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How To Play Videos In Reverse On Snapchat

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Bonus Tip: How To Reverse A Longer Video

How to Put Videos in Reverse on Snapchat (2021) | Reverse on Snapchat

You can easily reverse a video on Snapchat without third-party programs. But you cant reverse a video that lasts longer than 10 seconds. To make a longer video play backward on Snapchat, youd better use a video reverser. Here are two free video reversers for you.


Ezgif is an online video reverser that can reverse videos in any popular format. The upload file size should be less than 100 MB.

Heres how:

  • Navigate to Video to GIF> Reverse.
  • Upload a video from your computer and click on Upload video.
  • Edit the video and tap on Reverse video.
  • Afterward, press on save to download the reversed video.
  • MiniTool MovieMaker

    MiniTool MovieMaker can be used to reverse a longer video without limitations and watermarks. Get it now!

    Is It Possible To Reverse Video And Audio At The Same Time

    In some cases, reversing the audio stream could make the video even more impressive but unfortunately, TikTok doesnât directly support this possibility. However, more advanced editing software suits give you the option to have both video and audio run backwards in unison. For example, you can use Wondershare Filmora for this purpose and accomplish the task in several easy steps.

    First, you need to set up the project to 9:16 aspect ratio since the video will be shared on TikTok. And then you can import the video footage to Filmora.

    To reverse the video and audio at the same time, right-click the clip in the timeline and then select Speed and Duration. In the Custom Speed window, check the Reverse Speed option and click OK to save the changes.

    Play the clip and you will find the video and audio is reversed at the same time.

    If you donât want to reverse the audio, you can detach the audio from the video first and then reverse the video separately.

    When you complete these steps, you are ready to export the video and re-import the reversed clip back into TikTok.

    How To Play Videos Backwards On Snapchat Through Reverse Filter

    Actually, the video reversing Snapchat filter has been around for several years but people seldom notice that. In the following text, we would like to show you how to access to this Snapchat video reversing filter and how to put a Snapchat video in reverse. It is extremely easy!

    • Step 1. On your smartphone, open the Snapchat app and go to the Recording screen.
    • Step 2. Press and hold the shutter button at the bottom of the screen to start recording your video Let go off the button when the video is captured.
    • Step 3. On the video screen, swipe your finger from left to right to switch the filters.
    • Step 4. When you see a three-backward-like icon, stop on there, that is the video reversing filter you are about to use apply the filter and save your video.
    • Step 5. Play back the video and youll find youve put a snapchat video in reverse.

    You can also watch video guide on YouTube

    See? Isnt it easy to reverse a video on snapchat? Moreover, Snapchat also allows you to speed up or slow down a video by using its built-in speeding filter and slowing filter. The steps to speed up/ slow down a Snapchat video are similar to those steps listed above. The difference is that when you are choosing a filter, stop on the rabbit-like icon to apply the speeding filter then stop on the snail-like icon to apply the slowing filter.

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    Upload The Video To Reels

    Now its time to upload that video to Instagram Reels. Launch the Instagram app, and swipe right to reach your camera screen. Alternatively, you could tap the Story button in the top left corner. Now select the Reels tab from the bottom panel.

    To upload a video from your gallery, tap the button in the bottom left corner. Select the video to upload it.

    Once you have your reversed video, you can easily post it to your profile. This is the same as posting an image or video. Tap the arrow button in the bottom right to bring up the sharing page.

    Download The Tiktok Video On Your Phone

    How to Play Snapchat Videos in Reverse

    There are two different ways you can reverse a TikTok video on Snapchat.

    Option 1 is to download the video by tapping on a video and checking if the TikTok user has enabled downloads. Tap on the options icon thats usually right beneath the comments icon. If downloads are enabled, then you will be able to download the TikTok in your gallery quickly.

    If this option is not available, then you can always use your local screen recording tool. This is option 2. If you have an iPhone, you just need to use an upward motion to swipe up and hit the screen recording button. Once you have screen recorded the TikTok, you will get the file in your gallery.

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    How To Reverse A Video On Snapchat In 2020

    • Open the Snapchat app, ensuring that youre connected to the internet.
    • You now have two options:
    • Select an existing video from your camera roll.
    • Record a new video.
  • Note: In order to apply the rewind filter, your footage cannot exceed 10 seconds.
  • Swipe to the left in order to cycle between filters.
  • Keep going until you see the rewind filter logo its three arrows pointing left, like in this guides images.
  • Your Snapchat video is now in reverse for you to save and share as you wish.
  • As you can see, reversing Snapchat video footage is incredibly easy to do. The main problem most people encounter is trying to apply the rewind filter to videos that last longer than 10 seconds. In this event, the Snapchat reverse filter wont appear when you swipe left to cycle through the available filters after shooting or choosing your video.

