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How To Post On Company Page Linkedin Mobile

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Choose Contacts You Wish To Invite

LinkedIn Pages: How to use mobile admin

You will now be presented of a list of all of your contacts who do not currently follow your page. Select each person you would like to invite wed recommend setting yourself a little reminder each morning to invite another 100 for quicker results).

The search bar at the top also enables you to search for specific people helpful if you have a large number of connections and you want to invite a specific handful.

They will each receive a notification informing them that you have invited them to follow your page. If they accept, theyll become a follower!

Tips On How To Use The Linkedin Newsfeed

1. Avoid cutesy or clever titles. Always include your primary keyword in the title.

2. Include your keyword in the first paragraph and throughout your post.

3. Include a strong image that enhances the point of your post. Be sure you have added your key word to your photo.

4. Promote your post on other social channels and if it is evergreen content, re-post from time to time.

Buying ads to promote posts can spread your content far and wide and build a new audience quickly. If you do buy advertising I encourage you to have a strong call to action in the footer of all your posts letting people know how they can get more of your content. This could be in the form of a subscriber opt-in or link to your website.

Filter People By Or All Filters

LinkedIn cant seem to make its mind up on what to call this awesome feature. On the left of the toolbar theres the funky icon mentioned above and on the right are the words All filters. They both lead you to the same destination. Go figure.

This is a powerful feature within Search. If you select People as your search preference, youll see a symbol youve probably never seen before. It resembles three nob and tubing wires .

Not as powerful as the desktop version, it still allows you to narrow your search by: Connections degree, Connections of, Locations, Current company, Past company,School, Industry, Profile language, and Open to.

The computer version provides more features than the app, and Filter people by is way more friendly on your computer than your phone. There are a couple of more options to find people with the computer platform, which include Service categories, and Keywords.

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Sharing An Update From A Linkedin Company Page

A properly built LinkedIn Company Page is different than a personal profile. Although you will see people set up their company pages as profiles, this isn’t the ideal set up. A company page, unlike a profile, cannot send connection requests, can’t join or post updates in groups, and can’t comment on the posts of other people.

Most importantly, unless your company page posts are liked and/or shared, then the;only;potential audience that your updates have are your company page followers.

Unless you’re considering;, there is a limited amount of ways to expose the company page itself to a wider audience.

Admins and company employees alike need to take part in this process in order to get your company page’s messages to a wider audience than just your company page followers.

You Can Now Finally Manage Linkedin Company Pages From Your Mobile Device

Lead Generation: How It Works on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been slowly rolling out enhancements to its company pages over the past month or so to its millions of users all over the world, and one of them is something that many administrators of company LinkedIn pages have been asking for a very long time drum roll please the ability to manage company pages from a mobile device.

When I realized late Friday night that I can now manage the company LinkedIn pages for which I am an administrator, I almost jumped for joy on a very crowded Manhattan street.

But then I realized that you cant really manage the page from your mobile device and to do what you really need to do editing wise, you still need to be at a desktop computer.

This was a huge bummer for me, and Im sure many other marketers who are constantly on the go and want the ability to post from their phones just like we can for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I continue to be surprised that LinkedIns platform doesnt yet enable users to have the full range of tools that you do on its desktop version when you are THE most powerful and important social media platform for business professionals.

Read on to learn what you can and cannot do from your mobile device.

Heres the thing you can only manage certain, very limited things on company pages from your mobile device at this point. Basically, all you can do is create a new post.

One very major thing that you cannot do is to edit prior posts.

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How To Create A Linkedin Post On Homepage And Android Phone

Ollie Mattison

If you thought social media is not vital for your career growth, then you need to rethink. Through a LinkedIn post, you can leverage your online presence in the professional circuit, as a large pool of skilled minds network through it. You can use an article, update, or photo to publish a LinkedIn post and garner attention to make your presence felt in your professional network.

Being the worldâs largest professional network, you should use it to get the most out of it by learning how to post on LinkedIn. Through this article we are going to help you understand the ways to create and post content on LinkedIn.

See Saved Posts On Linkedin

Personally, I find this function very handy for capturing inspirational content. The first time I tried to find my saved posts I needed to google it myself.

LinkedIn placed a small “saved posts” button on the left sidebar in the feed view. Easy to overlook isn’t it?

When you click the button you will find all the posts you saved to watch later.

