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How To Merge Boards On Pinterest

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Create New Boards That Fit Your Current Lifestyle

PINTEREST FOR BEGINNERS: How to combine or merge boards in Pinterest

If you have an older Pinterest account, you probably have a lot of older boards and pins. And even if you didnt archive those boards, they still may not reflect who you are today. Start by making sure you have these ten essential boards, then add in other niche boards that suit you specifically.

  • Recipes
  • Cleaning Hacks
  • Personal Style
  • Home Inspo
  • Life Hacks
  • Good Reads
  • Health & Fitness
  • Hobbies/DIY
  • Cheer-Up
  • How To Be A Good Group Board Contributor

    In addition to complying with the board rules, you want to make sure youre being a good board contributor and sharing pins from the board.

    I disagree with the 80/20 rule.

    The entire point of being on Pinterest is to get your own content seen.

    It cant be seen if youre burying it under other peoples content!

    However, to be a good group board member, you need to share content from that group board.

    Group boards are meant to be reciprocal, which means for each pin you add to the board, you share someone elses pin from the board.

    This is why I subscribe to a 50/50 rule for pinning I pin 50% my content, 50% other peoples content.

    Once youve joined a few group boards and youve been pinning to them for a while, youll need a method to analyze the boards.

    How To Organize The Pins Inside Your Board

    Once inside your board, click on the organise’ button and you will be taken to a screen that will allow you to drag and drop your pins.

    Simply click on the pins and drag them to wherever you would like them to be placed within your board.

    You might want to do this if you have some pins that perform particularly well and you want to keep them at the top of your board.

    You can also move pins out of one board and into another board by clicking on the pins and then selecting the move’ button.

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    Assess Group Board Effectiveness

    Group boards should only be one part of your strategy, not all of it. If you are exclusively pinning your content to group boards I would strongly suggest you dial that back to 30/70 ratio . Not utilizing your personal boards and relying so heavily on group boards puts you at the mercy of a group board owner. A group board owner could remove you at any time or delete the board altogether.

    Heres a quick guide for evaluating group boards:

    • Does the topic still fit within your niche or do you write content that will fit on the board?
    • Is there activity on the board or does it seem to be a dead space with little to no repins?
    • How many contributors? Less is more. Having 5-10 contributors who are active is going to be vastly more productive than having your content buried in a board with 50, 75 or even 100s of contributors.

    Group boards come and go all the time. Its okay to leave if the board is no longer helpful to your business. Consider joining up with just a few friends who have a similar niche.

    How Can We Use Them Effectively While Remaining True To Our Brand And Its Values

    How to merge 2 Pinterest boards

    This is a tough one but the goal for any marketing is to target your end user and remain true to what your niche is. If youre not a food blogger it doesnt matter how awesome the group board is, its not your target market. Keep head down focused on your niche and the traffic will come. It just might take a bit longer for you than others.

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    What Are Group Boards

    **Make sure you listen to this podcast for a full understanding of .

    Group boards are collaborative boards where 2 or more people pin to a board. The board is hosted on one persons account and other pinners are invited to pin. Most group boards have rules like the one below.

    To find a group board quickly look for the circle in the bottom left corner as indicated below.

    What Is The Benefit Of Merging Boards

    One of the main benefits of merging Pinterest boards is that it helps with organization. I can especially see this being useful for personal accounts and pinners who use Pinterest leisurely.

    Please note: Currently, you can not add descriptions to Pinterest board sections. For this reason, I do not know how this impacts . Board descriptions are an important part of , so if you are trying to get your pins seen or ranked in Pinterest search, I would recommend having many separate and specific boards than having sections within broader boards.

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    How To Create A Group Board

    Alternatively, you can simply invite friends to one of your existing personal boards.

    Step 1: Log into your Pinterest account and click your profile photo at the top right of your screen if on a desktop or bottom right if on your cell phone.

    Step 2: Click + below the name of your board.

    Step 3: Search for your friend by using a first or last name, an email address, or a username.

    Step 4: Click Invite. You can also Copy the link and send this to the friends you want to add.

    As the group board owner, you may be able to decide what your collaborators can do and/or limit what they can do. You can also remove collaborators at any time.

    Do You Have To Merge Boards To Move Pins From One Board To Another

    Combining Boards on Pinterest

    Can you move pins from one board to another without merging boards?


    If youre hesitant to merge boards, this may be a great alternative option for you.

    You can move pins to different boards individually or in bulk .

    Heres how:

    Next, select the pins that you wish to move to another board. If you would like to move all of the pins, click Select all.

