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How To Move Emails To Folders In Gmail

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Common Asked User Faqs

Move Mail To Different Folders In Gmail

1. How to Import Windows Live Mail folders to Gmail ?

Follow the below steps to export Windows Live Mail to Gmail:

  • Run the migration tool on your Windows PC.
  • Select Windows Live Mail data with dual selection mode.
  • Choose the required email folders from the list.
  • Select the Gmail option from the list of file saving options.
  • 2. Can I use this application on Windows Server 2016 machine ?

    Yes, the software supports all editions of Microsoft Windows Server including Windows Server 2016 variants.

    3. Does the software allow us to migrate selected email from Windows Live Mail to Gmail account ?

    Yes, the software provides several filter options to export only required email folders from Windows Live Mail to Gmail account directly.

    4. Does the software allow me to select the old Windows Live Mail data ?

    Yes, the software provides dual selection options that can be used to select Windows Live Mail data manually.

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    How To Import An Old Email Account Into Gmail

    Brady Gavin has been immersed in technology for 15 years and has written over 150 detailed tutorials and explainers. He’s covered everything from Windows 10 registry hacks to Chrome browser tips. Brady has a diploma in Computer Science from Camosun College in Victoria, BC. Read more…

    If you recently switched to Gmail, but want to import all your old emails into your account, Google makes it a breeze. Automatically transfer messages and contacts from one email address to the other within minutes.

    Gmail uses a built-in migration tool offered by ShuttleCloud that lets you import everything from your old inbox for freea service that usually costs $19.95/import!

    To get started, log in to your Gmail account where want to migrate all your old emails to, click the settings cog, and then click Settings.

    A new window will open. Enter your email address in the field provided and then click Continue.

    A new window will open. Enter your credentials into the sign-in page to continue to the next step. Otherwise, if youre already signed in, you may get to skip this step.

    Based on the email service you used, you need to give the tool different permission to access your email. Read over the page that specifies the permission it will have. When you finish, click Yes.

    If the app has successfully gained access to your email, you should see the below message. Close the window to continue.

    A confirmation message will appear. Click OK to stop the process.

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    How To Use Unibox For Creating Folders On Mac

    Unibox is an elegant email app that makes your Inbox look like a handy messenger.

    It perfectly groups emails by the sender so that mailing feels like sending SMS or chatting in WhatsApp.

    With Uniboxs smooth interface, email management gets so intuitive. Just follow a short guide on how to create folders in Unibox:

  • Go to Unibox tab > Preferences
  • Select Groups section
  • Name your folder.
  • Great, now you can structure your emails into different folders, and keep things more organized than ever.

    F How To Remove A Folder On The Gmail Web App

    How to move the mails to folder automatically in Gmail ...

    Follow the below steps to remove a label from the Gmail web app:

    Step 1From your inbox, find the folder you want to remove from the left sidebar and open it.

    Step 2Then, click the three vertical dots next to the folder name and click the Remove label button from the drop-down menu.

    This is a Delete Folder equivalent as it removes the folder from Gmail.

    Note: When you remove a label, Gmail doesnt delete the emails under that label. It only erases the label.

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    Automatically Move Emails Using Clean Email

    Clean Email is a popular inbox organizer tool with support for Outlook and other leading email services. With its Auto Clean rules, the app can automatically move emails to specific folders, and creating such rules is as simple as checking the Selected and future similar emails option before applying an action in Clean Email, like this:

  • Go to:
  • Sign in with your email account.
  • Go to Inbox, open any email message, and move it to a folder of your choice.
  • Tell Clean Email that you want to move all future similar emails.
  • Confirm the action.
  • As you can see, the creation of Auto Clean rules takes less than a minute, and youre certainly not limited to just moving messages from your inbox to specific folders.

    Besides Auto Clean rules, Clean Email offers many other features to help you keep your Outlook inbox clean and organized. For example, the Quick Clean feature is perfect for turning a messy inbox into a more organized version of itself with just a few clicks.

    Clean Email can also help you reach and maintain Inbox Zero by unsubscribing you from promotional and otherwise unwanted emails, blocking annoying senders, and more.

    Because the app focuses on privacy and security, you can trust it even with sensitive personal and work emails.

    Option : Create A New Label And Designate It As A Subfolder

    Follow the above instructions to create a new label through step six, stopping before you actually click the create button.

