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How To Mark All Emails As Read Gmail App

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By Step Guide On How To Mark All Emails As Read Gmail App :

How to Mark All Emails As Read in Gmail
  • Open the Gmail application on your phone. In case you do not have this application you can simply install it from Play Store or App store. Make sure you are logged in using your valid email id along with password.
  • After successfully logging into your account, search for the mail that you want to Mark as read.
  • After selecting All the emails that you want to Mark as read, click the envelope icon which is placed at the top of the toolbar just beside the delete icon. The envelope icon represents the option of Mark as read. When the envelope is closed, it means that it marked all the emails as read.
  • Notification will appear at the bottom of the page with inform that it marked the number of emails selected as Read. In case you reconsider and you want to Mark them as unread you can also and do the action that is placed right beside the text in the notification.
  • You can also mark them as unread Again by simply clicking the envelope icon. When the envelope icon is open, it means that it marked the emails as unread.
  • How To Select All Emails In Gmail On Iphone

    First, you need to have the official Mail app for iPhone. You can download it here. Youll access your Gmail emails from this app.

  • Open the Mail app.
  • Enter your email and click Next.
  • Enter your password and click Next.
  • Enable the Mail option.
  • Return to the Mail app.
  • In the address bar, enter
  • Go to All Mail.
  • To close the extended menu, click on the edge of the extended menu.
  • How To Use Mark As Read Option

    I use Gmail inbox for work, so marking an email as read means that I got something done. It is is very likely that I will never check that email again, so this is important for my project management process.

    That being said, mass-marking emails as read can be useful in a few ways:

    • Unclutter your email inbox while keeping the whole email archive searchable. Inbox zero is the concept long gone: Most email inboxes are cluttered beyond control. Marking things as read is a good way to keep your inbox better organized.
    • Label tasks as done and keep them away from your attention
    • Remove emails from your primary email Gmail dashboard while keeping them for later reference .
    • To enable this mode, navigate: Gmail -> Settings -> Inbox and select Unread first in the dropdown

    Email zero may have a great impact on productivity and may be a major way to relieve stress. By cleaning your inbox you are telling yourself that it is safe and perfectly OK to live in the present and move on!

    More ways to unclutter your Gmail inbox:

    • Snooze Gmail emails via Gmail app

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    How To Mark All As Read In Gmail

    • Login to your Gmail account on your computer
    • Type is:unread in Gmail search bar + Enter to search
    • You can also add in:all which will include all email folders including the spam folder
  • Check the box on top of the list to select all emails
  • Welcome to email zero

    To quickly clear currently visible emails as read:

    • Login to your Gmail inbox

    How Do I Select All To Delete In Gmail

    Gmail Mark All as Read: How to Mark all Emails as Read on Gmail

    How to delete all emails in Gmail

  • Press the tick box to select all. Nestled between the search bar and the tab selection is a small tick box highlighted above.
  • Add in the emails not displayed on the page.
  • Hit the delete button.
  • Empty the trash and repeat the process for other tabs.
  • More Gmail tips.
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    Set Up Swipe To Mark Unread In Gmail For Mobile

    Hopefully you already know that you can swipe right to delete a message and swipe left to archive an email message? Of course, if you use folders / labels as extensively as I do theres no value to archiving a message thats already archived, so why not reassign that gesture to allow you to mark a message as unread?

    To do that, start by going to the main menu in Gmail for Mobile, accessible from the three horizontal lines menu on the top left of the screen. Swipe to the very bottom:

    Choose Settings and youll see the surprisingly few options in Gmail for Mobile:

    As highlighted, choose Mail swipe actions and you can see your current setup:

    The default is to trash an email by swiping right and archive by swiping left. But you can change these behaviors!

    Tap on Left swipe near the bottom and youll see all the possibilities:

    Choose and when you go back to your email, youll find that you can swipe right to trash a message as usual:

    but now you can also swipe left to mark it as unread:

    Pretty sweet, eh?

    Pro Tip: Ive been writing about both Gmail and the iPhone for years and have quite a library of help articles. Please check out my Gmail help and iPhone help areas while youre visiting! Thanks.

    Most Gmail users will have their inbox cluttered with newsletters and promotional emails. Having tons of unread emails will eventually result in missing out on the important emails. To avoid such a scenario, we recommend you mark all your older emails as read in Gmail.

    How To Select All Emails In Gmail And Mark As Read

    That annoying notification about having unread emails can be easily removed. All you have to do is select all emails and mark them as read.

