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How To Message People On Pinterest

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How To Block Whispers On Twitch

How to send a private message on Pinterest

It is important to know how to block someone from being able to contact you directly on Twitch, as sometimes people can harass you in your whispers as it takes them out of the public eye and mods are not able to handle the situation. To block someone you can:

  • Step 1

    Select their name in channel chat so that it opens a little profile summary.

  • Step 2

  • Step 3

    Select the block user button that is now visible, or in extreme circumstances, where required select the report user button and file a report to Twitch about the user.

  • Alternatively, if the user is not currently talking in the channel you are in you can follow these steps to block them:

  • Step 1

    Open the whispers tab by selecting the icon at the top right corner of your screen.

  • Step 2

    Search for, or scroll to older messages from the user you wish to block and select them.

  • Step 3

    A history of chat between you and the user will have opened, click on the settings cog in the top right of the chat history and this will reveal a blocked user and report user button. Select whichever is appropriate for your situation.

  • This works almost exactly the same on mobile but is a little more streamlined when selecting someones name in a channels chat you will instantly see the red block and report buttons you can select.

    Fill Out The Contact Form And Submit Your Request

    A contact form will pop up on the right side of the screen. Click in each of the text boxes and drop-down menus highlighted in the screenshot below and type in or select:

    • a title for your message
    • a brief description of the issue that you are having
    • the web browser that you are using
    • your first and last name
    • your email address
    • your user name

    You can also click Choose File to add an image to your message. Navigate through the explorer window that pops up until you find the image file that you want to add, click on it, and then click Open. This is a great way to add screenshots of error codes or other abnormalities that you see on Pinterest, which might help their customer service team identify and solve your problem faster. You can also click the check box labelled Im A Business to indicate that you are representing a business rather than a typical user.

    When youre finished, click the red Submit button at the bottom of the form.

    How To Whisper On Twitch

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    Whispering someone on Twitch is a way of sending them a direct message so that only you and the recipient can see the message. This can be useful for talking about things that are unrelated to stream, related to a different channel, or for sharing clips and helpful links.

    This feature can even come in handy for getting in contact with people who arent currently on the same channel as you, or even those who are offline. Some people may refer to whispering as DMing or PMing and these terms can be used interchangeably with whispering.

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    Option : Chat Name Button

    The other way to whisper someone is to just click on their name in chat, which will bring up a quick summary of their profile and there will be a whisper button. Selecting that opens up a whisper chat box between you that will show your whisper history with them. Then you can just type your message and hit enter to send the whisper.

    Creating Your First Pin

    Messaging Comes to Pinterest  Socializer Media Group

    Now that you have created a board, you are ready to start creating your first pin. Theres a difference in your original pin, and repinning or liking others’ content.

    You can share a pin using different methods.

    If you are visiting a website, you can share a pin of the images that are on that website if the website has integrated share buttons.

    If you want to create a pin directly from the app, you can do so. Go to your profile, and tap the + located at the top of the screen to the right. Choose Pin from or Web.

    By choosing , you can share photos from your photo library or take a photo right on the spot

    By choosing Web, you are opted to write in a website URL and then redirected to that website. Once you are there, you can look around until you find an image worth pinning. To pin an image you see, tap on it, and you’ll be presented with options to share it.

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    Brand Your Profile And Add Location

    In your settings, you can set your location, and you can also write your location in your profile description. This allows people to know where you are located as soon as they look at your profile.

    You also want to use keywords in 3 specific places

    your profile your pin descriptions

    Be thinking about the fact that the names of your boards always need to include your location.

    We talked about this in the wedding episode, giving examples like Wedding Venues in Portland or Wedding Photography in Portland.

    Option : Through Clicking Their Name

    Whispering someone on Twitch mobile works in much the same way as a desktop. If you wish to whisper to someone who is currently in the same channel as you, you can select their name which will bring up a number of options, then select whisper and it will bring up a chat box between the two of you with any message history if there is any. Here you can enter your message into the box down the bottom and hit send when finished.

