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How To Post Something On Pinterest

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Sign Up For A Business Account

How to Post Photos on Pinterest (Quick & Easy)

To market to your target audience, you should create a . As mentioned, this free account provides you with access to Pinterest Analytics and other handy marketing features such as a profile that clearly states youre a business, , and . If you already have a Pinterest account and want to , you can also do that without losing any of your content or work.

Note: If youre looking to enhance your business account and run ads on Pinterest, you can do so by upgrading your account and setting up your method of payment because this part of Pinterest is not free to target your audience more aggressively with the help of the platforms Ads Manager.

Creating A Carousel Pin

To make our own carousel pin, you need to have all the images that you want to use, ready and waiting to be uploaded at once.

When you upload your images, you will be asked if you want to make a collage or carousel. Obviously, youll select the carousel option.

Once youve chosen that, you can reorder the images and choose the links that each image should have.

You dont have to give each image a different description if you dont want to, but it will be more creative if you do.

Be sure to add a good call to action for the best results. If you need some help with this marketing strategy, our Guide will serve you well.

Now that you know , you can make the most of this very popular social media platform. Using Pinterest as part of your content marketing strategy is highly recommended. It has become a fantastic platform for visual marketing as well as e-commerce.

While youre here, why not check out our social media marketing tool which can help you with all your social media marketing needs!

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Use Social Media Best Practices

Additionally, you can focus on the following five best practices to boost engagement on Pinterest.

  • Encourage your followers to feature your brand in their content .
  • Provide your audience with an incentive such as a prize for choosing to follow and interact with you as well as create posts featuring your products and branding.
  • Offer your audience discount codes, coupons, as well as details about your latest products and updates to existing products to keep them coming back to your profile.
  • Ensure your content is helpful and useful for your audience members all content should have a purpose and/ or meaning.

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Carefully Plan Your Boards

As , your brands boards can help reach new Pinners interested in specific topics or learning specific things.

For example, Oreos boards include Pins with inspiration for upcoming seasonal holidays like its Spooky Sweet Halloween board and Holidays with Oreo board as well as recipe ideas, like its Oreo Cupcakes and Oreo Cookie Balls board.

In other words, the brand skillfully mixes useful, engaging and inspiring content boards with boards that are more promotional:

And Aveeno has boards for their own products, like Aveeno Body and Sun Care boards:

But the brand also has other boards, like the Earth Day board that includes Pins indirectly showcasing the brand while showing an understanding of what their audience values and supports.

Optimize Your Pin For Search

Blog Pinterest Posts

So, what are your waiting for? Lets get your product or service out there!

Here are a few tips:

a. Use Your Keywords in the Image File Name

For example, if your content & image topic is:

Then your image file name should be:

Hint: this is basic SEO& should be followed every time you create & upload an image.

b. Fill Out the Description

Have your ever clicked repin only to find there was a period in the description — and nothing else?!

Dont make this mistake.

Take the time to complete your description. Give details about the content theyll find on the other side of that image.

For example, which of these would make you more likely to click it?


Or this:

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Tips To Make Your Pins Go Viral

1. Use good quality images

2. Set an apt title

The title for your Pinterest image will set the tone for your post. It is a very important part of your post. Readers take less than 2 seconds to decide if they want to read a particular post or not. will make it or break it for you.

3. Make it a point to re-pin your content

All your content will not go viral the very first time you post it. It will take a few re-shares to get the ball rolling. You must continue to re-pin good content from your feed to gain traction on that post.

4. Pin at the best times

Another important tip is to post your Pinterest content at the best times to post on Pinterest. If you have been wondering about when to post on Pinterest, you can schedule pins in advance with a tool like RecurPost. When you post at times that are optimal for posting, you will increase the chances of getting higher engagement and visibility for your posts.

5. Optimize your pins with keywords

If you want people to discover your pins whenever they put in a search query related to your product, you will have to optimize your pins with the right keywords. Pick the best keywords as per your SEO research for increasing your chances of getting discovered.

The Art Of The Pin: When And How To Save Images

Heres a list of quick tips to get you started!

First five Pins each day are prioritized for distribution

Its also a good idea to save Pins regularly, rather than all at once. In other words, consistent, daily activity is much better than a once-a-week or once-a-day flurry of Pins.

By using a tool like , were able to schedule content out days, weeks, and even months in advance. This allows us to keep a consistent stream of Pins flowing to our boards without spamming our followers or missing out on positive Pinterest algorithm benefits.

Always include links

That means ensuring that your content includes a relevant link to the original source every single time even if the link does not lead to your own website.

*Note: Pinterest does not distribute Pins with broken links.

