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How To Make Linkedin Private

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How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Private in 2021 – Activate Private Mode to Hide Profile

Your connections will receive notifications for nearly anything of note that you change on your profile, including changes to your job title, education, and profile picture. However, your connections will also be notified if you follow a company on LinkedIn or when you make recommendations. Thankfully, all of this sharing can be turned on and off with one simple change to your settings.

Its important to note that the following directions will not prevent connections from seeing your endorsements or your connections with other people. If youd like to keep those things private, youll need to do so separately.

Linkedin Private Mode For Job Recruiters

Work as a job recruiter or talent acquisition?

LinkedIn private mode can help you out as well.

The same concept mentioned for lead generation above applies here too.

Use private mode at the start of your research while putting together a list of strong candidates.

Then, switch it back to public when youre ready to reach out to them.

When your prospects get a notification that an HR recruiter was going through their profile, theyll know what to expect

But if youre a recruiter looking for suitable candidates, heres another solution you might want to consider that involves LinkedIn automation and hyper-personalization.

Take it from us.

We didnt want to run and many people are fed up with the same, boring recruiter messages.

So, to stand out, we used a dynamically personalized Wanted poster that would have unique information with each lead we reached out to.

With this clever integration, we then used Expandi for outreach.

  • We exported a search filter targeting project and scrum managers in our region.
  • We set up custom social selling templates with a bit of clever copywriting and humor.
  • Finally, we managed to stand out in our leads inbox and found someone interested to join our team!
  • Not bad, right?

    Check out our full article on to learn how to set up a recruitment campaign like this, the exact templates we used, one and other outreach hacks.

    Why You Should Update Your Linkedin Profile


    • Its Your Online Professional Identity.
    • Improves Your Personal Brand.
    • Your Profile Shows Up on Google Searches.
    • Increases Relevance to Your Prospects.
    • Helps Achieve High Rankings in Search Results.
    • Increases Visibility.
    • Camouflages Your Job Search Activities.
    • Helps You Stay Ahead of the Competition.

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    Over To You: Which Are Your Favorite Linkedin Groups

    LinkedIn is the best platform to reach professionals who are interested in connecting with other professionals. This makes it a great place to build your professional community. While LinkedIn Groups might not have a great reputation , the few well-run groups are good indications that its possible to create a successful one.

    Thats all from me. I would love to hear about your favorite LinkedIn Groups and why you think they are great!

    Why Should You Use The Linkedin Private Mode

    LinkedIn Private Mode

    Different users have varying reasons that requires them to use LinkedIn Private Mode. Some job-seekers prefer to keep themselves anonymous while looking at different companies in their industry, especially if they are researching while actively employed. Sales specialists and recruiters also might want to keep themselves hidden while generating a big list of potential leads until they finally reach out. Digital Marketing companies might also use this mode.

    Generally, if you would like to try to carry out a touch of anonymous browsing around LinkedIn, Private Mode is a great tool for that. Many newer users also enjoy staying private while looking around and trying to find out more about the LinkedIn platform early .

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    How To Keep A Linkedin Profile Private

    Even though LinkedIn is a public platform designed to help business professionals meet new people, many have reasons for making their profiles partially or completely private. There are numerous ways to add privacy to your LinkedIn profile. In case you want to be more publicly available on LinkedIn at some point down the road, you can change your level of privacy at any time after creating your profile.

    Whyyou Would Want To Use Linkedin Private Mode And When

    Different users have varying reasons for wanting to useLinkedIn Private Mode. Some job-seekers prefer to keep themselves anonymouswhile looking at different companies in their industry, especially if they areresearching while actively employed. Sales specialists and recruiters alsomight want to keep themselves hidden while generating a big list of potentialleads until they finally reach out.

    Generally, if you want to do a bit of anonymous browsingaround LinkedIn, Private Mode can be a good tool to do that. Many newer usersalso enjoy staying private while looking around and trying to learn more aboutthe LinkedIn platform early on.

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    How To Change Your Browsing Mode

    Step 1: Open and log in the LinkedIn app on your phone.

    Step 2: Then, click ‘me’ icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

    Step 3: Tap on ‘settings & privacy’ from the dropdown menu.

    Step 4: Now, click ‘visibility’ on the left rail.

    Step 5: In the visibility of your profile & network section, click ‘change’ next to profile viewing options.

    Then, select the mode you wish to browse in from the three options:

    • Your name and headline
    • Private profile characteristics
    • Private mode

    How To Make Your Linkedin Profile Private On Pc

    How to make LinkedIn profile private

    Login to your account on and follow the steps mentioned below to make your profile private.

    Step 1: Click on the Me option near the top-right of the screen. From the dropdown menu, click on Settings & Privacy.

