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How To Lock Whatsapp On Iphone

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What Is A Device Unlock App

How to Lock WhatsApp on iPhone with Touch ID/Face ID New Feature!

Device Unlock is an Android application that allows you to request and apply a MetroPCS unlock for mobile devices directly from your device. Features of this app include the ability to remotely request a mobile device unlock without contacting customer service and automatically apply the mobile device unlock without using a manual code.

How To Reply To Messages On Lock Screen In Ios 15

  • Press the Side button or use the Tap to Wake or Raise to Wake feature to view your Lock Screen.
  • Touch and hold the message notification you want to reply to. Doing so will expand the message preview window.
  • Type your message and tap the Send button.
  • Tap empty space outside of the message preview to get back to the lock screen.
  • In the same way, you can reply to WhatsApp messages on the lock screen.

    NOTE: In case you cant reply to a message from the Lock Screen, follow the steps below.

    • On iPhone X or later Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode. Under the Allow access when locked section, toggle on the Reply with Message option.
    • On iPhone 8 or earlier Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Allow Access When Locked. Then turn on Reply with Message.

    How To Add Password In Whatsapp On Android

    Step 1. Get Lock for WhatsApp from Play Store and install it on your Android phone.

    Step 2. Run the APK, it will ask you to create a password for WhatsApp and re-enter to confirm it.

    Step 3. After setting password, you will be taken to the settings screen. Make sure to tick the checkbox in front of “WhatsApp Lock Enable”. Then your WhatsApp will be locked by your password.

    Step 4. Tap on “Security Question” and answer it. When you forgot your password, you can get it back by the security question.

    Note: When the WhatsApp locker does not work, you just need to open Lock for WhatsApp and tap on “Click Here to Restart Service”. Check this post if your WhatsApp not working.

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    How To Lock Whatsapp On Iphone Using Face Id

    To lock WhatsApp using Face ID:

    1. Go to WhatsApp Settings and tap on the Account option.

    2. Select the Screen Lock option in Account.

    3. You then need to enable the Require Face ID option.

    4. The app will give you the option to select the time window after which WhatsApp should lock the app.

    Lock Whatsapp On Ios Device Without Apps 2019

    How to lock WhatsApp on iPhone

    This method of locking your Whatsapp is through the app itself. For this, you will have to update the application to latest version and adhere to a few simple steps.

    • You will first have to open your Whatsapp and open the Settings tab that is located at the end of your iPhone screen.
    • Then tap on the Accounts option, followed by tapping on Privacy.
    • You will then see a feature that says Screen Lock.
    • When you tap on this option, you will be greeted with a toggle to active either a face ID lock or a touch ID one. The availability of the former option is dependent on your iPhone model.
    • Those having the iPhone X or a later phone will have the option of activating face recognition to unlock the app. Whereas those with models lower than the iPhone 8 will only have the option the enable the touch ID or password.
    • After you tap on the toggle, Whatsapp will give you an option to decide after the passage of how much time you would like Whatsapp to lock itself.
    • Your options will be 1 minute, 15 minutes, an hour, or immediately.
    • You can select the time limit of your liking and that is where your work ends, and the apps work begins.

    You can test this feature immediately by exiting the app and waiting for your selected time out. When you try to re-open WhatsApp, you will most likely be asked to provide your Touch ID or Face ID to access the WhatsApp chats.

    This is an easy-breezy method of locking your beloved chats and data on WhatsApp.

    The shortcoming

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    Genius Iphone Trick Is Essential For Anyone Who Has An Ex

    Now whenever you go to open the app, it’ll ask you for your prints or a picture of your face to check it’s really you reading your private chats.

    You can still read and quick reply to messages in your notification window, so the tool isn’t foolproof.

    You’ll also be able to answer WhatsApp calls.

    You can always disable all message previews in your iPhone settings.

