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How To Link Facebook Business Page To Instagram

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Which Facebook Page Is Connected To Your Instagram Account

Connect Facebook & Instagram Business Accounts

After you have activated your Instagram Business account, it is essential to check if you have connected your Instagram to the correct Facebook Page. Although the setting may show as connected on Facebook, you should still verify the connection from Instagrams end.

To verify, go to your profile via the Instagram mobile app and click on Edit Profile. Click the name of the connected Facebook Page in the Business Information section. Check that the correct Facebook Page is selected.

Check the username and name of the Instagram Business account on the Facebook Page.

Check For A Review Connection Message On Facebook

When the Instagram account is initially connected to a Facebook Page, Facebook may require you to review the connection before using other third-party applications.

To do this, please go to the business’ Page on Facebook, select Settings> .

If you see the ‘Review Account Connection’ banner, select the ‘Review Connection‘ button and follow the prompts.

Does Your Instagram Business Name Contain Any Emojis

Adding emojis to the account’s name can cause errors and even cause it to not appear on the drop-down when trying to add a profile. We recommend removing them to avoid issues.

How to remove them? Locate the Facebook Page that the Instagram Business account is linked to

Go to: Settings> > Edit> then delete all the emojis from the name field.

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Is Your Facebook Business Integration Set Up For This Profile


How do you have access to this Instagram Business profile? To manage your clients’ Instagram Business profile, you will need to do the following:

  • Check if you are an Admin on the Facebook Business Manager
  • Check if you are a Partner as well on the Facebook Business Manager
  • Check if the business’s Facebook Page is added as an Asset
  • If your business’s Facebook Page is an asset in a Business Manager account, you will need Partner access to that account as well.

    To confirm that you have Partner access, please see the following Facebook article: Give a partner access to your business managers assets.

    Facebook Error When Integrating Instagram Business Account How To Solve

    How to connect your Facebook Business Page to your Instagram Business ...

    Facebook is probably not recognizing your account as a commercial. Check one detail:

  • Access the Facebook page that is linked to this Instagram
  • In the settings options click on Instagram
  • Check for a message to Review Account Connection. If so, follow the process to successfully integrate Facebook and Instagram.
  • In order for your account to appear in Reportei, it is necessary that this connection review is done successfully!

    If there is no message on the page, check that this Instagram account has been connected to the page via Facebook. If this connection was made by Facebook, this may be the reason for the error.

    Try to disconnect the account through Facebook and do the connection process of the accounts through Instagram. Follow these steps:

  • Log into Facebook from the desktop and navigate to the page you would like to be connected to your Instagram business profile. Go to Page Settings> Instagram. At the bottom of the page, click Disconnect Instagram account.

  • That done, enter the Instagram App, go to Settings. Click Account> Linked accounts /

  • At this point, select Facebook and link to the page you want.

  • Finally, go back to Reportei and try to integrate your Instagram account again, making sure to follow the steps in this guide carefully, the integration will probably work!

  • Attention: It is essential that you are connected on your cell phone, to a personal Facebook account that has administrative access to the page you want to connect to.

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    Do You Have Admin Access On The Facebook Page

    Admin access is required to connect an Instagram Business profile. To confirm, please go to the associated Facebook Page> select Settings > select Page Roles.

    Your role must show as Admin here. If you dont have Admin access, contact an Admin or the Page Owner. If you have Admin access on the Facebook Page and still cannot connect your Profile, please check your Facebook Business Manager settings.

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