    Step 2: On the next page, click on the Privacy tab and then on the Change button beside Edit your public profile.

    Step 3: On the next page, click on the toggle button beside Your profiles public visibility so that it appears grey and says Off.

    Your Linkedin profile is now private and wont appear in search engines. However, this change might take some time and your profile will only be private once the search engine crawlers refresh.

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    How To Make Your Linkedin Profile Private And Only Accessible To Logged In Users

    Note: Connecting to LinkedIn at work requires that your administrators .

    In this post well go through the steps to disable your public profile so that only logged in users may connect with you and/or view your profile in whole or part depending on your settings. You can also watch a video demonstration at the bottom of this first section below.

    Isprivate Good Or Bad For Networking Purposes Our Conclusion

    Generally, keeping your browsing settings openon LinkedIn and avoiding Private Mode is a good practice to follow on LinkedIn.While you show the other users your browsing history, you also open yourself upto the possibility of exciting new connections that you would otherwise missout on. You can use your profile visitors information as a valuable resourcefor outreach, and you can tempt others to reach out to you by visiting theirprofile. We recommend only using Private Mode in short bursts, perhaps forresearching competitors, and then switching back to public to resume efficientnetworking practices again. Otherwise youre going to limit your interactionsfar too much, and make networking harder than it needs to be on LinkedIn.

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    Using An Incognito Browser May Not Help You Stay Private

    If you are job hunting on work equipment, incognito web browsers can help you keep your search under wraps. You dont want your browser history to reveal your LinkedIn searches, after all. On an incognito web browser, you can run LinkedIn searches of people you want to work for without using your LinkedIn account.

    Nick Guillory

    But here is an important caveat. Although going incognito prevents your web browser from saving your search history, the websites you visit are still collecting your activity like normal. If you dont want people to know you viewed them, you must be logged out of your LinkedIn account, even in an incognito browser. Trust me: I tried snooping on two of my colleagues accounts in a private browser window and both of them saw that I had viewed their profiles because I was still logged in on LinkedIn.Now lets take the scenario in which youre opening a private tab on your mobile phone browser to search for a persons LinkedIn page. If you have the LinkedIn app installed on your phone, you will get a prompt that asks, Open in LinkedIn? Maybe you are too quick to click affirmatively, like I was, and suddenly you are on the LinkedIn app with whatever default settings you have. For me, the default setting is public, so my work to stay incognito was all for naught.

    TFW u search someone’s LinkedIn in incognito mode, tap on link, and it opens the LinkedIn appNow they know #networking

    Jared Erondu

    Going Private On Linkedin

    How To Make Your LinkedIn Account Private To Avoid ...

    If you leave LinkedIn with the basic parameters, you will know how many users have browsed your profile, and who they are. You can see the profiles of people who have seen you. Everyone has, at some point, received this notification: a LinkedIn user has seen your profile.

    Actually, a report exists on LinkedIn, that allows you to check your visibility on the social network. It displays the number of profiles that have seen you, and the social profiles of users who have found you.

    Under that table, you will see the list of people who viewed your profile. You will have access to their user name, job title, company and profile photo. Click on them to get to their account page and see their social profile.

    You may notice that not all profiles and views are displayed in this report. There is indeed a private, or incognito, mode on LinkedIn. When activated, your visit to another profile will not be notified or counted: you are free to view profiles without being tracked. The person will therefore not know your first and last name and will not have access to your profile and personal information. It is a great way to know a persons profile without them knowing it.

    To be noted: activating LinkedIns private mode will prevent you from using the Who viewed your profile report for your own profile. However, LinkedIn allows its premium users to activate the private mode while still being able to access that private data.

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    How To Activate The Browse Linkedin Profiles Anonymously Setting

  • Move your cursor over your profile photo in the top right of your homepage and click Privacy & Settings. The desktop view is below.
  • If accessing from your mobile, click on your profile picture, then access View Profile Settings.

    2. From the Desktop, choose the Visibility option on the left hand side and then choose Profile viewing options, Change.

    VisibilityProfile Viewing OptionsPrivate Mode

    Note: When you choose Private Mode when viewing other peoples profiles, you wont be able to see whos viewed your profile if you have a free LinkedIn Premium membership.

    Start Discussions And Be Active

    This step and the next are the most crucial ones, which will influence how well your LinkedIn Group becomes. You ready?

    Once youve created your LinkedIn Group and invited your connections, your group would likely still feel very empty. Members might not post anything if there arent any posts in the group .

    I would recommend creating a Welcome post as the groups first post, where you welcome new members, share what the group is about, and gently remind members to check the group rules.