    Whatsapp Fingerprint Lock: How To Lock Whatsapp Using Fingerprint Sensor

    WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging platforms in India, clocking over thousands of users. WhatsApp has been steadily releasing updates to make it more user-friendly. The platform brought in multi-device support, privacy enhancements, and much more. One such feature is the ability to lock WhatsApp on both Android and iPhone.

    WhatsApp conversations can be quite private and personal, requiring an additional layer of privacy and security. Generally, phones offer an overall security lock, enabling only the user to unlock it. This is true even for iPhone that offers Touch ID and Face ID protection. However, if you wish to lock a single app, you would need in-app features or another app for it!

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    S To Lock Whatsapp On Android:

    Step 1: Open the WhatsApp app on your Android device.

    Step 2: Now, tap the three-dot menu at the top right of the screen.

    Step 3: Choose Settings.

    Step 4: Now, click on the Account.

    Step 5: After that, click on Privacy.

    Step 6: Tap on the Fingerprint Lock.

    Step 7: On the Fingerprint lock screen, turn on Unlock with a fingerprint by swiping the button to the right.

    Step 8: The user must confirm the fingerprint by touching the sensor.

    Step 9: Now, the user must choose how quickly the app requires Face ID to re-enter the app if you close it. Options such as Immediately, After 1 minute, or After 30 minutes are available.

    Block Someone In Whatsapp From Chats Tab

    How to Lock WhatsApp on iPhone

    As mentioned above, the easiest way to block someone in WhatsApp on iPhone is to do it right from the Chats screen.

    1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and tap on the Chats Tab.

    2. On the Chats screen, tap on the Chat of the person that you want to block.

    3.On the next screen, tap on the Name or Number of the person.

    Note: In case of someone unknown or someone not in you Contact List, you will only see a number.

    4. On Contact Info screen, scroll down and tap on Block Contact option.

    The contact will be added to list of blocked WhatsApp Contacts on your iPhone.

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    Lock Whatsapp On Iphone

    Personal Messages on WhatsApp can be easily accessed or seen by others, if you happen to forget your iPhone, leave it unattended or allow someone else to use your iPhone.

    For this reason, it is better to Lock WhatsApp on iPhone using either Touch ID, Face ID or Lock Screen Passcode.

    Once WhatsApp is locked on iPhone, it will always prompt for authentication and no one else will be able to open WhatsApp and take a look at your personal WhatsApp Messages.

    How To Block Apps On An Iphone: 2022 Guide

    Pat S. How To, iPhoneComments Off on How to Block Apps On an iPhone: 2022 Guide468 Views

    Mobile phones, especially newer versions, are capable of running different applications from first-party to third-party apps. These compact devices enable users to conveniently switch from one app to another, efficiently running multiple mobile apps at the same time. Regardless of the app category or the source of the downloaded app, smartphones can run such programs smoothly provided the algorithms utilized are compatible with the devices current operating system .

    While mobile apps are of great help in various ways, one should never overlook or underestimate the possible threats. Addictive apps like mobile games and social media could unconsciously lead to longer screen time, causing certain issues, especially to kids. Then, theres the risk of the younger audience getting exposed to inappropriate content and privacy breaches. Locking individual apps on an iPhone or temporarily blocking apps on iPhone could aid in ensuring safety and security. Read on and learn more about the different effective ways on how to block apps on iPhones.

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    Whatsapp Lock: How To Password Protect Whatsapp On Desktop And Mobile

    This article mainly talks about WhatsApp desktop password protection. It also shows you how to put a lock on WhatsApp mobile app.

    WhatsApp is one of the most popular and widely used instant messaging and VoIP services in the world. It allows users to easily send messages, make calls and share files. WhatsApp is available as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. It also provides a desktop app for Mac and Windows computers.

    In the digital age, privacy protection is more important than ever. WhatsApp has taken efforts to protect users data. For example, it puts end-to-end encryption on chats and backup data.

