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How To Link Linkedin Profile On Resume

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Update Your Linkedin Profile As A Real

How To Add Resume To LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile can act as a real-time resume for the changes that occur in your career. It keeps potential clients and employers updated about your current employment status so that they can make hiring decisions.

To keep using your LinkedIn profile as your resume, make sure to tidy it up and update it;frequently.

How To Add Linkedin To Your Resume

Once youve cleaned up your LinkedIn Profile and customized your LinkedIn URL, its time to add LinkedIn to your resume.; There are 2 ways to add LinkedIn to your resume.

  • Paste your custom URL into the header of your resume and letterhead along with your other contact information.; This is the easiest and, in my experience, the most common way to add LinkedIn to your resume.
  • On the mobile App, you can create a QR code.; A QR or Quick Reference code enables others to connect directly to your LinkedIn profile by scanning your code with their phone.
  • This is a great way to share your LinkedIn profile.; You can add it to your resume either in the header or in a side margin if your resume has a space like that.; You can also add the code to other documents or presentations that you share.; Its an easy way for people to quickly locate your profile in the moment without having to type in your customized LinkedIn URL.

    The downside of adding your LinkedIn QR code to your resume is that your QR code requires a smart phone or tablet device camera to capture the code and present your profile.; If a recruiter is using a phone or tablet to review your resume/cover letter, they may not have access to their camera to capture the QR code.

    Examples Of Resumes That Link To A Linkedin Profile

    In yesterdays article, I outlined pros and cons of adding a link to your LinkedIn profile to your resume.; This got me thinking and I decided to take a look at what some job seekers are doing.

    I did a quick search of 585 resumes and found four job seekers that mentioned their LinkedIn profile on their resume.; Of these, two of the people put the link on both their cover letter and resume.; Here are the examples, with names and contact info masked for confidentiality:

    Job Seeker 1 From the cover letter:

    You may read recommendations from my past employers at http: //www. /in/name

    Job Seeker 2 From the resume heading:

    Job Seeker 3 From the cover letter heading:

    First Last

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    How To Find Your Linkedin Url

    1. Go to the and log in with your username and password.;

    2. In the toolbar running across the top of your home screen, click the Me button under your profile photo to open a drop-down menu of options.;

    3. Click View Profile to go to your profile page.

    4. Once your profile loads, look at the URL bar at the top of your web browser. The URL there is your LinkedIn URL.

    What Is A Linkedin Url

    Resume Linkedin

    Your LinkedIn URL is the web address that you can use to direct recruiters directly to your profile when they want to look up your professional credentials. While Instagram and Facebook are your platforms to showcase your personal side, LinkedIn is where you put on your professional best in the hopes of networking with like-minded professionals and potential recruiters and hiring managers.

    Your LinkedIn URL is a link that will allow recruiters to directly land at your LinkedIn profile without having to sift through profiles of similarly named individuals.

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    Be Sure To Eliminate Mistakes

    We all claim to be detailed-oriented; it’s our perverse nature seeking to be recognized for accomplishments and contributions. There’s nothing wrong with this as long as it actually reflects your overall personality. Never claim to be detailed-oriented if you aren’t. That’s also not what to put on a resume. Instead, there are ways to convey this knowledge without actually saying it, like listing the achievements and problems solved from your past jobs.

    The best method by far is eliminating mistakes from your resume and LinkedIn profile. There are few mistakes that are sure to lose a job faster than spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. One typo and all your claims of being detailed-oriented fly straight out the window. Use Microsoft Word to type all LinkedIn information, or at the very least, install the freemiumGrammarly extension on your browser to help catch stray typos.

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    How Do I Find My Linkedin Url For My Resume

    A LinkedIn URL on your resume is a professional way of letting companies and Human Resource teams look you up and know more you.

    Finding your LinkedIn URL is quite simple. Just log in to your Linkedin profile and look for the URL at the top of your browser. In Bill Gates case, his LinkedIn URL is .

    If Bill Gates were to create his resume , he could use this URL.

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    Dont: Include Your Current Title As Your Headline

    LinkedIn provides you the option to include the title of your current role as your headline. Do not use this option. Remember, this is an online space. In the online world, you want to be searchable. Therefore, the headline should be common keywords and terms that recruiters would use to find individuals in your role .

    Click On Your Profile

    How to Hyperlink Your Email, LinkedIn, and Other Links In Your Resume

    The option to upload your resume on LinkedIn is located within your profile. Once you navigate to your personal information and begin to scroll down the page, you will be able to click on a button at the top right that says add profile section. The location to add your resume can be found under the featured section.

    Then simply use the add media option.

