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How To Measure Linkedin Engagement

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The Engagement Rate Formula For Instagram

How to find the engagement rate for LinkedIn owned posts

As mentioned before, on youll encounter the same situation with the engagement rate by followers and by reach.

This means that reach is an available only for owned accounts.

Thats why we should consider both engagement rate by followers and engagement rate by reach, depending on the data that we want to report.

Engagement rate by reach will be indeed similar with what we’ve seen on Facebook.

For Instagram you can consider looking into the average engagement rate as well.

And average engagement rate by reach as you can see in the photo below:

Keep in mind:

  • Engagement – The number of likes and comments received for the posts published in the selected time period.
  • Average Engagement per Post – The engagement of the posts divided by the number of posts published in the selected period.

Images Make For The Most Part Of Brands Posts On Linkedin

Whether were talking about charts or regular informative visuals, images are a great way of compressing high volumes of information in a manner thats easy and fast for users to comprehend.

Just like on Instagram, you can save an image and later rapidly consult that piece of information in times of need.

This is a simple reason for whichimages are the go-to type of posts brands are using on LinkedIn, with a percentage of 49%, followed by articles, with 38%.

With video marketing still being the one marketers are most struggling with, because of its many angles available, which imply testing a lot, it is only normal to have articles as a second choice.

After all, lets not forget LinkedIn is a platform on which quality and professional related information, which may be treated in a more detailed manner is what matters the most, and articles are still a pretty good way of delivering it.

What Kind Of Social Engagement Metrics Can Be Collected On Linkedin

LinkedIn provides users with these engagement metrics that indicate how well received a post is:

1 ) No. of Views

  • A social network staple, views are a simple indicator showing just how many eyeballs a LinkedIn social post gets.

2 ) No. of Reactions by Type

  • While all these reactions seem to be positive, the number of reactions are telling of how LinkedIn users feel about a particular post or user.
  • The variety of reactions, while subjective can give a broad indicator of how a user feels towards the post.

3 ) Lists of users that reacted to the post

  • A deeper, more insightful datapoint as it gives you a list of highly engaged users for which a brand can act upon.
  • This list can be used as a list of potential leads for outbound sales or even potential brand advocates that could be incentivized for promoting your brand.

4 ) Comments

  • Since reactions are only positive, comments are where you can find out any concerns or enquiries regarding the post.
  • Addressing any concerns in the comments demonstrates good client service and in turn, better customer satisfaction.
  • Almost like a testimonial, a comment with positive sentiment can be measured as the highest form of social engagement.

5 ) List of commenters

  • If replying to a comment is insufficient, you can find out who exactly has concerns about your service/post and reach out to them personally.

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How Can I Improve My Candidate Engagement

Its really simplegive your candidates what they want.

The harder part of this is understanding precisely what they do want.

Fortunately, there has been a lot of interest and investigation into candidate engagement. Here are some of the leading factors where candidates feel disappointed and choose to disengage from suppliers and recruiters.

  • Needlessly long application processes.
  • No means to contact the recruiter.

What your job seekers want then is:

  • Better and more communication.
  • Notifications of successful and unsuccessful applications and stage progression.
  • A timeline of the hiring process.
  • Human contact after application.
  • A timeline relating to communication replies.

With these two lists, its time to investigate your process to see where you fall short and which areas are those where you do well.

Speed and communication are vital in every area and at every stage. Make sure your software, automation, and personal interactions fall in line with expectations, and if they cant, let your candidates know why, and as soon as possible.

Videos Make People Keener To Comment

Measuring Engagement for your Posts on LinkedIn, Facebook ...

Having an audience that presents interest in your topics, thats open to communicate and shows involvement is every brands dream and every social media managers objective.

And being able to make your followers comment on a daily basis aint an easy job.

Thats why, studying a bit the digital landscape’s trends before creating your social media strategy can be more rewarding than you think.

In order to help you with this task, remember there are plenty of out there, that you can always turn to.

Now that weve seen the power of visual content in terms of engagement through our LinkedIn data, it is only obvious it is winning when talking about comments as well.

Theres a constant jog between images and videos, but its pretty safe to say each of them is winning at some point, depending on the case.

To wrap this one up, based on this , its safe to say that if you aim for more comments, you should post more images for small accounts , but trust videos will help you with this objective for every other bigger account.

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How To Boost Your Engagement Rate On Linkedin

The commitment rate depends on several factors:

  • The quality of your content, it also depends on a good SEO on your website,A good targeting of your audience,
  • A good use of social networks, here LinkedIn.

To boost its engagement rate, a brand or a company will try to stand out with new content that you will share on your social networks. The goal is the same if you are an entrepreneur: to stand out thanks to an adapted social media strategy.

To increase your engagement rate on LinkedIn faster, you can use Podawaa. This tool allows you to join pods dedicated to a theme. The members of these pods will have access to content that interests them directly, so you can target your audience more and increase your engagement rate at the same time.

