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How To Make Facebook Account Without Phone Number

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Create A Whatsapp Account Without A Phone Number

How to Create Facebook Account Without Phone Number! (2021)

While it is easy to create an account in WhatsApp, the important part is the verification process. WhatsApp sends you a verification code via SMS to your phone number. You need to enter this code in the app to complete your account setup. However, this restriction can be bypassed using Temporary phone number. You can create temporary phone numbers using apps like Text Now and Telos. While Text Now is great, it’s only available in Few countries Such as the United States, Canada, Kuwait, Singapore, etc. But Telos works in more countries than Text Now does.

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Fill Out The Sign Up Form

You can create an account on VK in three ways:

If you have a Facebook account and you want to use it on VK, just click on Log in with Facebook, the window with Facebook sign in will pop up and then just follow the instructions.

If you dont want to use Facebook, fill out the form and click Continue registration.

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How To Create A Tinder Account Without Your Real Phone Number

Tinder is the most used dating app in the world. There are now over 4.1 million people around the world who use Tinder to meet and date. The popular dating app keeps gaining new members every day, and it now supports 40 different languages and operates in almost 200 countries. Put simply, its the best way to meet new people, chat and share photos, and find out whether or not you are compatible.

Another Method Create Instagram Account Without Phone Number

How to create unlimited facebook account without phone ...

We have seen that to create an Instagram account without using your personal telephone number we can select the email address option instead. Also, we can choose a virtual number to receive the OTP for verification. Lets see how we do all this :

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Tap on Dont have an account? And, check in .
  • Thus, select check in with Email Address or telephone number .
  • Next, enter your name and password.
  • You can sync your contacts to seek out your friends or avoid it.
  • After that, youll be asked to feature the avatar and other details required to line during a new account.

We can use third-party apps to receive the mobile number virtually, even if you do not want to use your original mobile number and email address for verification.

Say, we use the TextNowwebsite to make a virtual number. Thus, we just enter a 3-digit pin code, and hit the submit button. There you go! Since your virtual mobile number is ready! Then, we provide the same to Instagram, and youll get a text for verification on TextNow.

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Create Fb Account Without Phone Number & Email

Facebook is the most popular and most used social networking site all over the world.According to a analytical report of 2012, It has more than one million active users.Users can make profiles to interact with their friends,families.They can create facebook business pages, to connect with consumers..Facebook allows us to send text messages,pictures, and much more to our family friends, and relatives.

To Create a new Facebok account , you have to go through Facebook signup process, Facebook Login & Sign Up Processes are two of the most secure processes these days,to prevent any kind of scam, or any other activities such as creating Fake profile.You need one Email address or a Mobile number,to verify your facebook account. An E-Mail address or Mobile number which is used once on FB cannot be used again to create any other account. What if you want to create fb account without phone number. Then you should know How to create facebook account without Mobile Number or E-mail ?

So, In this post im showing you a trick to,Create fb account without phone number .You dont need to have mobile number or E-mail address for signing up on the Facebook,To learn How to create Facebook Account without Mobile Number or E-mail. So just follow given below easy steps:-

Step 1:

Go to

Create FB Account Without Phone Number & EMail


Open Facebook Home page , Fill Sign Up Form, in E-mail Address Paste that copied E-mail Address. Click Sign Up.


Create A Gmail Account Without Phone Number Verification In No Time

The era of smartphones has made it a social norm for us to leave our personal information to various websites. If you want to use the services of any company, you will need to sign up. To achieve that, you will need to provide them with certain personal info.

Companies usually make it necessary for you to enter your full name, birthday, and phone number. Google has similar requirements if you want to create a Gmail account.

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Create A Tinder Account With The Number

Once getting a burner number, create a Tinder account with the number and generate the verification code its that simple! Youll be up and running on Tinder in no time at all. And the best thing is, you can set up as many different accounts as you need just by creating alternative phone numbers for verification.

Navigate To Get More Help

How To Create A Facebook Account Without A Phone Number (2020)

Firstly, open Instagram and navigate to the login page.

If youre logged into a secondary account, go to your profile and tap on your username.

Then, tap on Add account followed by Log In to Existing Account.

Once youre on the login page, tap on Forgotten password?.

The Forgotten password? link is located under the password field.

After youve tapped on Forgotten Password?, youll land on the Trouble with logging in? page.