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    Following Boards And People

  • 1Open the search bar. If you’re on a phone or tablet, tap the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen. If you’re on a computer, just click the search bar at the top of the Home page.
  • 2Search for a term related to your preferred content. For example, if you want to follow a board that posts pictures of kittens, you might type “kittens” into the search bar. If you’re looking for a specific person, type their username .
  • 3
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    How To Send A Message On Pinterest

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    The San Francisco-based discovery platform added a new feature on Wednesday that allows users to chat back and forth in a private window.

    Users are required to start a conversation by sending a Pin to another user along with a message, but subsequent replies do not need to include Pins and work similarly to other chat and text services. Users can also send group messages.

    Private messaging has been a major focus for other social networks over the past year. Facebook has a slew of private messaging services and spent a whopping $19 billion on messaging app WhatsApp in February. Twitter has added incremental improvements to its Direct Messaging service over the past year, and both Twitter-owned Vine and Facebook-owned Instagram have had private messaging since December.

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    Saving Commenting And Messaging


    Whenever you find a pin that you want to save for later or share with all of your followers, you can save it to one of your boards. To do this, hover the mouse over the pin and select Save.

    Pinterest used to feature a Like button that had a very similar function to the Save button. It has since been retired and you can now use the Save button instead.

    Comments are a great way to let a pinner know how you feel about a pin or to start a discussion with others. To access the Comments section, select a pin, scroll down, and click the button.

    Then enter your text in the box and click .

    Sending direct messages

    If you just want to share a pin with select Pinterest users, hover the mouse over the pin and select the arrow button in the top-left corner. You can then search for and select a user to send it to.

    Viewing notifications

    Whenever someone saves or comments on one of your pins, you’ll receive a notification. To see your recent notifications, as well as your direct messages, click the notifications button in the top-right corner of the Pinterest page.

    Save Try And Share Pins

    If you click through the Pin, you can visit the website to learn how to make it or where to buy it. As you discover Pins you love, click the red Save button to save them to your boards.

    When you try a Pin, you can show people on Pinterest how it went. Tried the perfect birthday cake recipe? Add a photo of your cake to the Pin, to tell people how it went or add helpful tips.

    Sometimes you’ll find a Pin that you know a friend will love. Click the share icon to send Pins directly to a friend or a group in a message to pass the inspiration around. You can also use messages to chat with your friends. You can see your messages by clicking the speech ellipsis icon on your computer or tapping the bell icon followed by Chats on your mobile device.

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    Option : Whisper Button

    At the top right corner of your screen, to the left of your profile icon and the get bits button, there is a button for whispers. Clicking this will bring up an inbox of all your previous whispers sent or received. There is a search bar you can use to find the person you want to whisper. Alternatively, if youve whispered this person before you can use the scroll bar to find their name and click on it to open up a chat with that person. This will also bring up a history of whispers exchanged between you.

    Which Boards Should You Pin To

    How To Use Pinterest Messages On Your Desktop Or Mobile ...

    When you have your title, description, and Pins ready, theres one last thing to think about.

    What board to Save it to!

    currently recommend Saving to the most relevant, keyworded board first. This sends the algorithm helpful signals so your Pin will be shown to the most interested audience.

    Go with either the most relevant board, or a top performer if you like. You can experiment with trying both of these to see which gets the best results.

    You can also Save your Pin to more than one board. Tailwinds Smart Guide recommends no more than 10 boards, but this isnt a rule, just guidance.

    Space out the Pins going to different boards, so your feed isnt full of the same Pin repeatedly. Tailwind interval pinning helps you do this quickly and easily.

    When Pinning to the first board, consider Pinning related content around the same time. This is called board co-occurrence.

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    How To Be A Good Group Board Contributor

    In addition to complying with the board rules, you want to make sure youre being a good board contributor and sharing pins from the board.

    I disagree with the 80/20 rule.

    The entire point of being on Pinterest is to get your own content seen.

    It cant be seen if youre burying it under other peoples content!

    However, to be a good group board member, you need to share content from that group board.

    Group boards are meant to be reciprocal, which means for each pin you add to the board, you share someone elses pin from the board.

    This is why I subscribe to a 50/50 rule for pinning I pin 50% my content, 50% other peoples content.

    Once youve joined a few group boards and youve been pinning to them for a while, youll need a method to analyze the boards.

