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How To Pin To Pinterest From Chrome

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How To Pin Apps To The Shelf In Chrome Os: Pin The Apps Using The App Shelf

How to install the Pinterest Pin It button on Google Chrome

Probably the easiest way and usually this method is overlooked. You can pin apps to the shelf in Chrome OS directly from the shelf. This procedure, however, requires that the app which is required to be pinned is open. Whenever any app is open their icon is displayed on the shelf. If you want that this app stays permanently on the shelf then while it is open right-click on its icon and from the options select Pin to Shelf and you are done.

How To Pin Apps To The Shelf In Chrome Os: Pin The Apps From The Launcher

Another way of pinning the app to Chromebooks shelf is from the launcher. When you click on launcher you will see an icon that says All Apps click on this and you will see the apps on the Chromebook. Think which app you would like to add to the shelf and right click on that app. You will get the option of Pin to Shelf. Click on the option and your task is done. You can also just select the app that you want to pin from the launcher and drag it to the shelf to pin it.

Unpin Or Hide An Extension Icon

If you prefer a video, here is our guide explaining how to pin or unpin Chrome extensions.

Want to read the how-to guide? Lets get started.

When it is hidden or unpinned, the pin icon will show only an outline. When the icon is pinned, the icon will be blue.

You can also right-click an extension on the toolbar and choose Unpin to hide it.

To pin an extension:

  • Click the pin icon next to your extension. When the extension is pinned, you will see the pin icon in Blue.
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    How To Enable Google Chromes New Extensions Menu

    If you do not have the new extensions toolbar menu yet, here is how to enable it.

  • Open a new tab and go to chrome://flags
  • Search and find the Extensions Toolbar Menu flag.
  • From the dropdown, select Enabled.
  • Restart Chrome.
  • After you restart Chrome, you should have the new extensions toolbar menu. Look for the plugin icon on the toolbar:

    Do you have any questions about pinning extensions? Let us know in the comments section.

    Lets Go Over Our File Structure

    Add Pinterest " Pin It"  to Your Tool Bar

    Well start with the manifest.json.

    ,  background: ,  browser_action: ,  permissions: }

    Things to note:

    • We need a background script to coordinate our entire extension.
    • We need tabs permission so we can save website URLs.
    • We need storage and unlimitedStorage permissions so we can save Pin data .
    • We need domain/host permissions ending in image extensions to allow our extension to download images.

    Our popup.html will be a simple page that offers the user the option of adding a new Pin based on the current site theyre visiting or opening up their Pin board and added a Pin manually.

    So when the user clicks on a button in our popup.html, we execute a popup_script.js script that tells our background.js to open our board or add a Pin.

    chrome.runtime.onMessage.addListener =>       chrome.tabs.create   } else if  )   }}

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    How To Pin Apps To The Shelf In Chrome Os: Pin The Apps From Inside Chrome

    The third way to pin apps to the shelf in Chrome OS is from the Chrome but this is only for apps that open in Chrome and not in a separate window. However, they can still be added to your shelf for quick access. To do this, you would have to keep the tab active on Chrome and then towards the top-right corner of the Chrome window click on the triple-dot button. Click on More Tools and then select Add to Shelf. If you want you can use this method to pin a website to your shelf.

    You can also control the order that they are arranged on the shelf, just click and drag them according to the desired order. If you ever need to remove an app from your Chromebook shelf all you need to do is right-click on the icon and select Unpin or just click and drag the icon up and it will be removed from the shelf. However, it will still be available on the launcher and you can add it back whenever you want to.

    Windows 10 Tip: Pin Websites To Start Menu From Chrome

    Windows 10 has a built-in feature that lets you pin websites from Edge to Start. The good news is you pin sites to the Start menu using Chrome, too.

    One of the neat features in Windows 10 is the ability to pin links to websites to the Start menu from Microsoft Edge. This is something that the company built into its new operating system, unfortunately, Edge is still a work in progress. Its fast with cool features, but until it gets extension support, a lot of us are still using Google Chrome.

    The good news is you can still pin a site to Start or taskbar using Chrome. Heres how its done.

    For more on using the built-in feature, read our article on how to pin websites from Edge to the Start menu in Windows 10.

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    Why Pin Or Unpin Extensions

    There is only a limited amount of space on the Chrome toolbar for extensions. As you install more extensions, this space becomes crowded.

    However, not all extensions need an icon there. For example, I have a Grammarly extension installed. It works on the page as I write. I do not need to see the extensions icon all the time.

    What do I do?

    I can hide the extension icon by unpinning it. Let me show you how.