  • Log in to your Gmail.
  • Hover your cursor over the sidebar and click More.
  • Check the small empty box in the horizontal toolbar.
  • Now, all your emails are marked as read and you wont see the notification anymore.

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    How To Select All Emails In Gmail

    Lee StantonRead more April 1, 2021

    If youre using Gmail as your primary email service, youve probably received a huge number of emails that you want to delete. Alternatively, you might want to select multiple emails and organize them in folders.

    This article will help you understand how to select all emails in Gmail across various devices and platforms. Plus, youll learn how to format emails in Gmail and see solutions to some common problems with the Gmail app.

    How To Mark Emails As Read In Gmail For Iphone And Android

    How to Read All Emails on Gmail iPhone

    The Gmail app makes it incredibly quick and easy to mark emails as read, right from your Inbox. Its the same method for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

    Open the Gmail app and navigate to your Inbox. Then, tap the senders photo for an email that you want to mark as read. You can select multiple emails in the same way.

    Once you have selected emails, tap the Envelope icon in the top toolbar.

    The emails will now be marked as read.

    If you want to mark emails as unread, select the emails again and tap the same Envelope icon.

    New to Gmail? Learn everything that you need to know about Gmail in our complete guide to Gmail.

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    Gmail App Reporting Incorrect Unread Count

    I dont know why, but this has been driving me nuts. Thanks OCD. When I check my Gmail on using the App on IOS or Android, it reports that I have 3 unread messages in my inbox. No matter how far i scroll down in the inbox using the app, however no unread messages are found. Furthermore, when I log into Gmail using a web browser from a computer, it shows that I have no unread messages in the inboxso what gives Google/Gmail? Do I have unread emails or not?!

    Heres how to reset an incorrect unread email message count in the Gmail App for IOS and/or Android:

    The Gmail App for IOS or Android reports unread emails in the inbox, but none can be found by searching the inbox. Also when logging into Gmail using a browser Gmail reports no unread emails.

    On desktop computer , open your favorite web browser and log into Gmail.

    In the search box at the top, type label:unread and click the magnifying glass or hit Enter. This search will return all unread emails in your mailbox.

    Expand the select all checkbox and click All to select all conversations in the current view.

    IMPORTANT: If your search matches more than 50 conversations, youll notice a yellow bar at the top of your search allowing you to Select all conversations that match this seach link. Click Select all conversations that match this search to select all unread emails.

    Click the More button and select .

    Thats it. Check your App it should show the correct number of unread messages going forward.

    How To Select All Emails In Gmail On Windows Mac And Chromebook

    The process of selecting all emails is the same for Windows, Mac, and Chromebook. You can select all emails in your Gmail inbox via your web browser. But before you go to Gmail, make sure that you are logged in to your Google account. Then, follow these steps:

  • Hover your cursor over the sidebar and click on More.
  • In the extended menu, scroll down and click on All Mail.
  • Select All Mail.
  • Success! Youve selected all your emails in Gmail.

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    How To Mark All Emails As Read In Gmail App

    Gmail is now divided into four distinct mailboxes. Primary, Social, Promotions, and Updates are available. If youre like most people, you probably get hundreds of emails every day and have no way of reading them all. Youll have tens of thousands of emails categorized as unread before you realize it.

    This is a problem since it means youll have to rely on push notifications or excessive manual checks to find out whether there are any new messages that require your attention. The solution is to mark all emails as read in Gmail, but this is not as simple as it should be.

    The steps to mark all emails as read in Gmailis different depending on whether you are using it on your phone or personal computer.

    How To Mark Emails As Read In Gmail

    Gmail Mark All as Read: How to Mark all Emails as Read on Gmail

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    Not all emails are worth reading. Some you can block, some you cant. Instead of seeing the unread count go up and up, use this trick to quickly mark emails as read without opening them in Gmail.

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    Selecting All Emails In Gmail

    Selecting all emails in Gmail is only available via desktop. The Gmail app doesnt support this feature. But weve shown you a few workarounds to access this feature on your mobile device even though the Gmail app wont let you select all emails at once.

    This feature is important because you can easily delete all your emails, except emails in the spam folder. Youve also learned how to mark all your emails as read. The annoying notification about thousands of unread emails wont bother you anymore.

    How did you select all emails in Gmail? Did you use another method? Let us know in the comments section below.

