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How To Pick An Instagram Name

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To Change Your Username On Your Laptop Or Desktop:

  • Log in to your Instagram account via the web browser.
  • Tap on the profile symbol on the right of the homepage.
  • Type in your new name under the username field.
  • Select Done to save your changes.
  • Note: You can only use thirty characters for your username. But those characters cannot include any other characters, symbols, or punctuation marks except numbers, full stops, letters, and underscores.

    Dont Ignore Your Followers Comments

    When people take the time to comment on your posts or ask questions, do not ignore them! Make sure you check your notifications regularly to stay on top of comments. Then respond and thank them or answer their question. When used regularly, comments will significantly impact your relationship with your audience.

    Getting Access To Any Active Instagram Username

    Getting access to any active Instagram account is not impossible but is not always a successful endeavor either.

    We’ve compiled a list of actions people have taken to try to get access to active Instagram accounts to get hold of that preferred username. Here is what might, or might not, work for you.

    1) DM the active Account Directly

    This should be your first try. With an inactive account, there is a chance that the email address or account is monitored. Send a DM .

    If you do get a response after sending a DM, you will need to choose your next approach.

    Depending on the situation at hand:

    • Request the Instagram account to be transferred to your client
    • Demand the account be handed over if you have a trademark on the name
    • Offer a monetary compensation for the transfer of the account to your client

    2) Appeal to Instagram for Access

    You can for access to an inactive account. This action does not always bring success, but it’s an avenue to try.

    3) Contact Facebook Ad Support

    What has worked for several of our fellow Social Media Managers is going through their to get this type of issue resolved. If you have such a rep, we encourage you to connect with them to try to get this resolved.

    4) Show Proof of Trademark

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    Use The Same Name Across Social Media Platforms

    After brainstorming and thorough consideration, use your chosen username on all your social media platform. This includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

    This solidifies your branding. Additionally, itll be easier for your target audience to find you on any platform.

    Tip: Keep your personal and business account separate. Make sure that the content you post is what your followers expect to see.

    Lastly, immediately register your chosen Instagram username on all accounts! You never know when your chosen username will be taken.

    Q Can I Change My Instagram Username Or Name

    HOW TO CHOOSE A GREAT USERNAME // Instagram Tutorial

    A. Yes, you can change your Instagram username or name. Go to your Instagram profile and then hit Edit Profile. Enter your new Name or Username in the field provided. While youre at it, you could also change your Website, Bio, Email, Phone Number, and Gender as well. Click the Submit button if youre on PC, or tap the Check button on the Instagram app.

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    Can I Add My Logo To The Results

    Yes, we added a new feature that you can customize the Name Picker contest results with a title, intro text and a logo! Check the”Add contest information to results” option inside the form and enter your custom information. The image should be a link to an online image which should be one of the following format: jpg, jpeg, png, svg or gif.

    What To Do If Your Instagram Username Is Already Taken

    You can do some of the things listed below:

  • Add a slight variation to your decided username, for example, underscores or an extra keyword relevant to your niche.
  • For instance, is a popular fitness profile that added the word “gym” to their username for availability purposes. If you are worried that the change might reduce your discoverability, make the best use of your display name.

  • If you are a particular brand and cannot change the username, not even a symbol, reach out to the account holder with the same username as yours. You can find their email probably on the bio or DM them.
  • If you can afford to spend a few extra bucks for a username, you can register a trademark. But make this your last option since the process is both lengthy and expensive.
  • Check out Fameswap if the account is available for sale. Make it yours without losing out on likes and followers at a reasonable price. It is the easiest and most affordable option by far.
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    How To Search Online For A Preferred Instagram Username

    For those starting from scratch as in- starting a new business:

    When tossing out possible business names, check out sites like

    Namechkr and Namechk before deciding on a business name!

    To use these sites, simply put your preferred business name in the search bar to see whether it is available and if so, on what social media platforms. If the name you want is not available on any social media platform, someone most likely also has the URL you want you might need to restart your business name research.

    Even if you have the best name in mind for your business, and you are convinced this name is clever, witty, marketable and just perfect when you can not get the web URL, or the social handles to go with it, that name is useless!

    If your client already has an established business name, and you simply need to add Instagram to their social media line up, just go to Instagram to check availability.

    If you find that the Instagram username your client wants is taken, there are ways you might be able to facilitate getting your hands’ on that preferred Instagram handle. Keep reading.

    Be Consistent Across Social Media Platforms

    How To Choose A Good Instagram Username in 2020

    Effective branding is all about consistency. It pays to have matching usernames across social media platforms. This is crucial if you want to expand your reach. Therefore, when coming up with good Instagram names, make sure that theyre available across platforms.