  • Underneath your new label name, check the box next to Nest label under.
  • Check the box next to Nest label under

  • When text reading Please select a parent appears, tap the down arrow to expand all available folders. Select the desired label to establish it as the parent label for your subcategory. Then, click create.
  • Choose the parent folder from the drop-down menu

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    Option : Creating A New Folder In Gmail Via The Sidebar

  • Open Gmail on your desktop/computer and log in to your account.
  • Find the list of existing labels on the left side of your screen .
  • Scroll down to the end of the list, and click on More to expand the complete menu.
  • Next, click + Create new label.
  • In the pop-up screen, name your new folder and click create. Gmail label names can be up to 225 characters long.
  • Title your new folder/label in the pop-up window

    How Do I Create Nested Labels

    How to Move Mail to Different Folders in Gmail

    There are a couple of different approaches to creating nested labels, here they are:

    A. If you want to create a new nested label under an existing label

    1. Click on the small arrow button beside the label name in your label list

    2. A drop-down menu will appear, click on add sub-label at the bottom

    3. A pop-up menu will appear where you can create a new sub-label

    B. If you want to turn an existing label into a sub-label

    1. Click on the small arrow button beside the label name in your label list

    2. Click Edit from the resulting drop-down menu

    3. Chose which label it should be nested under

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    How To Remove A Label From An Email

    In case you messed up or if the label is not valid anymore, you can always remove it in a matter few clicks:

    1. Select/open the email,

    2. Click on the tag icon below the search bar

    3. Just uncheck the label you want to stop using.

    You can also remove a label by merely clicking the X button next to the label name.

    How To Manage Your Tasks Using Gmail Labels

    Looking to organize your Gmail tasks with labels? One common hack is to create a âto-doâ label to file emails that have an outstanding follow-up item or task. But there’s a smarter way. You can use your labels to manage tasks and projects with Gmelius, as we offer a project management suite inside Gmail.

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    How To Move Email Messages Automatically

    Even better, some providers let you automatically save emails to a folder using filters.

    You can see how to do that if follow these links to the instructions for Gmail, Microsoft Outlook,, Yahoo!, and GMX Mail.

    Other providers not listed here have similar settings, such as’s Settings > Filter Rules menu option or AOL Mail’s Options > Mail Settings > Filters Settings page.

    How To Transfer Gmail Folders To Another Gmail Account 2 Simple Ways

    How to Move Mail to Different Folders in Gmail (with Pictures)

    Andrea Elson | February 3rd, 2022 |Email Migration, Gmail

    Summary: How do I transfer Gmail folders to another Gmail account? Are you trying to clone your Gmail account? This might be the reason you want to move folders from one Gmail to another Gmail account. Anyway the reasons may verry but the solution isnt. This guide will showcase some of the best ways to migrate emails from Gmail to new Gmail in bulk. Also, I would like to recomend you to try Advik Gmail Migrator to transfer emails to another Gmail without wasting a single second. Download and try it for free.

    There are several users who are finding it difficult to transfer Gmail folders to another Gmail account. Even I had tried my hand in importing emails from my old Gmail account to new Gmail account. After attempting plenty of research, I found two best way to import Gmail emails to another Gmail account. Read the article till the end to learn both the manual tricks.

    Gmail itself is an introduction, that doesnt require any description. One of the most popular and widely used free email service by Google. Even I have been using it for the past 15 years. It provides various useful features such as contact storage, calendar entries, tasks, notes , Google Drive, and many more.

    Now, if you are using multiple Gmail IDs and want to transfer emails from one Gmail account to another. Then follow the below step by step instructions for safe and secure email migration.

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    Moving Your Important Messages To Personal Gmail Labels

    In accordance with the USC employee email policy, you will need to move any important messages you wish to keep past 16 months to a personal Gmail folder

    NOTE: In Gmail, folders are also referred to as labels.

    To move a message to a personal Gmail folder:

  • Open the message. Click the Move to: button on the top menu bar. The button includes the image of a file folder.
  • Select the destination folder from the drop-down menu, or choose Create new from the menu to move the message to a new folder.
  • You will see a notification verifying that your message was moved.
  • If you open the message in its new location, you will only see its new folder listed.
  • Sync Your Kanban Boards With Trello

    You can also integrate your Kanban boards with Trello using Gmelius. Our Gmail to Trello 2-way integration allows you to sync your boards, in real time.

    The added benefits?

    – No more data dispersion, communication gaps or copy pasting between Gmail and Trello. – You can collaborate with your team or external partners in Trello- You can allow your team to work from their preferred tool, with no more tab-switching- You can manage your Kanban boards on the go using the Trello mobile appAll updates reflect in real time, both in Gmail and Trello.

    Alternatively, if you already have a tailored board on Trello, but would like to work on it from Gmail – you can import your Trello boards inside Gmail using Gmelius.

    To learn more about our 2-way Gmail to Trello integration, follow this article.

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    Optimizing Your Gmail Inbox With Tabs

    How can understanding tabs help you configure your Gmail inbox?

