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How To Make Rules In Gmail

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Use Gmail Filters To Auto

How to create new rules in Gmail


In Gmail, a filter is a predefined rule that automatically actions an email for you. You can use filters to automate a range of actions, including: Skipping the inbox . Marking an email as read. Applying a star or label. Auto-forwarding or deleting an email. Replying to an email with a canned response.

What Are The Labels For In Gmail Mail

If youve ever wondered what labels are used for in Gmail mail , the reality is that they are the same as in other mail managers we know as folders. That is, they are the different classifications towards which we can derive our emails so that they are much more ordered. This always taking into account the filters that we have created as we have just explained.

When you want to access all the emails that have been stored under the same label, all you have to do is . At that time you will be able to see only the emails that have been saved in it, instead of seeing all the emails that we have received mixed in the inbox. Therefore, creating labels is one of the easiest ways to get your mail under control.

Creating filters and labels is especially useful if you use the same Gmail account for both your work and your personal life.

Folder Ideas To Keep Your Inbox Up

Your email habits say a lot about you.

Whether youre a zero inbox type or totally unbothered by emails piling, you still need a way to keep organized.

Once you know how to create folders in Gmail, you can take it a step further and set up your labels for all future emails so you dont need to worry about it down the road.

Here are 5 folders you can use to make your inbox a simple to-do list:

  • Inbox: Unless you respond immediately and are waiting for an immediate response, there should be no emails here.
  • Today: Time-sensitive. Requires a quick response.
  • This week: Needs to stay top of mind by the end of the week.
  • This month: Needs a longer-term response.
  • FYI: An email that you may need to reference later. Purely informational.
  • Pro tip: email for Friday to respond to emails in the This Week inbox.

    However, the way you organize your emails depends on what is most helpful for you.

    After all, its your inbox.

    Get started by listing out a few categories that your messages might fall into and start there. Remember, you can always delete or change labels if the methods arent working.

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    How To Turn A Nest Folders Into A Parent Folder

    Sometimes folders grows too large on its own and you want it to be its own folder, called a parent folder. This is especially helpful if you want that folder to have nests of its own. To turn a nest folder into a parent folder, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Settings, The gear icon on the top right
  • Click onSee all settings
  • Click the Folders menu item. Its next to general
  • Scroll downto the bottom of the list until you see Folders
  • In the Actions columnlocated on the top right, click on Edit
  • In the popup, Uncheck the blue box where youve selected to nest this folder, and your folder will now become its own parent folder
  • Click on the Save button
  • Precise Filters With Operators

    How to Create Rules in Gmail for (Almost) Anything

    Gmail supports several operators which allow you to perform precise search operations. These searches can then be saved as powerful and precise filters. Heres a quick run-down of the operators that are supported by Gmail and their functions.

    • AND: By default, Google combines all search terms with an invisible AND operator.
    • Example, searching for Dunder Mifflin finds all emails containing the words Dunder and Mifflin.
  • OR: Finds emails containing at least one of two terms or expressions.
  • Example, searching for Dunder OR Mifflin finds all emails which contain either the term Dunder or the term Mifflin.
  • : Searches for phrases .
  • Example, searching for The worst thing about prison was the dementors finds all emails which contain the exact same phrase.
  • + : Searches for a term exactly as typed.
  • Example, +dwights finds all emails containing the term dwights but not containing the term dwight.
  • : Searches for emails that do not contain a specific term.
  • Example, -dwight finds all emails without the term dwight in them.
  • : Searches for terms as a group.
  • Example, subject: searches for all emails that have the words Pam and Beesly somewhere in the subject line but not necessarily as a phrase.
  • Congratulations! Youve graduated from the Gmail filter school. Now on to some must-have Gmail filters to achieve inbox nirvana.

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    Automatically Empty Your Spam Folder

    Tired of spam emails piling up in your spam folder? Use this filter to automatically and permanently delete every email Gmail identifies as spam as soon as it arrives in your account:

  • In the “Has the words” field, type is:spam.

  • Check the box next to “Delete it.”

  • Caution: Though it happens rarely, Google will sometimes misidentify a legitimate email as spam. By setting this filter, you will have no way to sort through your spam folder to make sure nothing important landed there.

    How To Use Folders On The Gmail Web App

    Gmails folders can help you organize your inbox better and manage emails more efficiently.

    But for effective inbox organization, youll first need to know how to create and manage labels inside Gmail. To help you out, Ill talk about:

    Lets dive straight into creating folders on your Gmail web app:

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    Why Might You Create An Additional Contacts Folder

    Creating multiple Contacts folders is the most direct way to split your contacts but it is also the least flexible. button can only display a single list at once though and changing between multiple lists or folders can be inconvenient and cumbersome to locate a contact.

    How To Create Folders In Gmail

    How to Create a Rule in Gmail To Move Emails Automatically? | Create Gmail Rules for Moving Emails

    A well-organized inbox is one of the easiest ways to improve email productivity.