    For one, it makes your brand look professional. Secondly, your audience can easily look up and discover your account across social media platforms.

    For instance, a follower from Instagram can simply search your username on Youtube or Twitter.

    Take this example from . She used the same handle across Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

    Most importantly, your audience will easily associate your products with your username. This is how you create a brand.

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    Q Can I Change My Instagram Username Without Losing Followers

    I hope, youve found the desired Instagram Username for your profile. Other than this, we have lots of amazing stuff available for Instagram users.

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    Optimize It For Instagram Seo

    For increasing the follower count of your Instagram account, you need to make sure that your username is well-optimized according to the SEO rules. It isn’t rocket science!

    Here are some basic steps you can follow:

    Step 1: Make sure your primary keyword is present in your username. It will make your account appear in the search results for suggested accounts if someone searches for content in your niche. For instance, if you sell cupcakes, make sure you include the word “bakery” in your username.

    Step 2: The best Instagram usernames are short, distinctive, and readable. Avoid using over-complicated words. Your audience should get what it means. For instance, @freshbakery is a much better username than @delectablecakes. That is because people are more likely to search for the word “fresh” for cakes than “delectable.”

    Step 3: Do not include any irrelevant special characters like hashtags or emojis or irrelevant numbers in your username. For instance, @cool#$xoxogirl might look trendy to you but has the slightest chance to appear in the search results, and it seems spammy.

    Step 4: The username should be in the language of your target audience within the character limit.

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    Dont Auto Share Every Instagram Post To Facebook And Twitter

    While I recommend sharing the occasional post to Facebook and Twitter, you dont want to share every post to your other sites. If youre always sharing every post on other sites, why would someone follow you on Instagram? Instead, share one photo and encourage your fans to come see the rest of the images on Instagram.

    Some Cool Insta Usernames

    How to Choose a Right Instagram Username

    Instagram has become a huge part of our lives. We use it to share photos with friends and family, to keep up with our favorite celebrities, and even to make money.

    But theres no reason why you cant use Instagram to promote your business. In fact, if you want to get more followers on Instagram, then you should consider using a username that will attract new followers.

    Weve compiled a list of some cool Instagram usernames that you can use to grow your following.

    These are some memorable Insta username idea to look at:

    • Its Britney
    • Bikersquackers
    • The Right Writers

    Choosing a good Instagram username may seem like a small decision, but finding the right brand name can really set the tone for your brand identity and help people to understand your mission right off the bat. How to Choose the Best Company Name?

    Lets choose the best Instagram usernames to get followers.

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    Instagram Business Name Generator

    It looks like something didn’t work quite as expected.

    Please try again or explore some these really useful resources:

    If you don’t mind helping us, please send tweet to let us know something isn’t quite right.

    Nitreo: Instagram Growth Service With Tons Of Built

    Nitreo is not just a user name generator, it offers Instagram users to grow their accounts to the new level. Nitreo automates engagement and following and offers advanced targeting functions, promising your account will start growing within days.

    But, while the main features are only available in the paid account, Nitreo does offer a suite of cool, useful tools for free. Tools like Username generator.

    Its easy and fun to use. You can enter different prefixes, adjective categories, noun categories, and more. It will also check if the username is available for you.

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    What Should You Do If Your Name Is Not Available

    If your username is already taken, you must find another one that also works well. Next, we wrote some ideas to replace your name on Instagram below:

    Add the language

    If you have a company and use different profiles for different languages, you can add the language in use at the end of your name to differentiate each profile.

    Geographical zone

    Add the geographical zone where you are, its a way to differentiate from other accounts.


    Add the word official at the end of the username for personal brands, artists or famous people.

    You can also verify your Instagram account at the same time. It will provide more credibility and users will be sure that your profile is authentic.

    Business or company

    If you are a business, you can opt to add your activity to your name to differentiate from the rest.

    If your Instagram name is already in use, add a keyword that explains your activity: Restaurant, spa, software, etc.

    I am

    If the name you were planning to use already exists, another solution would be to add in front of your name I am.

    Identify The Purpose Of Your Instagram Account


    There are three main categories of Instagram accounts: Business, Personal Profile, and Curation.

    Business: If youre opening a shop, most cases you want your Instagram username the same as your business name. The objective for your Instagram should be to promote your business and build brand awareness.

    Personal Profile: Your username should represent you and what you want to be known as because you are the brand. You can either use a shortened version of your name like or just use your full name similar to .

