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How To Make Friendship Bracelets Pinterest

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Diagonal Aka Candy Stripe

how to make AESTHETIC PINTEREST JEWELLERY necklace, bracelet, supplies, bead

Another super easy pattern to learn is diagonal, aka candy stripe. Again, this bracelet can have as many colours of strings as you want.

My bracelet example uses four different coloured strings.

Step 1: Separate the string in the colour order you will like.
Step 2: Start from the left and make a forward knot to the last string. Leave a small gap as you go down the line for the first row only. That way, it will start you off for the string to go diagonal.
Step 3: Repeat until you have the length you want and finish it off! is my favourite place to lookup patterns. They have hundreds of bracelet patterns to choose from, ranging from using four strings to sixty-six strings!

Chinese Ladder Friendship Bracelet

The Chinese Ladder must be one of the easiest friendship bracelets to make, because you only need to learn one knot. The pattern looks very impressive, doesnt it? I love how colorful they are. The color combinations are endless. Why not get your Kids to make their favorite sports team colors? Get the step by step written instructions here and here is the video tutorial

What Is The History Of Friendship Bracelets

Did you know that knotted bracelets have been around for thousands of years? Many of the knots and patterns have their roots in the culture of the indigenous peoples of Central America. However, records of some decorative knots associated with the bracelets trace back to Ancient China. Some dating back as far as 481-221 BCE. The knots used in friendship bracelets are the same as those found in macramé. Samples of this kind of work are seen in items made in the Middle East during the 13th Century. The technique slowly spread to France and Italy and onto Europe. It became very popular in North America in the 1970s. At that time, the peace movement was strong and young people wanted to celebrate friendship and love.

So what are you waiting for? Dig out some embroidery thread and scissors and show your kids how to make their first friendship bracelet. It might even entice them away from their screens for a couple of hours!

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Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns For Beginners

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Home Friendship Bracelets

Need a little inspiration for your next friendship bracelet project? Check out this list of the very best friendship bracelet patterns for beginners. Youll find all sorts of fun and easy designs, like the chevron friendship bracelet pattern, a simple braid, the candy stripe friendship bracelet, and so much more.

Keep reading to see all of the different patterns, plus lots of tips for making fun friendship bracelets.

Making friendship bracelets is practically a rite of passage! Its one of those nostalgic activities that we all remember from our days at summer camp.

Friendship bracelets are the perfect easy craft all you need to get started is some colorful embroidery floss and a pattern! I love that friendship bracelets are portable, too just attach them to your jeans with a safety pin, and you can tie them while you ride along on a summer road trip.

Plus, a sophisticated friendship bracelet makes a great gift for your best friends.

To inspire your next creation, Ive rounded up my favorite beginner-friendly friendship bracelet patterns. These free and easy patterns will show you how to make all sorts of cool designs, including 3 strand braids, diagonal stripes, chevrons, spiral staircases, zipper bracelets, and more!

How To Read A Pattern

pinterest: katiereese2

There are thousands of bracelet patterns for you to make. Most of the time, you can YouTube a video on how to make the bracelet you want, but for the more uncommon ones, you most likely will come across a pattern instruction. Dont panic because theyre pretty simple to read.

First off, there are four types of knots to know, the forward knot, the backward knot, the forward-backward knot, and the backward-forward knot. It sounds a little overwhelming, I know, but I promise you its not.

Tip: Always make two knots, dont pull too tightly, and pull the string upwards.

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Simple Diy Friendship Bracelets

Simple and inexpensive craft projects are always a favourite, and even better when you have all the materials on hand already! We recently tried our hand at making our own simple DIY friendship bracelets as a school holiday activity and it was heaps of fun!

Best of all, we made them in under 15 minutes each and even my 5-year-old was able to do it herself, with very little help!

Simple Diy Friendship Bracelets Tutorial

There are so many tutorials for making friendship bracelets online and so many different types of friendship bracelets you can make. Some require a DIY friendships bracelet template, while others do not.

The version we went with is a really simple French knitting style that creates a woven band. You can use 1, 2, 3 or up to 7 different colours to make them so you can have cute rainbow friendship bracelets to share around!

And because this friendship bracelets step by step is so cheap and easy to do, it makes a fantastic birthday partyor classroom activity too! It definitely kept the kids entertained with their cousins visiting for a sleepover recently too! Rainbow bracelets galore!

Making a friendship bracelet is a great indoor activity for kids on a cold or rainy day too, or a cheap handmade gift idea kids can give their friends.

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How To Make Friendship Bracelets From Your Cross Stitch

  • Add the interfacing to the reverse of your stitched design following the manufacturers instructions, then trim the excess fabric around the edge, leaving a one square border all round the edge of your friendship bracelet design.
  • Cut a piece of self-adhesive felt to the same size as your friendship bracelet and put to one side.
  • Tie the ends of your cord together using a slipknot so the friendship bracelet can be made bigger or smaller, then flatten and secure either end of the loop to the inside of the bracelet with a few stitches.
  • Attach the felt to the inside of the bracelet and youre finished!
  • We hope youve enjoyed learning how to make friendship bracelets! You could also try our free friendship bracelet crochet pattern or our free festive friendship bracelet pattern. For more crafty ideas head to our free daily craft patterns and find over 100 new projects.

