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How To Not Show Active On Instagram

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How Accurate Is Instagrams Activity Status

How to Turn off LAST ACTIVE on Instagram

Instagrams activity status is similar to GPS and other online features that help you track other peoples activity. Meaning, it is flawed in a sense. For example, some users receive Snapchats u0022someone is typingu0022 notification when their friend has only opened the message. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThe reason for these irregularities on Snapchat is because the app is designed to pick up on certain characteristics and behaviors that assume youre online. So, a friend may have opened Instagram, then switched to another app or locked their phone and put it in their pocket which means they arent technically active on the app. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eOverall, the activity status on Instagram appears to be relatively accurate, but there is always room for error.

Is Reels Only For India

No, Reels is not only available for India, but for other countries as well. Instagram Reels has been released to 50 countries around the world, including the U.S., France, Germany, and more, as of early August.

As of early August, Instagram Reels is available to 50 countries, so its not only strictly available for India.

Instagram has also tested out Reels in Brazil in late 2019 before any other country, so it isnt being tested out on India first.

However, the early introduction of Reels to India might be partly due to their TikTok ban.

How To Turn Off Activity Status On Instagram

You can easily hide or turn off off your activity status on the Instagram application. The below method works on Android and iPhone too. Just ensure that you are using the latest Instagram app. Follow these steps to turn off activity status on IG:

In the Instagram app, go to your profile, then tap Menu at the top right. Tap Settings then Privacy. Now tap the Activity Status option. Tap to disable the toggle next to Show Activity Status. This is exactly how to appear offline on IG.

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How To Turn Off Active Status In Instagram

It’s a pretty straightforward process to get rid of that little green dot that lets people know when you’re in the app. Unfortunately, statuses and push notifications are enabled by default as a means of getting you to use a particular application more than you normally would.

Here’s what you’re going to do to disable your Instagram account from letting everyone know when you’re on the platform double-tapping photos of people hitting yoga poses at some majestic looking beach:

  • Open Instagram
  • Go to your Profile, hit the Menu icon
  • Then hit Settings and scroll down to Privacy -> Activity Status
  • You’ll notice that Show Activity Status is enabled by default. Simply turn it off and voila.

You may not be able to upload new photos or make posts on the web browser version of Instagram, but you’ll still be able to alter your personal profile settings. To do that:

  • Go to
  • Hit the Menu Icon then hit Settings
  • Then click on Privacy and Security and then click the box beside Show Activity Status so it isn’t checked

Youve Been Restricted By The User

Why Does Instagram Not Show " Last Active" ?

Lets see another possibility of why you cant see Last Active on Instagram.

We get it, how you might have felt when you found out you are not able to see the Last Active status of the person whom you are talking to.

Lets see one more possibility why you can see the Last Active status of an Instagram user. The user, whom you are trying to talk to and want to know more about, has restricted your account on Instagram.

Well, Restricting someone is different from blocking someone. With the Restriction feature, you may still someones post photos, story, but you wont be getting any notifications for that.

Yes, it sounds a little bit rude.

Again, you cant help yourself. But, remember, you can still send messages, texts, memes, to the person.

You just got to try hard.


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Theyve Hidden Their Status From Their Account Settings

This is what weve just finished talking about if they decided to disable the feature from their account Settings under Privacy, no one can view their online status.

But the good part as stated is that they will not also be able to view the online status of any . This is so far the number one reason why you cant view the online status or last seen activity of some Instagram users.

> Does Instagram Adds Have Hyperlinks

No, they dont!!! Instagram ads just help you to better reach out to your target audience. They do not provide a hyperlink option for you at all.Note: Instagram ads differ from Instagram shoppable posts! As explained earlier, you CAN use Instagram shoppable posts to include a hyperlink in your posts, but the same is not available with ads.

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What Is Last Active On Instagram

Last active falls along the lines of read receipts for privacy and ease of communication. A built-in feature users can have insight into others messaging and online activities.

With the last active status, you can see what friends are online, when they were last online and see if they uploaded anything new.

How Do I Use Instagram Reels

Instagram How to Hide Active Status (Appear Offline)

To use Reels on Instagram, open your story camera and swipe to Reels.

Instead of only two options on your story camera, there will be a third option on the lower tab.

You can make a Reel by accessing it from your Story Camera. Go to your story camera by swiping left or tapping on the camera icon on the home page.

Currently, Instagram Reels is not listed on the main camera , and you can only access it via your story camera.

Once you open Reels on your story camera, there will be four options on the left-hand side of your screenaudio, speed, effects, and timer.

