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How To Post Photos On Pinterest

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Connect Instagram And Test Your Trigger

How to Post Photos on Pinterest (Quick & Easy)

First, you’ll need to set up your triggerthe event that starts your Zap. Once you’re in the Zap editor, search for and select as your trigger app and New Media Posted in My Account as the trigger event. Click Continue.

Next, click on Connect a New Account to sign in to Instagram and give Zapier permission to access your account. When you’re done, click Continue.

For each app you connect, Zapier will ask for a general set of permissions which allows you to be flexible with your Zaps. The only actions Zapier takes on your app accounts are those a given Zap needs to accomplish what you’ve set up.

Now you’ll need to test your trigger. Zapier will find your most recent Instagram post and use this information to set up the rest of your Zap. Click Test trigger.

Once it’s pulled in information from your Instagram account, click Continue.

Option : Get Started Quickly With A Zap Template

We have a template to help you get started quickly. Click the Use this Zap button below and you’ll be guided through setup.

Here’s how it works:

  • Click on the Use this Zap button to get started.

  • Select the Instagram post information you want to include in your Pin.

  • Test your workflow and turn it on.

  • Create Pins With Text In Them

    To create something with a text overlay, again you can use a program like Photoshop or Gimp or an online tool like Canva.

    The Nester has a great tutorial on how to create Pins with text in them. One of the best tips: Test the legibility of your images before you publish.

    The majority of the images we pin include textinfographics, blog graphics, book covers, etc. One of our boards that includes less text is our Travel board.

    Looking at the pins from our Travel board in particular, heres the breakdown of average engagement for pins with text versus pins without:

    • Pins with text: 3 repins, 1 like
    • Pins without: 1 repin, 1 like

    Pins with text have been our most significant sources of engagement. This could very well be unique to our niche also. We share a lot of inspiring quotes, infographics, and headlines. What have you observed with your pins?

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    Upload Photos Via Mobile

  • Click the on your android phone, then click log in.
  • There is a profile icon in the lower right corner on the main screen. Click the profile to go to the next step.
  • Then select the + icon in the upper right corner. Then a pop-up will appear with the option to create a pin or board. Then you have to choose a pin.
  • After that, you will be directed to the storage area on your android phone. You can choose the image you want to upload. Make sure you already know which image you upload is stored in which file to make it easier to find images.
  • Then, click next, you will be directed to additional options such as title and description. You can adjust it according to the mood of your image or additional information that may be required after that, click next.
  • Use A Schedule To Automate Your Pinning Process

    Pinterest Posts Bundle


    Im a busy mom, freelance writer, and course creator.

    I have over 7 blogs, two email lists, two Facebook groups, multiple Facebook pages and am on social media.

    I cant be bothered to pin 25 times a day.

    Instead, I use Tailwind to automate my entire pin strategy and to help me post on Pinterest more consistently.

    If you need more help deciding if Tailwind is for you, check out my post and get your first 100 pins free.

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    Why Pinning Time Matters

    When you Pinned was super important. Pin at the wrong time and no one would see it!

    Now we have Smart Feed. At first glance, it might seem that when you Pin isnt important anymore.

    Thats because you want need your followers to interact with your content when it first arrives.

    This really helps you !

    So knowing when your audience is around is really important.

    Using Tools To Find The Best Time To Pin

    I have to be honest, the easiest way to find the best time to Pin is to let someone else work it out for you!

    In this case, that means Tailwind.

    Thats because Tailwind not only schedules your pins for you. it also has something called Smart Schedule. This is a clever feature that works out the best times to post based on your account.

    Even if you have a new account, it can calculate slots based on other Pinners in your niche. You simply tell it how many times a day you want to pin, and itll work out a schedule.

    If you choose 5, you wont get exactly 5 times every day of the week. It might be more on a Saturday if thats a busier day for your niche, but fewer on a Monday when no ones around.

    And the great thing is, you can periodically refresh your Smart Schedule and get up to date information. Just click, and Tailwind will update your time slots. I recommend doing this every 3-6 months for best results.

    To use the Smart Schedule, go into the your schedule area on Tailwind and then to the general queue.

    With their new Smart Guide, you will get an average number of timeslots, including any Smart Loop posts. It will warn you if you are going a bit too high on the number of Pins a day too.

    Select to shift previously scheduled pins to newly-created timeslots and then hit the big green button.

    You can manually add extra slots if you want to. The times with the dotted lines around are suggested timeslots, based on your account.

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    Ask Insights For Information

    I saved the best for last!

    You will get a graph that shows you over a six-month period what your busiest days were.

    Check it out! Saturday is actually my worst day.