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    Write An Effective Linkedin Profile To Accompany Your Resume

    If you put your LinkedIn profile URL on your resume, be prepared that someone will click on it! In reality, whether or not you put your LinkedIn URL on your resume, hiring managers will search for you on LinkedIn.;It is therefore essential that you have a LinkedIn profile and that it is written to impress. That means its not a straight regurgitation of your resume content.

    My e-books, How to Write a WINNING Resume, How to Write a STELLAR Executive Resume, and will help you craft both a resume and a LinkedIn profile that keeps you in the Yes pile when a recruiter or hiring manager is considering your application. The Essay Expert also offers individualized resume reviews and full resume writing packages, plus and full packages.

    Contact The Essay Expert if you have questions or are interested in our services.

    Convert Your Master Resume Into A Great Linkedin Profile

    • Post author

    Your LinkedIn profile is one of your most valuable career-building tools.

    It serves as your online resume on one of the most popular recruiting web sites on the Internet:

    Every day, recruiters and employers search LinkedIn profiles to find job candidates.;

    So creating a good profile is key to being found for your next career opportunity.

    Like a traditional chronological resume, a LinkedIn profile has the following major sections:

    • Summary
    • Experience
    • Education

    So its really quite easy to use your resume to create a LinkedIn profile. And LinkedIn has a good profile builder that you can use to copy and paste your resume, section-by-section.

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    Heres How To Find Your Linkedin Qr Code

  • On the mobile App, click on the icon containing 4 squares in the LinkedIn search bar.
  • Choose the My Code option at the top of the page above the camera.; Youll see your photo, your present job title and a QR code on your screen.;
  • At the bottom of the screen, select either share my code or save to photos.;
  • When you click on share my code, youll have an option of sharing with your photo or with the code only.; The choice is yours.; Personally, I share the photo.; My belief is this is a way to support my brand.;
  • I save a copy in my photos as well because I add this to the end of presentations and some documents that I share.

    How To Use Linkedin To Upload A Rsum While Applying For A Job

    How to Use LinkedIn Resume Assistant in Microsoft Word ...

    1. Once youve located a position for which youd want to apply, click on the job title to access additional information.

    2. Click or press the option labelled Easy Apply.

    Important: To make this work, you must select Easy Apply rather than Apply. In the absence of that, you will be sent to the hiring companys job application portal. Additionally, your resume must be under 2MB in size and structured in either Word or PDF.

    3. Fill in the required information and then click Upload resume under Resume.

    4. From the pop-up box, select the required file and click Open.

    5. Click Next to proceed through the application to the Review page.

    6. When ready, select Submit application.

    Thank you for reading the post

    Dr. Afzalur Rahman

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    What Is A Linkedin Headline

    Your Linkedin headline is the short blurb that appears right below your picture and name on your profile. If you’ve never noticed it or changed it, Linkedin will fill the space with your profession and employer, so it may look like Web Developer at Company A.;

    Your headline maxes out at 120 characters, so there’s plenty of opportunity to expand on the generic Linkedin-generated headline.;

    Why Add Linkedin To Your Resume

    If youre asking about adding LinkedIn to your resume, youre likely looking for a new position.; Your resume is a great tool for generating interest in you.; Your LinkedIn profile can help you answer the question, Why should I meet with you?;

    Keep that question in mind as you build out your profile.; Does your LinkedIn About section supplement the way your resume begins to answer that question?; Make sure it does.; Also, make sure your career highlights further build out your story.

    Finally, if you have recommendations or endorsements, make sure that they reflect your story.; Your story is ultimately your professional brand.

    Also, recruiters are on LinkedIn.;87% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn.;94% of recruiters vet candidates on LinkedIn.; So, if you are applying for positions, you can bet that recruiting professionals will check out your profile.; If theyre going to view your profile anyway, why not make it as easy as possible for them to find your profile?

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    Spiff Up Linkedin Before You Add A Link To Your Resume

    You want your to be polished and robust. If your profile simply restates the same information that’s included on your resume, it won’t improve your chances of getting an interview.

    A less-than-compelling LinkedIn could even hurt your candidacy. No one likes to feel that they’ve wasted a click, and hiring managers may assume that your sparse profile is an accurate picture of your qualifications.

    Prospective employers can visit LinkedIn to learn more about you and your skills and credentials.

    Should You Put Your Linkedin On Your Resume

    How to Customize Your LinkedIn Link and Include it in Your Resume and Cover Letter

    You should definitely add your LinkedIn URL to your resume because social media governs a lot of our current interactions and LinkedIn is the social media site for professionals.

    LinkedIn offers more information about you and can even give future employers several mini recommendations about you via endorsements from others connected to you in LinkedIn.

    You can also upload samples of your work on your LinkedIn profile that can help set you apart from the competition. For example, links to articles, presentations, pictures, etc.