Audio enables you to select a song that will be played, and Speed allows you to slow down or speed up your video .

On the other hand, Effects are filters you can use, and the Timer allows you to select the time you want to record the video for.

If youre utilizing the effects feature, you can scroll to the very end to find hundreds of other filters you can use.

Tip: Scroll to the very end of the effects section to browse hundreds of other filters you can use from the Effect gallery that are made by other people.

There is also an Align feature where you can align yourself in the next shot, which is perfect for transitions.

After youve recorded your Reel, you can tap the back button to review it, but you can only delete your latest clip.

Once youre done reviewing, tap on the forward button, and you can edit the video just like an Instagram Story .

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Who Can See If Youre Active On Instagram

How To See If Someone Is Active On Instagram

Your followers wont be able to see whether youre online or not unless youre following them. You should have peace of mind knowing that most of your followers have no idea when you come online.

The second category of users that can see whether youre active or not are the people you have created a conversation through the DM. Once someone has sent you a direct message or youre the one that initiated the DM, theyll be able to see if youre online or not.

The feature of the Last Seen status is available in the DM and Instagram added the feature so that you can see whos online to initiate a conversation. You can see that this feature is designed on purpose to help you find users you can chat with.

How Does The Activity Status Feature Work On Instagram

The activity status feature shows people youve direct messaged when you were last online and whether youre currently active on Instagram.

Your status is only shown to people you follow. So if someone follows you but you don’t follow them back, they won’t be able to view your status. The same is true for your friends. You can see when they were last online if they follow you back.

Your friends status is visible when you navigate to your direct messages:

Remember: the feature only shows whether youre online and when you last accessed the app. Your friends wont see the posts youve liked or commented on.

On the fence about turning it off? Read on to find out whether you should keep activity status on or off.

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Disable Instagrams Last Active Feature

To disable the feature, open your Instagram profile page. There, tap the gear/settings icon to open the settings.

After accessing the settings page, scroll down to Show activity status. If youre running an updated Instagram app, it should be active by default. Tap on the toggle to disable the feature. Thats all you need to do.

Note: After disabling the feature and hiding your last seen, you wont be able to see the last active status of other users as well. That sounds pretty fair to me.

In case youve made this far, it wont be wrong to assume that you use Instagram on a daily basis. Dont forget to check out some for more interesting information.

Hide Last Seen On Instagram In 2020

Why Do Instagram Followers Disappear And Reappear

Instagram has last seen feature now and it is completely the same as it is in the WhatsApp. So, it is another problem for users who dont want to show his last seen to others. When you leave the Instagram app, Instagram shows active 5 min ago, active yesterday or whenever you were online. So, some users also dont want to hide last seen on Instagram and dont want to disclose with anyone.

And, if you want to hide your Instagram app from your mobile phones menu, you can do it with our article on how to hide Apps on an Android phone without the launcher.

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Turning Off Your Active Status In Instagram

Once youve turned off your active status on the Instagram app, its time to turn it off on the web version as well. To do that, you must do the following steps:

  • On your web browser, log in to Instagram Web.
  • On the left panel, go to Privacy and Security.
  • Under Activity Status, uncheck the box next to Show Activity Status.
  • All done!

    Here’s how you disable your activity status on Instagram .

    Make sure that the “Show Activity Status” option is unchecked.

    What If You Dont See The Green Dot

    If you are positive that a mutual follower is active and you dont see the green dot its possible theres a slight glitch or delay. Technology isnt perfect.

    More than likely that user has their activity status turned off in the settings as mentioned previously. Dont let the missing green dot deter you from sending a message though most users have notifications turned on. Instagram also offers read receipts so youll know as soon as your message is read.

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    How To Disable Online Status Or Activity On Instagram

    For privacy reasons, Instagram allows users to hide their visibility. Thats to say, when they come online you wouldnt notice. Youll have to do things manually by checking the .

    Like checking the last time they upload a new post or story, or when they comment on posts. The green gear icon wont show up on their username and also there wont be a last seen message that reads Active 20 minutes ago or Active yesterday.

    But one important thing to note is that there is reciprocity when you disable this feature, meaning that you cannot see other peoples activity also. This is the same that happens on WhatsApp, you cant view their activities even in the direct message thread. Here is how to hide your activity and online status on Instagram

  • Tap the profile icon thats at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Then the Three dot lines on the top right.
  • Tap on the Settings option.
  • Next, you tap on the Privacy option.
  • Youll see the option Activity Status.
  • You should Toggle off the gear icon, this action has disabled your online status view on Instagram.
  • This is how you can disable activity or online status on Instagram, you should however note that, unlike on Facebook where you have the option to disable read receipts, you cant do that on Instagram.

