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How To Make Gmail Account Without Phone Number

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How A Gmail Is Created Using An Android Or An Iphone

How to Create Gmail Account without Phone Number Verification 2022

Creating a Gmail with your Android phone or iPhone, you would have to go through the app. The settings option on the app is the best way to do this so you can bypass the part where you have to input a number during the registration.

PS: A Gmail account is also a Google account as Gmail is owned by Google. The G in Gmail means Google.

Here are the steps to follow when opening a Gmail account without using a mobile number.

1. Open up your Gmail app on your mobile phone, go straight to the settings in the menu that is displayed for you.

2. Tap on accounts which are displayed right there on the menu

3. You would see the option to add an account when you scroll down.

4. You would see google on a list that would appear after you click on add account.

5. Click on Google when you see that list

6. Click on create an account which is located at the bottom of your mobile screen bottom.

7. A page would appear where you would be asked to provide your first and last name. You press next afterward

8. The next page would ask for your date of birth and gender. Press next when you are done.

9. You can choose a new Gmail account or type in the mail you want. Click on next after that.

10. Choose a password, something you can remember.

11. The next page would ask for a phone number, you would see the option to skip down there. You might also not see the phone number page.

12. Press the skip option to pass the phone number page.

Solution : Sign Up For A Gmail Account Using The Gmail App Instead

When you create a Gmail account via the Gmail App, you may be able to do so without a phone number.

This works regardless of which platform youre on. When signing up for a Gmail account using the Gmail app, you have the option to prompt Gmail not to add your phone number when you first register.


This isnt foolproof however if youre logging in to your account for the first time on a new device, Gmail may ask you for your phone number for account verification. If you lose access to the account and want to recover it, you may also need to reveal your phone number.

Reason : Using Your Real Number Could Expose You To Identity Theft

Just as everything you do in the Google ecosystem, everything is also interconnected on the internet.

When you use your real phone number to create a gmail account, other people can use your phone number to sieve out other websites that may contain other personally sensitive data to reconstruct an online personality that steals your identity.

This could not only place you at risk of identity theft, but also threaten those around you.

There are many more reasons why anyone would want too know how to create Gmail account without phone number. Ultimately, its all about protecting your online privacy and safety. What are some solutions for how to create Gmail without phone number then?

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Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number Verification

Fourth Trick

A User can create a new Gmail account using Anonymous numbers. By using certain sites you can create a Gmail account. This site provides some numbers to the users based on those numbers you can create a new account. This is the best way to create a Gmail account without using your personal numbers. Now here we provide some sites which are giving virtual numbers to the user and they are listed here.

  • Here you can find 7 digits dummy number which is provided by the site. By using that number you can verify your new Gmail account using SMS verification.
  • This is another site that provides 10 digits numbers to the users. Then you can pick up one number that is used for verifying your Gmail account. Just you need to do one simple work i.e. you need to click on the number page and refresh the page and then you can view the message. Automatically numbers are updated on the site once a month.

Look At The Methods Of How To Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number 2022

How To Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number? (100% ...

Thus, your coming to this page is the right decision. As long as you know the ways, the strategies, the trick or other similar utterance for that, you will make it.

Typically, this is for you who want to create Gmail account but you dont have a phone number or you dont want to include your phone number in the account creation under your personal reason.

These following tips will be very amazing for you to create the account without phone number for any verification so you dont have to use any mobile phone or purchase SIM Card. We have four methods how to create Gmail account without phone number 2018 which you can search out by scrolling down the page:

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Buy A Burner Phone Service

Using a free number to try and log into Google does not always work. Most of the time, Google recognizes fake numbers. On other occasions, the number has already been associated with the maximum amount of Gmail accounts possible. The ideal way to bypass this problem is to buy a burner phone service. These services are reasonably priced and create unique phone numbers as and when requested. Burner App and DoNotPay are two such services that create virtual phone numbers and will help you create a Gmail account without phone number verification.

How To Create Gmail Without A Phone Number In 2021

In this era, a phone number plays a role more than a tool for calls and texts alone. Your phone number plays a role as your ID card to indicate your unique identification, so your phone number is usually used to verify your identification as you sign up for accounts on websites or apps. If the websites or apps get hacked or suffer from being breached, your personal information will be leaked as well. After all, its increasingly frequent for us to hear news about hacking incidents now. Therefore, your personal mobile number should be well protected from being used as an online verification tool.

