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How To Post An Article On Linkedin

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How To Publish An Article

How to post an article on LinkedIn

Once youve written your masterpiece, its time to share it with the world . To publish it on LinkedIn, you need to

  • Put in your Headline at the top of the article.
  • You can also add images, hyperlinks and other elements to spruce up your article.
  • Youre then ready to press Publish. Youll be given the option to write a relevant Post copy to introduce your article. Pro tip: Make sure to add hashtags to your message, this can help you get more views on the link.
  • If you arent quite ready to publish your LinkedIn article and want to leave it until another time, you can save it as a draft. As you create your article, LinkedIn automatically saves it as a draft.

Linkedin Post Versus Article

Theres an important difference between posting an update and publishing an article on LinkedIn. A LinkedIn post is a brief message intended to share a quick resource or comment. That could include a graphic or video or even a link to an article or website. The intention is not to delve deep into a topic, but rather to share a quick update to your network. A LinkedIn post also may be as simple as updating your network on your job status or posing a question to gain feedback from your professional community. As a rule of thumb, LinkedIn posts are generally around 300 to 500 characters and include often include a link, relevant hashtags, and media attachment.

In contrast, a LinkedIn article is a longer-form piece of content, intended to delve deeper into a topic, offer practical advice or best practices, and demonstrate authority and expertise in a subject. Your article can be featured in a post with a link, but it is not a post itself. Articles are generally around 500 to 700 words but can be longer depending on the topic.

Key Considerations When Looking For The Best Times To Post On Linkedin

Day of the Week

The best day of the week to post on LinkedIn is Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, with Wednesday getting the highest level of engagement. Given that the platform is a professional network, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Mondays and Fridays are the weekdays with the least usage and least engagement. And, on weekends, LinkedIn usage drops dramatically.

Breaks in the Workday

Being a professional network used by business thought leaders, job seekers, and business owners, LinkedIn is primarily used during traditional business hours with engagement dropping off markedly after 5 pm and on weekends. Of course, there are also natural breaks during the workday in which LinkedIn engagement increases. Lunchtime is generally a more active time on the platform with mornings also getting their share of engagement. Engagement spikes again towards the end of the workday when professionals are likely to be taking an afternoon break.

Use Time Zones to Your Advantage

Follow Your Specific Audience

Frequency of Posting on LinkedIn

The ideal posting frequency for LinkedIn is two to five times per week, up to 20 times per month. It’s not recommended to publish to the platform more than once per weekday. LinkedIn’s algorithm is built to provide users a broad range of content from multiple creators in their newsfeeds, so posting more than once per weekday is likely to do more harm than good.

Different Sectors Prefer Posts at Different Times

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Here Are The Top Tips On How To Create A High Engagement Post On Linkedin

1. People will only see the first 3 lines of your post initially, and so youll need a hook to entice them to click see more

Heres an example:

This one enticed me to click because she said she had her best year but thats contrasted by the first point where she said she was rejected. This mystery provokes people to see more.

Here are several more examples of how to hook your audience in the first 3 lines.

2. Separate your LinkedIn post into smaller chunks instead of large paragraphs

We are a skimmer society, people! Here is the above post expanded with the ideal formatting:

3. Its important to convey a perspective in your LinkedIn post

Whether you are sharing statistics, opinions, observations, or personal experiences, its best to tie it together with a So what? statement.

For instance, in the above example, the author lists failures she had in 2018so what? She wraps up the post with a lesson: Dont let rejection and disappointment deter you. By explicitly stating her point it makes people more comfortable with liking and commenting on the post since they know exactly what they are endorsing. Here are two more examples.

Tie it together with a So what? statement.

The above post did very well, but there is actually one type of post that time and time again performs well above others, which I explain here.

4. Finally, put your outbound links in the comments of your LinkedIn post

Best Time To Post On Linkedin

How to Post an Article to LinkedIn  The No

Even though it isn’t one-size-fits-all, marketers have found success on LinkedIn by posting Tuesday through Thursday, typically between the hours of 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. depending on your time zone. The worst time to post is on weekends or outside of business hours, which are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Maybe you’re a higher education student thinking about the best time to reach out to thought leaders, or a marketer for a B2B company.

There isn’t a set answer here either, but fortunately, doing some research about the type of audience you’re trying to capture based on your industry can lead you to make an informed decision.

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The Best Time To Post On Linkedin In 2021

With the rise of marketing software and paid advertising, it’s no secret that social media platforms aren’t only a place for mutual connection and sharing among strangers they’ve also grown into a place where companies can build a brand.

In fact, LinkedIn, a social media platform for professional engagement, has 303 million monthly active users.

