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How To Move Whatsapp From Android To Iphone

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Whatsapp Chat Backup From Android To Iphone

How To Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

The report says that in order to move chat history from Android to iPhone, you will need the Move to iOS app on Android in order to make it happen. This is similar to the current system with Samsung Galaxy devices wherein you need to use the Samsung SmartSwitch app to make the transfer possible.

The cross-platform transfer has been long in demand from WhatsApp users. With rival services like Telegram, the cross-platform chats transfer is an easy process, since all the chats are backed up to cloud. WhatsApps end-to-end encryption service makes this process complicated.

On the other hand, transferring WhatsApp chat history from one Android phone to another is easy. All you need to do is backup your WhatsApp chats data with Google Drive and log into the new device with the same account. WhatsApp then automatically restores all chats and media files from the Google Could services.

On iPhones, the same is possible by backing it up via iCloud servers. However, if you are setting up a new iPhone, iOS completely transfers everything from the old phone to the new one, thereby negating the need to download the data separately.

The current transfer process from iOS to Samsung devices requires you to connect the phones physically via a cable. Even then, the process takes a lot of time to complete. However, once completed, you have your entire chat data and history available on the Android device.

Are There Any Alternatives To Icarefone Transfer

You probably have seen some articles saying it’s impossible to transfer WhatsApp backup from Android to iPhone via phone number, SIM card or Google Drive WhatsApp backup.

It’s worth noting that, in most cases, you won’t be able to restore that data to WhatsApp on an iPhone. Because of security concerns, Apple doesn’t allow iPhone users to restore that chat message history from Google Drive, for example.

So, while you can save your chats as a text file to view, you won’t be able to actually transfer them to WhatsApp on your new device. If you need to just save a backup of your chats, these alternatives will work. But they’re not a feasible way to transfer WhatsApp content from one device to another. That’s why iCareFone Transfer is a useful resource for your toolbelt.

How Can I Transfer Whatsapp Data From Android To Ios For Free

Sorry, as far as I know, there is NO FREE approach to transfer your WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone. WhatsApp has mentioned that there is no official way to transfer their data across operating systems. And there is no way you can transfer WhatsApp data between two systems by such simple backup and restore process. WhatsApp data transfer isn’t that easy because the WhatsApp coding and file type between the two operating systems are totally different.

We have made a video about all the solutions mentioned online to WhatsApp Android to iPhone transfer, let’s see if these solutions work out or not.

If you have seen these kind of methods online, even from popular sites like Businessinsider or Techtimes, saying you can use Google Drive/iCloud/iTunes or local backup to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone simply by restoring the Android backup to iPhone, or using the Move to iOS app Apple developed for users who are switching from Android to iPhone, skip these methods. It just won’t happen that way. We have summarized the free methods online about WhatsApp data transfer, and the occasions you can use by these methods.

Android to Android
Move to iOS Move to iOS Does Not Transfer WhatsApp Data

My suggestion would be, if you are not a tech-savvy and don’t have much time to dig deep, just choose a third-party tool that can help you to transfer directly. Although this kind of tool is not free, they can save you a bunch of time and energy.

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Way 2 Some Disadvantages Of Transfer Whatsapp Via Email Chat

Many people might suggest you use Email for WhatsApp migrate from Android to iOS. Although you can Email your chats from your Android WhatsApp, there are certain limitations to it.

The Emailed chats would be sent as a text file which you can open only as a document. It also means that you wouldnt be able to open those chats on your new WhatsApp. Email chat transfer is only for backup purposes in case someone wants to save an important chat thread.

S To Transfer Whatsapp Between Iphone And Android

How To Transfer WhatsApp Account From Android to Android or To iPhone ...
  • Connect both Android phone and iPhone to your PC using USB cables.
  • Click on the WhatsApp Transfer tab and select WhatsApp Transfer.
  • Select the data you want to transfer to your iPhone and click the Start button.
  • The transfer process will begin. Wait patiently till all the data is automatically transferred to your new iPhone.
  • Key Features of MobileTrans:

    Besides WhatsApp transfer, MobileTrans can transfer messages, photos, videos, audio, documents, and other files from one phone to another without any quality loss.

    • Supports transferring WhatsApp data between Android and iOS devices.
    • Backup & Restore WhatsApp chats, photos, videos, attachments, and more.
    • Supports WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, WeChat, LINE, Viber, and Kik.
    • Works with major brands like Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and more.

    It is worth noting that Wondershare MobileTrans is a paid application. The plan that offers WhatsApp Transfer functionality is priced at $29.99 for Windows and $44.99 for Mac.

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    How To Transfer Whatsapp Chats From Iphone To Android

    One of the most important things you want to carry forward with you when switching phones is your chat history.

    While most apps and chat platforms make it fairly trivial to carry years of chat history with you, an outlier here is WhatsApp. Sure, you can use cloud backups to keep moving your chat history from one phone to the next as long as you are staying on Android or iOS. However, so far, switching WhatsApp between iOS and Android has meant losing all your conversations. Thankfully, this is about to change.