Its annoying and risky to receive marketing calls if your phone number gets known by more people. Do you always receive ad calls marketing the products or services that you dont need? How exactly does your phone number get known by sales? Your private phone number is leaked just because its correlated with your online accounts. Once one account is hacked or the websites or apps that you create accounts on deliberately leaking your information, your phone number will surely be exposed to more people. Thats a disaster.

Luckily for you, there are still many ways to bypass this and create a new Gmail without the use of your phone number. So, if for some reason you dont want to enter your phone number, you may use one of these solutions.

Method 1.

To create a Google account without using your phone number, you will have to use your smartphone.

Tap on Create Account.

Method 2.

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Another Way To Create Gmail Account Without Phone Verification

We know that there are many ways to get disposal mobile number available on many sites. Though most of the sites have used numbers. If your willing to get free number for gmail verification, You need to search a lot of time to get a working mobile number for gmail verification.

You may also check premium service offered by many site to get Disposal number. We will list out some great sites to get free disposal number to verify gmail. You can also try their premium service to reduce the time duration in searching for free numbers.

Note: Dont forget to note down the number that you have used to verify Gmail, This might be useful when youre trying to access from other Location or Different IPs.

How To Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number

How to Create Gmail Account without Phone Number Verification 2021

We shall share the easy as well as fast tricks to create free Gmail accounts without phone verification. As a rule, if you try to create a Gmail account, Gmail will ask your mobile number to send you a verification code. It is not a hard task for those people who want to create a single account only. So if you are trying to create many Gmail accounts, you may find it difficult because of the rule. At times, there are some people who tackle this situation by buying different Sim cards or phone numbers. Green hat expert will show you how to create gmail account without phone number verification. It will save you from purchasing a new sim or phone number.

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How To Create A Gmail Account Without Verification

Two ways are most common for creating a Gmail account with mobile number verification. You can either create a Gmail account on your smartphone or enter your age as 15 as google will understand you dont have your number yet. However, if you are still facing some issues then you can always a fake number from the internet.

How To Create A Gmail Account Without A Phone Number

How to create a Gmail account without a phone number seems impossible. Because Google always ask for an actual phone number for verification, there doesn’t seem to be a way to create gmail with a phone number.

But what if you want to protect your privacy? Is it possible to create a gmail account without phone number verification?

No, not really … but actually yes.

If you have ever wondered about how to create a Gmail account without a phone number, this guide is for you.

Lets start by looking at why you would want to create a Gmail account without a phone number.

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Signing Up With A Temporary Phone Number

  • 1Get a temporary phone number that can receive texts. When you sign up for a new Google account, you’ll need to verify a confirmation code that can only be received via SMS or voice phone call. If you don’t have your own phone number, here are a few ways you can use one temporarily:
  • If you already have a separate Google account and live in the United States, you can create a Google Voice phone number for free. See this wikiHow to learn more.
  • Depending on your region, you may be able to sign up for a disposable phone number. Legitimate versions of these services are rarely freebut services like Burner, Hushed, and Text Verified are all affordable and legitimate.XResearch source
  • You can use someone else’s phone and phone number during the verification process. The phone should be in the same room as you so you can get the code yourself. If that’s not possible, you can email or chat with a friend online and ask that they are willing to receive your confirmation code and provide it to you for verification.
  • 2Go to the New Account creation page. The steps are different depending on the platform you’re using:
  • On an Android: In the Settings app, tap Accounts , select Add Account, tap Google, and then select Create Account.
  • If you’re asked to sign in but don’t see a Create Account option, tap the Forgot email? link, and then tap the back button on your Android to return to the sign-in screen. It should now have a Create account link on the lower-left side of the screen.
  • Use Your Phone Or Tablet To Get A Security Code

    How To Create A Google Account Without Phone Number 2019 ...

    This one surprised me. I suspect this works only for Android devices, but if youre signed into the same account on one of those devices, youll be given instructions to retrieve a log-in code from one of those devices.

    Next, your device presents the codes you can use to confirm your identity.

    That this works even if that mobile device is not connected to the internet might be a lifesaver, especially when traveling.

