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How To Make Instagram Account Private

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Should I Make My Instagram Account Private Too

How to Make Instagram Account Private

This is complicated. Going private only works for the large Instagram accounts. Because they already have like millions of followers so all they have to do is post good content and they will keep growing. They are too big to fail!

It also depends on the type of their content. For example, meme accounts are incredibly shareable. So they grow by encouraging their followers to share their posts with others.

So this strategy works for meme accounts but not for other users like brands and businesses, because your post will longer appear on the explore page. So you basically turn away from any other kinds of audience discoveries on Instagram.

The final words

While going private may be beneficial for large meme accounts, it can be a detrimental strategy for most accounts. If you dont have a great you should keep your account public and use other ways to attract new followers!

Make Your Account Private On Instagram App

  • Open your Instagram Application.
  • Log in if you havent login to your account.
  • After you get access to your account, on the profile icon.
  • After that, on the Menu or swipe left for Menu.
  • In Menu, you will see the gear icon in the bottom right of your device. the gear icon.
  • Now you will see a list of options, on the Privacy .
  • Under connections> on the Account Privacy.
  • Now on the toggle button of Private Account.
  • You have successfully activated your account to a Private account. Now, only users who have followed you will be able to see your post, stories.

    Keep People From Stealing Your Content

    This reason mostly applies to businesses. As content gets less original and more overused, businesses want to control who sees the content they create. This applies to the most popular type of account that usually has a private account- the meme accounts.

    Have you ever had a friend DM you the most hilarious meme only to discover you cant see it? Thats because most meme accounts are going private, an effort to protect memes from being stolen by other account.

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    Will Taking Your Instagram Account Private Get You More Followers

    7 minute read

    One of the biggest Instagram trends to emerge this summer is large meme accounts going private. We look at why more meme accounts are going private and whether or not it’s a good strategy for businesses.

    One of the biggest Instagram trends to emerge this summer is that large Instagram meme accounts are making their profiles private.

    The Instagram accounts, like and , have millions of followers. So why are they choosing to hide their content from the world ?

    In the following post, we look at why more Instagram accounts are going private, if it actually works to get you more followers, and whether or not its a good strategy for your business:

    Make Your Account Private

    How to Make Instagram Account Private

    Open Instagram and head to your profile page. In the top right corner, click the Settings icon.

    This will bring you to the Settings screen. Down on the bottom, flip the Private Account toggle on.

    Now only your Followers will be able to see your posts. Youll also have to approve anyone new who wants to follow you.

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    Changing Your Profile To Public

    To change your personal Instagram private account to public, advises you to use either the Instagram website or app. If you have multiple Instagram accounts for your work, be sure to switch to the right one before proceeding with the following steps based on your device:

    • Instagram mobile website: Go to your profile tab and click the gear icon on the top of the page. Go to “Privacy and Security” and uncheck the “Private Account” box.
    • Instagram mobile app: As with the mobile website, go to your profile tab but proceed by selecting the “Settings” option from the hamburger menu on the top of the app screen. The “Settings” option brings up a list of options where you’ll see one for “Privacy.” You can then clear the “Private Account” box.
    • Instagram desktop website: Click your profile image on the top of the page to show the “Settings” option. Go to the “Privacy and Security” option to find the “Private Account” check box and clear it.

    Regardless of which device you use, you’ll see a confirmation message in which you need to OK the change to make your Instagram account public. Keep in mind that you can go back to the same check box at any time to set a personal account to private again if you change your mind.

    Stop Saving Your Posts And Stories

    You may not actually want to save the photos and videos you post to Instagram, especially your disappearing stories. There are a couple of things you can do to stop that.

    To stop your stories from being saved:

    • Go to Settings > Privacy > Story
    • Turn off two settings. The first is Save to Camera Roll or Save to Gallery , which saves your stories to your phone. The second is Save to Archive, and turning that off stops Instagram from hanging onto your stories for you to view later after theyve disappeared.

    If you also want to keep your feed posts inside of Instagram:

    • Go to Settings > Account > Original Posts
    • Disable all three options

    This will prevent the posts from being stored locally on your phone, but it also means that your only copy will be on Instagram.

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    How To Make Your Instagram Stories Private:

    • Open Instagram
    • Tap the hamburger icon in the top right corner
    • Tap Settings
    • Tap Hide story from
    • Select any users youd like to hide your story from
    • Tap Done if youre using an iOS device or the tick if youre on Android

    Another option is to make your stories private directly from the story feature. If youve spotted someone you dont want viewing your story, you can block them from seeing your next one without leaving that page.