    How To Pin And Unpin Extensions In Chrome

    Pinterest Tutorial: How to Use the Pin It Button Google Chrome Extension

    The Extensions Toolbar menu feature was first introduced in Chrome 76. Before the update, all extensions showed up directly in Chromes toolbar. Now, you can choose which extensions to show in the Chrome toolbar, and which ones to hide away in the extensions menu.

    Before we start, make sure that youre running the latest version of Chrome.


    Next, click the Extensions button next to your Profile avatar.

    This dropdown will show you all of the extensions that are installed and enabled in Chrome. Youll notice that they are divided into two categories: Full Access and No Access Needed.

    Next to each extension, youll see a Pushpin icon. If the icon is blue, it means the extension is pinned to the Chrome toolbar. If its white, it means the extension is hidden.

    Once an extension is pinned, you can then click and drag the icons to rearrange the order.

    Just because an extension is unpinned, it doesnt mean its not active. You can click the Extensions button and select an extension to activate it. The extension icon will temporarily appear in the Chrome toolbar, and youll be able to interact with all the extension elements .

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    Adding Pins From The App

    There are several ways to add a pin from your mobile device. For example, you can add a pin within the app, from the web, or by using your device’s camera. In our experience, though, it’s especially easy to save things you find while browsing the app.

    Once you’ve found a pin you’d like to add, tap it to open it. Then tap the Save button.

    Then tap the board you’d like to save it to, and it will be added.

    Pin Websites To Windows 10 Taskbar Using Chrome

    Although Microsoft Edge is based on Google Chrome, you might not see such an option to pin favorite websites to the Windows 10 taskbar. Well, Chromeactually can do the same thing. Here is a workaround to pin your favorite websites to Taskbar using the Google Chrome browser on Windows 10 PC.

  • Open Google Chrome and visit your favorite website.
  • Click on the three dots menu icon at the top right corner of the browser.
  • Go to the More Tools option.
  • Click the Create Shortcut option.
  • From the alert screen, check Open as Window and click Create.
  • A new window with the website will open now.
  • Now, right-click on the newly opened window icon at the taskbar.
  • Click Pin to Taskbar.
  • There you go. The website will now stick on your taskbar as a pinned icon. You can access the same website anytime by clicking the icon on the taskbar. Also, the website shortcut will be added to your PC like a separate app.

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    How To Set Up The Pin It Button For Chrome

    1.Head over to the Chrome Web Store, and search for the Pin It Button. You can take a shortcut by clicking this link. Here, you can read an overview of the web extension, see screenshots, read reviews, and view related extensions.

    2.Click the +Add to Chrome button in the upper right-hand corner of the Pin It Button window.

    3.You will be shown a window explaining what the extension can do. Click Add extension.

    4.Wait a few seconds, and the Pin It Button will appear to the right of the address bar along with any other Chrome extensions you have in use. A new tab will open with instructions on how to use your newly installed Pin It Button.

    5.Now, whenever you are on a page that you want to pin, click the button. A grid with all the images on the webpage will appear. Click the one you want to add to your board. A window will pop up where you can edit the text accompanying the image, choose a board, and optionally post the item to Facebook.

    6.When the Pin It Button is enabled on your browser, you will also have the option to hover your mouse over any image to reveal a Pin It button. Click this to open the Pinterest window and pin your image.

    How To Disable Extensions Toolbar Menu

    Download Pinterest Save Button for Chrome 4.1.102

    While the new Extensions menu does provide more organization features, it makes things more complex. If you want all new extensions to just end up in the Chrome toolbar, you can disable the extensions toolbar feature altogether using Chrome flags.

    Note: Enabling and disabling Chrome flags can cause Chrome to stop working properly. Additionally, Google might remove the option to disable the Extensions Toolbar Menu sometime in the future.

    Enter the following command in Chromes Omnibox and press Enter:


    You can also enter chrome://flags into the URL bar and then search for Extensions Toolbar to get to here.

    Now, click the drop-down arrow next to the Extensions Toolbar Menu listing.

    Here, choose the Disabled option.

    Now, youll need to restart Chrome. From the bottom of the page, click the Relaunch button.

    And just like that, the extensions toolbar is gone, and the old way is back. All of your extensions will now be visible next to the URL bar.

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    How To Pin Your Favorite Website To Taskbar In Windows 10

    There is nothing comfortable than having the provision to access our favorite websites without even looking within the browser or the bookmarks folder. Windows 10 users can now pin websites within the system taskbar and access them easier than ever.

    Let us see the best ways to pin websites on Windows 10 taskbar.