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    Choose Which Method To Use To Create A Gmail Account Without A Number

    So, in this article, I have mentioned all the best possible ways with the help of which you can create a Google account without using your phone number and phone verification. I hope these methods help you in finding the solution to your problem. If you have any queries related to any method of creating a Gmail account feel free to drop your questions in the comment box.

    Getting Into Your Account Without Your Phone

    by Leo A. Notenboom

    to the old number!

    Thats a summarization of a question I get frequently.

    The problem is that telling Google your new number requires you to be signed in, but you cant sign in because the verification is going to your old number. Its a vicious circle.

    I have to tell you that depending on a few factors, you may not be able to get in.

    Lets look at what straws we can grasp at.

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    Best Tips To Create Gmail Account Without Mobile Number

    Third Trick

    Users can create new Gmail accounts in different ways. In that few among them are listed here. So people who wish to create multiple Gmail Accounts without using phone numbers can follow the below steps.

    • To create a new Gmail account, first, you need to select an internet source. Usually, all people prefer Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. By using these two sources you can create a new account.
    • On the Google chrome page, you need to click on the top corner and then select New Incognito Window and then a new page will appear for you and type URL Then you have successfully created a new Gmail account.
    • On the Mozilla Firefox page, you need to click on the right corner and then a new Private Window will open on the screen. Then the user has to type and open and complete all the required details. Finally, you have created a new Gmail account for use.
    • After completing this open internet source then you will get a new page to create a Gmail account. In the next step, you need to fill in all the detail fields like first name, last name, and username, and all other related data.
    • If you saw any number column then you will skip that column and then you can directly enter the captcha.
    • After that click on the next step and then you need to upload a profile photo. Then click on the next step to complete a new Gmail account. This is the simple way to create a new Gmail account without any phone number verification.

    How Do I Log Into My Gmail Account If I Lost My Phone

    Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number Tutorial

    You can log in to your Gmail account if you lose your phone by either having your mobile carrier move your mobile number to a replacement device so youll receive verification codes there, or use an alternate means of recovery that you set up beforehand, such as an alternate email address you have access to. If neither of those are options, follow the Forgot password? link and carefully follow all instructions to attempt to recover access to the account.

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    Solution : Sign Up For Gmail Account By Setting Your Age To 15 Or Below

    Another way to create gmail without phone number is to tweak your accounts age to 15 years old or younger. By doing so, Google assumes that you dont have a mobile phone number to verify your account with and lets you skip the phone number verification step altogether.


    This solution however could land you in trouble if Google discovers your exploit. If you do not sign out of your other accounts first, you also will not have the option of toggling your age. Youll also need to do so in private/incognito mode for this solution to work.

    How To Create Unlimited Gmail Accounts With One Mobile Number

    1: First of all, create new Gmail account with the normal process of account creation by using a single mobile number. Or you can also use the previous or old account.

    2: After doing so, just login to your Gmail account which you have created with mobile verification.

    3: Click the image icon in the right corner and click on my account.

    4: Under the option of Personal Info and Privacy click your personal info.

    5: In your personal info section, you will find your registered mobile number.

    6: Then click on edit button or option to remove the registered mobile number and confirm the removal.

    7: This is how you can reuse your number to create a new Gmail account. In addition, you can also repeat this process and your number will not be blacklisted.

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    How To Create A Gmail Account Without Phone Number Verification

    • 7 min read

    Over the past few decades, technology has progressed at an exponential pace, redefining aspects of our life that had previously remained unchanged for centuries. With its increasing popularity, people have begun to trust internet-based services blindly, providing them with personal information that was once confidential. One such internet service that collects a ton of personal information is Gmail. From your date of birth and phone number to your monthly expenditure, Gmail knows you better than your parents. Therefore, it is understandable when users are apprehensive about providing Gmail with personal info like their phone number. If you wish to safeguard your privacy, read below to learn how to create a Gmail account without phone number verification.

    Why Does Gmail Ask for Your Phone Number?

    Huge websites like Google encounter tons of people logging in every day, with a majority of them being bots or fake accounts. Hence, such companies are forced to add multiple layers of verification to ensure that genuine users get to use their service.

    Moreover, as people have started to own multiple technological devices, keeping track of them has become extremely difficult. Therefore, along with the traditional email and password login, Google has introduced an additional layer of security through phone numbers. If the company believes that a log-in from a certain device isnt right, they can verify it through the users phone number.


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