    First, you can disable any tabs you aren’t currently using for a less cluttered inbox. Some users dislike the tabs feature and disable all the tabs except for the Primary tab.

    Next, you can use the Show Starred Messages feature to mark messages that you want to follow up with. Once the feature is enabled, starred messages appear in your Inbox where you are less likely to forget about them.

    How To Move Emails To A Folder In Outlook On Mac

    How to automatically move emails to folders in Gmail

    There are some major differences between the Windows and Mac version of Outlook, but the inbox rules creation process is, fortunately, more or less identical.

    Follow these steps to learn how to send emails to a folder in Outlook on Mac:

  • Launch Outlook.
  • Open the Home tab and click Rules Create Rule.
  • Specify the condition that will determine when the rule will be applied and click the checkbox next to the Move the item to folder option.
  • Choose a folder.
  • Learning how to automatically forward emails in Outlook is equally simple, so dont hesitate to explore inbox rules to their full potential.

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    Organize Your Inbox In Outlook On The Web

    Organizing your inbox is paramount to keep you productive. Making the switch from Gmail to Outlook, here are a few differences in terminology and functionality between the two apps:

    • Outlook uses Folders, while Gmail uses labels, to organize messages.

    • Outlook uses Rules to sort your emails into folders and categories as they are delivered. Gmail uses filters. Outlook also has filters, but in Outlook it is a way to sort the inbox or a folder.

    • Flagging an email in Outlook is a lot like starring an email in Gmail.

    Use Folders to organize your email

    To move an email to a folder:

  • Select a message.

  • Or, drag and drop an email into a folder.

    Create Rules to filter your email automatically

    You can make your Rules as complicated or as simple as you want. Here’s how you quickly send all messages from a single sender to a specific folder:

  • Right-click a message and select Create rule.

  • Select the folder you want to move messages from the sender to.

    Note: Select More options to customize your rule.

  • Select OK.

  • Flag email for follow up

    • Right-click an email and select Flag.

      Or, hover over the message and select Flag.

    How To Show/hide Labels From The Label List

    Label list is where you can view all the Gmail labels you have created. You can find it on the left-hand sidebar above the Google Hangouts Panel.

    If you dont want a particular label to appear in the label list, then follow this process: click on the small arrow beside a label in the label list and select hide from the resulting drop-down menu.

    Gmail also allows you to hide labels that do not contain unread messages. To set this, click on the small arrow button beside the label name in your label list and from the resulting drop-down menu select Show if unread.

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    How To Add A Label To An Email

    Feel free to select an email from your inbox, then go ahead and do this:

    1. Click the tag icon below the search bar

    2. A drop-down menu listing out all the available labels will appear and you can select the label you want to assign to the email.

    3. Click apply

    Unlike folders, its possible to add multiple labels to an email. This means the same email can be accessed under different labels.

    How To Automatically Move All Incoming Emails From Promotions To Primary

    How to Move Mail to Different Folders in Gmail (with Pictures)

    If you want to keep the tabbed version of your inbox but get rid only of the Promotions tab you can direct Gmail to remove the Promotions tab from your inbox. This will divert Promotions emails to the Primary tab.

    To do this follow these steps:

  • Select See all settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the Inbox tab and proceed to uncheck the box next to Promotions to remove it from the inbox.
  • You can add other tabs to replace Promotions
  • When done scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the Save Changes button
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    D How To Nest Folders On The Gmail Web App

    Nesting folders in Gmail is very similar to creating subfolders inside a parent folder.

    i. Method 1: Create a New Nested Folder in an Existing folder

    Heres how to create a new nested label inside an existing label:

    Step 1Open your Gmail inbox. Then, navigate to the label list on the left-hand side of the screen, and find the label you want to make the parent label.

    Step 2Hover your mouse over the folder and click on the three vertical dots that appear. Then, from the list of options available, pick Add sublabel.

    Step 3Then, give it a name and hit Create.

    ii. Method 2: Turn an Existing Folder into a Subfolder

    Follow the steps below to take an existing label or folder and turn it into a subfolder:

    Step 1Hover your mouse cursor over the desired folder to reveal the three vertical dots.Then, click Edit from the drop-down menu.

    Step 2All thats left is to choose which folder it should be nested under click your choice.

    Besides creating, moving, and nesting folders, you might often need to rename folders. Ill share the steps to do so in Gmail.

    Show Starred Messages From Tabs

    You can also use theSelect tabs to enable window to display starred messages in your Inbox under the Primary tab. This can keep you from missing an important message that you want to follow up with.

    To activate this feature, click the checkbox next to the Include starred in Primary option. Click the Save button. De-activate the feature by unclicking the checkbox and clicking the Save button again.

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