    Once all of the pins you want to move all selected, click this move symbol:

    Then, select the board that you want to move the pins to.

    And thats it! Your pins should now be moved to a different board.

    There are other ways that you can move pins individually to different boards, but I find this way to be the most efficient.

    To change the board of a singular pin, you can also:

  • Select Edit pin and where it says board, click on the board it is currently pinned to.
  • A list of all of your boards should appear, and you can then select the board you want that pin saved to!
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    Relevant To Your Niche

    I even find some articles and blogs that recommend joining as many group boards as you can so you can pin as much as you can.

    While this advice makes sense because you do need exposure for your pins, this is not a wise approach.

    Your pins will only make sense for people in your niche. If you post a pin about blogging tips on a group board that majority of members are looking for vegan recipes, your pin wont get much engagement, and all your efforts would be for nothing.

    Keep in mind that the reason youre joining group boards is to get traffic to your content.

    Do you think people who are not in your niche would bother visiting your site?

    Food for thought.

    How To Analyze Your Group Boards

    Once youve joined a few group boards, youll want to keep track of their performance.

    Its important to track your boards and drop the poor performers.

    If youre pinning 30 pins per day, you want to be sure those pins are being seen and getting traction.

    To avoid completely wasting your time, or your precious pins, you can use the Board Insights tool from .

    You will need a Tailwind account for this, but its absolutely worth every penny.

    You can try Tailwind for free. Just using my referral link.

    Once youve created your account youll want to select Board Insights on the left column.

    See the screenshot below for an example.

    Board Insights allows you to sort your boards by group boards, secret boards, or regular boards.

    To analyze your group boards, just click the box next to group boards along the top bar.

    Then, you can click on each individual board to see how the pins youve added to the board have performed.

    I recommend going through this process once a month in the beginning and then quarterly once your group board strategy is more established.

    I have a handy spreadsheet I use to help me keep track the data so I can make strategic decisions on which boards to drop.

    I provide a copy of this spreadsheet, along with step-by-step instructions on how to analyze your boards and when to drop poor performing boards, in my course.

    Whew, you made it to the end!

    Now stop reading and go take action!

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    Visit The User Profile Of Top

    For example, If you search for blogging tips on the search bar, Pinterest will show you the top-ranking pins for blogging tips like the image below..

    Then you will need to click the top-ranking pins one by one to visit the owners profile.

    Scroll down and look for blogging tips group boards that she joined.

    In case you dont know how to tell a group board from a regular board, group boards are indicated by 3 faces in the circle, instead of 1

    Different group boards have different requirements for you to join.

    Some group boards will simply ask you to follow the board owner, the group board and hit the Join button and wait to be accepted.

    And others will ask you to email them like the home decor group board example above.

    You must be prepared to visit a lot of profiles and check out various group boards because not all group boards are accepting more contributors.

    Just keep visiting user profiles of the top-ranking pins for a query to find different group boards that might accept you.

    What Happens When You Archive A Board

    How to Find, Join, and Pin to Pinterest Group Boards

    When you archive a Board, it will disappear from your public profile. You will still be able to access it under Archived Boards section. Pinterest makes it similar to Secret Boards. However, both are different.

    For starters, you can save Pins to Secret Boards, but it is not possible with Archived Boards. To save a Pin, you need to unarchive the Board. Dont get confused by the interface and learn the difference between Pin and Board.

    Further, once you archive a Board, you will not get recommendations related to that particular Board. Archiving a Board isnt a permanent step. You can always unarchive Boards, and they will start functioning normally.

    Heres how you can unarchive a board.

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    How To Search For Boards

    Step 1: Once youve logged into Pinterest, enter a topic in the search bar on your Home screen. Press enter on your keyboard.

    Step 2: A dropdown menu will give you a selection of more specific board topics. Click the one that appeals to you.

    Step 3: You can choose to follow the board title by clicking Follow or you can click on individual Pins and Save.

    Dont Get Clever With Your Board Names

    Use your best keyword phrases! That way, interested people can find your boards via search engines .

    Here you can see that my social media marketing tips board is 4th on the 2nd page of Google results.

    The maximum allowed characters is 50, but they might not all show on your profile.

    While its nice to have neat, tidy names that fit in the display area, its not required. Go with what best describes the board.

    For example, Social Media Scheduling Tools & Tips doesnt all fit on the profile view of the board. But that tips keyword is still there for SEO purposes!

    If someone should search Social Media Scheduling Tips this board would be more likely to surface due to that.

    Dont concoct a name thats cute and unique. Use phrases Pinners are actually searching for!