On this page, you can either enter your username, email address, or phone number.

Since you dont have access to your email or phone number, you need to enter your username instead.

Firstly, enter your Instagram username on the Username field.

If your account is hacked and the hacker changed your Instagram username, you need to find your new username.

You can do this by checking your previous likes or the following list of people who follow you.

Next, tap on Need more help? instead of Next.

Make sure that youve entered your Instagram username before you tap on Need more help?.

Otherwise, youll be redirected to the Instagram Help Center.

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Why Do Companies Ask For Phone Number Verification

Companies ask for a phone number verification for various reasons, the most common ones being:

  • Proving you are not a robot
  • Having easy access to contact you if there is some suspicious activity happening with your account
  • Providing you with a simple way of logging into your account in case you forgot your password

Apps and various service providers require your phone number for your protection. Gmail, for example, uses your mobile phone number to verify its you and not someone else whenever it detects a login attempt from an unknown device.

In case you havent used your email account in a while and forgot your password, Gmail cannot send the reset your password link to your mail as this email service does for other apps. In this case, it is useful to have a phone number as a backup.

Not everyone is happy about sharing something as personal as a phone number. You can avoid this step in several ways, but not every option is equally efficient.

How To Create A Gmail Account Without Phone Verification

Gmail requires you to provide them with your full name and date of birth, but it is your decision whether you want to share your phone number as well. Creating a Gmail account without phone verification involves these steps:

  • Fill out the optional fields if you wish
  • Click on Next
  • Agreewith their terms and conditions to create an account
  • If you click on the Why We Ask For This Information link, Gmail says all the info is necessary to improve your safety.

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    The Best Part About Donotpays Fake Phone Number Is Its Versatility

    Plenty of apps and services require phone number verification. While two-step authentication is a great way to ensure that nobody else can log into your account, you may not always feel comfortable giving something as private as your phone number to big corporations.

    If you want to test out the service, but are reluctant to provide your actual phone number, you can use DoNotPays randomly generated phone number instead. Here are some instances in which DoNotPay can help you bypass phone verification:

    Services You Can Use DoNotPays Fake Phone Number For

    Snapchat Phone Verification

    How Many Gmail Accounts Can You Verify Using One Phone Number

    How to Create Facebook Account Without Phone Number 2015 ...

    If you decide to verify your Gmail account by providing them with your phone number, you might wonder how many times you can use the same one for the same action. You can use one number for a few different accountssix to be precise.

    Remember, you dont have to give them your phone number at all, but if youd like to have a safety net and not get locked out of your own account, you can provide them with that personal info.

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    Creating An Email Account Without A Phone Number

    Trying to create an email account without a phone number is very challenging, and yet, many businesses/employment opportunities want to communicate electronically. How do you create an email address without a phone number?

    Both of the resources listed below:

    • do not require a phone number or additional email to create an account
    • have a free version
    • can be used to send and receive email messages
  • Gmail Google will let you create an account, and skip the part about entering a phone number, although you must provide birthday and gender.
  • Follow steps
  • Then, agree to Googles Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  • Provides recovery key
  • Must be 16 years of age or older
  • Note By default, every message is password secured, and a password must be known to both the user and sender. To turn this feature off and send messages that do not require a password:
  • Temporarily turn off: when sending an email, click the little red lock icon
  • Always turn off: Settings> Email> Default delivery> set to Not confidential
  • Choose free plan
  • Recovery email is optional
  • Some email accounts use two factor authentication which means you must use the same phone number that you did when creating/signing up for the account, in order to log-in/recover/get in to the email account. If you change phones/numbers make sure to keep your phone number up to date in your email settings to guarantee you are not permanently locked out.

    • Try the following keyword search terms:
    • Public Access Computers/Tools

    Can You Register Tinder Without A Phone Number

    Unfortunately, you can not. The phone number verification is a mandatory step for Tinder registration.

    Previously Facebook account was the only way to log in Tinder. Now you can also register Tinder with Google account and your own phone number. When registering Tinder with your phone number, you need to bypass SMS verification. Even if you register Tinder with Facebook or Google account, you also need to verify your phone number.

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    How To Create Vk Account Without Your Personal Mobile Phone Number

    You may need to bypass VK phone verification, for example, for the security reasons you dont want to share your phone number with VK.