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Best Linkedin Company Video Maker

If you need to make video for LinKedIn video, here we recommend using Filmora Business. It is an easy to use tool that does not have any complex learning curve and can be accessed by one and all, from beginners to the professionals. You can use it to make stunning video ads with a growing visual effects library. Download it now to have a try

St Degree Connections Show Up In Your Linkedin Mobile Newsfeed

Publish Post to LinkedIn Business Page from Mobile App

I have noticed on LinkedIn mobile from the HOME page, all the posts are from 1st degree connections and advertisers. So if there are peoples content you want to see but dont necessarily want to connect with the person, you can always FOLLOW them to see their posts.

According to Wikipedia, LinkedIn Pulse was a news aggregation app for Android, iOS and HTML5 browsers, originally released in 2010. The app, in its original incarnation, was deprecated in 2015 and integrated into LinkedIn.

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Complete All Page Details

According to LinkedIn, fully completed LinkedIn Company Pages get 30% more views. Take the time to fill out every Page detail, even those that arent required.;

The more details you provide about your company, the easier it will be for people to discover and connect with you. It will also serve to educate those who are interested in working for or investing in your company.

Set Up Admins To Manage Your Company Page On Linkedin

If youve used almost any social media management tool, youll be familiar with the idea of Community Managers, basically account admins who plan and post all social media content, and who are tasked with responding to comments and possibly forwarding any complaints to Customer Service.

LinkedIns new Pages has this functionality. Page admins can post and share content, and they can reply to comments as well. They can do this work from almost anywhere, too: LinkedIns app allows admins to manage a company Page on LinkedIn when theyre on the go or from their desktops.

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Stay Top Of Mind With Your Audience

Company page updates are where a lot of people drop the ball. A LinkedIn update is just like a Facebook update or a tweet. It is a few lines into a link. You may also want to create custom images to go with your updates, just as you would do on other social media platforms.

Theres a lot of competition for . Post at least once, but ideally a few times a week, with content that will bring people to your company page. This will also keep your page relevant.

One way to keep updates top of mind is to make sure you add your company page to whatever social sharing tool you use, such as Hootsuite, Sociamonials, or Oktopost.

When you share an update, you have three choices.

  • General. This will push your post to everyone who follows your company page.
  • Targeting. This is a free option that enables you to direct your posts to specific audiences. For instance, if your company focuses on a bunch of verticals or niche markets, target the most relevant audience for your update. As long as you have at least 100 people in each targeting audience, you can share content specifically to them. Target by company size, industry, function, seniority, geography, and language.
  • Sponsor. To promote your content to people who are not yet following your company page, pay to sponsor that update.

Ideas for LinkedIn Company Updates

Write new posts or find content to repurpose to use as updates.

For instance:

How To Get More Impressions On Your Updates

LinkedIn Lead Generation

If you are still building your page following, the rest of this article provides useful tips to amplify your company page content via personal LinkedIn updates.

First and foremost, don’t try to go at this alone. Social media is best when your;entire team participates;in sharing and amplifying your content.;

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Get More Visibility On Linkedin For Free

You can widen the scope of your audience without paying for advertising. ;With the tips provided on how your employees can share a LinkedIn post, you should be able to better reach new audiences on LinkedIn.

Small Business Digital Marketing Portfolio



Choose A Great Headline

Your headline can make or break the success of your article. Not many people realise just how important headlines are.

It must have charm but also let people know exactly what the article is about. You have to rope in readers by being interesting and engaging.

However, you mustnt use cheap tactics that make people think the article will be about something its not.

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Show Why Your Company Is A Great Place To Work

In the previously mentioned Top Talent Acquisition: 4 Steps to Hiring the Best Talent in the World article, Noah Kagan explains that to attract top talent you need to show them why your company is a great place to work at. He shared an image that he saw on a Craiglist job ad:

A job ad on Craiglist

Yeah, merely looking at this picture makes one want to go and get a prescription for antidepressants, so its probably safe to say that very few people would apply to a job posting like that.

With your company page on LinkedIn, dont make the same mistake.

Think about what makes your company a great place to work. Then make sure to mention it on LinkedIn.

For example, heres Noahs picture:


Now, a bar at the office is pretty cool, but whats more important is that it shows that AppSumo is a relaxed, friendly, casual workplace where people dont take themselves too seriously.

