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How To Post Highlights On Instagram

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They Help You Create A Great First Impression

How to Add Instagram Story Highlights

Various brands have used highlights to create an amazing first impression with their potential customers and clients on Instagram.

The feature is positioned right below your bio, where your followers can easily see it when they land on your profile. It can be a great tool to give your potential followers easy-to-access content, hence making a good first impression on them.

How To Add A Highlight On Instagram Without Posting A Story

Jessie RichardsonRead moreNovember 16, 2020

Instagram Highlights are a great way of getting closer to your followers. You can share your special moments with them, thus making your profile more attractive. However, there is a way you can save a video to your highlights without anyone seeing it.

It could be a video thats special to you that you dont want to share with other people, and thats fine. We will now explain how you can add a video from your camera roll to your Instagram Highlights.

Download Your Highlight Covers From Visme

Name your project. Then click in the top right corner. Choose your file type . Then click the button.

Download your free pack of 40 customizable Instagram Stories Highlights Icons now. Optimize your profile and set your brand apart from the competition.

Your cover will be downloaded to your hard drive.

Repeat this process with other cover designs.

Pro tip: Now is a great time to make sure your Instagram account has your Story archive enabled. This is important if you want to go back and see your old Stories without downloading them to your phone.

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How To See The Number Of Views On Instagram Highlights

The Instagram application provides you with the direct option to see the number of people who have seen your highlights. However, if you find it difficult to do so, follow the steps given below.

However, you need to keep in mind that Instagram can you see who views highlights and how to see the number of views on Instagram Highlights, is explained below.

  • Open your Instagram profile, by clicking on the profile option given on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Now, click on the highlight to open the story.
  • On the bottom left corner of the screen, you will find the option Seen By
  • Keep Your Highlights Well Maintained

    4 Ways to Eliminate a Line of Demarcation

    As your Instagram marketing strategy evolves over time, you may need to make updates to your Highlightslike deleting either the entire Highlight or a saved Story within one. The last thing you want is to show new followers outdated content thats no longer relevant.

    Delete a Highlight

    To delete an entire Highlight:

  • Go to your Instagram profile page.
  • Click Delete highlight.
  • Remove a Story from a Highlight

    Whether a special offer has expired or your service offering has changed, its easy to delete Instagram Stories from a saved Highlight:

  • Go to your Instagram profile page.
  • Skip through to the Story you want to delete.
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    Keep Your Audience Updated

    Instagram Stories are a great avenue for sharing announcements. If you want to keep your latest news at your audiences fingertips, make space in your Instagram Highlights for weekly updates.

    We update our highlights at least once a week to make sure that at the least the first viewable highlights are up to date and clean.”

    We update our highlights at least once a week to make sure that at the least the first viewable highlights are up to date and clean, says Shakivla Todd, marketing associate at funding marketplace iFundWomen.

    You can use Instagram Highlights to showcase your best content by creating a literal Highlights reel from the past week. This also allows you to keep ongoing promotions, upcoming events, and other business news on your profile longer.

    Every Tuesday, we run a campaign titled What We’re Up To, Todd says. It spotlights our events or workshops that week. It always lives at the top of our Highlights so people can get to it quickly.”

    Create Engaging Covers For Your Highlights

    To change this cover:

  • Choose Edit highlight.
  • Select Edit cover.
  • Choose an image from any of the Stories in your Highlights, or a photo from your gallery.
  • To keep this section of an Instagram profile on-brand and engaging, many businesses choose to create bespoke cover images for their Story Highlights. If youre using an Instagram grid theme, for example, create custom Story Highlights to keep things consistent.

    For inspiration, take a look at how fashion retailer New Look uses blocks of color and simple iconography to create engaging Highlight covers:

    If you have access to a graphic designer, great! But if youre a one-person band or your budget wont cover external help, dont worryyou can still create some professional looking covers for your Highlights.

    Canva has premade . Each is ready to go and sized correctly, meaning even inexperienced designers can pull something appealing together quickly.

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    Setting Up A Close Friends List

    Setting up a close friends list on Instagram is like creating a VIP list for a party youre organizing.

    You can select the few people who can view the highlight youll be creating.

    So, heres how you go about the process:

    Step 1: Tap the Profile icon after launching the Instagram app.

    Step 2: Press the hamburger menu in the Profile page.

    Step 3: Press Settings.

    Step 4: Under the Settings page, select the Privacy option by tapping it.

    Step 5: On the Privacy page, press the Story button.

    Step 6: Now, tap the 0 Friends button under the Close Friends category.

    Step 7: Set up your Close Friends list by tapping the circles beside the names of your followers.

    Youve successfully chosen them if the circle turns into blue color.

    Step 8: Once youre done choosing the followers that will be part of your Close Friends list, press Done.

    And, just like the first method, head to the Home page and create a story. Just make sure to tap the Close Friends option so only those in the group will be able to view it.

    However, if you dont want to repeatedly block-unblock your IG followers or create a Close Friends list, set your account to private.