    What can users do to protect privacy on WhatsApp? You can sign out of the app, but it will be impractical because you probably use WhatsApp on a daily and even hourly basis. Also, you can lock your computer or phone when you are away from it, but sometimes there are situations where you have to let others use your device. Theres a solution! You can lock WhatsApp desktop or mobile app.

    How To Put Lock On Whatsapp In Android Phone

    How to Enable WhatsApp Screen Lock with Face ID or Touch ...

    Before October 2019, there were two ways for Android users to secure WhatsApp app. If your phone provides a built-in feature to lock apps, then you can readily use it. If not, you can use a third-party app locker. On October 31, 2019, WhatsApp introduced fingerprint lock for Android. Note that its only for Android devices with a fingerprint sensor. And it doesnt work on certain Samsung models.

    Also note that the locking doesnt prevents you from answering a WhatsApp call.

  • Set up fingerprint on your phone.
  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Tap the 3-dot icon and select Settings> Account> Privacy.
  • Scroll down and tap Fingerprint lock.
  • Enable Unlock with fingerprint.
  • Confirm your fingerprint by touching the sensor.
  • Select the amount of time for WhatsApp to automatically be locked by fingerprint.
  • If you turn on the option Show content in notifications, you will be able to preview messages inside message notifications.

    To turn off the fingerprint lock for WhatsApp, go to the apps settings and turn off Unlock with fingerprint.

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    How Do I Lock The App For More Time

    11. 1. Open the application and tap “Request more time” at the bottom of the screen. Select one of the options: Approve for 15 minutes, Approve for an hour, or Approve for all day. Select the “Approve for 15 minutes” option if you want to block the request again.

    Check if phone is unlockedIs there a way to know if your phone is unlocked? Another way to find out if your phone is unlocked is to insert a third party SIM card and see if you can make calls. If your call is successful, your phone is unlocked and should work with other SIM cards.How do you unlock carrier on iPhone?Unlock iPhone Open the Phone app on the iPhone. Click on the keyboard. Enter your customer service line

    How To Remotely Lock Your Ipad

    • View the My devices list.
    • In the device list, tap or click on your iPad or iPad mini.
    • Tap or click Lost Mode.
    • If your tablet is not already password protected, tap or click the numbers on the keyboard to enter your four-digit password.
    • Re-enter your four-digit password. Find My iPhone will prompt you for an additional phone number.

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    Can The Tethered Bypass Unlock My Iphone 4 Or 4s

    Captive Bypass can only temporarily unlock iPhone 4, 4S during startup. Once bypassed, you can use your device without being able to place incoming and outgoing calls. Only iPhone 4, 4S models with iOS 6 and iOS 7 are supported!

    Iphone screen unresponsive to touchWhy is my iPhone screen not responding to touch? Dropping the iPhone can also cause internal components to malfunction, which can affect the operation of the touchscreen. If the iPhone is visibly damaged and the iPhone touch screen is not working, then the damage is most likely the cause.How do I Fix my unresponsive iPhone screen?Clean the screen wit

    How To Lock Apps On Iphone And Ipad Using Guided Access

    How To Lock WhatsApp on iPhone without Any App?

    Applies to: iOS 6 and later

    If you dont want to lock apps on iPhone using Restrictions, there are other choices. Guided Access can prevent you or someone else from accidentally exiting to the Home screen or another app when you don’t mean to. This is useful when you dont want other people to have access to other apps or when you want to focus on a certain app. To set up app lock for iPhone, here’s what you can do.

    Step 1. Tap Settings on your iOS device. Tap General and choose Accessibility. Scroll down until you find this tool.

    Step 2. Turn it on. Tap Passcode Settings and set a 4 digital password. The password helps you control the use of this tool and prevents others from leaving an active Guided Access session. Toggle Accessibility Shortcut to on.

    For an iPhone 13 or other models that support Face ID, there will be a Face ID option. If you toggle it on, you can quickly enable or disable Guided Access sessions with Face ID.

