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How To Make Linkedin Post Shareable

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What Are Linkedin Carousel Posts

How To Share A LinkedIn Post

Not to confuse with , carousel posts are documents that are shared on your LinkedIn feed.

LinkedIn has introduced the document sharing feature back in 2018 so it’s not brand new, but still, more and more people are using this content type to drive engagement.

How it works is simple:

LinkedIn users can scroll through your presentations and documents without leaving LinkedIn.

You can see why we call it LinkedIn Carousel Posts, can’t you?

And this is hugely powerful.


Creating designs & visuals for your next LinkedIn post can turn your static text into engaging content that helps you gain awareness.

A little time and energy can mean the difference between a static page and growing your business.

According to the latest , the B2B platform has 660 million users, with more than 303 million monthly active users.

Because carousel posts are interactive and have eye-catching graphic designs, they stand out from the newsfeed.

They also take a large real estate on your screen:

Finally, your content is not just limited to text but becomes tangible and encourages your audience to engage with your brand.

LinkedIn carousel posts allow you to show off your brand’s personality, which draws your audience in and helps them to connect with you.

LinkedIn carousels are my new favorite way to promote my Growth Experts podcast. Theyre eye-catching and easy to consume, users love them! – Dennis Brown

And the best, the posts are optimized for both, desktop & mobile.

Secrets To Crafting Stellar Linkedin Posts That Bring Clicks

LinkedIn has become the activity spot for 772 million users where they share insightful experiences and give meaningful advice. No wonder LinkedIn serves as a source of inspiration for 310 million people monthly.

Like every social media, LinkedIn isnt limited to affluent personalities. It has a massive presence of brands too. In fact, 89% of B2B marketers rely on this platform for lead generation.

But all this glitz comes at big cost. Your messaging on LinkedIn needs to be impactful enough to make you a standout. Otherwise, your business page can get lost in this oblivion quite easily.

And that begs the question. Is it worth the trouble?

Lets go through the latest statistics to understand the platforms dynamics.

  • It drives more than 50% of all social traffic to B2B websites and blogs.
  • 61 million LinkedIn users are influencers and 40 million are decision-makers.
  • There are 9 billion content impressions in the LinkedIn feed every week.

You cant miss an opportunity to introduce and promote your business there, right?

To make them all see your content, click, share, and comment on it, you need to consider the peculiarities of the and write your LinkedIn posts accordingly.

One Note Before You Start Sharing Other Peoples Tweets To Linkedin

Just a reminder before you start sharing other peoples images to your LinkedIn feed that intellectual property laws, specifically copyright laws, still apply in the realm of social media. Just because its out there and someone else has shared it doesnt mean you cant get in trouble sharing it to your social feeds.

Sharing social media posts that you dont have permission to share can get you in a bit of trouble. Its always a good idea to err on the side of caution so you dont expose yourself legally. Even if the image isnt accompanied by a copyright symbol, it still can be subject to copyright claims.

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Tell Stories And Be Human

Although people do not want to hear your political rhetoric or personal matters on this platform , you can share stories and human experience that will lead to meaningful connections.

People seem to empathize with the stories of failure and are inspired by their triumphs. By opening up to others and telling stories about your business journey, you can naturally build trust and grow a following.

It is the same concept as to why blogs became popularpeople want to follow, connect and learn from others!

Its amazing that some individuals have built a large following from nothing by simply documenting their story on LinkedIn: the good, the bad and the ugly! For example, Gary Vaynerchuk shared his experiences on wanting to be more true to himself while sharing a viral video about a CEO who is not afraid to curse and be himself in the workplace!

As in this example, people want to connect and engage with other humans on topics that are inherently human! Dont be afraid to intertwine stories into your content strategy on LinkedIn, your connections will reward you for it!

What Formats Work Best For Linkedin Carousel Posts

LinkedIn: How to make a post

While you can think outside the box, topics that work great for LinkedIn carousel posts are:

Example #1 – Share Stats, Numbers & Infographics

Brian Wallace, the found & owner of an infographic design agency, shows off his work by sharing examples & useful stats with the document sharing feature. He exports the infographic as PDF and then uploads them as a document to a LinkedIn post supporting the stats.

Here’s an infographic on the Psychology of Color

Example #2 – Share Actionable Business Lessons

Here’s an example by Travis Lachner, CEO of spark & spear: 5 Pro Lessons Learned From World of Warcraft – on the last slide you can see that Travis incorporated an arrow with a call to action encouraging people to leave a comment. Clever tactic!