    If you just want to reverse a portion of a longer video, you can, of course, cut it down and then apply the rewind filter to the edited footage.

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    Reverse A Video On Snapchat

    For this trick to work, you are required to install a video editor application known as Inshot. If you know other similar video editing apps, you can use any one of them too. But Inshot is recommended as it will produce a better result.

    You can download the Inshot application from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

    Make sure that you are ready with the video that you want to reverse. If not, record a video using your phones Camera app.

    Reverse a video:

  • After the app is installed, open it and tap on Video under the CREATE NEW section.
  • Select the video you want to reverse.
  • Now, tap on the video timeline at the bottom.
  • After it is selected, swipe left the options panel just above the video timeline.
  • Tap on the REVERSE icon.
  • Wait till the video gets processed.
  • You can preview the reverse video by tapping on the Play icon.
  • To save the video to your gallery or camera roll, tap on SAVE at the top-right side of the app.
  • The reversed video will be saved to your camera roll under the folder inshot.

    Note: The free version of Inshot will leave a watermark on the video. If you dont want the watermark to appear, you need to upgrade the Inshot app to a pro version.

    After the video is ready, you can share it to your Snapchat Story or send it to your friends.

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    How To Reverse In Snapchat

    Snapchat always amazes me with a variety of filters and some funny styles and lenses it provides. I can reach my creativity level using different gestures and filters for creating videos and pictures. So do all Snapchat users.

    While recording a video, you can reverse in Snapchat with quick steps. Here are the steps.

    How To Do Reverse On Snapchat 2 Best Ways To Do This

    How to Reverse a Video on Snapchat – 2021 Update

    Wouldnt you like to view your life in reverse? Ok, thats too existential. Have you seen those cool videos, where water flows in reverse? Well, were here to tell you that you dont need any fancy software to do that. All you need is the humble Snapchat app! In this article, we will cover how to reverse videos to make your snaps stand out among the rest.

  • Tips for a good reverse video
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    How To Put Videos In Reverse On Snapchat

    Learn How to Put Videos in Reverse on Snapchat and how to play a video backwards on snapchat and how to put something in reverse on snapchat and how to do reverse on snapchat

    0:00 Intro0:04 How to Put Videos in Reverse on SnapchatThis article was gathered automatically by our news bot. We help YouTubers by driving traffic to them for free. The featured image in this article is the thumbnail of the embedded video.

    What If Reversing A Video That Saved On Digital Camera

    It is easy to put a video in reverse on Snapchat. You dont need any other third-party tools. Yet, what if the video is recorded by a digital camera? How can you put that video in reverse? Well, in that case, I assure you there is no software things to be installed on the digital camera to help play a video backwards. Actually, you need to transfer the video to your computer first and then use some third-party video reverse software like Jihosoft video editor, MiniTool, Movavi to edit your video on computer. Or, if you dont like install programs on your computer, you can try online video reversers like Kapwing, VideoReverser, FileConverto, Roketium. When you choose to use online video editing services, please make sure that the Internet speed is fast and stable since online tools are severely influenced by the network condition. Moreover, you are asked to upload your video to the web. This may take the risk of leaking your personal privacy somehow. Therefore, desktop application is what we firstly recommend.

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    How To Reverse A Reel On Instagram

    Instagram Reels is a new feature added to the already feature-packed Instagram app. The feature lets you create 15-second videos within the app with a host of customization options. In this article, we will cover how to reverse a video in Instagram Reels to make it stand out against the rest.

  • How to reverse a video using third-party app
  • Look For Reverse Filter Effect

    How to Reverse A Video on Snapchat? [2020]

    After capturing a video on Snapchat, the next step for you will be to try dining a reverse filter there. By Swiping to the left, you can find that option quickly.

    When you reach there, you will three arrow options pointing towards the left. Now choose the speed and press the button your reverse will be ready after that moment.

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    How To Rewind Video With A Free Online Editor

    If you want to reverse a saved video or a video longer than 10 seconds, then the built-in reverse filter in Snapchat is not your best choice for now. You still need a third-party video editor to do the reverse. Since the video to be reversed are generally small in size, you can look for an online video editor to edit your video more conveniently.

    Here I’m going to use Ezgif, an online GIF maker mainly. But it provides other practical video editing features too and you can use these functions for free. Like rotate video, resize video, crop video, and of course, reverse video. Below is the process of how to make a video go backwards with this editor:

    Tips: You can operate the steps on phones.

    Step 1. Visit Ezgif, choose a file to upload or paste the video URL into the blank box. Then hit Upload video!