    What Are Instagram Highlights And How Do You Use Them

    How to Add Highlights on Instagram Without Adding to Story (2022 Hack)

    Instagram Highlights are a great way to showcase your life on Instagram for anyone visiting your profile. Learn how to make the most of them!

    Maybe you’ve seen people feature their Instagram stories in neat little circles on their profiles and wondered how they did that. Or maybe you’ve heard friends mention their Instagram Highlights and wondered what they mean. Either way, wonder no more.

    This article is a guide to Instagram Highlights, explaining what they are, their benefits to your profile, and how to use them.

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    How To Delete Instagram Story Highlights

    Whether you have a few old highlights you want to get rid of or ones that dont fit your brand anymoreyou can always delete them. Lets see how.

    Remove an entire highlight from your profile 3 simple steps:

  • Go to your Instagram profile page.
  • Press and hold the highlight you want to remove.
  • Tap Delete Highlight.
  • To remove a specific story from the highlight:

  • Go to your Instagram profile page.
  • Press and hold the highlight the story is currently in.
  • Click on Edit Highlight
  • De-select the story you want to remove from the Selected tab.
  • With all the features you can customize, theres no excuse to not have curated highlights on your profile, especially considering you can edit and tweak them in a few clicks.

    Deleted highlights are not lost forever or at least until 30 days. You can find all the items you deleted in Instagrams newest feature. Lets look at that next.

    Create Highlight From The Archived Stories

    There is a possibility to create highlights from the stories archive as well. Using the story controls and options you can pull the stories you save to archive.

    To add Instagram stories from your archive to a highlight and pin them on your profile, follow the steps below:

  • Go to your Instagram profile and tap Story Highlights below bio
  • Tap the plus icon
  • In the new window, tap and select the stories you want to appear in the Highlight and tap Next.
  • Tap Edit Cover to choose which story will appear as a Highlight icon or just upload an icon
  • Enter a name for your Highlight
  • Tap Add or Done .
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    Curate Your Brands Positive Reviews

    Instagram allows reposting another persons update or a story to your own story , but only when that user tags you in that photo or caption.

    When tagged in any persons update or story on Instagram, youll have the option to add it to your story.

    So all you need to do is to invite your customers to tag you whenever they want to be featured in a story and a subsequent highlight of yours and then track that hashtag to see if there are any cool updates that can become your story.

    Ensure that your Instagram account is set up the way that it allows other people to mention your and tag you in the photos, and when that happens, you get notified so that you can repost:

    • Go to your profile and from there tap Instagram Settings
    • Go to Privacy and make sure Mentions is set up to Everyone
    • Next, go to Notifications and ensure that you receive a notification when anyone tags you in a photo

    Additionally, you can collect and highlight your brands reviews from elsewhere, not just Instagram. You can collect and feature screenshots of tweets mentioning you, visualize your on-site testimonials and create beautiful slideshows using any positive feedback your customers chose to share.

    They Help Eliminate Clutter

    Fashion Instagram Banner Post Template in 2021

    This is most important for a brand that shares a lot of content regularly on its profile. Things can quickly get messy that way.

    But with Highlights, you can easily keep things organized and attractive on your profile. You can even take it a step further by getting a little creative with stuff there.

    You can create matching graphics for each category or use color schemes and icons that help set your brand apart and make it more aesthetically pleasing than your competitors.

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    Create Your Press Room

    Has your business been covered in the press? Are you particularly product of some of your media coverage? Why not collect these mentions using highlights?

    Create a story listing screenshots of those mentions and make a story. Then just ping them to your profile permanently using highlights. Any of your potential customers or a curious journalist visiting your Instagram profile will be impressed!

    Dont forget that highlights display most recently added stories first, so your profile users will be able to see the freshest press coverage of your brand first.

    How To Delete An Instagram Highlight

    Perhaps you’ve changed your mind about featuring certain photos on your profile, or maybe you just want to clean up your Highlights because there are too many. Whatever your reason, you can easily delete an Instagram Highlight:

  • Tap and hold the Highlight you want to remove.
  • Select Delete Highlight> Delete from the menu.
  • That’s it. You can also delete only certain stories from your Instagram Highlight, rather than removing it altogether:

  • Open the Highlight and navigate to the story you want to delete.
  • Select More from the bottom-right corner.
  • Select Remove from Highlight from the menu.
  • Tap Remove to confirm.
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    How To Use Highlights And Story Links To Increase Conversions

    Here comes the most interesting part, especially for businesses. Now, with Story Archive and Stories Highlights, you can re-surface the most popular parts of a previous Story, showcasing it to your audience as a “new” post – with promotional links included.

    You can share a Story from your Stories Archive in a direct message or to your Story.

    To share a story from your Stories Archive:

  • Go to your profile and tap the ‘Archive’ icon.
  • Tap the Story you want to share.
  • Tap ‘Share’ at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap ‘Your Story’ or choose the people you want to share it with, then follow the on-screen instructions to finish sharing your Story.
  • You can add Stories to appear on your profile as highlights, even after they disappear. Highlights appear below your profile photo.