    Diversifying your LinkedIn profile helps you look like a more well-rounded candidate with provable skills.

    These details can help set you apart from the competition and give you an edge. It helps you get around the one-page resume rule: you can tailor your resume to the job application, but also have all the other great reasons why you would be a great employee on your LinkedIn profile.

    Additionally, it gives future interviewers more to work with when theyre interviewing you. If they see youve shared content from a thought-leader in your industry that they also know, it may lead to some more impactful interview questions. Rapport with your interviewer is never a bad thing.

    So adding your LinkedIn URL to your resume is definitely a great idea for most job applicants. However, if you are applying for a federal job, make sure you are following the rules for what to include on application materials before sending a resume in with your LinkedIn URL.

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    What To Do Before You Add Linkedin To Your Resume

  • Review your LinkedIn profile.; Make sure its up to date and reflects the story you want to tell.
  • Complete any missing sections.; Do you have any relevant awards or examples of your work that you want to share?; If youre using the desktop version of LinkedIn, you can click the add a section button from your profile view to add a section.; Under the featured section, you could add media that you reflect your skills.; If youre using the mobile app, youll see a blue circle with a + sign in it at the bottom of your page.; Click the button and review your available options.
  • Customize your public LinkedIn web address or URL.; Your URL is address for your liked in public profile.; Its the link youll share on your resume.
  • LinkedIn assigns a URL thats fairly long and concludes with a seemingly random series of 9 numbers.; Why not make it more reflective of your identity? If youre viewing LinkedIn on your desktop, follow these steps to personalize your URL:

  • Open your LinkedIn Profile.
  • In the upper right corner of your profile page, click on Edit Public Profile and URL.; A new window displaying your profile will open.
  • In the upper right corner of this window, click the blue pencil under Edit Your Public URL.
  • If youre customizing your URL on the LinkedIn app, follow these steps:

  • Scroll down to the Contact section.; This will be near the very bottom of your profile.
  • Make the changes as outlined above.
  • Save your work.
  • How To Upload Your Resume To Linkedin Anyway

    If you want your resume on your LinkedIn profile, there is a logical place for it in your top header underneath your name and headline, and part of your summary. LinkedIn allows you to upload files to this section. Its great for slide decks, portfolio links, and articles youve published, but you can also upload a resume file.

    To upload your resume to your LinkedIn profiles About section:

  • Click on the pencil edit icon in the top right corner of the About section
  • Scroll down to the Media section and click Upload
  • Select your resume file
  • Add a title and description;and
  • LinkedIn allows you to upload common text files such as;.pdf, .doc, .docx, .rtf, .odt, and .txt formats.

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    Where To Upload Your Resume On Linkedin

    Now if you are set on uploading your resume on LinkedIn, the site gives you a few options. One of the best places to put it is underneath your name and headline, as a part of your Summary section. LinkedIn lets you upload files here. While we recommend featuring some of your best performing content in this section, you can also use it to showcase your resume if you want it to be prominently featured in your profile.

    Doing so will also let you share your resume with your network. Profile visitors may download it directly from your profile page, which is handy for recruiters. Take note that for job applications, you will have to upload a separate resume as you cant use the resume uploaded to your profile to apply for jobs.

    If you dont already have a resume, you can even use LinkedIn to create one. Either download your whole profile as a PDF in a resume format, or use the LinkedIn Resume builder feature to create and download a custom one.

    Once you have your resume, you can upload it from the Job Application Settings page. Just click on the Upload button under the Resume section. LinkedIn will store your four most recently uploaded resumes. This helps you reuse your resumes for future job applications.

    Focus on building an impressive LinkedIn profile and expand your network to create career opportunities for yourself. LinkedIn has so much potential when used properly. Once you land your dream job, you might want to . Make sure you subscribe to our news letter!

    Writing A Professional Linkedin Profile:

    MH LinkedIn Resume

    A clear profile gives a strong first impression and opens up a lot of opportunities for you.

    To be able to write a professional LinkedIn profile, you need to have some basic knowledge about LinkedIn.

    LinkedIn is the worlds largest professional network that connects people who work in similar professions worldwide. There are more than 200 million members at LinkedIn, and over 1 million members are active daily on the platform.

    LinkedIn is used by individuals looking for jobs or businesses looking to recruit employees or partners as well as recruiters and hiring managers.

    For this reason, its vital to have a strong LinkedIn profile that will get noticed. This post will tell you how to do it.

    In order to have a great profile, you need to include the following:

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    How To Use Your Linkedin Profile As A Resume

    Employers in every industry use;;to find job candidates, and it’s the top site for professional career networking.;It’s important to make sure your LinkedIn profile highlights your skills and experience. This way, interested employers and networking connections can see, at a glance, what makes you unique.

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