    Step 2. On the Reverse Video page, you can preview the reversed video in the player. If you also want to make the audio play in backwards or dont want any sound at all, just tick the corresponding box before the sound options. Then click Reverse video!

    Step 3. On the same page, scroll down to find the save button and click on it to download the reversed video to your device. Then you can share the video on Snapchat, TikTok, or any other social media platforms you want.

    The How To Edition Of Reversing Videos On Snapchat

    The reverse filter is one of the best features on Snapchat because you can use it even without an internet connection. Yes, you read that right! Unlike other filters that require an internet connection, this one makes things easy for you. Now, without taking any more of your time with me stating, lets show you the right way to do the reverse snap.

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    Use The Tools And Apply The Filters

    Once the video is on the screen, just swipe right until you get the effect on your video that you desire.

    Here is the catch, though. Snapchat only allows the reverse filter on videos equal to or smaller than 10 seconds. For longer videos, you can use the slow motion, fast motion, and super-fast motion features, but the reverse feature is not an option.

    You can check out multiple options for your video and finalize it before officially uploading it on your Snapchat for your followers to see

    How To Reverse A Video On Cupcut And Share It On Tiktok

    How To Reverse A Video On Snapchat

    Users who know a bit more about video editing and want more control over the final product can use external tools instead of TikTokâs own function. There are many video editors for TikTok that could do the trick, but CupCut is one of the simplest apps that will work from your phone and can be downloaded for free.

    In CupCut, you can precisely select the part of the video you want to reverse and even adjust playback speed if you want. That gives you more creative freedom and unlocks the possibility to attempt more ambitious visual ideas.

    Of course, once you reverse the video in CupCut you will need to export it to TikTok before you can share it with your contacts. Since both of those apps support the same video formats, this process should run very smoothly and without any compatibility issues.

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    How To Put Snapchat In Reverse

    • Open your Snapchat app.
    • Once it has done, slide your screen to the right.
    • Slide until youâll see the three arrows filters .
    • Choose the rewind filter.
    • Done.

    That is how to put your Snapchat in reverse. Make sure you follow the guides as exactly as it said, or just watch the video above to have a more clear picture and explanation. The video down below also teaches you how to speed up Snapchat videos or your tiktok videos, use Slow Motion, and also Reverse. You can use it whatever mode you want to make your recently recorded video become much more valuable to you or people you loved.

    Make sure that your videos are 10 seconds long, otherwise, the rewind feature on your Snapchat app will not work properly. Therefore, if your videos have over 10 seconds length, you may need to edit and cut the part you donât need to.

    Last, if you have a question regarding this article âHow to Put Snapchat in Reverseâ. or feel like it quite lack information or you just canât follow the guides straight away or you find a better method it is okay for you to leave the comment down below just to share with others. I appreciate it. And also donât forget to read our other article related to the Snapchat app, by looking into category Snapchat or just maneuver to the homepage and scroll down to another page.

    When To Apply The Reverse Filter On Video Snaps

    Reversing your video snaps is a fun way to showcase a series of events backward. This filter is often best applied to action-packed videos.

    For example, consider something as simple as dropping a rock onto a frozen pond that breaks through the ice. Instead of watching the ice shatter at the end of the video, you could apply the reverse filter to show the fractured ice coming back together as the video footage plays backward.

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    How To Reverse A Video On Snapchat Using The Reverse Filter

    1. Open your Snapchat app to the camera screen, and capture a video by holding down the shutter button in the center of the screen.

    2. Once you’ve captured the video, swipe to find the reverse filter effect. The easiest way to find this is to immediately swipe to the left. When you’ve reached it, the filter will briefly show three arrows pointing to the left.

    3. You can then send the video to others immediately, save the video using the downward arrow icon, or add more filters by tapping the icon on the right that looks like three stacked squares.

    Product Card Module: 11 Card size: smallProduct Card Module: Galaxy S10 Card size: small

    Editing Videos On The Pc

    How to Reverse A Video on Snapchat? [2020]

    Another option would be to edit videos on your PC and then transfer them to your phone. Alternatively, you can install Snapchat on your PC itself by using BlueStacks so you can access the video directly from your PC. Use your choice of video editing software, transfer the edited file to your phone, then proceed to share it with the Snapchat app through the Camera Roll tab on the Memories menu.

    This might be a roundabout way of doing things, but some of the best video editing apps are on the PC and Mac rather than on mobile. Having the full features of a video editing suite makes adding different effects to your vids a breeze.

    Also, as mentioned, BlueStacks is an android emulator for PC that enables you to use Snapchat on your computer. You can check the BlueStacks Snapchat install page and follow the instructions so you can use Snapchat on PC. From here, uploading videos edited from your PC would be a snap.

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