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How To Make Whatsapp Stickers

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Used To Be A 5 Start App But

How To Make WhatsApp Stickers With Your Photos?

I was gonna rate this five stars, but in the most recent update, they removed capability for WhatsApp. In the update beforehand, there was capability for WhatsApp, and some packs even had capability for Telegram! I went back to the app to see exactly what happened during the update, and I checked one of my sticker packs. To my horror, the add to WhatsApp button was gone! Why? I dont know! I was hoping that in this new update, they could add capability for Telegram. I have a few friends who use Telegram, and I want to send my personal stickers to them as well, but now I cant even do it on WhatsApp. The only thing I can say is, if you use WhatsApp and wanted to make your own stickers for that, go somewhere else. Same thing for Telegram. If iMessage is your main platform, then this is the perfect app for you, and 100% get it. I still will continue to use this app for iMessage, but if I find another app with capability for both, then Im just gonna jump ship. I dont know if this is a problem on my phone, and if so, I would love it if someone could tell me. But if that isnt the case, time to find another app.

How To Make Video Stickers For Whatsapp

Whether itâs WhatsApp or any other social media platform stickers, they play a significant role in communication. It multiplies the joy of communicating with your loved ones innovatively. Yes, it will be super creative and exciting to make custom animated stickers for WhatsApp by yourself. It is what this guide is going to discuss in different sections.

Stay tuned and know several ways of making video stickers for WhatsApp quickly!


S To Make Whatsapp Stickers

Here is how to make custom WhatsApp stickers for fun conversation with your friends:

  • First, install the Sticker Maker app on your Android phone or Sticker Maker Studio on iOS device
  • Run the app, and youll see Create a new sticker pack option, click it
  • Give your sticker pack a name, and add author name: e.g., NoobSpace, Abeeha
  • Open your sticker pack and add icons to it by pressing + button
  • Pick an image by choosing Take Photo,Open Gallery,Select File
  • Open gallery and choose your desired photo that you want to use as a sticker
  • Use the given tools to edit your selected photo, and it will take to to the final step
  • You can add text or outline the selected sticker
  • There must be at least three photos that we edited to add them on WhatsApp
  • When there will be minimum three photos click on add and your custom stickers are ready to rock on WhatsApp
  • With these steps, you can make WhatsApp stickers and create as many custom stickers as you want. You can also create stickers out of your favorite memes, your photos, or any photo you have. The only limitation is your imagination.

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    How To Create Whatsapp Stickers Of Your Own

    The main reason behind the popularity of these stickers is the ability to customize them as per your choice. You can use your creative mind to customize the stickers in such a way that they act as a messenger of your feelings and emotions. However, there isnt any official method to customize or create your own stickers on WhatsApp. Therefore, we will have to take the help of third-party applications. Thankfully, there are plenty of trustable options present on both the Play Store and iOS store that you can try for your Android and iPhone respectively.

    Create New Whatsapp Stickers To Share With Friends Online

    Create and Add Custom Stickers on WhatsApp (Android, iPhone)

    Bring your personality into the conversation with customized WhatsApp stickers made using Adobe Spark. Explore premade sticker templates, or create your own from scratch. Use your own photos, images of your favorite characters, or make something one-of-a-kind. Adobe Spark makes editing quick and easy so you can create personalized stickers to share instantly without missing a beat in the conversation.

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    Prepare A Photo Or Image Which You Want To Convert Into A Sticker

  • After this, all you need is to select or capture a photo that you want to convert into a sticker.
  • You can select multiple images.
  • Select and separate these images into a separate folder or album.
  • Make sure the photo or image must be in the PNG format as WhatsApp only supports PNG format.
  • The app will require a lead image for your sticker pack.
  • You can either select images which already exist on your phone or you can capture new images.
  • Now click on Next
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    How To Create Own Whatsapp Stickers

    WhatsApp Stickers are a fun way to get the conversation going. The custom stickers that you make are even greater for that. But, how do you make WhatsApp Stickers? If you are thinking the same, this post is specially written for you.

    Here, I will guide you on how to make WhatsApp Stickers on Android and iPhone. After going through this post, you will be able to create funny and expressive stickers. The only condition is that you have to be creative throughout.


  • 3 Final Take
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    Wise Procedure On How To Create Whatsapp Stickers

    In general, you need third-party software to design your own WhatsApp stickers flawlessly. Depending on your smartphone environment you can choose the apps from the digital market. You can create WhatsApp Stickers and publish at the relevant store either the Google Play Store or App Store to make your creativity available for other users worldwide. The WhatsApp users can download your innovative stickers from the respective platform and add it into the gallery for future use. You can either use the sample code to build your stickers or install an effective program to feed your innovative mind.