    How To Make Instagram Account Private

    How to Make Instagram Account Private

    Worried that some creepy ex or an uninvited stalker might breach your privacy on Instagram? Privacy and security is something users take really seriously and after the recent accusations on Facebook, concerning the Cambridge analytical case, users have become overly cautious of their online data. Instagram provides its users a number of features to protect their online privacy. In this article well show how to make Instagram account private which is one of the surest ways of shielding your pictures and posts from unwanted visitors.

    Instagram has amassed quite the users since its advent in 2010. The picture and video sharing application has amassed an impressive 700 million users over the course of 8 years. Whats even more commendable is the immense amount of pictures being shared in a day, 70 million to be precise.

    Following in the footsteps of other social media giants, Instagram gives the users the liberty to change the privacy of their profile to private. Your Instagram profile is set to public by default, and is prone to cyber-dangers. Anyone can snatch a couple of your pictures from your Instagram account and make fake profiles in hopes to denigrate your name.

    So, I would strongly suggest people to protect their sensitive pictures from unnecessary intrusions. You can make Instagram account private in a matter of seconds and guarantee your online safety. A little laziness on your part can land you in dire trouble, trust me.

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    Here Is A Complete Step By Step Guide Which You Can Follow So That Only Approved Followers Can See What You Share

    If you want to hide your post content by a particular individual or group of people who might go looking for you on Instagram, you can change your privacy setting. By default, anyone can see your profile and posts on Instagram, but Instagram gives you the option to make your account private so that only followers you approve can see what you share.

    Do you know how to set your Instagram account to private? Here is a step by step guide which you can follow to set your Instagram account to private. If your account is set to private, then only would the followers you approved be able to see your photos or videos on hashtag or location pages.

    Checking If Your Friend/family Member Is A Follower

    You might have already tried sending a follow request, but unfortunately, it got rejected. However, the case with any of your friends might be entirely different.

    In other words, in this vast world of the internet, finding a solution to any query in the library of your friends and family members smartphones is a genuine possibility.

    With that being said, if you want to work out how to view private Instagram accounts, you can look at the Instagram account of your friends and check if their follow-requests have been approved.

    In that manner, you can seamlessly view private Instagram accounts from their devices pretty seamlessly.

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    Tweak Your Comment Controls

    With over a billion users, Instagram can be occasionally negative and spammy just like every other social network. If your profile faces these issues far too often, try tweaking your comment controls.

    Instagram lets you decide who can and cannot comment on your pictures. You could go either way—create a whitelist if you only want a few people leaving comments on your posts or a blacklist for prohibiting some users and allowing the rest. The option to do this is situated in settings under . What’s more, you can enable filters for automatically hiding offensive comments or manually add a set of words and phrases you’d like to block.

    How To Make Instagram Account Private & Why You Should

    How to Make Your Instagram Account Private  3nions

    Instagram makes it very easy to set a profile to private or public. For users looking for more privacy on the app, it’s an unignorable feature.

    can sometimes be too much to handle but, by making an account private, users can regain control over how they use the social media app. While private accounts aren’t a new Instagram feature, it’s definitely worth considering using.

    Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has skyrocketed as one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet. Users can share photos on their timeline, add to Instagram Stories, get lost on the Explore page, and even do a bit of shopping. In addition to seemingly endless features, Instagram has also attracted a downright massive audience over 1 billion monthly users. Having so many people on the app can often bring unwanted attention to people’s profiles but, thankfully, this is a fairly easy thing to avoid.


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    What You Should Know Before Switching To A Private Instagram Account

    Instagram profiles are public by default. All the Internet users can see someone’s photos, videos or watch Lives. However, the platform cares about their users, so they created a feature that allows people to make an Instagram account private.

    Before you turn the settings of your page, let’s get deep to understand how a private and public Instagram accounts are different.

    • If an IG page is private, it’s possible to find it by username search, but it’s impossible to see posts and stories.
    • Only followers can see the content, leave comments and like publications.
    • If you decide to set your Instagram account to private, nothing will change for your followers.
    • As for other Instagram users, they will have to send a request for the following to get access to your profile information. You can approve this request or ignore it.
    • Users who don’t follow someone’s private account can DM a photo or video.
    • The owner of a closed account can share information from the profile in other social networks. For instance, a link to a private Instagram post will be seen by all the Facebook followers.
    • You can switch your profile to the public one at any time.

    If your aim is promoting and getting more followers with the help of hashtags and geotags, a private account isn’t for you. In this case, targeted advertising or advertising posts from bloggers will help you gain followers.