    The only downside with this one is that it only shows for 24 hours. But you could check it once a day for a week or two to get a better snapshot.

    Which Boards Should You Pin To

    How to Post on Pinterest

    When you have your title, description, and Pins ready, theres one last thing to think about.

    What board to Save it to!

    currently recommend Saving to the most relevant, keyworded board first. This sends the algorithm helpful signals so your Pin will be shown to the most interested audience.

    Go with either the most relevant board, or a top performer if you like. You can experiment with trying both of these to see which gets the best results.

    You can also Save your Pin to more than one board. Tailwinds Smart Guide recommends no more than 10 boards, but this isnt a rule, just guidance.

    Space out the Pins going to different boards, so your feed isnt full of the same Pin repeatedly. Tailwind interval pinning helps you do this quickly and easily.

    When Pinning to the first board, consider Pinning related content around the same time. This is called board co-occurrence.

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    Add Context To Your Content

    Your should help tell the story of your article, recipe, or craft that youre sharing. The image is a breadcrumb leading to the main meal, and people dont want a surprise when they get there.

    Adding a text overlay to your image can help add context. Make sure that your font is easy to read and that theres enough contrast for the text to be read easily. When adding text, think about how it will educate and inspire people this isnt the place for a pushy call to action.

    Smart Planning With Analytics

    Get an organized overview of all your followers, pins, and collaborators through one dashboard.

    This is why the Social Champs algorithm provides you with platform-centric analytics to make comparisons on a weekly and monthly basis. Repurpose top-performing content by posting it again and directly from the dashboard. Plan your next Pinterest marketing strategy keeping the analytics in mind.

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    Creating A Pin With Multiple Images:

    The article also introduced me to a few other tools that I definitely will be using. The one I have already tried out is Pin Them All.

    My only complaint with the site is that the resulting pin is linked to their website, not the original source. Im happy to credit their site for helping me create the pin, but that is handled through the caption with their website address that is automatically created.

    My solution is to create the pins using Pin Them All, then immediately open the pin on the Pinterest website and edit the website source.

    Here is a pin Ive already created Baked Whole Wheat Pancake Squares recipe .

    I have 2 other suggestions for Pin Them All if they end up reading this article.

  • Let users rearrange the order of the pictures.
  • Find a way to make pictures the same size by adding a cropping tool that overlays on each picture similar to the cropping square in Instagram.
  • Precautions To Take Before You Pin

    Pinterest Posts Bundle
    • Fair use can be a bit sketchy, and no one seems to agree about what is allowed and what isn’t. This includes book covers, movie posters, and pictures of celebrities. You are probably better off if you avoid sharing those types of images.
    • If there are no “Pin it” buttons, and especially if there are no other social media sharing buttons, then assume you don’t have the owner’s permission to pin it.
    • If it is something you really want to pin and aren’t sure about, then ask for permission. The worst that could happen is that you get a no.

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    Title Your Actual Image

    It seems as though the verdict is still out on whether adding actual title text within your image actually works. Some will say unequivocally yes. Others argue no. When I look at , there seems to be a healthy mix of titled and untitled images being pinned, but most days there are definitely more titled than untitled images present.

    Personally, Im not a fan of having title text on photos. So I usually just include 1 or 2 photos in each post that have the title text on them, so that readers have the option if thats what they like. Sometimes I will use Photoshop to just type the title of the recipe in above or below the subject, like this. Or sometimes I will try and weave it into the photo in a more creative way, like in the little chalkboard sign in this candied pecans photo above .

    Even more important than titling your photos is watermarking them. In my first few years of blogging before Pinterest, no one did this. But now, Im pretty sure everyone does this, mostly because there are photo stealers out there who will grab your photo and illegally use it in a heartbeat without you knowing. Watermarking is the best way I know to prevent photo theft.

    Look At What Posts And What Days

    Another interesting one to check is what days your top posts saw the most traffic.

    If you are making fresh pins for it, this could help you pick when to send them out.

    Select a blog post and set the time frame to 30 days or more.

    Are there any patterns in the days?

    Plus, you can see which Pins resonated most.

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    How To Pin An Instagram Pic

    YOURE ALREADY TAKING PICTURES, RIGHT? Of course you are! So if you are spending the time to post all of these awesome pics of your work, your products, your motivational quotes and your lifestyle experiences on Instagram, I highly recommend that you share them to your Pinterest account. People on Pinterest want to know how awesome you are too!

