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How To Make Linkedin Page For Company

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How to CREATE a LINKEDIN COMPANY PAGE // 2020 guide for success

It is vital you engage your colleagues. The best place to start is adding your co-workers and employees. Adding your employees and encouraging them to add your company to their personal profile helps you immediately gain credibility since they are one of your greatest assets and brand advocates. Adding employees to your company also allows them to like, comment, and share information and updates about your company which can expand your reach and visibility in LinkedIn.

You can also promote your company page by adding easy to follow links. Linking your company page to other marketing channels such as emails, newsletters, and blogs helps make it easy for users to follow you and stay up to date with your business. Providing free information assets such as blogs and newsletters can help gain your visitors’ trust. It helps them learn more about you and what you offer and it demonstrates that you’re an authority on the topic of your field.

It is also important to invest in your followers. You can use highly targeted Follow Ads on LinkedIn to help reach your desired target segment. These advanced advertisements can target different industries, companies, or geographical regions and they appear throughout LinkedIn. Anytime a professional on LinkedIn follows your company their action appears on the LinkedIn news-feed for all of their followers to see. This update helps spread awareness and can help lure other potential visitors to the company page.

Overview Of Linkedin Company Pages

Launched in December 2018, LinkedIn Company Pages are business profiles made for companies, brands, and other organizations. They were developed and designed as a resource to help businesses:

  • Connect with the LinkedIn community
  • Know and grow their audience
  • Find new connections

These Pages can be used to:

Want To Know What Companies Visit Your Website From Linkedin

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But First Before You Get Started You Have To Meet A Few Requirements:

  • You must have a personal LinkedIn profile
  • Your profile must be at least 7 days old
  • Your profile strength must be at the Intermediate level at the minimum
  • You must have a few LinkedIn connections on your profile to prove youre not a scam
  • You must have your company listed as your current employer in the Experience section of your LinkedIn profile

It Increases Your Seo Ranking

Your Guide To LinkedIn Company Pages And Why You Need One

LinkedIn Company Pages and posts tend to have high SEO rankings. Therefore, having an optimized Company Page increases the chances of your company getting discovered â not only within LinkedIn but also in search engine results.

This will drive traffic to your website and generate leads and sales for your business. for monitoring your page’s performance, which can help you determine what your audience will engage with. You can use this information to create content with relevant keywords, driving the right traffic to your page and website.

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Stand Out From The Competition

LinkedIn Business Page helps you highlight your unique points and differentiate yourself from competitors. You can also feature company news, such as awards, recognition, new hires, vacancies, and achievements in the industry.

Moreover, you can give a personalized overview of your company culture and how your business operates to provide prospective candidates and stakeholders a sneak peek. Secondly, you can share images, infographics, and stories to build credibility and a positive impression.

How To Optimize Your Companys Linkedin Page

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools that B2B companies can use. Whether you plan to use LinkedIn to advertise, social sell, or gain brand recognition, LinkedIn can be an amazing asset. But, it all starts with an optimized company LinkedIn page. Without an optimized page, you wont get the same engagement, trust, and website visitors that you could with a fully optimized company page. Keep reading to learn how to optimize your companys LinkedIn page to drive results.

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Pull Up Your Personal Profile

First, log in to your personal LinkedIn account and click on the Work icon in the top right corner of your screen.

Once you click on it, a window will pop up in the right corner, scroll to the bottom and click on the Create a Company Page + button.

Once you do that, the following screen will appear:

For this example, well go with the Small business option.

Learn More About Advertising On Linkedin

How To Create A LinkedIn Company Page 2021 | Step By Step Walkthrough

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    Greg Apple Head of Marketing, HelloGbye

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    Igor Belogolovsky

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    Add Overview Info To Your Header

    This is all done on the screen that appears next, which is equivalent to About > Overview in the edit popup menu.

  • Add an up to 2,000-character description This is good for SEO! Be sure to choose a couple of great keywords for your overall company description.
  • Add a phone number In most cases, this should be your 800 number for the corporate office if youre a large business, or the location phone if youre smaller.
  • Add what year you were founded Dont turn down an opportunity to crow about your years of successful business.
  • Add up to 20 specialties Also good for SEO! You should be able to add more keywords here.
  • The Ultimate Guide To Linkedin Company Pages

    On average, on the platform per month. While people arenât as active on LinkedIn as they are on Twitter or Facebook, people don’t just spend time on LinkedIn â they invest it. In fact, . Your LinkedIn Company Page is the official face of your brand on the platform. When used effectively, it can increase brand visibility and attract new leads.

