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How To Look At Linkedin Profiles Anonymously

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How To View Linkedin Profiles Anonymously

How to view LinkedIn Profiles anonymously | Private and

If you want to know how to view LinkedIn profiles anonymously, then follow this tutorial :

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account page.
  • Go to your profile, Settings & Privacy.
  • Turn on Private Mode to make your activity on LinkedIn invisible.

By switching your profile to private mode, you can use the normally and view LinkedIn profiles anonymously, i.e., without appearing in view notifications. This is convenient for surfing the B2B network anonymously and protecting your privacy and security online.

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While you’re in Privacy mode, you can’t see the information in the “Who’s viewed your profile” section. So long as you are invisible to others, they are also invisible to you. That means you don’t know who has viewed your profile. And without that intel, you lose opportunities to connect with those people.

FYI: You can get around this by paying for LinkedIn premium. But that’s a pretty expensive solution to a problem that has a simple fix. All you need to do is remember Step 4 and switch out of Privacy mode!

How To See Profile Views For Premium Linkedin Users

Log into your Linked account and navigate to the profile page, click on Who viewed your profile which can be seen under Welcome by your left. Here is the info displayed

  • The list of all users who visited your LinkedIn profile for the last ninety days.
  • A graph showing weekly trends of your visitors, like whether they have dropped or increased.
  • And a weekly viewer insight for all your profile visitors.

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There Are Some Limitation

Viewing LinkedIn profiles without an account is mostly helpful when you already have the profile link and they havent restricted profile views from the public.

If youre searching for the user on LinkedIn without an account, you can hardly find them since most LinkedIn users will set limitations on the data visible during the search.

Some LinkedIn users will restrict access to their job history information, picture, or any data to be only available to their first-degree connection.

These are the people that are within their network, one of the parties has sent a connection request and they have approved it.

How To View A Linkedin Profile Anonymously

How To View LinkedIn Profiles Anonymously

Have you ever wanted to look at a LinkedIn profile but were put off by the fact that LinkedIn notifies users when theyve been viewed? Heres our guide to help view a LinkedIn profile anonymously.

Your LinkedIn profile is set to be viewable by anyone by default. You can view profiles without revealing your identity, and LinkedIn is exempt from informing users when their profiles have been viewed. This article will serve as a guide to help you accomplish that very goal.

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What Are The Downsides Of Linkedin Private Mode

When you turn to LinkedIn private mode, youre anonymous to other LinkedIn users. Likewise, you will not be able to see how viewed your profile when you activate the private mode feature as well. Switching to LinkedIn private mode will definitely affect your Interactions on the network.

If youre on LinkedIn seeking to network other minded people within your career or business, its not advisable to change your account to private.

The LinkedIn private mode option will affect your network because youre not able to see users that viewed your profile and these are the ones that are interested in connecting with you.

You have buried that information once you turn on the private mode feature, this means your networking is affected negatively.

Even the users that search your name wont be visible to you which is also another way your networking is affected. This restriction is for basic users, when you upgrade to LinkedIn premium though, you can view profile visits while yours will remain hidden on their profile.

Using the private mode feature should be temporary, its OK when youre trying to visit some profiles and you dont want to be identified, after that, you should turn back your account to normal mode where youre able to interact with other LinkedIn users and youll be visible on LinkedIn searches as well.

Should You Browse Privately On Linkedin Or With A Public Profile

As you know, LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world, so its nice to know who can see your profile.

As a result, an inspiring personal profile is more likely to be visited. We highly recommend that you take special care and , because it can help you to:

  • Find a job quickly .
  • Sell your products more easily. Using a content strategy, to grow your professional network.

Finally, its up to you, either you leave your social media profile in public or you put it in private browsing mode. Knowing that you may have fewer connections if you use this anonymous way, but your privacy will probably be more protected.

Either way, you now know how to view LinkedIn profiles anonymously!

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Benefits Of Browsing Profiles Anonymously

Browsing profiles anonymously on LinkedIn has its benefits. It is a useful tool when you are just starting out on LinkedIn and want to get a feel of how the social networking platform works. You can use it to check other peoples profiles and see how they are writing theirswithout attracting them to your own profile.

Some people use it to do research into their competition, or to just find out what other people are doing in their industry. Marketers and entrepreneurs sometimes do this to know if they are keeping up, getting ahead, or getting left behind by their competitors.

You can study other peoples profiles and get some inspiration so that you can improve yours. Just remember to set it back to public once your profile is all set. Being visible to others is far more beneficial especially for those who are looking to make more connections on LinkedIn.

