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How To Make Everything Private On Facebook

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How To Make Your Facebook Posts Private

How To Make Your Facebook Completely Private

David Nield

Whenever you post something on Facebookwhether on the web or in a mobile apptheres an audience selector drop-down menu nearby . This gives you precise control over who can see your next post, photo, or check-in.

Tap or click the drop-down to see more options. You can make your posts public , restrict their visibility to certain friends, or even post updates that only you can see. You can also create your own lists of friends: Go to Facebook in a web browser, click Friends in the sidebar to the left of the News Feed, then Custom Lists, and select Create List.

If youre prepared to put in the time to create your own listsand many of us arentyou can create all sorts of combinations. You might want some updates to be seen just by people at work, or only your sports club, or everyone on your friends list except your ex .

You might be justified in complaining about some of , but theres no doubt the site actually does a comprehensive job when it comes to letting you choose who can see your posts. Its just a question of taking the time to set up the friends lists you need and applying them. You should note that once youve made a choice , that setting stays in place for all your future posts, until you change it again.

How To Make Posts Private On Instagram And Twitter

David Nield

Instagram and Twitter have similar privacy settings for postsand you dont get the same sort of granular control you do on Facebook. On both services, your account, and everything you post from it, is in one of two states: public or private. There are, however, some privacy-focused tools built into each platform that offer you a little bit of audience management power .

But in general, for your profile and posts, public is exactly what it sounds like: anyone can open up your Instagram or Twitter page and view all of your posts. Heres . Heres . Other people dont have to be your friends or connected to you on these sites to see your public posts. In fact, they dont even have to be on Instagram or Twitter at allthey just need a web browser.

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