    In this post, weâll learn what LinkedIn Company Pages are, why having one is essential, how to create one, and how to get the most out of yours.

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    Fill Out Your Business Profile

    Next, its time to add all of your company information.

    On this page, you need to add your company name, website, industry, company size, and company type.

    You can also upload your company logo and write your company tagline, as well.

    After filling out all of your company information, check the box to verify that youre an authorized representative of the organization and click the Create page button.

    Now you have a LinkedIn business page!

    Okay, that was easy, but if you want to stand out and get the most from your LinkedIn business page, there are a few more things you need to do.

    Ahrefs: Visually Representing Your Work

    7 ways law firms can optimize new LinkedIn Company Page

    Ahrefs uses a cover image that illustrates what the company does, which is designing search engine optimization analysis software. The illustration depicts helpful robots carrying a stretcher and rushing toward a computer thatâs displaying red error alerts, signifying that the company helps fix issues.

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    Publish And Share Relevant Content

    As with any successful marketing campaign, you need to know who your audience is and what they want to see on LinkedIn. Its important to publish and share content that benefits your followers, not just content that promotes your company.

    Do not be overly self-promotional, said Kyra Mancine, social media specialist at Oldcastle. Only 20% of your posts should be sales-driven. You want to provide content that is helpful, informational and interesting. Think about what you like to see in your feed. No one likes to be sold or see commercials all the time.

    Overpromotion is a serious pitfall of social media and could cost you followers and reduce engagement.

    What To Post On A Linkedin Company Page

    Creating a LinkedIn presence for your company expands your brand trust and awareness. Here are a few ideas for what to post on your LinkedIn page to maximize your ROI.

    1. Share company updates and news.

    LinkedIn, like any other social network, features a content stream on which people share and discuss important articles and updates. Your Page is a perfect place to post your company updates and news for customers, employees, investors, and fans to review and share.

    2. Post open jobs and connect with potential employees.

    LinkedIn is a professional social network, meaning users benefit from work and career-related updates, connections, and interactions. LinkedIn members are primed to discover and discuss job opportunities, including the ones at your company. If you have any open roles, LinkedIn is the perfect place to share them.

    In fact, LinkedIn provides Career Pages a space separate from your Company Page thats dedicated to open jobs, recruiting, and employer branding.

    3. Build a community.

    Every social network boasts its own ability to foster a sense of community, and LinkedIn is no exception.

    Your LinkedIn Company Page is a place to build a community of LinkedIn members who are interested in your business, updates, and jobs. Here, they can connect and collaborate on their shared interest in your company. Post interesting questions, behind-the-scenes information, and unique updates to engage your audience and build camaraderie on your Page.

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    In Summary: The Key Elements

    So, to summarize, here are all the elements to gather to create a LinkedIn company page

    • Name of your company
    • URL of your companys website
    • URL of your LinkedIn page
    • The size of your company
    • Year of creation

    Each of these types of content serves a different purpose. For example, simple posts are small messages that allow you to stay in touch with your audience. In comparison, articles allow you to share more important news and present your latest news.

    The key to staying visible and maintaining a relationship with your audience is to post content regularly:

    • Publish videos, infographics, gifs,

    All this content will also allow you to establish your expertise and develop your reputation, as mentioned at the beginning of the article.

    Publishing on LinkedIn should be part of your . So take the time to plan your content and have an editorial calendar that allows you to manage your publication frequency.

    A social media agency will be able to assist you.

    How To Create A Company Page On Linkedin

    How To Create A LinkedIn Business Page 2021 Version

    Do you use LinkedIn? Chances are you have a personal profile on it but, if you arent actively looking for your next career opportunity, then you probably dont use it that much.

    In a minute, Ill tell you why you need to create a company page on LinkedIn and how to do it but first, let me tell you this: if you dont regularly check LinkedIn, you are not alone. . Its easy to neglect this social network.

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    Aight Now Youre Done But The Work Doesnt Stop Here

    Now that youve created your LinkedIn company page, the real fun begins. If used strategically, your new company page will help you attract more customers, and increase exposure to your business.