    Search For Your Audience

    See if there are people searching for and pinning those types of pins.

    I dont think a doctor or a dentist would be a good fit for this unless they sell an online product. Yelp might be better for them.

    But for those in a design space real estate agents, wedding vendors, hair stylists, spas, fashion boutiques Pinterest can be an amazing lead generator.

    Make sure you are pinning regularly and looking at what other people are creating for the same type of content as you. Keeping consistent is what will help you to capture those leads.

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    Consider Using Instagram As A Landing Page

    People save images of haircuts all the time. I dont recommend that you use the name of your business as the pin description, but since you want them to remember you, insert your location at the end of your description.

    The whole idea of your profile branding and choosing these board names is that you are talking about the service youre providing, your physical location, or the people you work with.

    You want your profile to communicate your message. Kate Ahl

    Hide Your Profile From Search Engines

    How to delete Pinterest Messages

    The default setting allows search engines such as Google to find your Pinterest content and display it in their search results. You can change this setting from your profile page by clicking on the Settings link . The first part of the page is Account Basics. Change the Search Privacy toggle from No to Yes. You may get a prompt that Itll take several weeks for search engines to remove your profile from search results. You can speed up the process with Google using their online tool.

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    How To Create A Business Account

    To create a brand new business account:

  • Fill in the asked details, including who will manage the page.
  • Read the Business Terms of Service, accept, and click Create Account
  • To convert your personal account to a business account: If you have already created a regular account but want to convert it to a business account, you can do so very easily.

  • Go to the Convert to business account page on Pinterest’s website.
  • Fill in your business name and website .
  • Click convert
  • Saving Pins To A Board

  • 1Search for a Pin. Enter what you’re looking for into the search bar and peruse the results.
  • If you’re using a phone or tablet, tap the magnifying glass at the bottom to bring up the search bar.
  • 2 This brings up more information about the Pin.
  • 3Click or tap Save on the Pin. If you’ve created boards in the past, you’ll see a list of those boards here. If it’s your first time saving a Pin , you can create a new board.
  • 4Click or tap Create board. It’s at the bottom of the list. This opens the Create board form, where you’ll enter some basic information.
  • 5Fill out your board’s basic information. Enter a board title that’s reflective of the sort of content you’ll be saving to this board. For example, if you’re saving a haircut idea, you could use something like Curly Haircuts or Hair Ideas. If you’re using a phone or tablet, you also have some optional decisions to make now:
  • If you don’t want anyone to see your board, you can toggle the “Secret” switch to the On position.
  • If you want to collaborate on the board with someone else, tap the button under “Collaborators” to choose someone.
  • 6Click Create or tap Next. If you’re using the mobile app, you may have to tap Next will bring up some other topics related to your board that you can add if you wish. If you’re not interested, tap Skip and your board will be created. Now that you’ve created a board, it’ll appear as an option when you’re pinning things in the future.
  • Tap or click the profile icon and select Boards.
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    Browse Your Home Feed

    Your home feed is where you’ll find Pins, people and businesses we think you’ll love, based on your recent activity. We’ll also show you Pins from the people and boards you choose to follow.

    You can also search for Pins by typing in keywords into the search bar. Try typing “birthday party” in the search bar to see ideas for birthday party decor, party food recipes, and birthday gift ideas.

    How Can Businesses Use The New Message Feature

    people tend to message me how i post videos on pinterest ...

    COLLABORATION | Pinterest messaging makes it very easy for people to share ideas, examples and inspiration for projects they are working on. The most obvious use of the new feature is to use it for design projects, or any other projects using imagery to support project activities. With Pinterest messages, local and remote project team members can easily share images in real-time to brainstorm ideas, for example. As well as collaboration within small teams, it is also possible to collaborate directly with clients. Checking the needs of a client using a real-time exchange of visuals and comments could be a quick way to check if you are on the right track.

    | Although it is not possible to reach a wide audience using Pinterest messages , you could use the feature to build closer relationships with key followers or customers. Their support can be extremely valuable in encouraging the spread of information about your brand, which can be just as powerful, if not more so, as classic advertising. Even sending a simple Thank You to followers that regularly pin from your website can go a long way to keep them pinning your content.

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