Attracting an engaged audience on LinkedIn requires you to craft compelling content. But, if you dont post your content at the right time, most of your followers will never see your updates. So how do you figure out the optimal time to post for your specific audience?

The truth is, there is no right answer. But you can use some research to make assumptions about the best times to post based on your audience. In the next section, we’ll go over the best time to post on the platform based on your industry or business goals.For an in-depth guide on when to post on LinkedIn and how to build your overall marketing strategy on the platform, check out our video.

Reasons Why You Should Use Linkedin Pulse

You might be wondering, What makes LinkedIn pulse better than other networks? Or you might be thinking, Why should I worry about posting to Pulse if I already have a blog?

One of the largest advantages of Pulse is that the sole purpose of it is to help nurture and grow professional relationships.

Because of this, Pulse is great for helping you connect with your audience on a deeper level.

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Why You Should Reshare Your Linkedin Article

Articles have a much longer lifespan than posts on LinkedIn. And while you can view the analytics for your posts for only 60 days, analytics for articles are available for 2 years.

You can give an article new life by resharing it via a LinkedIn post that directs users to that article. I have several LinkedIn articles that still get comments a year or 18 months after they were published. The how-to articles seem to perform best with my audience.

When you reshare an article to the news feed, focus on one main point or angle from the article. Then a few days later, share your article to the news feed again, but this time, focus on a different point.

To visualize this, if your article is about 10 reasons why someone should attend your live event, list one or two of those reasons the first time you reshare the article. When you reshare it a few days or even a week later, discuss some of the other reasons.

Youll see podcasters or bloggers using this tactic effectively on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Simply adopt this same method to get more views and reads of your LinkedIn articles.

It Takes Time To Write A Great Linkedin Article

How to post an article on LinkedIn

While a lot of people always say quality over quantity. But in the current digital media world, you need to balance both. Because with so much content out there, if you don’t produce quality content in a consistent and regular manner, you can be forgotten easier.

And because a good LinkedIn article will take time to produce, you would not be able to publish it as frequently as LinkedIn posts.

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Linkedin Provides More Analytics For Each Article Published

LinkedIn gives users access to metrics to gauge whether or not the content is engaging the right readership.

Facebook gives ordinary users no access to metrics unless they use the social network’s ad platform Twitter at least provides a limited amount of engagement statistics, but LinkedIn gives more detail.

Still, there are several cons of LinkedIn articles too.

So How Do Linkedin Articles Show Up Now

These days, you can create a LinkedIn article straight from your personalized home page.

Youll also see various articles appear in your news feed, among other LinkedIn updates like posts and work anniversaries.

The URL of any piece of LinkedIn content created through the platforms publishing tool will start with but that page alone doesnt turn up any results. And theres not currently a way to filter LinkedIn articles using the platforms search bar.

Does this make sense? No, not really.

But, if youre a B2B marketer looking to make your voice heard, the potential advantages of posting articles on LinkedIn could very well outweigh the platforms idiosyncrasies.

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How Does Linkedin Pulse Work

Most of the content on the LinkedIn homepage feed comes from Pulse.

Pulse users receive weekly email digests containing new posts, and users publish more than 130,000 original articles every week.

There are mobile apps for both iOS and Android. To get started, users dont need to follow topics or publishers.

They can just log in to LinkedIn to get personalized news based on their industry and connections.

The cards on the interface allow users to skim through tons of content and publishers quickly.

If users want to read a story at a later time, the app allows them to save it. Users can easily dismiss stories that they dont like, and they can follow authors with the click of a button.

Each of these actions refines future recommendations.

based on whats trending in a users field, the authors that they follow, and their previous actions on the platform.

If a connection or industry influencer appears in the news, LinkedIn will notify users about the piece of content that mentioned them.

With Pulse, you can target readers with relevant stories based on their connections and professional footprints.

All you have to do is publish on the platform to get started making waves with your audience.

Posting An Article On Linkedin

How to Publish an Article on LinkedIn

There are many benefits to becoming a commentator in your industry. Sharing something you have learned or questioning the status quo can set you up as an expert in your field, invite interaction from others in your industry and provide a good profile for your company.

LinkedIns Pulse platform, launched in 2014, is an easy way to make yourself heard as it allows you to publish your own posts, meaning anyone who thinks they have something to say can create their own articles and promote their ideas to the channels 433 million members.

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Your Checklist Of How To Post Articles On Linkedin

  • Use subheadings to communicate the main idea of each paragraph.
  • Create bulleted lists when appropriate.
  • Write a clear and concise title that helps people understand what they will get out of reading the LinkedIn article.
  • Include links to resources that will help further explain your points.
  • Keep your paragraphs short.
  • Take the time to proofread and spell-check.
  • Include images, videos, and infographics where appropriate.