Lean into trends

Start saving Pins about upcoming trends, seasonal events, or holidays around 45 days in advance. Then keep adding more ideas daily and maintain a steady pace of content.

For example, Cristin Cooper // The Southern Style Guide shared a variety of birthday party themed Pins leading up to the summer season here in the United States:

Linking multiple Pins to the same destination

When doing so, just make sure to add specific descriptions for each Pin. This will greatly help to improve your SEO.

Save to the most relevant board first

In other words, make sure the Pin and board are a perfect match.

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How To Pin Something Yourself

Do you have pictures on your computer that you’d like to pin on Pinterest? Do you have pictures of a holiday or weekend event that you’d like to share? Are you confused by how best to do so? Look no further. Here I will walk you step-by-step though the process of pinning a picture from your computer.1. Log into 2. In the top right hand corner, click on add3. This will cause the ADD icon to pop up. The icon reads, add a pin, upload a pin or create a board. To share a picture from your computer, you need to click on upload a pin

4. Next, you will be prompted to browse the files of your computer.

5. Once you pick the image file you want, a thumbnail version of the picture will appear. Next to it, a list of your pin boards will be available in a drop down window. Click on the dropdown arrow and choose the board to which you’d like to pin your picture.

6. Add a description of the picture.

7. Then click, the red pin it button.

Ta-Da! You’ve done it! Go back to your boards to check out your handy work!

Choose Your Words Wisely

How to Post on Pinterest

If you want to get seen, you need to stand out.

So make your images easy to scan, click & repin.

Follow these tips:

a. Speak Your Followers Language

Do you know who youre targeting?

Do you know the language they use to talk about their favorite topics?

If you speak their language, using their diction & vocabulary, then you’re much more likely to connect with them and get their attention.

Do your homework! Get inside the head of your followers and try to speak their language — but don’t use a bunch of mindless industry jargon.

No one wants to be talked to or through. Keep your language professional, but conversational.

b. Make Your Text Easy to Read

Make sure you create an image with text thats easy to read & understand.

It can be tempting to experiment with fancy fonts, but I would caution you on the use of many handwritten or calligraphy fonts. Many can be difficult to read.

The same goes for typeface. Regular, Bold, & Italic all have their place, but need to be used in the right setting.

They can either present a beautiful & stunning design or a muddled mess.

Take a look at for a perfect example of a balanced & branded design.

c. Create Value

Theres no need to reinvent the wheel. You have valuable content sitting at your fingertips.

Pull a quote from an evergreen blog article or create a series of images that highlight specific points from an email to your list.

Always think value proposition & solution when creating your pin images.

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Create An Online Store

This is without a doubt the first step to selling online, and the one where many aspiring sellers mess up. No matter the platform and how great of a demand it can provide for your store, a strong online presence and quality website are the key to online selling. If you havent already, check out our How to Build an Ecommerce Website guide to get you started on the right path.

You may want to consider an ecommerce platform like Ecwid to take care of the web design and customer transaction process for you.

Unlike many others, when you sign up with Ecwid, you do not have to worry about a subscription fee getting in the way of getting started as we provide our users with an always-free plan. There is no coding needed, all you basically need is to add your products and youre ready to go.

Alternative Way To Pin Your Blog Posts

To do this, you simply need to upload your pin image to your WordPress dashboard and insert the image into the related blog post. Then, download a social sharing plugin called Grow by Mediavine.

This plugin will add social sharing buttons to your blog post that look like this:

When someone hits that red Pin button, itll bring up all the pinnable images in that post !

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Share Your Content On Other Social Networks

To promote your Pinterest account and content, you should share your Pins, images, and videos in other areas to improve your chances of being seen and followed. For example, you can so your followers can easily learn about the other platforms youre on and how they can view more of your content. Additionally, claiming your account will provide access to analytics and data on all of these Pins so you can see the other networks your audience is most interested in.

You can also so you can easily add and find friends, share content across networks, speed up your login on all accounts, and backup your profile in case you lose or forget your password details.

The Art Of The Pin: Title Description And Hashtags


Provide helpful, detailed descriptions

It probably goes without saying, but Pins with descriptions drive more clicks to your site than those without.

Use solid, well-researched keywords

One of the keys for ensuring that your Pins remain discoverable over a long period of time is to think of the Pinners mindset when they are looking for content like yours and then incorporate those keywords directly into the title and description.

For example, if youre a DIY blogger with great summer drink recipes, use words like summer, drinks, non-alcoholic, and recipe in the title and description.

Or, if youre a financial services company trying to reach new home buyers, try home purchase and financial help.

