keywords. By the way, if you are looking for a . You will manually repin some of your most popular pin URLs to show them more times in group boards.

    Go to Analytics > > Website or just directly to this page.

    In Google Analytics, youll find similar stats with pin URLs. Go to Acquisition > > Social > > Network Referrals > > Choose a particular post > > Check the exact pin URLs. Youll have to copy and paste them from here to your browser to open in a new window .

    You will also manually do research for other popular pins in your topic to save them to your own boards.

    Its always better to save your first pin from a new post manually to the most relevant board. And its better to do it from your website, this way you can double-check that everything shows up in your pin as you want it to be. Its important to check it because when your readers save pins from your website, you cant fix their pins if they end up having some errors.

    So, pin your first pin from a post manually and immediately

    • check how your SEO title shows in the rich pin
    • check if your SEO description is not missing in the pin
    • pick the most relevant and check their popularity
    • check the URL of your pin by clicking through to your post .

    Did you get to a point in your blogging journey where youd better be paying $10 a month to save 20 minutes a day on one of your endless routine tasks?

    , so you are safe to use it.

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    How To Create An Idea Pin

    Before starting, you need to use a Pinterest business account in order to make idea pins. You can do this by going to the settings on your profile, then account settings, and tapping on Convert to business account.

    Once you have your business account, you can follow these steps for creating an idea pin.

  • On the Pinterest home page, tap on the plus icon in the bottom middle of the screen.
  • Tap on Idea Pin.
  • Youll be brought to the idea pin creation screen. From here, you can record video directly by tapping the red record button, or you can add videos/photos already on your device by tapping on the square in the bottom left corner.
  • If youre recording video, tap Next in the top right after youve finished recording. On the next screen you can edit or add clips, and add text, music or audio, filters, and stickers. Once youve finished editing your recording, tap on Done in the top right.
  • This will add your first page, and you can now see all your current pages on this screen. To add a page, tap Add page at the bottom right. You can also duplicate, split, or delete pages. If youd like, you can tap Preview to see the entire idea pin.
  • If you opt to add video or photos from your camera roll, you can use the slider at the bottom of the screen above selected media to choose whether to make new pages for each one, or combine them into one page. You can have 20 clips selected per page, but they need to be less than a minute long combined.
  • How To Save A Pin From The Web

    How to Post Photos on Pinterest (Quick & Easy)
  • From your Pinterest home page, select the plus sign in the lower-right corner of the page.

  • Select Get our browser button or Create a Pin.

    To use the browser button, you need to use Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

  • If you selected Get our browser button, select Got it from the next screen.

  • You’ll see a plus sign on the browser toolbar. Select it and then select Install to install the browser extension.

  • Open the website with an image you want to Pin, hover the cursor over the image, and select .

  • Choose a board and select Save.

  • If you don’t want to install a browser button extension, select the plus sign and then select Create a Pin.

  • Select Save from site.

  • Enter the website URL and select the arrow to continue.

  • Select an image and then choose Add to Pin.

  • Add a title, select a board from the drop-down menu, then select Save.

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    Installing The Pin It Button

    There is no “Download the Pin It Button” call-out on the main page, so I had to hunt around for a few seconds before I found the bookmarklet they were talking about. It’s located in the drop-down menu under “about.” You’ll also find it in the “goodies” section on the left sidebar navigation.

    Cleverly, Pinterest recognizes the browser you’re using and customizes its installation instructions accordingly. I was using Chrome, so Pinterest instructed me to show my bookmarks bar. I suffered a few seconds of confusion since I already had my bookmarks bar displayed. However, by comparing the image in the convenient instructional video with my on-screen browser, it quickly became apparent that all I had to do was drag the “Pin It” button into my bookmarks bar to get started.

    Rich Pins Showing Article Information

    Rich pins appear for validated sites. Validation does not happen automatically. You can apply to add rich pins from your own website after checking to see that all the right code is in place.

    Heres a bit about how this process worked for us, step-by-step:

    • We use the WordPress plugin Yoast SEO, which includes a setting for adding a Pinterest meta tag. We copied and pasted the code from Pinterest into this Yoast setting.
    • , which will show you a preview of your pin.
    • Request Rich Pins. From the Pinterest validation tool, you can click to apply for Rich Pins for your website.
    • Rich Pins validated. When successful, youll receive an email from Pinterest notifying you that Rich Pins have been enabled.

    After stepping through this process, the pins from the Buffer blogall present and past pinsnow include Rich Pin information like headline, author, story description, and link.

    Thats a gain of 104 clicks per daya 2x increasewith Rich Pins.

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    Tips For Your Pin Design:

    1. Use a big, bold font thats easy to see on mobile devices.

    2. Make sure you use a vertical image size. 1000 x 1500 seems to be the sweet spot.

    3. Include your website address somewhere on the pin. It helps with branding and also creates a watermark to help protect your work for theft.

    If you dont want to create your own pins, you can hire someone to design them for you or purchase ready-made templates like these.

    Pin Engaging Captivating Content

    Pin by kaihlaaaaaaa on things to post * in 2020

    So, what makes a captivating Pin?

    • Consider your image and video quality. You want to avoid pixelation,
    • Descriptive copy. Good descriptions can help you improve SEO, add context to your images, and encourage users to click on links.
    • Text overlay. Consider including a headline that reinforces your visual message.
    • Tasteful branding. If it makes sense for your brand and corresponds to your Pinterest marketing strategy, incorporate your logo in your Pins so your brand doesnt get lost in the Repin shuffle.
    • Make sure your links work. Broken links wont help your brand! Make sure the link with your Pin wont go to a 404 and that it loads quickly to give Pinners the best user experience.

    Finally, be consistent! Consistent, daily Pinning is more effective than creating a board and filling it up at once. And Pinning regularly ensures your content will reach a wider audience.

    Using Hootsuite to schedule Pins will help your brand stay on top of your content calendar.

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    Save And Schedule Pinned Images From The Web With Tailwind Browser Extension

    With the Tailwind Browser extension, you can save images from websites to your drafts, or schedule them immediately!

    Select the Tailwind Schedule buttonthat pops up. Select the Board youd like to add your Pin to.

    Type your Pin Description. Save for later, or add to your Pin Publisher Queue right then and there!

    How To Save Pins From Your Website Using Tailwind

    Tailwind scheduler makes it even easier saving pins from your website, especially when you have several pictures linked to the same page. Thats because you should space pins apart from each other to avoid Pinterests spam filters to be triggered. If you save multiple pictures using Pinterests own browser button, it will save them all simultaneously and to the same board. Tailwind extension allows you to set intervals and select boards for each pin separately.

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    Create A Profile That Captures Your Business

    The focus of Pinterest as a site for content curationwhere people are constantly looking to find content they love and want to sharemakes it a place where a lot of new people are going to be exposed to your business.

    Heres how it works:

    • Youre a bakery and you pin a picture of a fresh batch of muffins.
    • My friend, whos already a customer and follows your Muffins board, sees the picture LOVES IT! and repins it to her Muffin Madness board.
    • I, a lover of muffins, but not currently a customer of yours, see the picture LOVE IT!, repin it to my MMMuffin board and click on your name to find out who you are

    So who are you? Tell me, or any customer: who you are, what you do, and why I should want to follow you or your boards.

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