So How Should You Be Leveraging Both Linkedin Articles And Posts

The short answer is make LinkedIn posts be your priority. And when you publish an article, promote it with LinkedIn posts.

Posts can tease readers to click an article, and better yet, you can choose to pick out one tip or one insight from your in-depth article and do a post everyday.

Repurpose your content and leverage what you already have.

In the end, the general idea is to strike a balance between long and short form content to get the most mileage from a LinkedIn marketing strategy.

If you are looking for more help to improve your LinkedIn game, we run FREE LIVE Masterclasses from time to time. Join our waiting list here and get notified when we open up for registration.

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Should I Post Every Day On Linkedin

No. You should post up to five times each week on LinkedIn if you want to get the best engagement for your posts. But that doesn’t mean you should post content for the sake of posting content. Depending on your niche, audience, industry, and the type of content you’re sharing, it’s best to limit your posts to twofive times per week and keep the content high-quality and thoughtful.

How To Post On Linkedin Tip #: Use The Hidden Text

How To Post An Article On Linkedin (2020)

This tip on how to post on LinkedIn works pretty well with the previous one.You can leverage the power of mind-blowing starting line with the hidden text.In short, hidden text is when you, as the reader, cant see anything except the first line.It can be really powerful for engaging people to continue reading your post.

Heres how Ilya leveraged the power of that:

As you can see, only the first line is visible if you dont click see more. On the other hand, the first line is soo engaging, so it literally forces people to click on that see more button.To do this, simply put 2-3 blank paragraphs between the first and the second line of your LinkedIn post.Key takeaway: Use hidden text to force other people to click on the see more button and engage with your content.

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How To Post On Linkedin

I have been able to gradually boost my LinkedIn post impressions to 100k+ a week with thousands of comments, and climbing, through three key lessons Ive learned. These are things you should know about how the LinkedIn algorithms works, as well as psychologically what catches peoples attention and compels them to engage with your post.

An important thing to keep in mind is to not compare yourself with others when it comes to engagement. Everyone has different network sizes, so only compare your post views and engagement with what youve done in the past. Any progress is a success!

These are things you should know about how the LinkedIn algorithms works, as well as what catches peoples attention psychologically

Madeline Mann

How To Engage With Your Readers On Linkedin

Last, but not least, you can get more readers by rewarding the ones you have! LinkedIn will show you who has liked your article, how many views it has received, and any comments on the article.

If you see that someone liked your article and you feel like it is appropriate to the relationship you might follow up with an individual message. Something along the lines of I see that you liked my article about ____. Have you been using ___ in your business lately? What kind of results are you seeing?

Definitely take the time to respond to any comments with a comment of your own. At a minimum, thank readers for taking the time to comment, and if possible, keep the conversation going with engagement strategies.

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How To Write And Publish Articles On Linkedin Effectively

Ollie Mattison

For a writer, jotting down his/her thoughts or opinions is bliss and getting an authority to publish it doubles that pleasure. LinkedIn falls in this category and is now offering this authority to its members. This will help the writers connecting with others, sharing their experiences and even inspiring others thereby building their profile.

Since the time LinkedIn announced its publishing platform, a huge amount of excited response has been evident. And why it shouldnât? Itâs a better opportunity to build a professional identity and reach target market. If you are one of those enthusiastic, we will let you learn how you can write and do LinkedIn publishing. If you want to make videos LinkedIn, you can use Filmora Business to create amazing business video. for We will also make you acquainted with 6 effective tips on publishing, as a bonus.

Before Starting Research For Your Linkedin Post Topic

53 Social Media Pros Explain the Art of Posting on ...

Do not automatically think that everyone cares about your business or the niche industry you serve. Getting published on LinkedIn Pulse is not the same as running ads directly to your target audience.

If you are a commercial construction contractor and you publish a post on new trends in retail roofing, dont expect 20,000 views. Its not going to happen.

This is a branding play, your best bet is to write about more vague topics such as management, leadership, accountability, entrepreneurship, etc. from the perspective of someone in your industry.

And of course you want to mention what you do, but you must write in a way that people who are not well versed in your industry will still be interested.

New business does not always come directly from your target market, if you build up your LinkedIn following, position yourself as a thought leader, and paint your brand in an intelligent and thoughtful way, youll be amazed at how much easier selling is.

I just wanted to bring that up so you dont post something uber specific and get disappointed in the results. If you want to bring up a specific topic it must be housed in a post that is relatable by everyone

Now it’s your turn. Don’t wait around for LinkedIn Posts to be the norm. Use this strategy to stand out and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

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