Any doubts about pods? Our tools are designed to adapt to your behavior and not be penalized by LinkedIn.

Bonus: Podawaa is the only tool that allows you to . By the way, you are free to use it only for this purpose! A nice time saving in the diffusion of your contents.

How To Analyze Your Linkedin Company Page Performance

LinkedIn is an essential social media platform for many businesses, both large and small. And while LinkedIn is a useful tool, it can be daunting to measure the success of your company page.

If youve set up a and publish content regularly but havent figured out if all of your hard work is paying off, youve come to the right place. Heres the data youll need to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

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What Counts As An Impression On Linkedin

LinkedIn uses its own form of viewable impression. It only counts impressions when an update is more than 50% on screen for over 300 milliseconds. The standard use of viewable impressions is that an ad is over 50% onscreen for 1 continuous second. This is an improvement on how most social networks counts impressions which is that they just count posts/ads loading in a feed whether they are seen or not.

It should also be noted that by using viewable impressions, LinkedIn is reducing the number of impressions counted. This in turn will increase the engagement to impression ratio, and therefore the engagement rate.

What Are Linkedin Analytics

Engagement Rate Calculator – how-to guide

LinkedIn Analytics are a selection of metrics that capture the performance of your LinkedIn Company Page.

Like other social media platforms, they measure metrics such as followers, clicks, shares, and comments.

Content you publish on the platform, ads that you run, and people who visit your Company Page are all captured by these metrics.

Tracking your analytics is critical when determining what content resonates with your target audience.

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Linkedin Company Page Overview:

Have a clear and complete overview of your LinkedIn Company Page. View key metrics like how many followers you have, the updates you have made, engagement & click growth and much more.

You can also select a suitable time-frame that you want to analyze for your brand. You can analyze your content with time-frame of 7 days, 15 days, 1 month, 2 months and 3 months.

Linkedin Engagement Rate: How To Measure It

As we mentioned a bit earlier, LinkedIn doesnt make the calculation of the engagement on their platform easy. There are different ways to calculate the engagement rate:

Manually, controlling the interactions that our followers had with our publications by ourselves. We will be able to know how many likes, comments or shares we get to figure out whether we are on the right path or not.

Using LinkedIn Analytics. However, the info offered is not complete and its not easy to understand.

Lastly, you can go to other pages that can help you with the LinkedIn engagement rate calculation. Certainly, there are plenty of platforms that offer you this service. However, we recommend you use our Metricool application for doing that. We wont let you down.

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Takeaways From Company Update Data

The correlation between your company updates and engagement data can clue in on which types of updates are working and which arent.

And if youre struggling, there are actions to take based on what we know about the :

  • Instead of just dropping links, users should publish posts that encourage a bit of back-and-forth between you and your followers: this includes question-based posts, industry advice and hot takes
  • The platform does not favor a particular content format, although image-based posts and videos anecdotally have higher engagement rates on LinkedIn
  • Although conventional wisdom tells us to keep our LinkedIn posts short and sweet, you should craft captions that come off as personable rather than corporate

You should obviously put your engagement data into context as well. For example, look at posts that spark a debate or a flood of positive reactions as a sort of template for the types of content you should produce moving forward.

Oh, and also mind how often youre posting to LinkedIn. Like any other social algorithm, LinkedIn can be somewhat fickle as some posts blow up while others dont seem to get much reach at all. As highlighted by the heat map below, timing and consistency can help you maximize your reach to grow your following:

The Engagement Rate Formula For Facebook

LinkedIn Engagement Rate: How To Measure It

When it comes to both Facebook and Instagram, social media managers usually report engagement by fans and followers since the engagement by reach is only available for the owned accounts.

And if you want to compare with your competitors, then you should definitely look into what this metric is telling you.

Lets turn to the algorithm for . This is how you do it:

But, if you want a more in-depth look into your performance, you can always take a look at your engagement rate by reach.

But for even more insights, you can look at the average engagement rate as follows.

Keep in mind:

  • Engagement – The sum of reactions, comments, and shares received for the posts published in the selected time period.
  • Average Engagement – The engagement of the posts divided by the number of posts published in the selected period.

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Visually Oriented Content Increases The Median Number Of Likes

Getting likes is something people love about social media. And surely LinkedIn is no exception.

Due to its professional status and expectations, the information shared on the platform must be really of interest and helpful for the users.

If we add the business market and personality, well see there are a lot of changes when it comes to the type of post best chosen to generate more likes.

In our attempt of understanding Linkedin’s trends, we discovered that:

  • the smallest accounts can try a mix between videos and images, maybe pushing a bit more on images, since this is the type of post that increases the median number of likes for the next bigger accounts .
  • medium sized accounts should have in mind videos are the posts that bring a bigger number of likes, but a second best option for accounts between 10K – 50K followers are images, while for profiles between 50K – 100 K, articles.
  • the largest accounts can count on images to win more likes, a second best option being videos.