    It is sufficient if you follow the below guidelines to design funny WhatsApp stickers for your needs. Surf through the instructions clearly for a flawless sticker design.

    Step 1: Install âSticker Makerâ app from Google Play Store in your Android gadget. Launch the program by double-tapping the tool icon in your device.

    Step 2: Press âCreate new Sticker packâ and name the sticker pack along with the author name. You can name the sticker pack with relevant to the images to access it accordingly for your needs. Using the sticker pack name, you can quickly reach out for the desired stickers amidst your conversation with your friends in the WhatsApp environment.

    While importing the desired images into the tiles ensure it adapts to the dimensions as follows

    How To Create Whatsapp Stickers Using Sticko

    How to Create Personalized Stickers on WhatsApp | You Can Make Your Own Stickers

    Sticko Animated sticker and short video for status is the best app to create stickers for WhatsApp on your own. You can also Add text and emoji for stickers to make them more amazing. Before going to use the app, Download and install it on your device from Google play store. Just follow the below steps to know how to create WhatsApp stickers using Sticko.

    Step 1: Download and install Sticko. Once the installation completed, Open the app and select the plus symbol at the bottom. Select the sticker from the displayed box.

    Step 2: Now you need to create a sticker pack. click on create option at the bottom. Enter pack name, select the sticker type as Regular sticker and select the create option.

    Step 3: The pack will create and displayed on the screen. You can add up to 30 stickers to a pack. Select the plus symbol in the pack the images in your Android will open. Select the image that you want to convert into a sticker.

    Step 4: Once you select the image, you will find three different options on the screen. Select the Background Erase option, then the image will be displayed on the screen for the crop. Choose the crop type from the option at the bottom and remove the background of the image. Once the process is completed click on the tick mark at the top right.

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    Whatsapp Trick: How To Create Your Own Custom Whatsapp Stickers

    We all love WhatsApp stickers and always want to have a customized collection for all moods and situations! Creating your own stickers is the most amazing way of getting access to the myriad of personalized stickers that not only uplift the mood of the conversation but also adds a dash of emotion to your chat. This guide will provide the best insights to create your own WhatsApp stickers in an easy manner!

    How To Create And Add Custom Stickers To Whatsapp

    When it comes to fun-loving WhatsApp messaging, one set of emojis and GIFs doesnt always spice up the conversation. The best way to keep the predictability out of sight is to use a variety of items. And this is where exciting stickers come into play pretty much like fire-crackers.

    While readymade stickers are great, custom ones are my favorites as they offer plenty of freedom to add a personal touch. Though I dont consider myself a pro, I love to make eye-catching stickers for WhatsApp on iPhone and Android. If you dont know where to begin, I can help you get started.

    So, how are we going to create and add custom stickers to WhatsApp? Well, there are multiple ways to do it. But the easiest way is to use third-party sticker makers. Both the App Store and Google Play Store boast a ton of great sticker makers so there is absolutely no dearth of options out there.

    Whats more, most of them are available for free and offer a ton of editing tools. Therefore, you can get the most out of your creativity to craft hilarious WhatsApp stickers even without burning a hole in your pocket!

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    Remove Background From Images

    In case the image that you have does not have a transparent background then you can use the Background eraser app to elimiminate the background using the Background Eraser tool.

    Background Eraser Tool: Android | Web

  • The background eraser application can be used to eliminate photo background.
  • You can easily download this application on Playstore or access it on the web using a web browser like Google Chrome.
  • Select load photo. Then crop the photo and erase the background as per your choice.
  • If you want, you can use the whole photo as a sticker too without erasing the background.
  • Use Picsart To Erase The Background

    How To Create Own Stickers For WhatsApp

    PicsArt is one of the most popular image editing applications available on Android. The application also has the feature to remove out a background from an image which is what we are looking for.

    So lets check out how to remove the background from an image using PicsArt.

    • Download and install PicsArt from the Google Play Store.
    • Launch the application and choose the image you want to remove the background from.
    • From the bottom-toolbar select the;Cutout;option and then tap on the;Portrait;icon. This would create an automatic selection of a portrait or object in the foreground.
    • Now you can fine-tune the selection by using the eraser tool or the paintbrush tool which removes parts of the background or adds parts of the background respectively.
    • When youre satisfied with the results, tap on the; icon save the selection. Now you will be left with an image which can be saved as a PNG file to be used as a WhatsApp sticker.

    Bonus Tip:;You can edit the image further and make it even better by adding effects.

    • To do, after creating a cut out of an image simply tap on the Effects;option in PicsArt and then pick and choose between the various effects available till you find the best one.
    • Tap on the;done;icon at the top tight and then save the image by tapping the; icon which would also be on the top right.