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    WhatsApp is the most popular chat platform in the world. With over 2.5 billion users, the service relies on and Apple iCloud respectively to maintain online chat backups. As a free platform, this makes sense to mitigate storage costs for WhatsApp my own WhatsApp backup clocks in at over 15 gigabytes.

    However, it isnt possible to directly connect and transfer encrypted backups between Drive and iCloud. Moreover, neither platform integrates deeply on the competing platforms smartphones. Apple doesnt even offer an iCloud app for Android devices. This essentially leaves local transfers as the only real option to move data from one platform to the other.

    Read below to learn how to transfer your WhatsApp data from iOS to Android.

    The Most Comprehensive Whatsapp & Whatsapp Business Transfer Backup & Restore Solution

    Whenever we change a new phone, it is important to know how to transfer WhatsApp to new phone. Losing important chat history is the last thing we want to see. The traditional method only supports restoring from backup and does not support cross-platform transfer. The new solution supports to transfer WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business chats between iOS and Android devices without OS restrictions. For example, we can transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android and vice versa, with only a few simple operations. Backup and restore also have a more flexible and convenient way.

    Transfer WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business Chats to New Phone Directly

    Perfect answer to questions like “how to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android?” and “how do I transfer WhatsApp Business messages from android to iphone?”.

    No matter you have multiple devices or just buy a new phone, This WhatsApp transfer makes transferring WhatsApp messages to new phone easier than ever. It can help to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone, or from iPhone to Android. Also, you can transfer WhatsApp between iPhones and between Androids effortlessly.

    Tip: WhatsApp Business transfer between iOS and Android devices is now available!

    WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business Backup -Archive Your WhatsApp Chats on iPhone & Android

    Thanks to our new and comprehensive backup solution, you’ll never lose a single message again. You can export and backup all WhatsApp chats, photos and videos to computer.

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    Export The Whatsapp Messages From Android To Iphone And Read As Log Files

    You can essentially export the WhatsApp chats to your iPhone with the Export Chat function in the WhatsApp app. Please note that you can only transfer the chats one by one, so it will be time-consuming. Here how to do it:

  • On your Android device, open WhatsApp and then select the WhatsApp chat you would like to transfer to iPhone.
  • Go to Settings > More > Export Chat, you will see a bunch of apps you can export the chat to, choose the one you can easily access from your iPhone. Here we use Email for an example.
  • Choose whether you would like to attach media or not. If you choose to send the media files, then they will be sent and added as attachments.
  • Fill in the necessary info such as your email account, then tap on the Send icon.
  • You will be able to view the chats as log files from the email app on your iPhone but you will not be able to read them on the WhatsApp app.


    • It is a practical way to transfer WhatsApp to new phone.
    • Keep your WhatsApp chats/media files to computer for free.


    • It cannot transfer all WhatsApp chats simultaneously.
    • It cannot take the messages to your WhatsApp account, because the chats will be attached as a .txt document.
    • This method also limits the number of messages you are able to transfer: you can email up to 10,000 latest messages with attachments without media files, you can email 40,000 messages.


    Move Whatsapp Conversations From Android To Iphone 7/7 Plus Using Move To Ios

    How to Move WhatsApp from Android to iPhone in 2022 | WhatsApp Data Transfer.

    Have you ever heard of this app: Move to iOS? It is developed by Apple Company. You can install it to your Android phone from Google Play and use it to move Android files to iPhone easily.

    Note: Actually, Move to iOS does not support “transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone”

    Here are steps:

    • You will need to accept the terms and conditions, then you will see the Find your code screen.
    • Next, set up your iPhone till you see the Move from Android screen. Wait for the 10-digit or 6-digit code appear. Note that if you have set up the device, you will need to factory reset it first.

    • Enter the code on your Android phone
    • Select the files you want to transfer to iPhone and wait for the whole process finishes.

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    They All Trust Anytrans For A Reason

    • Nevertheless, with AnyTrans, you can easily and directly restore WhatsApp from Google Drive to iPhone


    • I transferred my moms WhatsApp data from Android to iOS successfully using AnyTrans. Though the whole process was really tedious, and I had to start over twice. But it did work. This was back in Mar. They ask you to install a modified version of WhatsApp, so you need to trustem


    • I found AnyTrans to not only be user friendly it has also become my program of choice in managing my first ever Apple device. It has helped with me leveling my content as a growing content creator.


    • AnyTrans for iOS is a really well done file transfer app for Mac and iOS devices. Lifesaver for getting 1hr+ videos off my phone quickly and with zero hassle.


    Transfer Whatsapp Chats From Android To Iphone Using Email

    WhatsApp provides you with another option Email to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone without PC. In this method, it sends your entire chat history to your iPhone, but it wont directly move the WhatsApp chats to your iPhones WhatsApp.

