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How To Post On Instagram From Phone

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How To Post On Instagram: Instagram Stories

How To Share An Instagram Post With An Android Phone With Regrann

are a creative and fun way to share content on Instagram. And, even more than that, they are great to grow your engagement, build brand awareness, and even drive home sales.

Step #1: Tap the camera on the top right of your Instagram home page.

Step #2: Take photos and videos by pressing the circle button on the bottom of the screen. Or swipe up to upload photos and videos from your camera roll.

Step #4: Once you have your photo or video on your screen, its time to spruce up your story if you want! You can swipe left on your screen to access Instagrams story filters.

In addition to Instagram filters, there are stickers, text and other filters you can have fun with. We dive deep into all of these features and more in great detail below.

If youre happy with your Instagram Stories post and dont want to include any effects or stickers, go ahead and share!

Step #3: Once youre ready to post on Instagram, you can choose to share on Your Story, with Close Friends, or message it to individual people or groups.

Access Instagram Without A Phone Via Windowed

Windowed is one of the simplest options to access Instagram directly from your desktop.

Its core is a stripped down mobile browser you can use to log in to Instagram.

Instagram already provides the functionality to upload photos through a web browser, but sadly this feature is locked to mobile web browsers only. Windowed Founder Felix Sun writes. Windowed overcomes this issue by pretending to be a mobile browser, allowing you to visit the Instagram mobile website directly from your Mac or Windows PC.

Since Windowed functions as a web browser, it does not collect your Instagram log-in info.

To get started with the app, download its PC or Mac version.

Once youve completed installation and logged in to Instagram, post to Instagram from your computer by clicking the + icon at the bottom.

You can then crop the image, add a caption and post it online.

Use An App To Save Instagram Videos

The easiest way for you to save an Instagram video to your phone in order to repost and share with your users is with a third party app.

The good ones will allow you to easily download videos from another users feed or Instagram Story . With it, youll be able to share it or save it to view at another time.

To help you out, here are a few great apps to download Instagram videos.

Note: For each app, weve included a link for either the Android or iOS download.


A free app that allows users to download videos and photos from Instagram stories. Users can download the images from the stories of users they follow. The app is very intuitive and easy-to-use. It takes just a few taps to download a video.

Once downloaded, youll be able to post the video on your own Story or feed .

Story Reposter

Another great iOS app that allows you to download videos from users Instagram stories. Like StorySaver, youll be able to save and repost videos and images from different Instagram Stories.

All you need to do is search for the profile you want to rip the video from, and click on it before choosing the video you want to download.

Quick Reposter

An app that allows you to both repost images and videos, as well as save and download them.

It has a very intuitive interface and simple design. Simply copy the link to the image or video you want to download, and it will save it to your device.


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Manually Record Instagram Stories

Unfortunately, Instagram doesnt allow you to download videos you find on your feed or on other users stories.

But, as long as you have the original posters permission, there are several workarounds for that. One easy way to save Instagram videos is to record your screen while the video is playing.

For iOS users, you can do this in five steps:

  • Swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone to reach the Control Center.
  • Press the circular Record button.
  • Tap Start Recording. A three second countdown will now begin before recording.
  • Record your video.
  • Open the Control Center again and tap the red circular Record button to stop.

Your video recording will now be available in your photos app. Check out the gif below for a full breakdown of this.

Androids dont currently have a built-in function that allows you to record a screen. But there are some great apps out there that allow you to do it. Heres a few of them:

Any of these apps will give you a good screen recording experienceand theyre free.

Acknowledge And Share Content From Community Members

Instagram introduces a button to catch and report fake ...

People enjoy being acknowledged for their content and efforts on social media. And sometimes, reaching out and asking about sharing some of their content on your brands profile can be a great way to acknowledge their work and also discover new brand ambasasdors.

Destination British Columbia is the Official tourism organization for British Columbia, Canada, and they often feature guest Instagrammers within their feed.

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Access Instagram Without A Phone Via A Web Browser

Theres a way to trick Instagram into thinking youre accessing it with a mobile device, even if youre on a Mac or PC. Simply change the User Agent or the code that tells a website the browser and device youre using. If you use Google Analytics to track the devices that visitors use, thats the same information sent to Instagram. Heres an example of the user agent on an iPhone:

Mozilla/5.0 AppleWebKit/603.3.8 Version/10.0 Mobile/14G60 Safari/602.1

Modern browsers have a feature that changes this information. This, in turn, lets you match the information in a mobile device and view Instagrams mobile version. What were going to learn is how to manipulate this information in major browsers like Safari and Chrome.

