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How To Log Out Whatsapp

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How To Logout Whatsapp From Whatsapp Web

How to Log Out from Whatsapp Account on Android 2022

The last stop in our logout WhatsApp from Android, iPhone and WhatsApp Web expedition, we will be learning how to log out WhatsApp from Web. To log out from WhatsApp on the website using a laptop or PC, you have to click over the three dots given at the top of Windows and then just click in the logout option thats it.

However, if you dont have access to your computer right now, but you have to urgently log out from your WhatsApp web, then you can use your smartphone instead of a computer. You can log out WhatsApp web using your smartphone in the following manner

Step 1. You have to open your WhatsApp app on your smartphone.

Step 2. Go to the settings tab on the Whatsapp app and then Tap on Whatsapp Web/Desktop.

Step 3. After accessing the option, you will see the list of computers that you have used to login in on your WhatsApp web.

Step 4. When you tap on the log out from all computers option, then your WhatsApp will be logged off from all the computer devices that you have ever used.

So, readers, these were the easy and simple steps to log out WhatsApp from Android, iPhone and WhatsApp Web without any hassle. You can follow above mentioned tips and tricks to get logged out from your WhatsApp from any of the leading operating systems. However, dont forget to create a backup of your WhatsApp chat and media files before uninstalling the app from your smartphone.

Log Out Whatsapp From Pc Remotely

If you had used your WhatsApp account on PC in public computer or any other places like Hotels, Airport, Internet cafe, etc., and did you forget to Log out your WhatsApp account? Dont worry WhatsApp also offers you to Logout your WhatsApp PC account using your Phone. Following method explains the way to Log out WhatsApp Remotely.

Step 1:OpenWhatsApp on your Phone.

Step 2: Tap three-dot menubutton at the top right corner of the WhatsApp.

Step 3: Select WhatsApp Web.

Step 4: Now your all devices will be listed that you have already used.

Step 5: Finally, Select Log out from all computers.

Thats it.

Why Did You Want To Log Out Of Whatsapp

Leaving your WhatsApp account connected on a device youre no longer using can be a risk to your privacy, as others can easily read your messages. Before you close this guide, let us know your reasons for wanting to know how to log out of WhatsApp. Did you forget to disconnect your account from a friends computer? Tell us your answers in the comments section.

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How To Log Out Of Whatsapp On An Android Device

For Android devices, you can wipe WhatsApp clean without deleting it, saving yourself a step.

1. Back up your chats by connecting your account to a cloud service, like Google Cloud.

  • Tap the vertical three dot menu in WhatsApp, then navigate through to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup > Backup.

2. After backing up the app, open the Settings app on your Android and tap on “Apps.”

3. Find WhatsApp and tap it, then tap “Storage.”

4. Hit “CLEAR DATA” then confirm with “DELETE.”

How To Logout Of All Whatsapp Web Sessions Easily

How to Log Out From WhatsApp Web Remotely + 2 More Methods

WhatsApp offers what it called WhatsApp Web which is a way to access WhatsApp from any desktop web browser. WhatsApp Web makes it very convenient to chat with your friends and coworkers while working on other tasks on your desktop or laptop computer.

In order to keep everything secure, it does not allow you to login to WhatsApp through your regular credentials directly in your web browser. Instead, they have developed a much more secure way to login. You have to first open in your web browser which will show you a QR code. This code has to be scanned using WhatsApp app on your mobile where you are already signed-in.

We can repeat this process on many web browsers and many computers. The result being that we end up having multiple WhatsApp Web sessions active across multiple devices. How do we keep track of all these sessions and how do we log out of all these WhatsApp Web sessions?

We can logout of all the WhatsApp Web sessions easily through the WhatsApp app itself. Here is how:

  • Launch WhatsApp app on your smartphone, pull down its menu and select WhatsApp Web from there.
  • On the next screen, you will see all the connected devices where WhatsApp Web is active. It will show the web browser name along with the operating system. Tap on the session from which you want to logout.
  • You can repeat the same for all the WhatsApp Web sessions being displayed.
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    How To Logout From Whatsappiphone

    If you are using WhatsApp on your iPhone or Ipads, then there is no option available for you to logout from your Whatsapp account. Moreover, you will not get any option to clear your WhatsApp data.

    Note: If you are really in the urge to logout your WhatsApp account from iPhone or iPad then I would highly recommend you to back up your WhatsApp data.

    If you do not know how to backup data on iPhone then follow the given below procedure.

    Go to Setting and you would need to tap on the option Chats, and then at last tap on Backup Now

    After taking the backup, follow the given below steps:

  • STEP 1:Hold the WhatsApp icon on the home screen of your iPhone or Ipad for at least 5 to 6 seconds.
  • STEP 2:
  • Now press the X button to delete the WhatsApp account.Note: You can also delete your WhatsApp account by going into the iPhone setting.
  • STEP 4: When you follow all the above steps properly then your WhatsApp account from your iPhone or Ipad will be deleted or uninstalled automatically.
  • STEP 5:If in the future, you have made up your mind to reinstall your WhatsApp, then again you would have to install the WhatsApp application from the play store.
  • How To Logout From Whatsapp From Iphone:

    On iPhones or iPads, you will not get an option to clear data for WhatsApp, but there is a workaround. Before proceeding further, you should take a backup of your chats and media on iCloud. To take the Backup, go to Settings of WhatsApp tap on Chats.