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    How To Find & Use Whatsapp Stickers

    WhatsApp stickers have some default stickers available in the app. You can send them to anyone you wish. To find them, open WhatsApp, and go to anyones inbox. Now tap on the Smiley icon present beside the Type a message box. Next, tap on the Sticker icon present below the emojis, and next to GIF.

    You will find all the stickers available on your account here. When you download and add sticker packs to your WhatsApp account, or create some custom ones, you will find them all here.

    Bonus Tip: If you use Google Keyboard, then you can tap on the Sticker icon present next to GIF above the keys. You can find a lot of colorful and fun stickers there.

    Whatsapp Stickers: How To Create Your Own Stickers Add To Whatsapp

    WhatsApp does not exactly let you create and add your own stickers, but third-party apps do. One such app is;Sticker maker for WhatsApp that lets you turn any photo into a sticker. You can create stickers of photos from your phones gallery or Drive, Photos etc. So how to use this app? Let us take a look:

    The first step is to obviously download the;Sticker maker for WhatsApp app, available on Google Play Store. Before you get started, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, you can create your own sticker pack with up to 30 stickers in one pack. Once the pack is added to WhatsApp, you can not edit or add stickers to it. So, for instance, if you have published a sticker pack with just five stickers in it, you can not add more stickers to the same pack. To do so, you will need to create a new sticker pack and add as a different one on WhatsApp.

    Open the;Sticker maker for WhatsApp app and click on Create a new sticker pack option.

    Enter the sticker packs name and author.

    A new page that lets you add up to 30 custom stickers of your own will open. Do note that the icon on top will be the tray icon or the icon which will appear as an identifier for you sticker pack in WhatsApp.

    Now, click on add sticker icons to start creating your own, custom stickers from the gallery.

    Finally, click on Publish Sticker Pack option at the bottom right corner and confirm to publish.

    The recipients will be able to forward the stickers to their contacts.

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    How To Make Stickers For Whatsapp On Iphone And Android

    In this hands-on guide, we are going to use Its pretty simple and works reliably. Oh, not to mention, its also got a solid pack of readymade stickers. So, lets put this app into action!

    Step #1. To get started, download the app.

    • Get on Android

    After you have successfully downloaded the app, launch it.

    Step #2. Now, tap on the+ button at the bottom center. Then, enter the pack name and creator name. After that, tap on Create at the top right.

    Step #3. On the next screen, tap on the Add sticker button and choose the desired image from your photo library.

    Note: On your Android device, you need to tap on Add Photo Album/Google Photos to choose an image from your photo library.

    Step #4. Next up, tap on the Auto option at the bottom. After that, use the Adjust and Text tools to fine-tune your image. When you are happy with the result, tap on Save at the top right. (On Android device, tap on Done at the top right.

    Note: You can also choose the Manual option and then design your image elegantly. The choice is yours.

    Keep in mind, it requires at least 3 stickers to create a pack. So, you will need to add at least 2 more stickers. To do so, simply repeat the same steps . I mean, tap on the Add sticker button and then follow the same steps to design your sticker.

    Step #5. Up next, tap on Add to WhatsApp button. Then, wait for some time and hit Save/Done at the bottom to add your custom stickers to WhatsApp on your iPhone.

    Thats pretty much it!

    Add Custom Stickers To Whatsapp On Iphone

    How To Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers! (Easy Method)

    Recently, there have been a bunch of sticker creator apps published on the App Store, which work with both WhatsApp and iMessage. These apps usually follow a similar pattern when it comes to usability and features.

    In this demonstration, well use an app called, but other sticker maker apps should also follow similar steps.

  • Tap on the + button at the bottom to create a new sticker pack.
  • Choose photos, text, or GIF from your library. If you want to create new stickers from your photos, choose the photos from your photo library that you want to convert to stickers. For individual photos, you can choose to remove the background manually or automatically.
  • When the photo is processed, tap Next. Here, you can insert relevant tags and tap Save.
  • If you create a new sticker pack by tapping on +New Pack, you need to fill in the details for the new pack and tap Save.
  • You can similarly create and add more stickers to an existing pack by tapping the Add button adjacent to it. Your sticker will be added to the sticker pack.
  • To import your sticker pack to WhatsApp, tap on the Profile icon at the bottom right, select a particular sticker pack and tap the Add to WhatsApp button to import it in WhatsApp. You will be redirected to WhatsApp, where youll be prompted to save the new sticker pack. Click on Save to add it to your collection in WhatsApp.

    Likewise, Sticker Maker Meme Creator, Personal Sticker Maker and Sticker Maker for Messengers all have similar functionality.

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