    Curation: Accounts that curate + create original content that corresponds to a theme allows for lots of creativity when creating a username. Excellent examples include , , and . They are simple, memorable, and specific to their audience key principles for the perfect Instagram username.

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    What Username Should You Use For Instagram And Twitter

    You should always spend a bit of time choosing a username for social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc and when you choose one you should stick with it, for EVERYTHING. I know it is difficult choosing a username as most of the popular ones have already been claimed.

    Once a username is claimed, chances are it’ll never be available on that service again, even if the user stops using that service, or even dies. Thus it makes the task of choosing a good, easy to remember username even harder, as time passes.

    Finding you on social media SHOULD NOT BE A TASK THAT REQUIRES EFFORT!

    Here are some tips of things to consider when trying to come up with a quality, long-term username for Instagram, as well as all other social media outlets:

    Your Username Should Be For Life It Is Your Brand Work On It

    Big international brands like Coca Cola have developed a strong brand name which is recognisable where ever you are in the world. They have used the same name for decades. You should also think of it in the same way.

    You need to work on it, and think of it as your own personal brand. Try not to change usernames, and if you REALLY have to only do it once or twice. When you change usernames, you pretty much abandon all previous work and effort you have put into it. There is nothing worse than having to track down someone who constantly changes usernames.

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    What Happens When You Change Your Username

    Once youve clicked the Submit button on the web or tapped the checkmark button on mobile, your Instagram username will be changed instantly, and your previous username freed up. This means that if someone else snags it, you wont be able to get it back.

    Changing your Instagram username also changes your account URL, which means any website linking to your Instagram account will now return the error seen above. Make sure you update any websites or other social media profiles you have around the internet.

    Changing your Instagram username will not reset your follower count, but it may confuse them.

    The good news is that its still the same account, so you wont have to start over from scratch. You will have the same followers, although they may be confused by the change. This could lead to lower engagement or unfollows, but that shouldnt concern users just looking to share photos with friends.

    Everywhere your Instagram account is displayed on Instagram will automatically update, so you dont have to worry about old posts youve commented on linking to a non-existent account. However, posts youve been tagged in may not be updated, and people looking to tag you in new posts will need to know your new username.

    Understand The Basic Structure


    People have different minds. Some would choose short names while others wont care about the length.

    So, the possible anatomies usernames can have include:

    • Artist name
    • Artist name with discipline within the art industry.
    • Art brand name ideas
    • General names that are not related to art.

    So, its up to you what to choose.

    If youre just into art, its not a bad idea to name it related to art. However, if you are not specific about the niche, you could use your name.

    If your name username isnt available, you could use a hyphen, dot, digits, or some symbols with your name.

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    Spinxo: The Most Fun Way To Find Cool Usernames

    This ones easy and fun! SpinXO is an Instagram username generator that asks you just six questions. With the answers, the site provides you 30 Instagram username options.

    Yes, 30!

    So what does SpinXO want to know?

    First up, it asks for your name or nickname. Simply pop in what youd like to be called on Instagram.

    Second, it asks what are you like? Heres a perfect place to pop in your favorite adjective about yourself.

    Third, SpinXO wants to know one of your hobbies. Do you love to sew? Do you love to play golf? This is your chance to include something you love to do.

    The fourth prompt is more generic: things you like. You can really get creative here. List your pets name, your favorite food, your favorite type of car the possibilities are endless.

    Fifth, SpinXO wants to know if there are any important words to include. Its another place to think outside the box. Maybe you want to add another adjective, or something about your career.

    Finally, they ask for numbers. Put in your lucky number, your jersey number or your birthday.

    And now youre ready to go! Hit spin and get your personalized list.

    SpinXO then gives you 30 options. All of them incorporate your answers, giving you plenty to choose from.

    Not happy with the list? No problem. Just hit spin again and youll get a new round of options.

    Keep The Focus On Your Products Or Services

    Instagram has over a billion active users. Chances are, good Instagram names are already taken. But dont fret!

    Theres a way around it. Consider adding a keyword that hints at your products or services.

    This is especially helpful for startup businesses. Why? Because it gives your audience an idea of what your brand is about.

    Big or small brands are adopting this strategy. In doing so, they boost brand awareness.

    Take a look at how emphasized the indie origin of their clothing line.


    Another example is from . By simply adding cosmetics to the Instagram username, she differentiated her brand name from her personal account.

    But before that, you must consider your long-term goals. For instance, if your vision goes beyond apparel, then its best not to add clothing or any similar terms to your name.

    In doing so, youll avoid rebranding your business. Remember, rebranding on Instagram can hurt your reach and engagement levels.

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