    Here Tap on Chat Backup. Tap on Backup Now when prompted.

    Now follow these steps to remove and reinstall WhatsApp on your iPhone.

    Step 1: On the home screen of your iPhone, long press on the WhatsApp icon.

    Step 2: You will see the X button to uninstall the app.

    Step 3: When prompted, tap on Delete. This will uninstall WhatsApp from your device.

    Step 4: Next time when you want to login to WhatsApp again download and install it again from the App Store you will see the login screen.

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    Sign Out Of Whatsapp Desktop From A Smartphone

    If youre away from your PC, you can still log out of WhatsApp desktop app using your smartphone. Here is how to do just that.

    Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.

    Step 2: After launching the WhatsApp app on your smartphone, you need to navigate to the WhatsApp web using the following directions:

    On iPhone: WhatsApp app > Settings > WhatsApp Web

    On Android and Windows Phone: WhatsApp > Menu > WhatsApp Web

    Step 3: Under Logged in computers section, tap the link labeled Log out from all computers, and then tap Log out again when you see the confirmation. Thats it!

    Method 3 of 3

    Log Out Of Whatsapp Web Using Mobile

    How to Log Out WhatsApp Web From Mobile

    If you logged into WhatsApp Web on someone elses computer and forgot to log out, dont fret, you can easily log out of it using the Linked Devices feature on the WhatsApp app. This method works for WhatsApp Desktop, as well.

    I used an Android device for this demonstration, but you can do the same on an iOS device too.

    Heres how to close your WhatsApp Web session using your mobile device:

  • Open the WhatsApp app on your mobile device, tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner, and select Linked Devices from the menu to see the devices connected.
  • Next, youll see a list of the devices that youve signed into. Tap the one thats active to select it.
  • Tapping it will bring up a menu, from there, tap Log Out to end your session on the selected device.
  • If youre interested in a video demonstration, heres a great one:

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    How To Enable Dark Mode In Whatsapp Web

  • Right-click on the page and click on Inspect Element.
  • Look for body class=”web”.
  • Look for body class=web text-rendering-bug-fix” in the same browser.
  • Right-click on the > icon.
  • Select edit.
  • Edit the body class. Change it to body class=”web dark” or body class=”web dark text-rendering-bug-fix”.
  • Press the enter key on your keyboard.
  • How To Logout Of Whatsapp On Android

    If youre using an Android smartphone or tablet, there is no clear way to log out of WhatsApp and disconnect your account on that device. However, you can reset the app without deleting it.

    The good news is that its pretty straightforward to disconnect from other devices, if you no longer have access to them and you forgot to logout. To begin, open WhatsApp on your Android and tap the Menu button from the upper-right corner. Its icon looks like three vertical dots.

    Tap the Menu button on the top-right corner

    From the dropdown menu, tap on Linked devices.

    Access Linked devices from the menu

    If your account is logged on other devices or browsers, they appear in the list shown at the bottom of the screen, together with several details to help you identify them. For instance, in the screenshot below, we were connected on WhatsApp Web in Microsoft Edge on a Windows PC and on the WhatsApp Desktop app, listed simply as Windows. Tap on the device you want to disconnect.

    Tap on the entry for device you want to log out

    In the pop-up, tap Log out.

    How to log out of WhatsApp on Android

    You are instantly logged out from that device, and the entry disappears from the list. Dont worry if you change your mind, you can check our guide on using WhatsApp on PC.

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    How To Log In To Whatsapp

    Follow the below-given steps to log in to WhatsApp.

    Step 1: Open your computer and visit WhatsApp official website,

    Step 2: On WhatsApp home page click on WhatsApp Web.

    Step 3: When prompted, use the QR scanner within WhatsApp to scan it.

    To scan the QR follow the below-given steps:

    Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your smart device.

    Step 2: Click on More options .

    Step 3: Now from the drop-down menu click on WhatsApp Web.

    If you have an Android device, then you need to tap the CHATS tab > More options > WhatsApp Web. If you are using an iPhone then you need to tap Settings > WhatsApp Web/Desktop. Keep in mind that you can only be logged into one session at a time across WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop, and Portal.

    Once connected you can conveniently communicate on WhatsApp but remember Whatsapp will remain active until you log out. If you want to keep your messages private don’t forget to logout. Here is a step by step guide you can follow to log out of desktop from WhatsApp.

    Ways How To Log Out From Whatsapp On Android And Iphone

    WhatsApp Launched its Web Version, Do WhatsApp From PC

    As an Amazon Associate and affiliate of other programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

    Have you thought about giving WhatsApp a break but dont want to delete and reinstall the app? Ever wondered if you could just sign out of WhatsApp like you do Instagram or Twitter?

    You can and its pretty easy too. Ive put together a handy tutorial to show you just how to do it.

