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How To Mark All Read In Gmail

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More Information On How To Mark All Emails As Read Iphone 6

How to Mark All Emails As Read in Gmail

If you use IMAP email on your email account then these emails are also going to be marked as read if you check your email account on a laptop or desktop computer, an iPad, or any other device where you have connected the email account.

if you dont want to mark all of your emails as read, and would prefer to do it on an individual basis, then simply opening the email will accomplish that.

You also have the ability to move all of your emails to junk on an iPhone, flag all of your emails, move all of them to a different folder, or move them all to the trash.

While the steps in this guide discuss how to mark emails as read through the All Inboxes option, this same process will work for individual email accounts as well. Simply tap the All Inboxes button at the upper-left corner of the screen, tap Edit at the upper right, choose Select All, then select and Mark all read and unread emails as read through the Mail app.

There are many things that you can do on your iPhone to improve your battery life, but one setting that you can change concerns your email. and learn how to change the fetch settings for an email account so that it only checks for new messages when you manually refresh your inbox.

How To Mark All Unread Emails As Read In Gmail Instantly

Many Gmail users have a problem with the number of unread emails they have. This situation sometimes making it difficult to find other important emails.

Instead of opening the unread emails one by one, you can take advantage of one Gmail feature that lets you mark all unread emails as read in just a few clicks no third-party plugin required. Everything you need to complete this task is already available on the Gmail desktop.

Setting Up A Mark As Read Filter

You can also set up a filter in Gmail that lets you automatically mark certain emails as read as soon as they come in.

To do this:

Step 1. Navigate to the search bar, and click the arrow to the right-hand side.

Step 2. Enter the search criteria for the email you wish to automatically mark as read. This is usually the From field.

Step 3. Click Search

Step 4. Select and click Create filter.

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How To Mark All E

I was checking my email on my phone, and for some reason it glitched out and marked every single of my thousand emails unread. Is there any way I can mark all emails as read as once instead of doing 50 or 100 at a time?

If you go to the “All Mail” view from a computer and click the ‘select all’ checkbox, a little notification saying something like “All 50 conversations on this page are selected. Select all 24,037 conversations in All Mail” should appear, where the last part is a link. If you click that link, then click ‘Mark as Read,’ it should take care of the problem.

  • 2Feb 9, 2018 at 12:07
  • thank you @hBy2Py Vandolph ReyesApr 12, 2020 at 9:01
  • Well even after you do this it still does not mark all as read. And the unread messages come back as soon as I refresh. user30994Jan 17 at 9:18
  • @user30994 Not sure what’s happening here… difficult to debug why it’s not marking all of the messages as read, without more information. As to the refresh…the marking-as-read is going to be a fairly bandwidth-intensive operation, so it’s possible you’re refreshing before all of the mark-read instructions have been sent across to the Gmail servers?

This should be done in a desktop browser

  • Enter the following in the search bar at the top of Gmail page “is:unread”

  • Click the hyperlink in the text that pops up in the “All 100 conversations on this page are selected. Select all 56,315 conversations in All Mail

  • How To Select All Emails In Gmail And Mark As Read

    Gmail Mark All as Read: How to Mark all Emails as Read on Gmail

    This annoying notification of unread emails can be easily removed. All you have to do is select all emails and mark them as read.

    • Sign in to your Gmail.
    • Hover over the sidebar and click More.
    • Check the box in the small empty box on the horizontal toolbar.

    Now all your emails are marked as read and you will no longer see notifications.

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    How Do I Mark All Gmail As Read On Android

    You cant mark all emails as read in the Gmail app. Heres how to mark a specific email as read on Android:

    Step 1. Open up the Gmail app on your iPhone.

    Step 2. Select the email you want to mark as read by clicking on the senders profile image on the left side

    Step 3. Look for the icon in the top right-hand corner that looks like an open envelope

    Step 4. Click that and youre done

    Quick tip: On iPhone and Android, you can adjust the settings in the Gmail app so that swiping left or right on the messages quickly marks the emails as read.


    How To Mark All Your Emails As Read In Gmail

    • You can mark all emails as read in your Gmail account .
    • On the desktop version of Gmail, there are two methods to mark all emails as read – via the search bar or ‘Select All.’
    • On the mobile app, you can only mark emails as read one by one, not in bulk.

    Whether you’ve just returned to an out-of-control inbox after a vacation, or you want a clean slate without deleting everything, marking emails as read can be a good place to start taking back your digital space.