    How To Hide Pin It Button From Images On My Website When Chrome Plugin Is Enabled

    After googling, I found the following on a blog:

    You can easily disable this as an individual who has installed the extension, but if you dont want it to conflict with any other social software you may have on your site, all you need to do is add this to ever IMG tag:

    < img src=”myimage.jpg” data-pin-no-hover />

    But that’s for single image, is there any other way to override the plugin to disable “pin it” button from chrome extension? using JS/jQuery?

    Chrome extension js:

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    Two Types Of Save Buttons:

    There are two types of button

    1: Automatic Buttons

    2: Hover Buttons

    You can design the Save button shape, size, and shading to coordinate your sites look. You will have to realize essential HTML to manufacture the button. It just takes a couple of moments to construct utilizing our nitty-gritty guidelines.

    Pin Websites To Windows 10 Taskbar Or Start From Chrome

    How to add the Pinterest Save button to Google Chrome

    Make sure you have the most updated version of Chrome. Launch it, and then head to the website you want to pin. Then click the Settings menu located at the upper-right corner of the browser and select More tools > Add to taskbar.

    Give the shortcut a name and choose whether you want it to open it as a new window instead of a tab or not and click Add.

    That wont directly kick it to the taskbar, but open the Start menu and youll see it under Recently added. Right-click on it and then select to add it to Start or the Taskbar.

    Another interesting thing to point out about this is that some sites are set up to give you a live tile and provide updated information. In the example below, ESPN and CNN provide a live tile that you can resize. Whether or not you get this feature is up to the sites developer.

    And then to make things more organized by creating live tile groups in the Start menu. That makes the Start menu feel alive and more responsive than the static menu in Windows 7.

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    Adding Pin It Button On Google Chrome

  • In the search bar of your web browser type Chrome Web Store.
  • When the search page loads select the first option. This will bring up a new page.
  • This will bring up a list of options on the right side of the page. You will want the first option. Click the blue Add to Chrome button. A new box will appear at the top of the screen asking you to confirm the action.
  • It will take a moment to download. When it has finished downloading the red Pinterest button will appear in the top right corner of our web browser. A new page will appear with the title How to save a link.
  • Most other web browsers add the button using different steps than Google Chrome.

    Lets Add The Ability To Save An Image From A Url

    When the user clicks on our Save from site button, well open up an input and take a URL.

    Well use a fetch to get the image and process it the same way as when we choose an image from our local hard-drive.

    < !-- board.html --> < div class=save_from_site> < span style=pointer-events: none > Save From Site< /span> < input placeholder=Past a URL to an image type=text     name=save_from_site_input id=save_from_site_input> < div class=upload_image_url> Upload< /div> < div class=cancel_image_url> Cancel< /div> < /div> // board.jsif   else if   else if  

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    Pin Websites To Taskbar Using Edge

    Microsoft Edge comes with a handful of features that work very well with Windows 10 natively. The browser for Windows now lets you pin your favorite websites to the taskbar as well. This is different from pinning tabs within the browser. You can access the pinned websites just like opening apps from the taskbar on your PC.

  • Open Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10.
  • Visit a website on the browser.
  • Go to the More Tools option.
  • Click on Pin to Taskbar.
  • Click Pin from the dialog box.
  • Now, take a look at the Windows 10 taskbar at the bottom for the website icon you just pinned. Clicking it will open the website in a new Window with tabs on the Microsoft Edge browser.

    How To Pin And Unpin Extensions From The Chrome Toolbar

    The " Pin It"  button for Google Chrome

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    Not all extensions are made equal. Some extensions, like Grammarly, work quietly in the background and dont need an icon in the Chrome toolbar. Heres how to pin and unpin extensions for a cleaner Chrome toolbar.

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    Adding Pins From The Web

    First, you’ll need to open Safari and tap the button.

    Scroll right and tap More.

    Locate and toggle the switch so it’s turned on, then tap Done.

    The button will now be available in the Share menu.

    Adding a pin with iOS:

    Once you’ve enabled Pinterest in the share menu, navigate to the webpage you’d like to save and tap the button.

    Then you’ll need to select the button.

    A new screen will appear with various photos from the webpage. Select the one you’d like to use as the image for your pin.

    Finally, choose the board you’d like to save the webpage to, and your pin will be added.

    Adding a pin with Android:

    Navigate to the webpage you’d like to save, then tap the Menu button.

    In the menu that appears, tap …

    Next, locate and tap Create a Pin.

    A new screen will appear with various photos from the webpage. Select the one you’d like to use as the image for your pin.

    Finally, choose the board you’d like to save the webpage to, and your pin will be added.

    What Does The Pin It Button Do

    The Pin It button is a bookmarklet, or little snippet of JavaScript code, creating a one-click bookmarking function. After it’s installed, when you press the Save button on your browser’s bookmarks bar, a script runs that lets you automatically “pin” or save images to personal image collections you have created on

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