To make your lead generation efforts on LinkedIn much easier, use a high quality automation tool like Kennected. Kennected lets you send personalized messages and follow-ups automatically. Kennected uses laser accurate data to find the ideal clients for you. Try Kennected today.

How Can I View A LinkedIn Profile Without Them Knowing? #kennected

How To View Linkedin Profile Anonymously

View Any LinkedIn Profile Anonymously – No LinkedIn Login Required – Linkedin Tutorial
  • First, find out the persons LinkedIn profile URL on Google using below query.
  • Open & copy the profile URL you want to see.
  • Go to the Google Mobile-Friendly Test website and paste URL to the Enter a URL to test box and click on the Test URL button.
  • Once the entered URL analyzed you will see a screen like below image.
  • Tap on the HTML tab and copy the code.
  • Paste HTML code into online HTML viewer like

Thats it now you can see the full LinkedIn profile anonymously without account.

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Going Private On Linkedin

If you leave LinkedIn with the basic parameters, you will know how many users have browsed your profile, and who they are. You can see the profiles of people who have seen you. Everyone has, at some point, received this notification: a LinkedIn user has seen your profile.

Actually, a report exists on LinkedIn, that allows you to check your visibility on the social network. It displays the number of profiles that have seen you, and the social profiles of users who have found you.

Under that table, you will see the list of people who viewed your profile. You will have access to their username, job title, company, and profile photo. Click on them to get to their account page and see their social profile.

You may notice that not all profiles and views are displayed in this report. There is indeed a private, or incognito, mode on LinkedIn. When activated, your visit to another profile will not be notified or counted: you are free to view profiles without being tracked. The person will therefore not know your first and last name and will not have access to your profile and personal information. It is a great way to know a persons profile without them knowing it.

To be noted: activating LinkedIns private mode will prevent you from using the Who viewed your profile report for your own profile. However, LinkedIn allows its premium users to activate the private mode while still being able to access that private data.

How To View Someone’s Linkedin Profile Without Them Knowing

Take note that the default setting is displaying your name and basic information when you visit another members profile. You will appear on their Whos Viewed Your Profile page. Many marketers and entrepreneurs take advantage of this to catch the attention of prospects and potential connections.

But if you want to stay hidden, here is how its done:

Move your cursor over your profile photo in the top right of the LinkedIn homepage. Click Privacy & Settings, select Privacy and then click on Profile viewing options. From here, you will be able to select Anonymous LinkedIn member.

There is also the option to hide your name while leaving a description of you and your industry.

It is important to know that browsing anonymously will also prevent you from seeing who has viewed your profile. Only view profiles anonymously when necessary.

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What Is Linkedin Private Mode And How To Turn It On

When you go to your LinkedIn profile and scroll down to your dashboard, you can find the list of people who clicked on your profile.

In there, youll find the analytics behind who viewed your profile.

Here, you can see who had private mode turned on or off.

If they had it on, youll see their full profile. If they had it off, people who viewed your profile will show up as just 1 LinkedIn member.

Additionally, you also get a separate notification if someone viewed your profile in the Notifications tab.

If your LinkedIn private mode is turned off, other people will also be getting notifications that you clicked on their profile.

Is that a good thing? Bad thing? Well explore below.

But for now, if youd like to turn on LinkedIn private mode, heres how you can do so:

1- Click on your LinkedIn profile picture at the top right and press Settings & Privacy.

2- Under Visibility of your profile & network, select Profile viewing options.

3- Here, you can set up your profile viewing options into 3 types:

  • Public version They see your full name, role, and can click on your profile.
  • Private profile characteristics Shows your industry, current company, or job title.
  • Private mode Doesnt show anything. Completely anonymous.
  • Anyone can use private mode, whether they have LinkedIn premium or not.

    However, those who have premium can browse profiles in private mode and still see the normal people browsing their profiles.

    If youre not sure about this feature, heres what you can do.

    View Linkedin Profiles Anonymously

    3 Reasons to Not Remain Anonymous on LinkedIn

    There are many reasons as to why people may want to view LinkedIn profiles anonymously, ranging from taking a look at people in their own profession to researching potential employers and clients.

    When you browse LinkedIn Profiles anonymously, your LinkedIn connections and other people whose profiles you are viewing wont be to see that you are viewing their profile.

    To view LinkedIn profiles anonymously, you can either use LinkedIns Private Mode or Modify your Profile Characters to hide your Name.

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    What Is Private Mode On Linkedin

    Private Mode on LinkedIn lets you browse other users profiles without sharing your name and information.

    For instance, if you visit your profile and scroll down to the dashboard, youll notice analytics where you can find a list of people who viewed your profile.

    When you click on the Who Viewed My Profile button, two things will happen:

    • If the LinkedIn user did not turn on the private mode, youd see their full profile
    • If they had the private mode on while searching, theyd appear as 1 LinkedIn Member.