    From the top right bar, click the magnifying glass icon.

    A search panel will pop up. Start typing! Take note of the phrases that appear.

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    Select The Board To Merge

    After you tap on Merge, youll see a list of available boards that you can merge with.

    Now, select a board from the list. The current board will now be merged with the selected board from the list.

    You cannot select multiple boards. If you wish to merge multiple boards, simply repeat the process.

    After selecting the board from the list, tap on the Mergebutton to start the process of merging the boards.

    On the Pinterest web, click on theDone button to merge the boards.

    The duration of the process depends on the number of pins you have on the boards. Usually, it takes less than 60 seconds to merge two boards.

    Should You Have Personal Boards On Your Business Account

    How to Combine Pinterest Boards Easily, Digital Marketing for Small Business

    Theres some controversy about this. Some people say yes. They even recommend going into your Pinterest analytics and making boards on other interests of your audience even if theyre not your interests.

    Please, dont do that. Do you really want to keep pinning to a board of things youre not interested in?

    Feel free to use Audience Insights to create more boards that are relevant to your business though particularly if you have your own content to save there. Even Pinterest now tells us to focus on saving your own content.

    There is a slight chance youll attract some members of your target market this way but much more likely, if you attract anyone, theyll be people who arent.

    As a Pinner whos had a somewhat-business-related Pin go viral , I can tell you it caused me a huge waste of time and money.

    Even though that Pin was vaguely related to my business , I probably got fewer than 5 people on my business email list from that viral Pin.

    I spent a ton of time making a content upgrade for that blog post, set up an email list for it, tried to figure out a way to monetize

    I did get thousands of people to sign up to that list . So that cost me plenty.

    I eventually closed that list because I was wasting too much time on it, and making no money.

    Now imagine if Id made a board about knitting? Which was recommended to me.

    If you make baby clothes, and you suddenly came out with a line of adult hair care products, thats diluting your brand.

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    Follow Brands And Bloggers You Love From Instagram And Facebook

    Almost all brands and bloggers have Pinterest accounts, and if you love the content they share on social media, youll likely love their Pinterest content even more. Pinterest is typically the top traffic-driver for bloggers and brands so their Pinterest accounts are often updated multiple times a day. This is the best way to keep up with your favorite blogs because all of their content will be collected there.

    How To Find and Follow Your Favorite Brands And Bloggers

  • If you cant find them, send them a DM on the social media platform you follow most often, or contact them via the Contact page of their website. They will gladly send you a link to their account.
  • Should You Create Sections As A Content Creator Or Not

    If you think, you need it. Then, do add sections.

    For example, I have sections on my main board of shemeansblogging. I can easily move pins and find pins when I want.

    Although, I havent created sections in my group boards.

    First, its a lot of work. I will have to move and copy pins every day for a clean group board.

    Second, even if I add sections, most of my contributors will not add a pin to the respective section. If you use Tailwind to schedule pins, then tailwind doesnt allow you to add pins to sections. It allows us to schedule pins to boards directly.

    If you have been waiting to use tailwind for unlimited scheduling, I highly recommend going through my step by step tutorial. I showed all the steps I do to schedule my pins. When you use my link to upgrade, you also enjoy a free month. A win-win.

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    Take Inventory Of Current Boards

    Just like organizing your closet, the first step is to declutter your existing Pinterest account. You probably have old stuff that youll likely never look at again, so lets get rid of those to make navigation a little easier.

    • Archive Unneeded Boards. You may have old boards like First Birthday Party or Bathroom Remodel but those days have been long-gone for years. Pinterest has added an Archive feature for you to remove old boards from your main page without actually deleting them. This is way better than deleting because they wont take up space but can still be recovered if needed.
    • Note any boards with very little pins. You can merge these boards with other boards if that make sense to do.
    • Note your most-revisited boards. You can add these to a scrap sheet of paper.

    Things To Note Before Merging Boards

    How to Find and Join Pinterest Group Boards

    Before you decide to merge boards, there are a few important things you should note.

  • When you merge a board into another board, the followers of the merged board will not transfer to the new board
  • If you merge a secret board with a public board, the privacy settings of the destination board will apply
  • To undo a merge, youll need to create a new board or section and move the Pins there, one by one
  • Please note that point #3 means that you cant unmerge boards. It is saying that you will need to create an entirely new board and transfer all of the pins back to it.

    These things are important to consider before you merge your boards!

    Tip: Before you merge two boards, check to see if they are well-performing boards! If they are well-performing boards, I recommend leaving them be and not touching them to avoid the risk of having any negative impact on them!

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