“As attention spans shorten with time – concise headlines are the heroes of your slider. Make it easy to scan, and obvious what to do next.”– Travis Lachner

Example #3 – Frameworks & Step-By-Step Instructions

Demodesk is introducing the One Feature Framework through a visual that explains step-by-step how it works.

Pro Tip: You can also share documents from your company page, which make it the ideal place to share case studies, frameworks, business reports and anything else company related.

Example #4 – Step-By-Step Instructions

Actionable tips are so powerful, here’s another example by Jason Vana: “How to build a successful lead magnet“.

Example #5 – Event Content & Conference Slides

Great job, Team Gartner

Pretty cool slides.

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Fetch Share Content For Article Shares

Make the most of LinkedIn Article Shares by providing metadata for your article share by setting the description, title, and thumbnail URL fields. If your application does not provide any of the metadata, LinkedIn attempts to fetch the missing content using URL Preview of the URL. This functionality is best effort and if the field is not present in the URL Preview then it will not be set. If a specific representation of the post is desired, then it is recommended that partners set the description, title, and/or thumbnail fields rather than rely on this functionality.

See Controlling How Share Content is Displayed for Article Shares for details on how share content is populated from the referenced URL for article shares.

Let’s Take A Quick Glance At The Official Linkedin Making Your Website Shareable On Linkedin Documentation

How to make a post shareable on linkedin. If you see the first button contains the public text, it means that your post is shareable. Introductory sentences must be very powerful, because usually only the first three lines of a post is usually displayed. Click the three dots symbol in the upper right corner of that post.

Use popular hashtags related to the content Once you post an update, itll be shared publicly, on twitter, with. Designed to work best with an image that is wider than it is high, the ideal image size is 1200 x 627 pixels.

Maybe you have a friend wanting to share one of your posts with a wider audience. How to make a facebook post shareable on a desktop? You want to stick with images that are:

Linkedin how to make a post shareable on linkedin: Next, create a new post or go to the post you wish to make shareable. So it is important to start the content with an engaging look.

First, navigate to the post you want to make shareable. All else being equal, posts with a picture of a face will perform better than posts with no picture of a face. Use write article to publish articles.

Select the post privacy option from it to edit privacy settings of the post. When you write a linkedin post, choose the image of a persons face as your header image. In this post, ill show you the key tactics of making a post shareable on facebook.

This is because authoritative websites often create more shareable content. If you want a post to go viral, it would need to be public.

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Encourage Engagement On Your Linkedin Posts

It is essential you strategically post content on LinkedIn that encourages engagement its vital to have people engaging with your LinkedIn posts.

One of the best ways to encourage engagement is to ask a question.

There is a wrong way and a right way to do this. Asking pointless, inflammatory or silly questions to get some engagement will almost always backfire.

Even if a piece of content gets engagement, it doesnt mean its good engagement. Negative engagement can harm your personal and professional brands.

And while not all your posts have to be highly engaging, it is important to get some engagement on your posts consistently so that more people will see them. The higher the engagement, the more likely your content will be shown to your network and to other LinkedIn members.

Shortly, I will reveal the seven most effective types of LinkedIn posts that will get you noticed, but first, I want to look at two styles of posts that get the best engagement.

The Engagement Post

One of the best ways to get high engagement is to use an engagement-style post. Such post has one single goal: to encourage engagement. An engagement post asks questions or requests comments on an idea.

Let me share an example of an engagement post I wrote.

Note that in the post, I am asking people to provide their feedback on this topic by using this call to action: Hey, is anybody else noticing this as well?

Because I actively ask my readers to engage, many do.

The Opinion Post

Display Human Side Of Yours

LinkedIn: How to make a post

B2B buyers and your audiences are people too. They are not just customers! They do not want consistent and boring business news every day. They want to know your human side also to connect with your brand. Be human, apart from being a business owner. LinkedIn is the right platform where you can go casual and display your human side. Instead of making it professional try adding the human touch or make it personalized. Whether you are planning to display an exclusive look of a product launch or convincing your audiences to build trust on your brand, add a human touch to it.

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Add The Headline And Post Body

Underneath the header image, add your headline . With the new version of their publishing platform, the 70-character limit for titles has been removed. There is no limit, but I recommend you keep your title brief while working in a couple of keywords.

After adding your title, click in the space below your title and insert the full body of the article. Scan the post to make sure there are no formatting errors due to cutting and pasting the content from a Word document or other file. Posts will almost always need to be reformatted after being copied over to LinkedIn’s publishing platform.

Note: If the article was previously published, lead the body of your article with a short note. This should be italicized and in the top left-hand corner of the article.

Example: This post was previously published on, or First posted on

How Often Should You Post To A Linkedin Group

Visit each of your top groups several times per week or it will be difficult to keep up with discussions. Keep up with the conversations youre participating in and add value continuously.