Lets start showing you how to post to Instagram from your computer using the Chrome browser.

Instagram Photo Saving Settings On Android

Go to your Instagram app, click on the top right menu and click on Settings at the bottom.

  • If you turn off Save Original posts, photos you take with Instagram apps camera will not be saved on your iPhones camera roll. Remember, if you take your photos with your native camera app of your phone and share by Instagram, the original photo is always in your camera roll.
  • If you turn off Save posted photos and Save posted videos: on Instagram will not be saved on your Android devices camera roll.

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How To Upload To Instagram From Your Mac

Instagram makes it easy to browse through your feed on your Mac, as well as like posts and comment on them, but to actually upload photos, you have to be a bit savvier. You can upload to Instagram directly from your browser using a few extra steps, a third-party app, or an Instagram scheduler. Heres how you can post to Instagram from your Mac using these methods.

How To Temporarily Disable An Instagram Account

Post to Instagram from Google Drive on phone

If you want to take a temporary break from Instagram, you can choose to disable it. If you decide to proceed, Instagram will hide your profile, photos, comments, likes, etc., until you log back in.

To temporarily delete your Instagram account, you have to log in to your account using a computer or a mobile browser.

  • Log in to the account.
  • Tap your profile picture at the top-right corner.
  • Tap Profile.
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    Upload Image On Instagram From Google Chrome

    Here is how you can use the Inspect Element on your Google Chrome to post pictures on Instagram from the computer.

  • Open your web browser and sign in to the Instagram Account to post on. Log in to your Instagram account from Instagrams website on your computer.
  • Open the Inspect Element for the browser now. Open the Inspect Element which is what will help you change the view of the webpage.
  • Now when the Inspect Element appears on the screen, this is how your window will look like as shown in the image above. You need to locate the icon which looks like a tab and a phone screen. This is what you will click on next. This basically is going to help you change the view of the website to a phones view instead of a desktop view. This the is the icon which will lead you to additional options that can be accessed to change the view of the website for a mobile, instead of a desktop to help you post from your computer.
  • Now towards the left side of the screen, the view for your Instagram has been changed, but this change is not permanent as yet. First, you need to select one of the options from the Responsive dropdown list that will appear. This basically is showing you a preview of your web[age and how it will appear. You need to select a type of phone under the Responsive list.
  • When you select an image on your phone to add on Instagram, you are directed to different options for editing and adding filters to the image. Add them, and then edit it accordingly.
  • How Do I Install Instagram On My Computer

    How to run Instagram on PC. 1 Install BlueStacks and run the installer. 2 Complete the one-time installation. 3 Instagram Go to the search bar in the top right corner and search for Instagram. 4 Click the icon and then Install on the Google Play screen. 5 When the installation is complete, click the Instagram icon on the My Apps tab.

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    How To Post To Instagram From Your Computer

    Instagram is a popular social media network for sharing photos, commonly accessed through a mobile app. Unlike other social networks, however, it does not have a desktop version.

    This poses a problem for a lot of users who want to access features from their desktop computer. For example, let’s say you’re a social media manager for a prominent brand. The last thing you want to do is have an absentminded mishap where you accidentally post brand content to your personal Instagram account simply because you’re logged into both on your phone.

    Alternatively, it might be easier to upload company posts and videos via your desktop, rather than having your smartphone open at work.

    Plus, your company’s files might be more easily accessible via desktop than mobile. For instance, if you use Photoshop to edit company photos, it’s likely easier to click “Upload” from your desktop when you’re done editing, rather than sending that same photo or video to your personal phone.

    Perhaps you simply prefer the larger screen of desktop. Or, maybe you don’t have access to a smartphone so you can’t download the app on your phone.

    For all of these reasons, you might be wondering, “Can I post to Instagram from my computer?” We have some good news there’s a solution for you. Let’s dive into that, next.

    How To Split Photos For Instagram Feed On Iphone

    Brands on Instagram Can Now Promote Posts With Multiple ...

    1. Grid Post Grids Photo Crop

    1. Install and open the app on your iPhone.

    2. Tap on the Create Grids button followed by . Select the photo and choose the grid size.

    3. Tap on Next followed by Next again on the screen that shows up. The app lets you add filters, text, and stickers to the grid. Use them if required. Press the Done button.

    4. Your grid is ready. Tap on the first photo to publish it to your Instagram feed. Return to the app and tap on other photos one by one to post them to Instagram.