Pro Tip: The Pinterest Search function can help you find new keywords. If your Pin is a roast chicken recipe, for example, search for roast chicken on Pinterest. Youll see suggested searches for roast chicken whole and roast chicken oven, and search guides like simple or cast iron.

All of these are great keywords you can add to your description when appropriate!

Add up to 20 relevant hashtags

Yes, its true!

Pro Tip: Hashtags should act as broad search terms, not niche humor .

Utilize video Pins to bring your ideas to life

Video content on Pinterest can be an incredible way to bring your ideas to life with motion and sound.

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Add Keywords For Search

Pinterest images are essential, but text counts too. Optimize your pins for search by including industry or niche-specific keywords.

Think about your target market and determine what theyre typing in search when looking for your product or service. Now use those in your Pin text areas:

Pin text

  • Page meta description
  • Page meta keywords

Save And Schedule Pinned Images From The Web With Tailwind Browser Extension

With the Tailwind Browser extension, you can save images from websites to your drafts, or schedule them immediately!

Select the Tailwind Schedule buttonthat pops up. Select the Board youd like to add your Pin to.

Type your Pin Description. Save for later, or add to your Pin Publisher Queue right then and there!

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The Art Of The Pin: Images

Use unique, eye-catching images

Images that stand out, are colorful, unique, and say something specific about what you have to offer will give you a major edge compared to other content on the platform.

Use high-resolution, uncluttered images

Youll also want to steer clear of cluttered images.

According to Pinterest, , so check out your Pin on mobile to make sure the message is easy to digest

Use a vertical aspect ratio

As Pinners and marketers know, Pins are organized into columns. Meaning that vertical images take up more space and stand out more in the feed.

The ideal aspect ratio for a vertical Pin is 2:3600px wide x 900px high.

Heres a great example from the Social Media Examiner Pinterest account:

Square images 600px wide x 600px tall can work well, too!

Consider adding a little copy

But as we mentioned before, try to keep the copy simple and dont let it clutter the overall image.

Add tasteful branding

To convey credibility, build a brand, and help people understand who or where the Pin is coming from, try including your product, packaging, or logo in your image.

Heres an example of an infographic we created to promote our blog post on Pinterest including the Buffer logo directly at the top:

Pro-Tip: Avoid logo placement in the corners of the Pin, or it will get covered up by our visual search icon.

Use multiple images

It also works well for outfit, roundup, and before/after Pins!

How To Pin Someone Else’s Pin

How to Post on Pinterest: How to Create Pins that Go Viral (2022)

2. Instead of going to your pin boards, stay on the home page:

3. Scroll through all of the pictures and click on an image you like.

4. Put your cursor over the enlarged image. In the top left hand corner two buttons will appear. One is titled repin, the other is titled like.5. Click on the repin button. This will allow you to pin the picture to one of your boards.

6. When you click on repin, again you will be presented with a dropdown of all of your pin boards. Choose the pin board to which you’d like to add the picture.

7. If you’d like to add or change the description, you can do so here.8. Lastly, click pin it

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How To Save A Pin From The Web

  • From your Pinterest home page, select the plus sign in the lower-right corner of the page.

  • Select Get our browser button or Create a Pin.

    To use the browser button, you need to use Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

  • If you selected Get our browser button, select Got it from the next screen.

  • You’ll see a plus sign on the browser toolbar. Select it and then select Install to install the browser extension.

  • Open the website with an image you want to Pin, hover the cursor over the image, and select .

  • Choose a board and select Save.

  • If you don’t want to install a browser button extension, select the plus sign and then select Create a Pin.

  • Select Save from site.

  • Enter the website URL and select the arrow to continue.

  • Select an image and then choose Add to Pin.

  • Add a title, select a board from the drop-down menu, then select Save.

  • Pin Engaging Captivating Content

    So, what makes a captivating Pin?

    • Consider your image and video quality. You want to avoid pixelation,
    • Descriptive copy. Good descriptions can help you improve SEO, add context to your images, and encourage users to click on links.
    • Text overlay. Consider including a headline that reinforces your visual message.
    • Tasteful branding. If it makes sense for your brand and corresponds to your Pinterest marketing strategy, incorporate your logo in your Pins so your brand doesnt get lost in the Repin shuffle.
    • Make sure your links work. Broken links wont help your brand! Make sure the link with your Pin wont go to a 404 and that it loads quickly to give Pinners the best user experience.

    Finally, be consistent! Consistent, daily Pinning is more effective than creating a board and filling it up at once. And Pinning regularly ensures your content will reach a wider audience.

    Using Hootsuite to schedule Pins will help your brand stay on top of your content calendar.

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