Taking the time to strategically participate in LinkedIn groups will help you develop new business opportunities, joint partnerships and create and deepen connections.

Start using these tips on how to share content in LinkedIn groups today and you will be on your way to successful participation.

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Where Sharing A Post Can Be Helpful

Although Business Development Manager Joe Lander agrees with me on the whole, he makes a valid point:

Ive often thought that sharing can be the first tentative step someone takes from being a passive viewer on LinkedIn to more of a contributor people dont suddenly go from the odd like here and there to writing a LinkedIn article every week, there are baby steps in between, of which sharing is probably one. So whilst the best practice is that commenting is king, sharing does have its place on the platform and shouldnt always be looked at as lazy or unimaginative posting. If someone is sharing a great piece of content, it doesnt concern me whether they have given their own view on it first or not , Im just thankful that theyve shared it.

So Before You Hit Publish

How to post content to LinkedIn

To engage followers and therefore expand your network, stay consistent. Publish regularly to prove your knowledge and experience. It helps to build trust and gain more followers.

You can also save time by scheduling your LinkedIn posts using the This will help you to speed up your LinkedIn marketing activities.

Consider this checklist every time you plan to publish a status update on LinkedIn:

  • Choose your content type to share, be it an informative or educational blog post, a how-to guide, data-driven research on the latest trends in your niche, a case study, or your company news or updates.
  • You have crafted a perfect headline for your post, relevant to its context.
  • Youve proofread and edited your LinkedIn post for it to meet the rules of web-writing.
  • When providing an image for your post, youve cared for it to be informative and valuable to a reader.
  • Your LinkedIn video is short, to the point, and of high quality. Viewers will learn from it, and it will help them understand your brand better.
  • Your company page on LinkedIn is for networking and PR, not direct sales.
  • You are on LinkedIn to grow professionally and help followers grow with you.
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    How To Get More Impressions On Your Updates

    If you are still building your page following, the rest of this article provides useful tips to amplify your company page content via personal LinkedIn updates.

    First and foremost, don’t try to go at this alone. Social media is best when your entire team participates in sharing and amplifying your content.

    How To Post Shareable Content On Linkedin

    Why: Consistently posting content helps position you as a thought leader and provides valuable insights and information to your clients, prospects and partners. Research is an integral part of the buy cycle, with the average consumer viewing more than 11.4 pieces of content prior to making a purchase.


  • Go to the home page on your LinkedIn account .
  • Understand your options: You can share an update, upload a photo or publish a post. You want to reach as many people as you can with your posts note that LinkedIns busiest times are morning to midday during the week.
  • Ask yourself, What am I hoping to achieve? Are you trying to bring individuals to your LinkedIn page? Increase awareness for your company? Are you interested in search engine optimization traction? Know what your objectives are and develop a content plan to meet these objectives.
  • Ensure updates are relevant to your connections. Whats happening within your company or industry right now? Post compelling content that is relevant and shareable to your consumers.
  • Have call to action with each post, include a compelling image, engage consumers with questions and do this on a consistent and frequent basis.
  • Share industry news, thought leader content and other relevant stories so its not all about you. Selecting other insightful articles and summarizing the content for your readers is just as important as writing original content.
  • Pro Tips:

    According to LinkedIn, the 5 steps to engaging followers are:

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    Connect Linkedin With Schedulepress#

    After retrieving API Keys from your LinkedIn account, go to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to wp-admin -> Scheduled Posts -> Settings. Then, simply open up the Social Profile tab and switch to the LinkedIn option. Make sure that the LinkedIn option is enabled. Afterward, simply click on Add New Profile to connect your LinkedIn profile with SchedulePress.

    After hitting on the Add New Profile button, insert the respective API keys under the âLinkedIn section. Then, hit on the Generate Access Token button and you will be asked to log in to your LinkedIn account.

    After allowing the permission to the App, the Access token will be successfully generated and SchedulePress will be connected with your LinkedIn profile.

    Example Of How To Announce A New Job On Linkedin

    How to create a high performing Linkedin post

    Im excited to announce that I will be joining *company* this *month or season you will be joining* as a *position name*. I will be working with the *team/branch of company* and am excited to learn and grow in this role. With the *industry* ever-evolving, *company* serves as a leader for ____.

    Id like to thank ____, ____, and ____ for their support throughout the recruiting process and helping me land here. I couldnt be more excited to start this next chapter in my career. If you have any questions about the job search or would like to be connected with anyone in my network, let me know how I can help. Id love to get give back!

    *Attach a picture of the company logo to your post*

    Level Up

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