    To add a ‘Story’ to a highlight:

  • Go to your profile and tap below ‘Stories Highlights’.
  • Tap to select the Story you want to add to highlights, then tap ‘Next’.
  • Choose a cover photo and enter a Story name for your highlight, then tap ‘Add’. You can add more photos or videos to your highlight at any time by tapping ‘Edit Highlight’.
  • Other ideas for combining stories and highlights include:

    A version of this post was first published on Andrew Macarthy’s blog.

    How To Add A Story To Highlights Without Adding It To Story

    How to Add Highlights on Instagram Without Adding to Story | Guiding Tech

    Typically, Instagram stories have to be published and left for everyone to see for at least 24 hours before you can move them to the Highlights section. But theres a little hack you can use to add a story to your Highlights without publishing it. The process is simple and easy to follow Here is how you add stories to Highlights without anyone seeing them.

  • Switch your Profile to Private
  • Block Everyone So They Cant See Your Story
  • Upload the story you want
  • Add the story to your highlights
  • After 24 hours, unblock people so they can see your stories again.
  • After waiting for 24 hours for the video to transfer to your Highlights, its time you unblock everyone the same way you blocked them. The next time they view your profile, the story will be added to your highlights already, and thats about it.

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    How To Add An Instagram Highlight Without Adding To Your Story

    without spamming your Story

  • Switch your Instagram profile to Private, in your general Settings.
  • Go to your privacy Story Settings, and Block all users from seeing your Stories.
  • Upload the Story you want to add to the Highlight.
  • Add the Story to your highlight.
  • After waiting 24 hours for the video to add into your Highlights, you can change your privacy settings back to normal.
  • How To Add Instagram Highlights Without Adding To Your Story

    Want to update your cover photo, or add an Instagram Highlight, without posting it to your Story? This toolkit takes you through the basics.

    Posted 7 months agoPosted 7 months agoIt can give a deeper insight into who you are, or just get across information about your products and answers to FAQs.

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    What If Your Story Cant Be Added To Instagram Highlights

    Above here, I have explained how to add to highlights without adding to story, and how to put highlights on instagram without story. Now if you could not do this, the only reason is that you did not wait the 24 hours you need after posting the video. Pay attention, if you deleted the video before the 24 hour mark, again you can not add the story to your Featured section. Continue reading and learn how to move highlights on instagram, and how to delete a highlight on instagram.

    To Add Highlights On Instagram:

    How To Create Instagram Stories Highlight Covers + FREE Icons
    • Go to your profile by tapping the profile picture on the bottom right
    • Tap New under the profile bio
    • Select from the already-published stories
    • Add cover and write the name for highlights
    • To remove the highlights, you can tap three dots on every photo and videos, select the remove from the highlights option.

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    Highlight Your Customer Testimonials

    We all know the importance of sharing customer reviews, so be sure to share your companys reviews with your followers, too! Creating a highlight dedicated to reposting screenshots or testimonials of your customers experiences using your product, service, or brand, and highlighting these on your Instagram account is a great way to share the stories of your happy customers. Customer testimonials are valuable to emphasize the benefits customers have received from your products or service.

    These customer testimonials are also a great opportunity to use the See More button, allowing followers to swipe up and shop the product your customers were raving about.

    Just be sure to ask customers if theyd be willing to be featured on your businesss Instagram profile, but hopefully youll have trust built with them already and theyll say yes!

    Spotlight Your Customers Or Employees

    Nothing builds a brand better than getting to know people behind it. Whether it is your customers wearing your T-shirts, influencers who have contributed to your guide or employees discussing what it is like to work for your business showing people who are in some way associated with your brand is a great idea.

    @Sheertex has a separate highlight featuring their customers, designers and models. The highlight is in the form of a quick Q& A letting the followers know more about each person and better relate to the brand through knowing people behind it.

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    How To Create Insta Highlight Cover Photos: An Ultimate Guide

    Shanoon Cox

    Ever wondered what people see first when they visit your Instagram profile? Well, your visitors first notice your bio information and obviously one of the most useful Instagram features, the Insta highlight cover photo!

    Instagram Highlights are a convenient way to direct your new followers to the content you want them to check first and the ideal way to do that is by adding Covers to your IG Highlights. Your cover pic for Highlights tends to be the first video or image from the collection of Stories that you highlighted. However, this can be changed easily. Since Highlights are positioned right below your bio, it is recommended to make your Instagram highlights cover pics as eye-catching, professional, or fun as possible.

    Instagram Highlights is a great feature for business owners. This is because it gives them the chance to build trust, share vital information, promote their products or services, and highlight positive reviews from happy consumers. Insta stories have now become more like mini-blog posts that can be saved and shared directly in the app via Instagram highlights.

    Confused about what is an Insta Highlight cover and how do you make one for your brand? Check out the handy guide below

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