    2. Grids for Instagram profile

    1. Install the Grids for the Instagram app on your iPhone. Launch the app.

    2. Tap on the Gallery button and select the photo to slice. Choose the grid size at the top and hit the arrow.

    3. Tap on the first photo to publish it on Instagram. Similarly, tap on other photos in a definite order and post them to Instagram.

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    Post To Instagram From A Mac Using A Scheduler

    If you dont want to be chained to your Instagram account, but still want to post awesome photos on a regular basis, you should definitely look into an Instagram scheduler to post from your Mac.

    These allow you to schedule your Instagram posts weeks, or even months, in advance. The most expensive schedulers come with lots of bells and whistles, but Later allows you to take advantage of some pretty advanced scheduling tools for free.

    With a free Later account, you can schedule up to 30 Instagram posts a month using a simple drag-and-drop platform. You can add a caption and geotag your location, but you cant schedule videos, carousel-type posts, or Stories. Also, if you want your posts to publish to Later automatically, you will need an Instagram business account. Otherwise, you will receive a notification when its time to publish, but you will have to do it manually.

    Heres how to post to Instagram from your Mac using Later:

  • Go to and create a free account. If you like the platform, you can always upgrade to a paid plan.
  • Log in with your Instagram credentials to connect Later with Instagram.
  • Upload your photos to the Later media library by clicking Upload Media and choosing one or more photos from your files. You can also upload directly from Google Drive or Dropbox by clicking the appropriate icon.
  • Your photos will show up in the Later library. From there you can drag and drop the photos to the calendar at whichever day and time you choose.
  • Post A Gif To Instagram Directly From Giphy

    You can post to your Instagram Stories directly from GIPHY in much the same way you create Instagram posts. Heres how:

  • Open the GIPHY app on your iPhone.
  • Find an awesome GIF to share to your Instagram Stories.
  • Tap on the paper airplane icon located under the GIF.
  • Tap the Instagram button and give GIPHY permission to access your Instagram. Once you have given permission, your GIF will open inside Instagram.
  • Choose Story to post a 15-second looped GIF to your Instagram Story.
  • Your GIF will appear in your Stories, where you can add additional features like text, drawings, and stickers.
  • Tap Your Stories to save your GIF to your Stories.
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    A Upload Photos From Android Phone To Instagram Via Share Button On Your Phone:

  • Go to & sign in to your account. If you don’t have an account, then create one.
  • Open the Photo Gallery on your Android phone.
  • Select the photos which you want to upload.
  • Tap “Share” button located at top right corner on the screen.
  • Select “Instagram” option.
  • Crop your photo & tap “Right arrow” button located at top right corner on the screen.
  • Apply digital filters & tap “Right arrow” button.
  • A “Share to” window opens up.
  • Add a description & tap “Check mark” button located at top right corner on the screen.
  • All your photos will now be uploaded to Instagram.
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    How to post to instagram from iPhone

    Plus, Facebook last month started letting users cross-post their Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories. Eight months after launching Stories, Instagram in April announced that more than 200 million people use it every day and bragged that its version is more popular that Snapchat.

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    Post Via Pc Using Aischedul

    If you enjoy the idea of posting to Instagram on your PC or Mac, you can ! You can post all of your photos from your desktop or phone, type your subtitles on your network, and then schedule them for when you desire to post. For desktop users, it is easy to see upload their photos by choosing a proper third party app that provides them to upload and share their content.

    There is a sample of posting contents via AiSchedul:

    B Upload Photos From Android Phone To Instagram Via Instagram App

  • Go to & sign in to your account. If you don’t have an account, then create one.
  • Open “Instagram app” on your Android phone.
  • Tap ‘Camera’ icon located at the bottom on the screen.
  • Tap “Next” button.
  • Add description & tap “Check mark” button located at top right corner on the screen.
  • All your photos will now be uploaded to Instagram.
  • Quick Tip to ensure your Photos never go missingPhotos are precious memories and all of us never want to ever lose them to hard disk crashes or missing drives. PicBackMan is the easiest and simplest way to keep your photos safely backed up in one or more online accounts. , register your account, connect to your online store and tell PicBackMan where your photos are – PicBackMan does the rest, automatically. It bulk uploads all photos and keeps looking for new ones and uploads those too. You don’t have to ever touch it.

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    Is It Possible To Sign Up For Instagram Without The App

    Where Instagram was originally only available through the mobile app, it is now possible to follow Instagram without downloading the mobile app online. To sign up for Instagram online without an app: follow the link *. Decide whether you want to create an Instagram account with your email address or use Facebook.

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