    Step 3. Now you can start a Guided Access session. Go to the app you want open and triple-click the Home button. Circle any areas of the screen that you would like to make inaccessible. You can also tap Options to adjust settings for the session. Tap Start at the top of the screen to launch this tool.

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    How To Lock Whatsapp On Android

    You can use your Android phone’s fingerprint reader to ensure only you can open the app.

    1. Start WhatsApp on your Android device.

    2. Tap the three-dot menu at the top right of the screen and then choose Settings.

    4. Tap Privacy.

    5. At the bottom of the screen, tap Fingerprint Lock.

    6. On the Fingerprint lock screen, turn on Unlock with fingerprint by swiping the button to the right. You’ll need to confirm your fingerprint by touching the sensor with one of the fingers you have registered with the phone.

    7. Choose how quickly the app requires Face ID to re-enter the app if you close it. You can choose Immediately, After 1 minute, or After 30 minutes.

    How To Lock Whatsapp Using Fingerprint

    1. Go to WhatsApp Settings and select Account.

    2. In Account, tap on Privacy.

    3. You need to scroll down to the last option in Privacy which read Fingerprint lock.

    4. You need to enable the Unlock with Fingerprint option on the app.

    5. You will then need to register a fingerprint and then the app will ask after how long you would need WhatsApp to lock the app.

    WhatsApp also gives you the option to preview the sender and message text inside new message notifications.

    This security feature ensures that even if your smartphone falls into the wrong hands your WhatsApp messages will be protected.

    Since the iPhone now offers support for FaceID, WhatsApp users can protect their account using the phones FaceID feature.

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    How To Lock Screen On Iphone 11

    • Lock your screen. Turn on the screen by lightly tapping the side button.
    • Create password. Go to Settings to create a password on your iPhone 11.
    • Controlled access. For a more detailed and comprehensive screen lock procedure that not only locks your screen but also gives the user access to specific areas, you can use Guided. melody

    How To Lock Whatsapp Chat On Android

    How to Lock WhatsApp on iPhone With Face ID or Touch ID ...

    To maintain your privacy and confidentiality, you can hide a particular chat on your Whatsapp using Locker for Whats Chat App Secure Private Chat.

    With Locker for Whats Chat App Secure Private Chat, you can keep your private and group WhatsApp chats secured. You only need a PIN to lock them. The app can not only lock chats but can also secure the complete app using a PIN.

    The best part is, it can not only lock chats, but it even has the ability to secure the complete app using a single PIN. The app is free to use and allows you to hide personal chats. This WhatsApp locker app is simple to use, comes with intuitive design, light on device and resources.

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    How To Protect Your Iphone Whatsapp With A Password

    If you want to protect WhatsApp on your iPhone, there are two choices iApplock and Password for WhatsApp. Password for WhatsApp is an app developed to prevent access to your WhatsApp messages.

    The bad news is that you have to jailbreak your iPhone. It works on iPhones, iPod touch and iPads.

    iAppLock is a utility that is made available under Cydia tweak store. The app is designed to provide protection to your apps including WhatsApp. This is done to ensure that your privacy is not breached.

    The first thing you need to do for the app to work is to jailbreak your iPhone. There are several jailbreaking softwares online and here is an article you can learn about jailbreaking.

    Download the app via Cydia and let the system install it. Once its installed, launch the app and select WhatsApp from the list of apps. Click on Save and input your PIN to protect your app.

    There are other alternatives like BioLockDown and BioProtect which work with Touch ID. Problem is they are paid apps.

    Frankies Take:

    In the App Store on iOS devices, you can find some paid applications such as ChatLock or Passcode that can lock up your account with your password. Dont trust these applications. Not only do they have sparse reviews from users who have purchased them, most of them do not work and waste your money.

    Instead, I will show you an alternative method to jailbreaking that you can use on your iPhone.

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