    What Is The Easiest Friendship Bracelet To Make

    Rainbow Plaid Friendship Bracelet Tutorial [CC]

    Now there are some who would say that the following are not really friendship bracelets, because they dont use the traditional knots. However, I am not a purist. They can be made with care and given to friends. In my book that makes them a friendship bracelet. The following are perfect for younger kids that get frustrated with the knots.

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    How To Weave A Bracelet

    Want to expand your friendship bracelet skills? We think this How to weave a bracelet tutorial could be just what you are looking for. Using just a simple circle loom made from a bit of scrap cardboard, you can learn how to weave a bracelet in minutes with our easy tutorial. Essentially you are making a bracelet out of a cardboard circle loom with wools or yarn! This style of friendship bracelet is sometimes called a jellyfish bracelet.

    Step 1

    Start by drawing our your circle loom on a bit of scrap cardboard. You can draw around something round like a jar lid if you need to. Draw a line at the top, bottom and two sides of the circle. If this was a clock face, these lines would be at 12, 3, 6 and 9 oclock. Then draw 4 more lines in between these, so you have a loom drawn out like in the above picture.

    Step 2

    Now cut around the circle and make some small snips into the lines to make small notches. Its best to keep the notches small, as if you snip too far into the cardboard with the scissors it can make your loom a bit floppy and hard to handle. Make a hole in the middle for your threads to go through

    Step 3

    Cut 7 pieces of thread, each about 60cm long. They can be any colour you like and you can use the same colour more than once in your DIY thread bracelet if you like. Thread the 7 strands through the centre hole of your loom and secure them at the back with a knot. Put each stand of thread into a different notch on your loom 1 of the notches will stay empty.

    Step 4

    How To Make A Friendship Bracelet With Wool

  • Using something circular make a template on a piece of cardboard for your circle. Trace around with your pen or pencil and then cut out your circle.
  • Trim 7 strands of yarn around 30cms long and tie them in a knot.
  • Cut 7 strands of yarn around 30cms long and tie them in a knot.
  • Use your pencil point to make a small hole in the middle of your circle. You dont want it too big or your yarn knot will pull through. Pull your yarn through so the knot is firmly holding it in place.
  • Add a strand to each of your marker cuts so there is only one spare. Make sure they are pulled firm. If they are loose you may end up with bumps in your bracelet.
  • Count back 3 strands from the empty slot and move this strand of yarn to where the gap is. Continue doing this so that you are looping over every 3rd strand of yarn from the spare marker. You will create a new gap from where you just moved your yarn from.
  • Make sure you pull your knot end down often and when it gets long enough you can hold onto it as you are looping to ensure your bracelet is firm as it is forming and no bumps or loose loops occur.
  • Once your bracelet has reached your desired length, pull through the cardboard hole and tie the loose ends in a double knot then fasten around the arm.
  • And thats all there is to it! Super simple DIY friendship bracelets you can make at home. Your kids can go crazy with different coloured wool and threads.

    or for more simple kids craft ideas like this!

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    How To Make Friendship Bracelets

    Home » DIY » How to Make Friendship Bracelets

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    Learn how to make friendship bracelets in 2 different methods. This is a perfect DIY project for teens and adults.

    Theres something so fundamentally wholesome about DIY bracelets. It brings to mind warm summer afternoons when we were just tweens, doesnt it? I used to forever be on the hunt for the next DIY bracelet, whether it was made out of shoelaces, thread, or paracord.

    Friendship bracelets made out of embroidery floss wasisan all-time favorite. Maybe its time to revive those pretty bracelets, only now, lets up the ante with a pretty charm or medallion!

    Where Can I Find Friendship Bracelet Patterns

    Chevron Friendship Bracelet

    The joy of the Internet is that it makes it very easy to find friendship pattern bracelets. Pinterest and YouTube are good places to look if you know the name of a particular pattern. You may want to read this post about how to read friendship patterns before using any patterns, you find on-line. I found the best place to find patterns is This site is dedicated to the making of bracelets and has patterns, tutorials, videos, and galleries full of pictures of peoples creations. Another site I discovered is Braceletbook. It also has patterns, photos and tutorials. There is also a forum for asking questions.

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    + Fun Friendship Bracelet Patterns

    simple friendship bracelet patterns and tutorials

    #1 Chevron Friendship Bracelet is a classic and timeless friendship bracelet design thats really fun to make. This traditional friendship bracelet pattern is really quite easy to learn so its a great starting point for anyone looking for a beginner friendship bracelet pattern.