    To increase your visibility and your customer base using your LinkedIn company page, you have to be intentional. Make sure you are being strategic with your social media marketing and content to drive on your page to drive traffic back to your site.

    How To Create A Successful Linkedin Company Page

    can help strengthen your brand and reinforce your image as an industry leader. For many LinkedIn users,, your company page will be their first impression of your business. It can be the deciding factor in the perception and opinions these users have about you. So, its very important to have a compelling, engaging company page .Here are a few quick and easy ways to create a LinkedIn company page that works.

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    Promoting Your Company Page

    In the navigation bar at the bottom of your company page, you should see a link to ‘Developers’. Under the Plugins menu, you will find several buttons and badges to use on your website to promote your company page. You can use the Company Profile Plugin to show basic details about your company including a follow button that LinkedIn users can click on to start following your company updates.

    You can also use the ‘Company Follow Button’ to install a simple button that people can click on to start following your company page.

    There are also additional buttons such as the ‘Recommend’ button that you can link to specific products or services listed on your Company page, leading LinkedIn users to leave a recommendation of that particular item. If you are searching for job applicants, you can use ‘Jobs You May Be Interested In’ to show job listings from your company page on your website.

    If you are interested in building up a strong base for your company on LinkedIn, be sure to integrate these buttons on to your website. They will help you build followers and brand loyalty with professionals interested in your company.

    The button will look like this:

    Invite People To Follow Your Companys Linkedin Page

    Your Guide To LinkedIn Company Pages And Why You Need One

    Just like any other social media channel, it can be hard to grow your LinkedIn channel organically. But, LinkedIn has a feature where you can invite your connections to follow your page. Having followers will make your company look more reputable and trustworthy, especially if you plan to advertise. To do this, navigate to your companys LinkedIn page. On the right hand side, you will see a block saying Grow Your Followers. Simply click on the Invite Connections button, and send invitations to your connections. LinkedIn recently increased their max number of invitations that you can send from 100 to 250.

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    Linkedin Company Pages Vs Linkedin Groups

    Another popular feature on LinkedIn is , where like-minded people digitally gather to discuss common topics, industries, or companies. Many users get these two features confused.

    LinkedIn Company Pages are the equivalent to your “website” on LinkedIn you create it on behalf of your company, and it belongs to you . Youre responsible for updating your Page and posting new content and updates. Other LinkedIn members can follow your Page and engage with your content.

    On the other hand, LinkedIn Groups are collaborative networks that can be created and engaged with by any LinkedIn member. Some groups are private while Open Groups can be read or joined by anyone.

    Now, a company can create a LinkedIn Group for certain internal teams or subgroups, but LinkedIn Groups cant necessarily replace LinkedIn Company Pages.

    Create A Consistent Posting Plan

    Consistency is key to success in everything. , businesses that post at least once a month gain followers six times faster than those that don’t. Now imagine how many more followers you’d gain if you posted every week.

    For starters, you’ll need to create a content plan that spans at least one quarter. This way, you won’t run out of ideas on what to post every week. After creating a content plan, decide how that content will be developed, create a posting schedule, and get started.

    Posting at the same time every week will keep your followers engaged and conditioned to anticipate your posts at specific times.

    To optimize your posts, you’ll need to include:

    • Descriptive captions to give your content context
    • Hashtags to increase visibility
    • Outstanding images to stand out from the noise

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    Start Building A Powerful Linkedin Business Page

    While the above steps are essential to create a LinkedIn business profile that stands out, you should prepare for the upkeep that will help you sustain the visibility. This involves maintaining a regular publishing schedule, which will allow you to engage your audience and continue attracting even more relevant users.

    It also involves regularly tracking your performance and making optimizations to gain better visibility. At some point, you might even need to to promote and scale your page.

    If this seems like too much work, leave it to Kantaloupe to build a solid marketing strategy for your LinkedIn business page.

    Linkedin Company Page Best Practices

    How To Create Your LINKEDIN COMPANY PAGE! [2022]
  • Complete all Page details with in-depth information about your company.
  • Add important Page admins.
  • Use Content Suggestions to share relevant content.
  • Engage with your audience.
  • Post content from partners and other companies.
  • Follow these tips and techniques to maximize the impact of your LinkedIn Company Page.

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