    You should be aware, however, that you can only mark all of your emails as read in the desktop version of Gmail. In the mobile app, you can only mark messages as read one by one.

    Here’s how to get it done.

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    How To Mark All Emails As Read On An Iphone 6

  • Open the Mail app.
  • Touch the Edit button at the top-right.
  • Tap Select All at the top-left.
  • Touch the button at the bottom-left.
  • Select the option.
  • Our tutorial continues below with more information on marking all of your emails as read on an iPhone, including information on how to perform these steps in earlier versions of iOS.

    Why Its Useful To Mark Emails As Read In Gmail

    How to Mark All Emails as Read in Gmail – 2021

    Its not always possible or even necessary to open and read every single email that comes into your inbox. That said, its also disconcerting to open your Gmail account to see that you have 10,576 unread messages.ADD_THIS_TEXT

    Being able to mark emails as read is a great way of organizing your inbox without having to necessarily go into every single message.

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    Takeaways: How To Mark All Email Messages As Read In Gmail

    • The only place where you can make all your Gmail messages read is a desktop browser
    • To mark your whole inbox as read, login to your free Gmail inbox, search for , check all messages, activate Select all conversations that match this search option and click Mark as read icon
    • You can also use Gmail labels and filters to automatically mark selected emails as read
    • Watch our video instruction: Gmail how to mark all as read

    Gmail is a great business and personal email manager that offers free integration with many more Google services including , Google Calendar and . There are also lots of great featured inside Gmail including Priority inbox and smart reply. I hope our tips will make your Gmail even better for you!

    Gmail Mark All As Read On Android

    How to mark all as read in Gmail on Android phone? The following are the instructions:

    Step 1: Open the Gmail application on your Android phone and log into your account.

    Step 2: Open the message and click Unread in the top right.

    Step 1: Open the Gmail application on your Android phone and log into your account.

    Step 2: On the left, click the senders profile image next to the message you want to mark. Click Read in the upper right corner.

    If you want to mark all as read Gmail, you need to use your computer to operate it.

    Here is how to make Gmail mark all as read on Android phone.

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    Check How To Mark All Emails As Read In Gmail

    That means we want to mark all the conversations or emails in a folder as read. A read message indicates that we have already reviewed that message. The message does not need attention. Click the Mark As Read button or choose Mark As Read from the More Options menu , then click OK. Gmail marks all messages in your inbox as read. This process can take a few seconds or even minutes, let Gmail do the work, you can continue browsing the platform, Gmail will do the rest.

    How To Bulk Delete Emails In Gmail

    How to mark all unread mails as read in Gmail

    If you dont want to delete all of your emails at once, you can still select and delete multiple emails.

    1. Sign in to your Gmail.

    2. Go to the section where you want to delete multiple email addresses

    3. Select the range of emails you want to delete by clicking one email while holding the Shift key and then selecting another email.

    4. Click the trash can icon on the horizontal toolbar to delete the range of selected emails.

    Repeat this process until youve deleted all the emails you want.

    Note. If you accidentally deleted an email, go to the Trash folder and select that email. Then click on the Move to icon and select Inbox.

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    Gmail Mark All As Read On Iphone

    How to mark all as read in Gmail on iPhone? Here are the details:

    Step 1: Open the Gmail application on your iPhone and log into your account.

    Step 2: Open the message and click Unread in the top right.

    Step 1: Open the Gmail application on your iPhone and log into your account.

    Step 2: On the left, click the senders profile image next to the message you want to mark. Click Read in the upper right corner.

    If you want to mark all as read Gmail, you need to use your computer to operate it.

    Here is how to make Gmail mark all as read on iPhone.

    How To Mark Emails As Read In Gmail

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    Not all emails are worth reading. Some you can block, some you cant. Instead of seeing the unread count go up and up, use this trick to quickly mark emails as read without opening them in Gmail.

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    How To Mark An Entire Gmail Inbox As Read

    If you are like many Gmail users, your inbox is stuffed with hundreds or even thousands of unread emails, making it difficult sometimes to know when you have new messages. Marking all of your old messages as read can give you a fresh start and help you prioritize however, Gmail’s standard interface limits you to marking one page of messages at a time. Avoid wading through your messages page by page with Gmail’s advanced search feature, which allows you to mark all of your unread messages at once.

  • 1.

    Type “label:inbox is:unread” into the Google search field at the top of the page, and then press “Enter.” Gmail displays the first 20 unread messages in your inbox.