    Write Better Descriptions Keyword

    How To Upload Photos To Pinterest
  • Helpful details
  • Okay to be a couple sentences long
  • Positive sentiment
  • Give the reader something to do. If theres an action they can take, share the next steps and add a link to somewhere useful.
  • Pinterest also took the extra step to as well:

    • Use correct capitalization and punctuation
    • No hashtags
    • No promotional information
    • No salesy calls to action

    While only about 75-100 characters of your description will appear in grid view, you can include up to 500 and theyll all appear when people click to see the Pin close-up. Generally speaking, more characters mean more helpful details and more opportunities to show up in search results.

    This all seemed like great advice to test and see. We went through each of the bullets here, both in the general tips and the specific best practices.

    Heres what we found.

    Short descriptions vs. long descriptions

    We tested out whether writing a detailed, keyword-rich description would bring more Repins, likes, and comments to our pins.

    Looking at our stats for Repins, likes, and comments, our top pins were those with a short description, 100 characters or fewer.

    Our longer pins found much less engagement overall in the past few weeks. One thing to consider here: Longer, keyword-rich descriptions are valuable for being found via search, which can extend the life of a pin. It could be the case that these keyword-rich pins of ours will continue to see engagement further out into the future.

    Hashtags vs. no hashtags

    Link vs. no link

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    Pin Fresh Content Consistently

    One of the best ways to keep pinners engaged is to create new content for them to browse through on a regular basis.

    The images need to catch peoples eye, and the blog posts that they link to need to be helpful as well.

    Bottom line: if you want to grow your audience, you need to create content that solves problems and fills needs .

    Add Keywords For Search

    Pinterest images are essential, but text counts too. Optimize your pins for search by including industry or niche-specific keywords.

    Think about your target market and determine what theyre typing in search when looking for your product or service. Now use those in your Pin text areas:

    Pin text

    • Page meta description
    • Page meta keywords

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    How To Pin Rich Pins On Etsy

    When it comes to saving Rich Pins, Etsy does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Every Pin from your store magically becomes a Rich Pin! As Kristie Hill wrote on our blog recently, Product Rich Pins take an ordinary Pin and make it actionable. Pinners can see that this image it is more than inspiration they can actually purchase this item and use it themselves!

    All sellers want that.

    Consider Creating Two Pins For Each Blog Post


    As I mentioned in this post, for a while I was creating two new pins for each new blog post I published.

    I found this was a great way to pin more and grow my followers and traffic. If you have the time, go ahead and create two pins for each blog post, then when you publish your post, pin the first pin to a board.

    Then, wait a day or two before pinning the second pin to a board. Afterward, you can schedule both pins using Tailwind!

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    What Exactly Is Copyright Law

    Copyright essentially protects any original work of authorship. This can be any type of artistic expression. If you have created something an have expressed in a fixed form, you automatically have ownership rights under copyright law. While you don not necessarily have to take any steps to own a copyright, you do need to register a copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office to able to sue for copyright infringement, which is when someone steals your work.

    Embracing The Lifestyle Photo

    Youve mastered the functional, classy product shot which stands out on Etsy a great way to ensure buyers have enough information to feel comfortable completing a purchase right away.

    FlossyTots does a great job using their listing photos cover all the basics of their products.

    But when it comes to Pinning your Etsy products to Pinterest, you need a different approach in order to stand out in a busy feed. You can do this by capturing the alluring lifestyle that your product promotes with your images and descriptions. When shoppers browse on Pinterest, they hold a picture in their head of the way they want a product to make them feel and how it will enhance their lives.

    Your photo makes its mark when it inspires your audience.

    Remember, youre not selling a product. Youre selling a piece of a bigger story in a customers mind. Capturing a piece of their ambitions or goals with that lifestyle photo can send them to your store lickety-split. In fact, lifestyle photos tend to be more engaging than a straight product shot.

    Some of the top photos and promoted posts for a Safari Nursery come up with a picture of the entire nursery. Thats because sellers know that buyers want to see the full picture. They get that they are selling the experience of being in that room once its completed.

    Aww, arent these rooms so cute, peaceful and pristine? If only that was the case once a little one moves in!

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    Creating A Carousel Pin

    To make our own carousel pin, you need to have all the images that you want to use, ready and waiting to be uploaded at once.

    When you upload your images, you will be asked if you want to make a collage or carousel. Obviously, youll select the carousel option.

    Once youve chosen that, you can reorder the images and choose the links that each image should have.

    You dont have to give each image a different description if you dont want to, but it will be more creative if you do.

    Be sure to add a good call to action for the best results. If you need some help with this marketing strategy, our Guide will serve you well.

    Now that you know , you can make the most of this very popular social media platform. Using Pinterest as part of your content marketing strategy is highly recommended. It has become a fantastic platform for visual marketing as well as e-commerce.

    While youre here, why not check out our social media marketing tool which can help you with all your social media marketing needs!

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