    Moreover, if a LinkedIn user views your profile in the Notifications tab, youll receive a separate notification. Hence, the Private Mode on LinkedIn helps you hide your activity on the network and stay anonymous.

    If You Have Been Wondering How To View Linkedin Profiles Without Logging In Or Without Having A Linkedin Account I Got An Easy Trick For You Follow My Pictures Guide Below To Learn How To View Linkedin Profiles Anonymously

    With over 830 million LinkedIn users, the business oriented social network LinkedIn is a very important tool for OSINT gathering. I highly recommend anyone trying to gather OSINT to start there. LinkedIn users usually post important information about themselves on LinkedIn, including, employment history, education history, contact information, connections and addresses.

    However, LinkedIn makes it almost impossible to access the platform without having an account or without logging in. The reason why you may want to view LinkedIn anonymously is because if you have a LinkedIn account and try to view someones profile, LinkedIn will inform the person that you viewed their profile.

    That being said, I found an easy trick to bypass LinkedIn protocols and access the platform anonymously or without having a LinkedIn account.

    Below are the steps you can use for this trick. Each step will be explained using pictures to make it really easy for you.

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    How To Stay Anonymous On Linkedin

    Yes, you can be anonymous on LinkedIn. Also, if you didn’t know, other users may be able to see when you viewed their profile. Kinda creepy, right?

    But going anonymous is a perfect feature for checking out other profiles who may have reached out to you. Using this feature, LinkedIn won’t let them know that you viewed them. And if anyone finds your profile while you’re browsing LinkedIn as anonymous, they won’t be able to see your profile picture or other personal information.

    However, if you browse in private mode you also won’t be able to see who has viewed your profile, unless you upgrade to Premium.

    So how do you do you go full anonymous mode on LinkedIn? Follow these steps.

    Linkedin Private Mode For Lead Generation

    How to View LinkedIn Profiles ANONYMOUSLY ð

    If youre doing lead generation on LinkedIn, you might want to turn off private mode at first.

    And then, turn it back on again when youre doing outreach.

    Heres why:

    When youre creating a cold audience you want to reach out to, its better to not give it away that youre going to message them itll spoil the surprise.

    Instead, when your LinkedIn profile is fully optimized, you have a list of leads, and you know what youre going to say in your connection request and social selling messages, you can turn it back on.

    This way, when you click on their profile to connect, theyll get a notification that you viewed their profile. Then, in your connection request message, you can say how you came across something specific from when you were viewing the profile.

    Something like:

    Hey ,

    Came across your profile from your latest post about using personalization for LinkedIn lead generation.

    I was wondering if you could share the Top 3 LinkedIn outreach strategies you mentioned in your summary?


    Heres why this works:

    PS Be sure to check out our guide on that get a ~49% reply rate for social selling templates that work.

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    At The Bottom Select Private Mode

    You’ll now only be seen as an “Anonymous LinkedIn Member.” View other profiles without them knowing you viewed them. Your profile, along with your contact info, won’t be visible to others.

    You can also select “Private Mode” in your “Story viewing options,” which lets you view LinkedIn members’ stories anonymously.

    There are plenty of other privacy settings you can adjust to limit your LinkedIn visibility without going completely anonymous. Choose who can see your connections, who can see your last name and email address, whether approved apps and partners can display information from your profile, and more.

    Obviously, visibility is a large part of being active on LinkedIn and networking with other professionals, but for those moments you want to be less visible, LinkedIn allows you to be.

    How To Look At Someones Linkedin Without Them Knowing

    Firstly, understand that the default setting will display your name and basic information when you visit somebodys profile. Your basic details will be displayed on their Whos viewed your profile page.

    While this can help many marketers and entrepreneurs to find prospective clients or build potential connections, you can stay hidden. Heres how.

    Go to the top right of the LinkedIn homepage, click on Privacy and settings, select Privacy, next click on Profile viewing options. You can now select Anonymous LinkedIn member. You can even hide your name while leaving a description of you and your industry.

    That said, do note that browsing anonymously will also prevent you from seeing who has viewed your profile. We recommend that you view profiles anonymously only when required.

    Now that you know how to look at someones LinkedIn without them knowing, try it and let us know your experience in the comment section below.

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    Can You Search For Users Without Having A Linkedin Account

    This is another aspect that needs to be addressed, the best way to search for LinkedIn users and view their profile without having an account is by searching for their profile name on Google.

    This is only applicable if the profile owner has not restricted their privacy settings from public view. Most users will however allow their profile to be visible by the search engines and youll find such profiles when you search on Google.

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