    How To Mark All Emails As Read On Gmail

    Follow the steps below to mark all email as read:

    • Next, on the left hand side scroll down to All Mail and click on it.
    • Then, click the arrow pointing downwards beside the check box above all emails. . Select Unread. All Unread emails will be selected. See the second image below.
    • Finally, to mark all emails as read on Gmail click the 5th icon .

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    How To Prevent Gmail From Automatically Marking Message As Read

    In Thunderbird I have such option and I use it. Now I am trying to switch to Gmail and I can’t find such setting.

    I claim that no computer program can know, whether I have actually read a message. This is because there is no implicit feedback from my brain to the computer. Thus, automatic marking as read just because a message was displayed is a serious mistake in my opinion.

    Unread emails are important for me, because I must be sure that I do not accidentally miss an important message. Sometimes I even read a message and leave it as unread to know, that I have to read it again .

    How do you deal with this issue? How are you sure that you have dealt with everything important in your emails?

    Until Google figures a way to have Gmail read your brain waves, it cannot reliably tell if you’ve read the message. Some mail clients mark a message as “read” only after it has been displayed a certain number of seconds, which might be closer to what you want. But that’s not available in Gmail.

    That’s not to say that there aren’t workarounds.

    You could enable the Message Sneak Peek lab feature: Click the gear icon -> Settings -> Labs, scroll down to Message Sneak Peek, and click Enable. Go back to your inbox and right-click on any message. The message will be displayed in a popup window, without being marked as read.

    Another thing I find myself doing, is mark a message unread after I’ve opened it, by clicking More -> .

    Seems to work on mobile and web. Hope you get it working, too.

    Gmail Mark All As Read On Windows

    How to Mark All Emails As Read in Gmail 2022

    How to mark all as read Gmail on Windows? Follow the guide below:

    Step 1: Go to Gmail and log into your Gmail account to get its main interface.

    Step 2: Point to a message and click Mark as unread, unread, or read on the right.

    Step 1: Go to Gmail and log into your Gmail account to get its main interface.

    Step 2: At the top left of the inbox, check the box to select all messages. Click at the top.

    Now, you have known how to mark all emails as read on Windows.

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    How To Mark Read Messages As Unread

    Gmail also has a feature that allows you to mark read messages as unread. If you are sharing Gmail with other employees or simply want to read specific messages for later, marking emails as unread is a great way to find it.

    Just as with how to mark all emails as read in Gmail, marking them as unread is completely easy. Whether you are working with computer or mobile apps, follow instructions below to get this done.

    How To Mark All As Read In Gmail On Mobile

    You cant mark all as read in Gmail app, some of the features are not supported on the Gmail App. You have to sign in from your browser then you can do it. On the phone, you can only mark one mail as a read. The maximum limit is 100 to mark the all mails as a read.

    As you have many unread emails in your Gmail account, So when someone sends you the new email, it will be difficult for you to knew that you have received a new mail. So, its better to mark your rest of emails as read.

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    How To Mark All E

    I was checking my email on my phone, and for some reason it glitched out and marked every single of my thousand emails unread. Is there any way I can mark all emails as read as once instead of doing 50 or 100 at a time?

    If you go to the “All Mail” view from a computer and click the ‘select all’ checkbox, a little notification saying something like “All 50 conversations on this page are selected. Select all 24,037 conversations in All Mail” should appear, where the last part is a link. If you click that link, then click ‘Mark as Read,’ it should take care of the problem.

    • 2Feb 9, 2018 at 12:07
    • thank you @hBy2Py Vandolph ReyesApr 12, 2020 at 9:01
    • Well even after you do this it still does not mark all as read. And the unread messages come back as soon as I refresh. user30994Jan 17 at 9:18
    • @user30994 Not sure what’s happening here… difficult to debug why it’s not marking all of the messages as read, without more information. As to the refresh…the marking-as-read is going to be a fairly bandwidth-intensive operation, so it’s possible you’re refreshing before all of the mark-read instructions have been sent across to the Gmail servers?

    This should be done in a desktop browser

  • Enter the following in the search bar at the top of Gmail page “is:unread”

  • Click the hyperlink in the text that pops up in the “All 100 conversations on this page are selected. Select all 56,315 conversations in All Mail

  • Why Its Useful To Mark Emails As Read In Gmail

    Gmail Mark All as Read: How to Mark all Emails as Read on Gmail

    Its not always possible or even necessary to open and read every single email that comes into your inbox. That said, its also disconcerting to open your Gmail account to see that you have 10,576 unread messages.ADD_THIS_TEXT

    Being able to mark emails as read is a great way of organizing your inbox without having to necessarily go into every single message.

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