Advises Noah:

Make your pages genuinely you. Dont try to be whacky if youre not. For example, as a law firm, you can say you work your asses off, get paid very little but do work that is the most meaningful thing youve ever done. Tell the story of your company and the story of why this position is valuable to you. Even if you dont have the resources of Google. Add your faces on your page. Add your attitude.

Remember: when it comes to top talent, you are evaluating them and they are evaluating you, so make an effort to impress them.

How To Save And Find Saved Posts On Linkedin To Read Later

How to comment on a LinkedIn post as your company page

LinkedIn is a place for people to find bigger networks, more professional friends, and countless valuable content. And that’s why there is a ‘Posts section’ or feed on LinkedIn.

‘Posts’ on LinkedIn are basic status updates. One way to get the most out of LinkedIn is to find useful links, articles, content, or posts relevant to read from professionals on LinkedIn.

But honestly, we’ve all gone through the phase where we scrolled through our LinkedIn homepage feed to see articles we wanted to read and thought we’d read about it later, and we often can’t find it again. Very annoying!

The good news isapart from searchingyou can also save posts that you have found for later reading. LinkedIn does listen to feedback sometimes, and theyve created an option to save posts so you can easily find them later.

LinkedIn also has done a pretty good job of making this helpful feature available to users who want to use their computer instead of phones to read lengthy articles in a long time online.

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View The Linkedin Desktop Site From Your Android Device

Android phones use Chrome by default, which has a setting that calls the desktop website instead of the mobile version. You can set it to use the desktop website at any time with a couple of taps.

  • Navigate to the in Chrome on your Android device.
  • Select the three dot menu icon in the top right of the page.
  • Check the box next to Desktop site.
  • This should then use the desktop website for the rest of the session.

    Viewing Desktop Websites On Small Screens

    Depending on the quality of the website you are viewing, there may be lots of compromises when viewing a desktop version of a site on drastically smaller screens. There may also be few. As 60% of LinkedIns traffic comes from mobile, their websites are coded very carefully and work well regardless of what device you use.

    The desktop site is small and needs tiny fingers to access options and menu but pinch to zoom works fine. The new desktop site is much cleaner and has much less clutter than the previous version, so it works very well on mobile and the odds of a mis-click are lower than they might be on other sites. And certainly, its much better than the LinkedIn app in my opinion.

    Your main profile details come up first and you can slide around the page with ease using fingers. Scrolling is simple and all of the chat, invitation, promotion, and interactive features all seem to work fine on my Android phone. Im sure iOS is just as good.

    Do you view the LinkedIn desktop site from your phone or use the app or mobile site? Tell us about it below!

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    Linkedin: The Largest Professional Network In The World

    LinkedIn was founded in 2002 by Reid Hoffman and ten other co-founders, several of whom belong to the so-called PayPal Mafia as does Hoffman.

    What is Paypal Mafia? Its a group of former PayPal employees who went on to start their own successful companies:

    The PayPal Mafia

    Probably the most famous PayPal alum is Elon Musk, known as being the crazy genius behind Tesla and SpaceX. But there are quite a few other former PayPal employees who have done very well for themselves. In fact, six of them, including Reid Hoffman, became billionaires.

    This is an important detail of LinkedIn history because the all-star founding team and their Silicon Valley connections undoubtedly played a huge role in the companys success.

    In 2003, LinkedIn raised a series A Investment round which was led by Sequoia Capital, a venture capital company known for their investment in numerous unicorns such as Google, Apple, PayPal, YouTube, WhatsApp, and more.

    And the LinkedIn team did not disappoint. In 2004, the company reached 1 million users, in 2006 it had its first profitable month, and in 2007 it hit 10 million users.

    In 2008, after several venture capital companies purchased a 5% stake in LinkedIn for $53 million, the company was valued at $1 billion .

    In 2010, it was valued at around $2 billion, though by the end of the year its value dropped to around $1.5 billion. That same year it was ranked No.10 on Silicon Valley Insiders Top 100 list of most valuable startups.

    LinkedIn registered users

    Create Your Linkedin Company Page Today

    Understanding the New LinkedIn Layout

    Nearly 80% of consumers trust social media over advertising including social media for brands and companies.

    Your LinkedIn Company Page contributes to this statistic, and, in turn, helps bolster your brand awareness, trust, and social activity. Use this guide to develop your LinkedIn Company Page and start engaging with new customers, employees, investors, and followers.

    Editor’s note: This post was originally published in August 2017 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

    Originally published Mar 10, 2021 7:00:00 AM, updated July 02 2021


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