  • 2.

  • 3.

  • 4.

  • References

    Using The ‘select All’ Option

    How to Mark All Emails as Read in Gmail

    Important: You can use this method from your main inbox, or you can go to a specific folder to only mark all as read from within that folder.

    1. Hit the down-carrot next to the Select box in the top toolbar and choose All.

    2. Select the icon from the top toolbar. It looks like an open envelope.

    Quick tip: You can do this with just selected emails, too, rather than applying the read label to all emails. For that, select emails one by one, or select all on the current page, and then hit the icon at the top.

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    Keep Unread Inbox At The Top In Gmail Web

    Google offers an option to keep unread emails at the top of the Inbox. Navigating through each tab in Gmail can get confusing. You can always use the Advanced Settings option in Gmail to streamline the Inbox experience. Follow the steps below to enable the Unread Inbox at the top in Gmail.

    Step 1: Open the browser on your PC and navigate to Gmail.

    Step 2: Sign in using your Google account credentials.

    Step 3: Tap on the Settings icon at the upper right corner.

    Step 4: From the Settings menu, go to Advanced option.

    Step 5: Scroll down to the bottom and enable the Unread Message icon option.

    Step 6: Hit Save Changes at the bottom.

    Now you will see all the unread emails at the top. Glance over them and mark them as read.

    How To Mark Emails As Read In Gmail For Iphone And Android

    The Gmail app makes it incredibly quick and easy to mark emails as read, right from your Inbox. Its the same method for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

    Open the Gmail app and navigate to your Inbox. Then, tap the senders photo for an email that you want to mark as read. You can select multiple emails in the same way.

    Once you have selected emails, tap the Envelope icon in the top toolbar.

    The emails will now be marked as read.

    If you want to mark emails as unread, select the emails again and tap the same Envelope icon.

    New to Gmail? Learn everything that you need to know about Gmail in our complete guide to Gmail.

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    How To Mark As Read In The Gmail App

    To mark multiple emails as read fast using the Gmail app for iPhone and Android:

  • Tap the circle in front of the first message you want to mark as read.
  • Now tap any additional messages circles to add them to the selection.
  • Tap the button in the toolbar.Tip: Swiping to mark read also works with swiping to set up.
  • Features Of Gmail Accounts

    How to Mark All Emails as Read in Gmail

    As time passed, the features of Gmail are improving. And due to this improvement of features, Gmail also improves itself. For example, in the beginning, there were only some million users of Gmail. But as features were added, the number of users also increased. Here we will discuss some important and useful features of Gmail and then you can easily understand the importance of Gmail for personal as well as business life.

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    Multiple Pages Of Unread Messages

    The above method has to be done on every page if you have multiple pages of unread messages. Skip the hassle by marking all of them as read at once.

    1. Click the checkbox above your message and choose Unread. Then, right above the messages, click the Select all conversations link.

    2. Click the Mark as read icon/button to mark all the messages as read.

    How To Mark All Emails In Gmail Inbox As Read On Iphone

    Updated on by Tuan Do

    Ive just got a new iPhone 11 and started setting it up a few days ago. As I was a hard-core Android user, I had to install Google services first and Gmail is the most important app of them all, as you can easily add contacts with Gmail, pre-schedule emails and work offline when necessary too.

    After I installed Gmail, there was an unread email count number on top of the icon and it was showing hundreds or even thousands of unread emails.

    The counter is helpful, but showing such a large number doesnt really help you know how many new emails you need to read. Besides, you absolutely dont want to go to every email and mark it as read. Gmail has a button to but it applies to mails in the current page only. Here is how to mark all emails in your Google Inbox as read. Notice that you cant do it on your iPhone, Id recommend using your laptop or computer as it is much simpler.

    1. Open Gmail

    2. Type is:unread in the search box on top and click on the Search button to look for all unread emails.

    3. Check on the checkbox on top left of Inbox screen to select all emails

    4. Now, you will see that all emails on this page are selected. You will want to select all emails in your Inbox, so click on the link Select all conversations that match this search.

    5. Click on the More button on the most right of the toolbar, choose

    Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The commission help keep the rest of my content free, so thank you!

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    Your Emails Are Now All Read

    Et voila! All the emails you havent got around to opening are now “read.”

    If youve made a horrible mistake and you want to undo this, theres still time. At the bottom of the page, a pop up appears reading X conversations marked as read. Next to it is a button labelled Undo press this and everything will return to how it was before you meddled.

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