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How To Market On Facebook

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How To Reach Your Target Market On Facebook

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

These tips, from direct response experts, will help you find the prospects you’ve been seeking so you can begin selling.


In their book No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing, business coach and consultant Dan S. Kennedy and marketing strategist Kim Walsh-Phillips show you how to use direct response marketing principles on a variety of social media platforms to drive real results and profit. In this edited excerpt, the authors explain how using Facebook’s Partner Categories can help you really target the market you’re seeking.

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How do you reach any specific market you’re looking to conquer? In 99 percent of cases, I’ve found Facebook to be the best place for mass marketing sales with the highest ROI. From small business to large business, from business to consumer, and including professional services, Facebook continues to out-perform other media when targeting people for generating leads and subsequent sales.


Because Facebook combines behaviors with data mining to give you access to exactly who you’re going after without having to buy a list. Facebook partnered with data giants Epsilon, Acxiom, and Datalogix to allow brands to match the data gathered through things like shopper loyalty programs, sweepstakes, credit card data, and government records. You can access this information using Facebooks Partner Categories.

  • Household size of 6
  • Upscale department store credit card user
  • Home office supply purchases
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    I make sure that we focus on developing and expanding value creation and innovation. This means that we are always thinking about how to better serve our members. I stay curious about how to make things better and easier for all stakeholders. And I make sure Jon is encouraged, supported, and challenged so that we have a business that is productive, profitable, and most importantly, that we are proud of.


    I write content for Jons site , and I engage with advertisers in our Power Hitters Club communities to dive deeper on issues related to Facebook and Instagram ads.


    I oversee Jons Power Hitters Club membership process and relations, identifying potential and existing member needs as well as responding to membership queries. I also collaborate with other team members to optimize the customer journey experience.


    Myself and my team help Jon with all matters relating to the websites , WordPress, and integration. Were also very interested in areas such as online privacy, & Facebook Conversions API etc.

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    I have followed Jon Loomer loosely for a few years online, dipping into his free trainings and resources as they popped up on my newsfeed or appeared in my online searches. I signed up for Jons email list and messaged his team multiple times feeling out the content and attitude behind the Power Hitters Club. I found the quality and quantity of information very transparent and informative.

    Since I have been involved with PHC I have found a group of like-minded advertisers and agency owners who actively share with and support each other in an ever-changing industry. Jon & Luke are approachable and professional in their approach to real time education regarding Facebook and Facebooks ecosystem.

    I have learnt some valuable lessons and have had my eyes opened wider to this industry since being a part of PHC with not only the library of trainings, Live chats, One on ones but most importantly with the assistance Jon/Luke and the collective of the people in the Facebook Group.

    If you are an agency owner or Facebook advertiser and you are looking for a training and support network I strongly suggest look further into PHC and Jon Loomer as this is the best I have found.

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    Being a part of Jons team has delivered massive value in a very short period of time. Nothing like collaboration with industry pros and guidance from a respected leader.

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