    #2 DIY Crazy Complicated Friendship Bracelet isnt the best choice for a beginner bracelet maker but is a must try for anyone who has a little experience making a variety of different friendship bracelet patterns.

    #3 Multicolor Macramé Friendship Bracelet Pattern is one of our personal favorites. This quick and easy friendship bracelet pattern is a great beginner friendship bracelet pattern.

    #4 Chinese Ladder Friendship Bracelets are a great starter bracelet for anyone just starting out with making friendship bracelets. These spiral staircase friendship bracelets are also known as ladder bracelets and only require one repetitve knot to create a twisted bracelet design.

    In a rush?

    braided friendship bracelet patterns and ideas

    #5 Fishtail Braid Friendship Bracelet Pattern is one of the quickest and easiest embroidery floss bracelets you can make . If you love the fishtail aesthetic then youre going to love making this bracelet. This easy friendship bracelet pattern is a perfect choice for a thoughtful DIY gift for BFFs.

    In a rush?

    step-by-step traditional friendship bracelet patterns

    In a rush?

    In a rush?

    In a rush?

    Is Making Friendship Bracelets Easy

    For the most part, friendship bracelets are very easy to make. You dont need a lot of materials and there are only a few basic techniques that need to be learned. The bracelets use four basic knots in different combination.

    • Forward knot
    • Backward-Forward knot

    This video demonstrates all 4 knots.

    Tip: Adjust the playback speed of the video as needed. It can be helpful to slow down the movements, so you can better see what they are doing. The kids will get a kick out of the weird sounding speech. Click though to YouTube and then on the cog to set the speed.

    As you can see, the knots need some dexterity and fine motor skills, but the techniques are simple enough that kids aged 7 and up could master them.

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    How To Start And Finish Friendship Bracelets

    Before I end this post, I want to say a quick word about starting and finishing your bracelet. The easiest way is to tie a simple knot. Make sure you leave about 4 inches of thread on each end for tying.

    However, if you want to get a little more fancy there are some pretty ways to start and end your bracelets. You can use buttons, teardrop loops, and adjustable knots. This tutorial provides several different ideas and will get the creative juices flowing.

    What Is A Friendship Bracelet

    DIY Fishtail Friendship Bracelet | SoCraftastic

    A friendship bracelet is traditionally a hand-knotted bracelet given by one person to another as a symbol of friendship. They symbolize a friendship that is strong and enduring. They have an interesting history , and became popular in the 70s and 80s. Many of us will remember making them during camps or youth groups. Hands up if you spent hours with your friends honing your bracelet making skills. There are many patterns ranging from simple to complex. Most of the patterns consist of various combinations of four basic knots.The idea is that once you put the bracelet on, you cannot take it off. You must wait until the threads wear and the bracelet falls off. What happens if you take it off instead? Legend has it that you may break your friendship.

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    Shamballa Friendship Bracelet Diy

    While these friendship bracelet patterns are also easy to DIY, sparkly rhinestone ball beads are added making it more special. I can already see these pieces reserved for the BFFs.

    Mix and match your rhinestone ball beads to a string of your choice. For this tutorial though, we recommend colored bamboo cord or natural hemp for a boho-chic appeal.

    How Long Does It Take To Make A Friendship Bracelet

    The answer can vary greatly from a few minutes for the simple twisted/braided bracelets to 5 hours for a more complex pattern. A few things determine how long it will take to make a bracelet. How fast you knot, what type of thread you use, the difficulty of the pattern, and how long you make your bracelet.

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    Diy Friendship Bracelets For All Ages

    String Friendship Braceletsfrom Curly Made: Made with nylon satin cord, these bracelets are a little softer than some, and the style is very simple and laid-back. You dont need any other materials besides the cord, making them inexpensive to whip up a batch for all your friends.

    Paracord Braceletsfrom Happiness is Homemade: These paracord bracelets are popular at summer camps and scout camps, but you can make them anytime! Boys and girls of all ages love them!

    Donut Charm Braceletfrom Happiness is Homemade: Do you and your BFF have serious donut addictions? These donut bracelets would be so cute! You can make any sort of charm you want with the shrinky dink plastic, though. It doesnt have to be donuts!

    The Fastest Grown-Up Friendship Braceletsfrom Hey Wanderer: Looking for friendship bracelets that dont look juvenile? This tutorial is exactly what you need to create beautiful bracelets fast that look like theyre made for adults. They look beautiful stacked with other pieces or just as standalone bracelets.

    Braided Friendship Braceletsfrom Projects with Kids: Braided friendship bracelets are classic, but pairing braided thread with beads gives it a fun new twist. Use the beads to spell out the recipients name or phrases like BFFs or Besties.

    Zig Zag Friendship Braceletsfrom Moms and Crafters: The zig-zag pattern on these bracelets creates an awesome 3D effect that just gets better the more strands you use. Your friends have never received a bracelet quite like this!

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