    How To See Private Instagram Accounts In 2022

    Are you wondering how to see private Instagram accounts in 2022?

    Well then, this article holds the best possible ways of actually doing it.

    Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Like most others, this platform also offers a secure way to keep any profiles content limited to a specific audience.

    However, the same can be a bit troubling for many who are looking to access it. There might exist some personal or work-related reasons for which you genuinely need to view or snoop on someone elses profile.

    Whatever might be the case, Instagram doesnt offer any official way to view the desired private accounts without proceeding with the following game. Thankfully though, there are a few alternative routes to view private Instagram accounts without even throwing an alert to the owner.

    To help you with the most appropriate approach, were here to discuss the top tools designed for viewing Instagram private accounts, and some other methods to do so.

    Personally, we believe that eyeZy is definitely your best bet when it comes to being able to view private Instagram accounts.

    This is because they take care of everything on their end so that all you need to worry about is being able to gain access to private Instagram profiles that you otherwise wont be able to.

    If you want to be smart with your Instagram viewing, and you also want to keep it within your budget, definitely get the app.

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    Click On Account Privacy And Make The Switch

    When you find the Privacy and Security tab, click the first button on the list says Account Privacy. From there, flip the switch on Private Account, and youre done. Your Instagram account is officially private and only people you approve will be able to see your photos and videos.

    Keep in mind that making this switch wont affect your existing followers. Anybody who followed you before you went private will still be able to see your Instagram posts.

    How To Make Your Instagram Account Private On Android Or Ios Devices

    how to make instagram account private how to make your instagram account private

    It’s a simple task to , you just need to find out where to do so. Start by opening the app and heading to your profile page by tapping the person-shaped icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your phone’s screen.

    Then tap the three lines menu at the top right of your screen on your profile.

    Next, tap the cog-shaped icon at the top of the pop-up list that appears to take you to your settings menu.

    In the next screen that appears, tap on “Privacy” next to the padlock-shaped icon.

    Then, look halfway down the next page to see your “Account Privacy” options. Tap this.

    Tap toggle the button to blue to “Private account” to change your Instagram account privacy settings. The first time you do this, Instagram will give you the useful option to review your current followers in case you want to revoke access for anyone on that list.

    To make your account public again, simply toggle the Private account button back to white to deactivate the extra privacy.

    When you first do this, Instagram will show you a warning window to ensure you understand the changes you are making.

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    Set Your Instagram Account To Private Using The Desktop Site

    If youre wondering how to make your Instagram account private using the desktop version of the site, then follow these steps:

  • Under Account Privacy, check the box before the Private Account option.
  • Once your Instagram account is private, users who wish to follow you on the platform need to send a follow request. You can see these requests in the Activity feed, accessed through the heart icon. However, note that all Instagram users can still use Instagram Direct to send you messages. Also, if you share your private Instagram post to another platform, , people who can see your Facebook posts will be able to see it.

    Set Your Instagram Account To Private

    The ultimate option to cocoon yourself away from Instagram’s huge userbase is to simply make your account private. You can then cherry pick who can follow you and view your stories or posts.

    To turn your Instagram profile private, go into the Settings and switch on the Private Account option. Do note that your existing followers won’t be affected, therefore you may want to check on your Followers list to ensure only the people you know have access to your gallery.

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    How To View A Private Profile On Instagram:

    Google How To View A Private Instagram Account and youll find a number of different websites that claim they will help you break past the security barrier.

    The problem is, most of these websites ask you questions that you shouldnt answer. Questions like what is your favorite kind of chocolate? these seem like innocent questions, but these websites are most likely selling your information.

    If you make it through all the personal questions, you probably wont even get to see the private account youve been dreaming of creeping.

    The best way to view a private account is to just send a follow request. You never know, they might accept!

    Is A Private Instagram Account Worth It

    How to Make Your Instagram Account Private

    If you are using Instagram for personal use, and you have concerns around security, and who sees your posts, then a private Instagram account is probably perfect for you.

    If you have a business, and your goal is to grow your following, increase sales and improve brand awareness, then a private Instagram account isnt for you.

    If you have a brand with a huge Instagram following, and you dont need to increase your followers any more, than a Private Instagram account might be perfect for your brand.

    And of course, if you are a meme account, or any type of account where you want to protect the originality of your content, then a private account would be a smart marketing move.

    Have you tried making your Instagram account private? Are you thinking of making the switch? If so, comment below, wed love to hear about your experience with a private Instagram account!

    Ahmad spearheads marketing for Upleap, helping brands grow their social presence with expert account management for Instagram. In his free time, he enjoys helping local businesses market themselves online.

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