    So instead of using your own personal mobile phone number to sign up for VK, you have two options:

    • buy additional SIM-card for this purpose
    • use virtual phone number

    There are a lot of services offering virtual phone number which basically allows you to recieve SMS verification codes. There are also free services, but the problem is that the majority of phone numbers which they offer are already used on VK by someone.

    Good thing is that paid virtual numbers are not as expensive as you might think. If you use SMS Activate it will cost you around $0.33 per one SMS code on the Russian number. SMS Activate has English, Spanish and Chinese interface versions.

    First off, you need to top up your balance. For the Russian number youll need 21 RUB.

    On the right-upper menu click Top up balance:

    SMS Activate offers multiple payment methods like VISA/Mastercard, UnionPay, Bitcoin, Payeer, PerfectMoney, Yandex.Money etc.

    Then, go to the left menu and choose Russia and then click Buy next to

    Now youll get the number which you can type in the box on VK:

    If you click Get code you may notice this error, which means that someone has already taken this phone number to create a profile on VK:

    Dont worry and just go back to SMS Activate window and click this red button to get money back and repeat the previous step of getting a number:

    Set Up Whatsapp With This Number

    How To Create a Facebook Account Without Phone Number

    Install the WhatsApp application on the device. Run the app, and tap on Consent and follow up. Now change the country to match the country you selected in the Telos app. Then enter the new alternate number in WhatsApp. Click on “NextAt the bottom once you’re done.

    You will get a verification code in the Telos app. But you have to wait for the automatic verification on WhatApp to complete and enter the verification code manually. In case you get an error saying This is not a valid number for the country United StatesIn such cases, you can try to cancel the subscription and start over.

    That’s it, you have successfully created a WhatsApp account without using your phone number.

    You can now cancel your Telos subscription and WhatsApp will work as usual. You can even make phone calls and video calls from WhatsApp even after unsubscribing. This is because WhatsApp uses the internet to make calls and not mobile networks.

    Something strange enough, Telos opt-out has quite a few bugs. But due to login with the help of email id you can unsubscribe from here If you are using Gmail.

    You can add contacts to your phone just like before and Whatsapp will read the contacts data exactly as expected. Anyway, to send regular SMS from the number you created, you need to follow the membership and you also need to give access to contacts for Telos app. get to know me Best Apps to Get a Foreign Number to Activate Whatspp and Telgram.

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    Why You Should Get A Fake Burner Number For Tinder

    Since the phone number verification is a mandatory step, it is not possible to use Tinder without a phone number. You can register Tinder with your own real phone number. But, as is so often the case with online dating websites, there are dangers associated with uploading pictures of yourself and sharing personal details. Tinder, Bumble, and other similar apps are rife with people pretending to be someone other than who they are, and they dont always have the best intentions. You might initially be thinking that its for duplicitous reasons, but there are plenty of legitimate justifications for keeping your phone number hidden and registering with an alternative.

    Use Donotpays Virtual Credit Card To Apply For Free Trials Without Risk

    DoNotPay can help you avoid getting charged after a free trial ends with our virtual credit card. The procedure works in a similar way as our Burner Phone option. When you wish to sign up for a free trial and the company asks for your credit card number, you can use the one we generate for you instead.

    They wont know the difference between the fake and the real number, so you can apply for the service without any issues. When the free trial runs out, you will get unsubscribed from the service because the company cant charge you if theres no money on the card.

    Avoid giving various companies sensitive information, such as your credit card number that can easily be abused. With DoNotPays virtual credit card you can enjoy your free trials without unnecessary stress. You can use DoNotPays virtual credit card generator to quickly create a new credit card you can use once and forget about those pesky unwanted charges.

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    How To Recover Your Instagram Account Without Email Or Phone Number

    Did you forget your Instagram password but you dont have access to your email or phone number?

    If you dont have access to your email or phone number, you wont be able to reset your Instagram password.

    Hence, you need to contact Instagram support for assistance in recovering your account.

    Similarly, you need to do this if you think that your account is hacked.

    However, contacting Instagram support is challenging because they are hard to reach out to.

    The process of recovering your account is challenging as well because you need to verify your identity.

    The verification process requires you to take a photo of yourself holding a code.

    In this guide, youll learn how to recover your Instagram account without an email or phone number so that you can reset your password.

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