    Fortunately, Gmail offers several effective ways to manage your inbox the easiest being Gmail labels .

    These folders enable you to organize your important emails better, making them easily accessible.

    In this article, Ill first clarify how Gmails folder system works. Then, Ill cover how to use folders in Gmail using its web app and mobile app, including how to create, nest, and remove your Gmail folders.

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    How To Create Rules In Gmail On Android

    The Android version of the Gmail app doesnt support rule creation, either. Luckily, you can still do a lot of things to improve your mailbox. For instance, adding labels to your messages will allow you to group them and find them all in one place.

    This is how to add labels for an email youre reading:

  • Open an email and press the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner.
  • Choose Change labels.
  • You can also add labels to multiple emails from the inbox:

  • Select a message by touching and holding the photo or letter to its left.
  • Select any other emails you want.
  • Hit the three vertical dots in the top-right part of your screen and pick Change labels.
  • Remove old labels or add new ones.
  • Press OK, and youre all done.
  • How To Automatically Move Emails To A Folder In Gmail


    Confirm your choice. To automatically move emails to a folder in the HTML version of Gmail on iOS or Android: Click the Create a filter option next to the search bar. Choose search criteria to specify which emails will be affected by the filter. Test the search criteria by clicking on the Test Search button.

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    Automatically Empty Your Spam Inbox

    Are you tired of manually deleting emails from your Spam inbox on a periodic basis? You can create a filter to automatically delete every email that Gmail sends to your Spam inbox.

    To do this,

    • Go to the Gmail search bar and click on the gray triangle.
    • In the dropdown, navigate to the Has the words field and type in is:spam.
    • Use the Delete it filter action and confirm filter creation.

    Add Dots To Your Email Address

    35 Gmail Edit Label Rules

    With Gmail, adding periods or dots inside someone’s email address doesn’t affect it. For example, if you have the address and some sends a message to or even , it will reach you all the same.

    If your inbox is messy, you can use this to your advantage.

    For example, you might tell your friends and family to send emails to the ‘johnsmith’ address, but tell businesses acquaintances that you’re ‘john.smith.’ That way, you can create a filter in Gmail to separate the two types of messages automatically when they arrive.

    You don’t need to do anything to start using the new address, but you do have to set up filters if you want messages sent to one of your aliases to skip the inbox and go directly to another folder.

    Set up a filter with these steps:

  • From the cog icon in the upper right, go to Settings.
  • Select Filters and Blocked Addresses.
  • Select Create a new filter .
  • In the To field, enter the Gmail address with the periods.
  • Choose Create filter.
  • On the next screen, choose where you want the incoming messages to go. If you want incoming messages for that address to go directly into a designated folder, select two options: a) Skip the Inbox and b) Apply the label . You must apply both filters or else the new mail will still end up in your inbox.
  • Hit Create Filter to save your changes.
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    Create New Folders For Gmail

    Creating a new folder for Gmail is a pretty easy task to do and can be done in just a few clicks.

  • Go to Settings, The gear iconon the top right
  • Click on See all settings
  • Click the Labels menu item. Its next to general
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the list
  • Click on Create new button to create folders for gmail
  • A popup will show up, Fill In the folder name and nest,
  • Click on Create to save it, and thats it, you created a new folder for gmail
  • Recommended By Our Editors

    Hover over the word Inbox on the left side of your Gmail account. Click the down-facing triangle to open the menu. You’ll see a few options for how to customize your inbox:

    • Default
    • Unread first
    • Starred first
    • Priority Inbox .

    When you apply one of the options , Gmail reserves the top of the inbox for the message type you chose. It also gives you a toggle so you can collapse and expand the messages in the different sections.

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    Use A Particular Message To Create A Filter

  • Check the checkbox next to the email you want.
  • Click More
  • Click Filter messages like these.
  • Enter your filter criteria.
  • At the top right, click Settings
  • Click Filters and Blocked Addresses.
  • Find the filter you’d like to change.
  • Click Edit or Delete to remove the filter. If youre editing the filter, click Continue when youre done editing.
  • ClickUpdate filter or OK.
  • At the top right, click Settings
  • Factor : Email Header

    Creating Filters (Rules) in Gmail

    Email headers are hidden code snippets in emails that contain information about the sender, the recipient, the email’s route to get to the inbox, and various authentication details. In Gmail, its possible to view email headers by selecting More and Show original in any open email message. Spammers sometimes edit email headers to hide their true identity or make it seem as if they were somebody else. Email headers can also become corrupted by a buggy or misconfigured email client, so dont hesitate to switch to a different email client if your emails are getting caught by the Gmail spam filter.

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    A How To Move Emails Into Folders On The Gmail Mobile App

    While the mobile app wont let you create new folders, you can move emails into your existing folders.