    Ive also made sure to cover all the devices: Android, iPhone, and desktop. Read on to learn how to sign out of your WhatsApp account.


  • 6 Log Out Of WhatsApp Wrapping Up
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    Want To Change Your Whatsapp Phone Number

    No Problem. For this situation, you need to obligatorily have the WhatsApp Login Password and the Verification code which was shipped off the validated versatile number.

    Step 1. Go to Settings, choose Account, then tap Change Number.

    Step 2. Then you can put your old number and new number in the screen bellow.

    Step 3. After that, you can choose the type of Notify contacts.

    Note: The two pieces of information referred above are important for Logging Back into your record. Likewise, you can utilize the Recovery code, in the Verification code choice while attempting to Login to your WhatsApp account. If you decide to enter the Recovery code, the Login Verification highlight will be debilitated naturally. So to empower this component once more, you need to do the essential changes in the Settings.

    Whatsapp Pc Login By Iphone:

    Step 1. Go to on your computer.

    Step 2. Go to the settings and you will discover like beneath. Select the choice â WhatsApp Web/Desktop and link your device.

    Step 3. After arriving at the second screen you will get a screen like beneath. Presently select the alternative sweep QR code from that point.

    Step 4. Then it will open the camera to check the QR code, where you need to filter the QR code to associate your portable with the Web WhatsApp.

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    How To Logout From Whatsapp Web

    To logout from WhatsApp web from your computer, you need to follow the given below step by step tricks.

  • STEP 1:
  • STEP 4: Click Log out from all devices.
  • These are the processes by which you would be able to logout easily from the WhatsApp web from your smartphone.

    I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed the article on how to logout from WhatsApp from devices like android smartphone, iPhone and Computer.

    If you liked these tips and tricks then comment on the comment box and let me know your feedback.

    Moreover, for regular tips & trick updates about the how-to guide on social media, WhatsApp, Instagram , WordPress, Digital marketing, SEO, and many more follow us on and like our .

    Thank you.

    How To Logout Of Whatsapp On Windows Pc And Mac

    How to Remove my WhatsApp from Other Devices | Log Out from Other Devices

    While the Desktop version of WhatsApp makes it so convenient to chat on the big screen of your Windows PC or Mac, it also allows others to see your private WhatsApp messages in case they have access to your Windows PC or Mac.

    As of now, the only way to prevent others from accessing your WhatsApp messages on a Windows PC or Mac is to make sure that you are Logged out of WhatsApp as soon as you are done using the app on your Desktop or Laptop.

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    How To Logout From Whatsapp Web And App

    How to logout from WhatsApp web. WhatsApp has added a new feature to its App called WhatsApp Web. With WhatsApp Web you can easily use WhatsApp on your personal computer without using any third party application.When you use WhatsApp Web on your computer, anyone with access to your computer can pull up your WhatsApp chats as long as you are logged in. If you are using your personal computer or password protected computer, then thats not big issue. But if you are using WhatsApp Web from a public computer, make sure you sign out when youre done with WhatsApp. Make sure there is no active session of WhatsApp on public computer or friends computer.

    Deactivate A Whatsapp Account: Without Phone Temporarily

    If you lose your cell phone or it is stolen, all your information saved in WhatsApp – including messages, photos, videos, etc. – will fall into the hands of strangers. Keep in mind that SIM card locking is not enough to close your WhatsApp session. Read on to find out how to deactivate your WhatsApp account to fully protect your information.

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    How To Login Whatsapp Without Qr Code

    How about how to sign into WhatsApp web without QR code?

    Step 1. First, you need to download BlueStacks from the web and now it must be introduced on PC or Laptop.

    Step 2. Open this BlueStacks App Store, search WhatsApp here and download it.

    Step 3. Now you need to enter the portable number, on which your WhatsApp confirmation code will come.

    Step 4. After that, you need to tap on the choice of Manage Contact by squeezing the menu button. Presently you can add contacts from which you need to convey on WhatsApp.

    You need to remember that you don’t need to utilize the number you use on your telephone in this application.

    How To Log Out Of Whatsapp On Iphone

    How to log out of an active WhatsApp session on my computer from my ...

    To log out of WhatsApp on iOS, you basically have to delete the app from your device. If you’re not already backing up your app data, follow the instructions at the end of this article before proceeding.

  • Go to your iOS Settings.

  • Select General.

  • Confirm you want to delete the app by selecting Delete App again.

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    How To Logout From Whatsapp In Android Phone

    As I mentioned above, Android has a built-in Application Manager. It will help us to clear all our credential data from an Android app and Log out from them. Lets see how to do so.

    Step 1: First, Open Settings on your Phone.

    Step 2: Go to General > Application Manager.

    Step 3: Find the WhatsApp application and tap on it.

    Step 4: Now you will see WhatsApp App info window which will show all information about WhatsApp application. Then tap the Clear Data button.

    Thats it. Now you have successfully Logged out from your WhatsApp application.

    Note: I have used Samsung Galaxy Phone to demonstrate this article. However, it may depend on that location of Application Manager in your Phone according to Phones manufactures.

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