But as a general rule, either videos should be opted first, either images, it is clear that visually oriented content is the one that steals peoples hearts, as these Linkedin metrics show.

What Is The Engagement Rate Used For

The commitment rate is an excellent performance indicator and is one of the statistics that should be studied regularly to know if your digital communication strategy is effective.

If you are present on several social networks, this data will allow you to know on which network your targets are the most receptive to your content. You will then know if it is relevant or not to continue on the other networks and adapt your content strategy.

The engagement rate also allows you to identify the content that your audience likes the most and will help you produce better and more relevant content. The goal? Increase your visibility, generate even more engagement, and turn your subscribers or audience into prospects or customers.

These are the kinds of metrics that social media agencies, influencers and brands use to evaluate the success of their marketing strategy. Knowing your engagement rate on LinkedIn is essential for brands but also for entrepreneurs! At the same time, it will allow you to see if your conversion rate can be improved, dont neglect it!

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Whos Viewed Your Profile

Even with a free account on Linkedin, users are able to see whos viewed their profile, even though information provided is not as complete and detailed compared what premium users get.

Nevertheless, this is a key metric to monitor, no matter if you are recruiting, seeking employment, work in sales or simply wish to network and connect with new, potential partners. Thats what Linkedin is for, after all!

Linkedin Analytics: Top 5 Metrics To Track

Exporting engagement data from LinkedIn

Are you measuring your LinkedIn marketing efforts? Do you know which metrics to monitor?

Over the last several years LinkedIn has grown far beyond just another job site.

With more than 700 million business professionals, it has evolved into one of the best content marketing platforms for B2B businesses.

Professionals are here for more than networking and job hunting – LinkedIn is an opportunity to get in front of your ideal clients.

Savvy agencies use their LinkedIn Company Page to build trust by producing relevant, high-quality content, thus positioning themselves as authorities in their market. Top agencies also apply the same strategy to their clients’ business.

Whether youre promoting awareness of their brand or boosting credibility among peers, you need to measure progress.

You need to demonstrate how effective your marketing is by including the right metrics in your social media reports.

In this post, well go over the top 5 metrics you should focus on in your LinkedIn dashboard and reports.

But first, let’s start with the basics.

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Linkedin Analytics: The Complete Guide For Marketers

LinkedIn analytics metrics are the proof points of your LinkedIn marketing efforts. This data allows you to prove and improve your social media ROI.

If your company uses , then tracking LinkedIn analytics should be an integral part of your strategy on this social platform. Thats because analytics tools help marketers track different social media metrics and report back on successes.

But, why does that matter?

Tracking LinkedIn analytics is essential when it comes to quantifying your social media marketing efforts, and providing the data you need to improve your social media ROI and reach social media goals. After all, if you arent tracking data, youre just guessing whether your brand is meeting its goals.

In other words, with LinkedIn analytics, you can say with certainty when youve hit a new milestone, like record audience growth, engagement or conversions.

In this complete LinkedIn analytics guide, youll:

  • Learn how to use LinkedIn analytics.
  • Discover the best LinkedIn metrics to track.
  • See a few analytics tools that can deliver deeper insights and make reporting simple.

Lets learn how to start tracking your companys metrics on LinkedIn!

Bonus:Download a free guide that shows the 11 tactics Hootsuites social media team used to grow their LinkedIn audience from 0 to 278,000 followers.

Review Your Linkedin Company Page Post Engagement

The level of is a good first indicator of how successful your strategy is. If your content isnt interesting, useful, or deemed necessary by your followers, they wont engage.

LinkedIn engagement is a catch-all term for metrics such as post likes, comments, and views, with the most valuable form of engagement being comments. Think about it: We live in a time-poor world. People consume content on social media all day long. Theyll leave a lengthy comment only if theyre genuinely interested in the content youre sharing.

To review your LinkedIn company page post engagement, go to your company page and click the Analytics tab. Then select Updates from the drop-down menu.

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Linkedin Inbuilt Competitor Analysis Tool

LinkedIn has launched a new competitor analysis tool to simplify social media marketers daily lives. Although, currently, it shows only two graphs: Followers and Organic content metrics .

Here is a quick guide on how to access it.

Note: Youll need admin access to your company page.

Step 1: Go to Analytics.

Step 2: Click on Competitors.

Step 3: LinkedIn shows a suggested list of competitors that you can modify. You can add up to 10 LinkedIn pages.

After you click Continue, youll see two graphs with competitors metrics.

Analyzing your competitors and their activities on LinkedIn will help you set more realistic and accurate goals for your social media marketing plans. Make sure to conduct competitor analysis on LinkedIn periodically to always stay updated.

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