    Heres how to do it:

    Step 1Open the Gmail app on your mobile device.

    Step 2Select the message or messages you want to move from the Gmail inbox.

    Step 3There are three vertical dots at the upper right corner of the mail app screen tap on them.

    Step 4Now tap Move to and select the desired folder.

    This is how the Move to window looks:

    Its a label list from which you can select the folder of your choice.

    How To Create Filters And Folders In Gmail

    As we have commented previously, the first step to create this type of filters is to create a folder. To do this, you must enter your mail folder and click on More at the bottom of the left bar. In the menu that appears, you will have to select Create new label . In the center of the screen a window will appear in which you will have to write the name of the new folder. Finally, click on Create and the folder will be ready.

    Now you will have to go to the top of your inbox and press the Create Filter . Then it will take you to another page where you can choose the criteria for an email to go to a specific label. You can select keywords, senders, recipients, etc.

    This process must be carried out from the web version , so you will not be able to do it directly from the mobile app .

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    How To Automatically Create A Filter For A Folder In Gmail

    Filters do the work for you so that you dont have to waste any time putting messages into folders that land in your inbox. You can assign other actions with filters, but for now, well just focus on automatically adding folders to incoming emails. Heres how:

  • Click on the Show search options to the right, in the Gmail search bar
  • Enter dates, sender, or specific words, youll be able to narrow down your search by multiple criteria,
  • Add in your search parameters, for folders, this works well with keywords so fill in the Has the words section
  • Click on Create filter on the bottom
  • Check the Apply the folder box and select the folders you want to set it to
  • Click again on Create filter to save
  • D How To Nest Folders On The Gmail Web App

    How to create new rules in Gmail

    Nesting folders in Gmail is very similar to creating subfolders inside a parent folder.

    i. Method 1: Create a New Nested Folder in an Existing folder

    Heres how to create a new nested label inside an existing label:

    Step 1Open your Gmail inbox. Then, navigate to the label list on the left-hand side of the screen, and find the label you want to make the parent label.

    Step 2Hover your mouse over the folder and click on the three vertical dots that appear. Then, from the list of options available, pick Add sublabel.

    Step 3Then, give it a name and hit Create.

    ii. Method 2: Turn an Existing Folder into a Subfolder

    Follow the steps below to take an existing label or folder and turn it into a subfolder:

    Step 1Hover your mouse cursor over the desired folder to reveal the three vertical dots.Then, click Edit from the drop-down menu.

    Step 2All thats left is to choose which folder it should be nested under click your choice.

    Besides creating, moving, and nesting folders, you might often need to rename folders. Ill share the steps to do so in Gmail.

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    Add Email Addresses Or Domains To The Spam List

    If you would like to add email addresses or domains to the spam list, you need to:

  • Hover over the list name, click Edit, and then click Add.
  • Enter an email address or domain name.
  • You can now repeat the steps to add more email addresses or domains to the list.

    Note: The above-described options affect the behavior of the Gmail spam filter across the entire organizational unit where the filter is used. The options have a higher priority than local Gmail spam filters, which means that any settings that differ from them will be overridden.

    If you use Gmail only for personal emails and dont have access to G Suite, you can still change how the spam filter Gmail uses to filter malicious emails behaves by going to Filters tab under Gmail spam folder settings and creating new filters.

  • Log in to your Gmail account
  • Go to Filters and blocked addresses and click create a new filter.
  • Fill in the required fields.
  • Unfortunately, creating a spam filter for Gmail is not exactly simple, which is why we recommend you use Clean Email instead.

    F How To Remove A Folder On The Gmail Web App

    Follow the below steps to remove a label from the Gmail web app:

    Step 1From your inbox, find the folder you want to remove from the left sidebar and open it.

    Step 2Then, click the three vertical dots next to the folder name and click the Remove label button from the drop-down menu.

    This is a Delete Folder equivalent as it removes the folder from Gmail.

    Note: When you remove a label, Gmail doesnt delete the emails under that label. It only erases the label.

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    Factor : Get Whitelisted

    The only surefire way how to never get caught by the Gmail spam filter is to ask the recipient to whitelist your email address. If youre a marketer or a business, tell your recipients to add address to their address book. The Gmail spam filter will automatically interpret this as a clear indication that emails from your email address shouldnt end up in the spam folder.

    Can You Create Categories In Gmail

    How To Create Rules and Filters in Gmail – Beginner – Novice – Newbie

    Fortunately, Gmail allows its users to create categories. The process is fairly straightforward:

    Open Gmail on your PC.

    Go to the Settings and press See all settings.

    Hit the Inbox section.

    Choose Default from the Inbox type part.

    Go to Categories and check the tabs you wish to show. Bear in mind that Google doesnt let you create new tabs. All you can do is hide or show the existing ones.

    Hit Save Changes at the bottom of the window.

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