    Heres how to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone using Email:

  • Launch the WhatsApp app on your Android device.
  • Go to Settings and choose Chats settings.
  • Tap on the Chat History option to get to the chat history screen.
  • Tap on Export chat to export WhatsApp chats.
  • On the following screen, you will be asked to choose a contact whose chat history you want to export.
  • Select a contact and then choose Email to transfer the entire chat history to an email address.
  • Open the inbox of the email account you sent your chat history to your iPhone.
  • You will be able to view your WhatsApp data on your iPhone.
  • Transfer WhatsApp Chats to iPhone via Email

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    Highlights Of The Story

    • Transferring WhatsApp chats between iOS and Android is a very hectic task.
    • While Android phones use Google Drive to backup WhatsApp data, iOS uses iCloud, which makes it difficult to transfer WhatsApp data.
    • Wondershares Dr.Fone is one of the best third-party tools that we found to work seamlessly with proper step-by-step guidance.

    As much as the world loves the Android vs iOS wars when it comes to moving from one to another, its always a mess. When you are changing your device, it is important to make sure that your contacts photos and other files from your existing device to the new device that you just bought. It is also important to make sure that your whatsapp androids to iphone messages are transferred properly. In this article, we will help you with some ways you can transfer WhatsApp Chats from Android to iOS.

    Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not offer any method officially to easily transfer data from one device to another unless both the devices use the same platform. However, the most famous instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, cannot migrate data, including chats and media, when moving from Android to iOS and vice versa.

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    Here is how you can transfer your WhatsApp chats from Android to iOS. There are different methods here and whichever you pick, make sure to follow the guide completely to transfer your WhatsApp chats successfully.

    How To Transfer Whatsapp Contents From Android Phone To Iphone Using: Drfone Whatsapp Transfer

    How To Transfer WhatsApp Chats From Android to iPhone

    Wondershare’s Dr.Fone application is one of the convenient tools to transfer WhatsApp content from Android to iPhone and vice-versa. The application needs to install on a PC, and from there, you can transfer data by connecting your both phones.

  • Download and install the Dr.Fone transfer tool kit on your PC .
  • Once you open the application, tap on the “Transfer WhatsApp messages” from the WhatsApp section at the top left.
  • Connect your Android phone and iPhone to your PC using USB cables.
  • Ensure that the Android phone is placed at the source side and the iPhone at the destination. If the order of your devices is not correct, tap on the Flip option to swap the phone’s position.
  • Once you find the correct order of your phone, then click on the Transfer button.
  • You will see a pop-up screen to confirm to keep existing WhatsApp data on your iPhone, select Yes, and then Next.
  • Now, the data transfer starts automatically. It will take some time to complete the data transfer process, depending on the amount of data.
  • Follow the steps prompt to complete to data transfer. After finishing the data transfer process, click the “Ok” button to disconnect your device and remove them.
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    Transfer Whatsapp From Android To Iphone 13 Without Pc

    If you do not want to transfer WhatsApp through computer. You can try to use the app – Wutsapper. You can download it from Google Play.

    Wutsapper supports to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone 13 without computer. All you need to prepare are two phones and one OTG cable or USB-C to Lightning Cable, and then open Wutsapper to transfer it!

    Now, we will show you how to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone 13 without PC:

    Step 1: When you download Wutsapper from Google Play. And then. open it.

    Step 2: The app will check if your phone has WhatsApp backup. if not, Wutsapper will show you how to backup your WhatsApp on your phone. Do not forget to prepare an OTG or USB-C to Lightning Cable.

    Here is a OTG cable.

    Step 3: When you connect the two phones with OTG cable, click âTrustâ on your both phones and enter your phone number. The phone number must be the one that logged in your backup WhatsApp.

    Then, you can start to transfer! Wutsapper will parse your WhatsApp backup firstly. Please wait a moment.

    Step 4: Parsing completed! Click â startâ to transfer your WhatsApp and wait for a while.

    Transfer completed!

    How Do I Restore Whatsapp Backup From Google Drive On An Iphone

    WhatsApp does not give the option to restore your messages backed up in Google Drive to your iPhone. Backing up and restoring WhatsApp chats using the Google Drive is currently only available for Android users.

    If you want to restore WhatsApp backup from Android to iPhone, you may try something like Phone Transfer. It’s capable of transferring your chats cross platform with clicks.

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    iPhone: iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13/13 Pro , iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12/12 Pro , iPhone SE, iPhone 11/11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone XR/X, iPhone 8 Plus/ 8, iPhone 7 Red, iPhone 7 Plus/7, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, and earlier iOS: iOS 9 to iOS 15 CPU: 1GHz
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    Android: All Android phones and tablets are supported, including Samsung Galaxy S21, Huawei P40, Google, Motorola, OPPO, LG, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oneplus and other 5000+ Android devices. Windows: Win 11/8.1/8/7 Mac:macOS Monterey, macOS Big Sur, macOS 10.15, macOS 10.14 Mojave, Mac OS X 10.13 , 10.12, 10.11, 10.10 , 10.9 , or 10.8 Hard Disk Space: 200 MB and above free space

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