    Then, feature that post so that it stays at the top of the group feed for all new members to read. You can feature a post by clicking on the three dots in the upper-right corner of the post and selecting Feature. Heres an example of how a featured post looks like:

    The next thing to do is to start some discussions in the group. This serves two purposes:

  • It helps get conversations going in the group, and
  • It signals to your group members the type of posts that are appropriate and encouraged.
  • The question-and-answer format seems to be the best way to start valuable conversations in LinkedIn Groups. According to Inc., James McDonald, who started several years back, posted a question every day and let his members respond to it3

    Besides starting discussions, youll also want to participate in relevant discussions by commenting or liking. This will encourage your members to post more and, again, let them know the type of discussions that are recommended the group.

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    Tip : Deactivate Other People Viewing Your

    Have you seen the feature on Amazon: “Customers who bought “ab” also buy”? Basically, the exact same thing is currently happening on your profile. Hint: you don’t want that, because people will leave your profile earlier out of this reason.

    I have recorded a short video that show you exactly how to deactivate the settings tab:

    Spy On Your Competitors

    How To Make Your LinkedIn Connections Private

    Conducting a competitor analysis is one of the most obvious uses for LinkedIn private mode.

    You never want your competitors to know youre checking out their progress, being in incognito mode is necessary to keep your efforts unknown.

    Bonus tip: When youre looking at your competitors to figure out what theyre doing well and how you can improve, you can also use the people also viewed section to identify new opportunities.

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    How To Keep Your Linkedin Connections More Private

    Who you are connected with can be valuable information. Beyond snoopy bosses, there are also snoopy recruiters, and maybe you dont want someone mining your network for potential hires without going through you first. If you want to keep your connections private for either reason, go to your LinkedIn account:

  • Select: How others see your LinkedIn activity.
  • Choose who can see your list of connections and select Only you.
  • Maybe you dont want your current employer to know youve been polishing up your LinkedIn bio. If you want to keep your activity notifications more private from curious employers on LinkedIn:

  • Under Settings & Privacy, select: How others see your LinkedIn activity.
  • Select Share job changes, education changes, and work anniversaries from profile.
  • Choose no when it asks if you want your network to be notified about activity.
  • How To Turn On Private Mode In Linkedin

    Posted June 7, 2020 by Sheraz Ali in

    offers lots of interesting features to hunt for jobs and contact potential clients. But did you know you can browse for those jobs and clients privately too if you wanted? LinkedIns private mode feature enables you to view any profile and search for any LinkedIn userand they wont even be notified youre stalking them! And its super easy to go private mode. So, keep reading to find out how you can turn on the private mode on LinkedIn. You will learn how to set this feature up from both the LinkedIn desktop version and the Android app. But both are pretty much the same and easy.

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    How To Get Linkedin Private Mode On The Mobile App

    If youre curious about using the Private Mode feature on LinkedIn, you dont need to go to your laptop/desktop to set it up. Simply follow the list of steps below and youll switch from public, to partially private or fully private with ease.

    Steps to Turn on Private Mode on Mobile:

    • Tap your profile picture in the upper left corner of the screen.
    • Tap the View Profile link.
    • Tap on the gear icon in the upper right of the screen.
    • Select the Privacy tab at the highest of the screen
    • Tap Profile viewing options
    • Choose what viewers see when visiting your profile, from public to completely private in three setting selections.

    Its important to notice that your options are a touch more limited within the mobile menu than they are when you access LinkedIn with a desktop/laptop. You can easily switch between the three different privacy settings on mobile, but you cant fine-tune the information displayed as much on mobile as you can on your desktop/laptop. If you want more control over what your visitors see at your profile, you will have to make these adjustments on a computer, or switch your mobile device to desktop-mode while browsing the LinkedIn site using your browser rather than the mobile app.

    Moderate All Posts And Remove Spam

    make linkedin private

    This next step is just as important as the previous. Once your members become active , itll be crucial to moderate the posts in your LinkedIn Group. My hunch is that most LinkedIn Groups fail because of a lack of moderation.

    According to LinkedIn, Spam is the top reason people leave groups and, if I may add, the top reason people become inactive in groups4

    . Spam in LinkedIn Groups is usually in the form of links. So I would recommend being quite sensitive to members sharing links in your LinkedIn Group, and deleting the post or removing the member.

    To remove a post or comment in your LinkedIn Group, click on the three dots in the upper-right corner of the post or by the comment and select Delete.

    To help you reduce spam, LinkedIn also has an auto-moderation system that would flag promotional content. You could also encourage your members to flag posts that are not appropriate for the group. Then you can head to your group management page to moderate the posts under the sections, Moderation Queue and Classifier Queue.

    Heres a little heads up: building an engaged community can take some time and effort. Youll likely have to repeat step five and six for quite some time so dont be disheartened if your group isnt very active after the first month or two.

    If you would like to learn more best practices for managing LinkedIn Groups, there are a few good answers in this Quora thread .

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