    Your Last Activity Is Disabled

    How To Fix Instagram Not Showing Active Now (2021)

    Another most common reason why you cant see Last Active on Instagram is that you have disabled your own Last Activity setting on Instagram.

    Well, these are the rules of the game. If you dont want others to see your Last Active status, you wont be able to see the Last Activity of others as well.

    Many social media apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, Telegram follow the same rules for the Last Activity feature.

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    Limited To The First 25 Users

    The first reason why Instagram is not showing Last Active is that the status is limited to the first 25 users on your direct message list.

    The Last Active status will only be shown for the first 25 users in your direct messages.

    Once you scrolled past the 25th user in your direct message list, you wont be able to see the activity status of the rest.

    If you scroll through your direct message list, youll notice that only the users that youve recently messaged have the Last Active status.

    On the other hand, the Last Active status is not showing for the users that you havent messaged in a long time.

    The Last Active status will be only shownfor the first 25 users on your direct message list.

    Once youve scrolled past the 25th user, the Last Active status wont be shown anymore.

    In other words, the Last Active status wont be shown for the 26th user onwards.

    I did a test and found out that this theory is true.

    Heres how the test went:

  • I used 4 different accounts and scrolled down each of its direct messages.
  • After the 25th user, the Last Active status is no longer shown.
  • This test confirmed the theory that Instagram has a limit to which the Last Active status will be shown, and that limit is 25 users.

    How To Know If Someone Has Turned Off Activity Status On Ig

    You cannot tell exactly if someones is active or offline if they have turned off their activity status on Instagram. An alternative way to find if someone is active or online is to send them a direct Direct Message. If you get an immediate reply, it indicates that they are online. You can also the persons profile and recent comments. So, there is no way to see someones online status on IG, if they have disabled it. Dont worry then cannot see yours, if they have turned off theirs.

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    Your Online Status: How It Works

    People you follow or previously had direct conversations with can see your online status on Instagram. If you are online now then they will see a green color dot near your username and photo in their direct inbox. If you were online some time or days back then they will see your most recent activity status like Active 1 hour ago, Active today etc.

    If you want to track your friends or family members, you can do it simply with the method we wrote here: track mobile phone and sim card in 2020

    Enable Your Activity Status

    Instagram Not Show Active

    As mentioned in the first part of the video. The reason why you cant see Last Active on Instagram is that you havent enabled the Last Active setting in your own app.

    You just need to enable your Activity Status. Well, of course, everyone wants the Activity Status feature to work in a way so that you can see the Last Active status of others, but no ready to show owns activity to others.

    But, unfortunately, Instagram doesnt work like that.

    If you are looking for the steps to enable Activity Status on your device. Consider the quick guide below.

    How to enable Activity Status on Instagram

    • STEP 1 Open your Instagram app. Make sure you are using the latest version of Instagram. You can use any device to perform the steps mentioned here.
    • STEP 2 In your Instagram app. Go to the profile page. Here, simply click on the hamburger icon or the three horizontal-line icons at the top right on the profile page.
    • STEP 3 This will open a new Profile Settings page. Here, you need to find the Settings icon. It is the gear icon at the bottom of the profile settings page.

    STEP 4 In the Settings page. You will see a lot of options. Here, simply search and select the Privacy option to continue.

    • STEP 5 On the Privacy page, you will find the Activity Status option. Select it to continue.

    STEP 6 And finally, you will see the Show Activity Status option. Here, simply tap on the toggle to enable your Activity Status.

    Well, lets proceed with the next method.


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    How Long Does Active Today Status Last

    The Active today status will last for 24 hours. You will find this status next to the name of a user when they are inactive for about 8 hours or more at a stretch. This status will change into Active yesterday when you have been inactive on Instagram for more than 24 hours. Thus, the Active today status on Instagram lasts for about 24 hours or less.

    Where Is Reels On Instagram

    Reels are located on your feed and on the explore page of Instagram. If youre on your feed, you can tell that youre looking at a Reel from the icon on the bottom-right of the video that says, Watch Reels.

    You can also find them on a persons profile by tapping the Reels icon on the top navigation tab.

    Reels are located on your feed and on the explore page of Instagram. You can also find them on a persons profile by tapping the Reels icon on the top navigation tab.

    Once you tap on Watch Reels, itll bring you to the For You Page of Reels, which is similar to TikTok.

    On the explore page, an large Instagram Reel will appear at the top of it. You can tap on it to get on the For You Page where you can scroll infinitely to browse other peoples Reels.

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